scheduled to have BBL with dr. mel excited!!!!! Miami, FL

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I had a phone consultation with Diana who was...

i had a phone consultation with Diana who was extremely thorough and helpful as i am located in NY and the facility is in Miami. i do plan on going through with this procedure but have to wait until i have the $1000 to put down. i have chosen Dr. Orlando Llorente as my surgeon although i have only seen before and after photos on his site. his reviews seem to be positive and people had very few complaints. in NY state the brazilian butt lift procedure usually ranges from $10,000 to $12,000 because there are not many surgeons who perform this procedure here. i was told the cost is much less in Miami due to the popularity of butt augmentation there. i was told i would need to plan on staying in Miami for 10 days after surgery before it was safe to fly back home. has anyone out there had this procedure done or been a patient of Dr. Llorente's?


i want to give everyone as much info as possible because i know it was hard for me to get my questions answered from other people who have had this surgery. i am going with Dr. Mel Ortega. i really like his work and his pricing is extremely reasonable. i put down a $500 non-refundable deposit toward the $4500 surgery. the $500 goes toward the surgery. you have to get blood work 30 days prior to surgery and you have to pay for your own labs. you also have to pay out of pocket for your meds which they told me would run around $100. labs cost about $50 which they said they would deduct from cost of surgery. they have a pillow called the brazilian butt lift pillow that is $99 or the booty buddy which is about $69. i would recommend one of those instead of the boppy pillow. those pillows will keep your butt completely lifted off of your seat as it is placed under your thighs. spectrum will suggest recovery houses if you ask about them. the one that was recommended to me was $135 per night with meals and transportation included. lymphatic massages are $135 for a 3 pack. i read a few suggestions about the best way to use the toilet after surgery and so far the "go girl" female urinal device sounds good and someone suggested putting a garbage bag in the bath tub and sitting over the side to avoid sitting on your butt. i know it sounds gross but i thought it was a pretty brilliant idea lol. you are required to have someone over 18 there with you to bring you home or to your hotel after surgery. i'm assuming if you stay in a recovery house, they might have someone pick you up in which case you may not need another person to take you home. pay attention to the herbal suppliments, meds, and vitamins they tell you to stop taking before surgery and be sure to follow the low sodium, high protein diet following surgery. sodium will cause you to retain fluid which is bad. protein helps to heal skin and body. vitamin C keeps your immune system strong to help prevent infection and also promotes the formation of connective tissues in the body. drink plenty of fluids post op, gatorade and water. make a list of things you will need such as loose clothing, an extra faja, flat shoes, lipo foam, ointments for scarring...etc...if anyone has any questions let me know and i will do my best to answer them.

BBL with Dr. Ortega in 3 weeks!!!!

my surgery is in 3 weeks and i am soooo nervous!!!! can anyone out there reassure me that it will be ok? i'm worried about complications more than anything because i am traveling out of state for this procedure so it's not like i can see Dr. Ortega for post op care. i will post before and after pics once i am done with the surgery.

Finally Got my Brazilian Butt Lift!!! June 2016

I had my surgery with Dr. Mel Ortega almost two months ago. He is an amazing doctor and he did the best he could for me. My butt was extremely flat! I did not get the projection I was hoping for but I understand it was because of my anatomy, the fat available, and the surface area he was working with. Because my butt was wide and flat, there was a much larger area to spread the fat over which didn't leave much extra fat to build outward for a lot of projection. I haven't decided if I will go back for a revision or not but if I do, it will definitely be with Ortega!! even though my butt isn't very big even after surgery, at least I have something. My butt was so flat before! I notice that the people who get the best results, judging by the other girls I met in Ortega's office, are the ones who have a little butt to begin with. I had a decent amount of fat for him to take from my midsection and everything he took out, he put back in. I'm 5'3 136 lbs. I actually put on almost 20 lbs. for this surgery. He was very honest about possibly not being able to give me the projection I wanted the first time around and that I may require a second surgery. I will post pics at some point but I have not taken any after photos yet. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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