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I am a 50-year old female. I have had big breast...

I am a 50-year old female. I have had big breast all my life. I liked having them, but now they are too big, so they have to go. They have held up pretty well. I lift weights and have been doing pushups against the wall since I was 19 because I was told they would keep my breast from falling, it really works,even though I haven't been doing them regulary for the last couple of years.

The doctor said my nipples are where they are supposed to be, but the rest is huge. I'm past DDD and have been for years. I really don't know how big I am, I just know my bras don't fit, my back is begining to hurt and my neck is feeling the strain, not to mention the bra straps indentation on my shoulders. They also make me look old.

I can't wear a lot of tops that I would like to wear. For suits I have to get a 12 bottom and 16 top. I get it done on Tuesday and will give a full account of what happens with my breast reduction. I have started taking anica,15 pills a day, 30c.

8 days- post op. I did it. First, I went to the...

8 days- post op.
I did it. First, I went to the assistant doctor to get marked up, then I went to the hospital. The doctor came by and said, can we get things strated early? My husband and I said yes. They hooked me up to the IV and then I was rolled into a room for the Happy Juice.
I woke up. My husband walked in. I had pain underneath my breast. I asked for pain medication and got it 15 minutes later, but that is another story.
I love them. They are going to be a DD. They are a little small for my DDD bras now. I was bigger than DDD, I just never got new bras. even though I knew they didn't fit for a couple of years.
I can tell they are going to settle down to DD. I am begining to itch now. I use Benadryl and Neosporin to help with the itching.
The tape is begining to come off with the stiches. The doctor told me I could start taking a shower and letting the tape come off.
The shape of them is round like my original ones, so I am very happy that. I know it will take a while for the discomfort to go away. It is worth it. I am very happy.

It is now two weeks and two days since my breast...

It is now two weeks and two days since my breast reduction.
It does not ache as much as it did a wwek ago.
Now I am concentrating on making sure there ia hardly anything left of the scars. I put neosprion twice a day on the cuts and I am still taking arnica montana three times a day.
They are still beautiful and round. The nipples look like they should and are healing nicely. Very pleased.

Today I measured myself and I now measure 38...

Today I measured myself and I now measure 38 inches on top.
I still use Neosporin and I am now putting pure shea butter and Bio Oil also. I do have a white spot underneath my arola. It bled for a while. I put a band-aid on it with the Neosporin. The areola area still is not healed as of yet. I have a little bit of a stitch sticking out on one. You can feel it, but not see it.
They still look a litle odd, they have not settled yet. It's only been about a month.
They still ache from time to time.
They are higher on my cheast than they were last week.
I do not have as deep of a indentation on my shoulder from the bra strap that I had a week ago. Very happy about that.
I carry a lot of equipment for work, about 35 pounds in a rolling leather case. I was able to lift it into my car, out of my car and up some stairs, down some stairs.
I think I could do this because I did not exercise at all for close to a month.

My breast are still getting smaller. Just when I...

My breast are still getting smaller. Just when I think they are not going to get any smaller they do, much to my delight. One of my breast developed kind of a flat shape underneath to the right side, it looked somebody punched it in. I worried about it for two days and then it started to go away. I guess your breast go into some funny shapes when they are healing, I still get twinges of pain every now and then, but it's no big deal.
The spot below my areola has healed.
I am now 37 and a half in my measurement in my bust area.
I put Bio Oil once a day after my shower. I know you are supposed to put a twice a day, but I forget. Sometimes I put neosporin.The indentation on my shoulders has subsided a bit more.
Most of my old tops fit really nicely now. I can exercise a lot longer now and am not out of breath as early. I still have not lifted weights yet. The last time I did I was really tired for two days, so now I do a lot of cardio only. I will start with the weights next week. My breast still feel unsettled when I bend over.
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I have not bedside manner because I did not stay in the hospital.

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