29 Yrs Old. 4 Kids . Time to Do Something for Myself!! - Miami, FL

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I have been researching bbl's since 2014.......

I have been researching bbl's since 2014.... Havent had the courage to just do it..... BUT after having my 4th baby.... Im ready now! I started with Dr. Jimmerson to Cortez, to Fisher, then Duran, then Cabral. Back to Fisher, then Hasan and FINALLY WITH DR. OSAK smh!! This journey is REAL!! :) I havent had the actual procedure with him yet. But this is my journey..... Follow me and I'll keep it real!


Soooooo....... Im on realself most of the day looking thru other dolls posts...... Osak dolls to be exact bc im going with him.... And i see girls talking about "stalph infections" after Osak's bbl's. Im fully aware that having surgery ..... There's a risk with infections. But im kinda scared bc all of his girls are getting it..... I shared my concerns with Vanity and they stated when he first came out that was true..... And it was at "Spectrum" not VANITY..... and he hasnt had any RECENT infections...????? What are your thoughts OSAK DOLLS?????


I had 2 babies in 2014.
1/2014 & 12/2014 SMH
I've gained sooooo much weight after my 4th baby......

After researching Dr. Osak's work.... I grew closer to him! I love the way he does his ASSES!! and small waist and hips!

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