39yr old mother of 2..Bahamas!!!!

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Bahama Mama......I have had mixed feelings over...

Bahama Mama......I have had mixed feelings over the past 2 years about having my girls reduced, but after I tried exercising the ease the back and neck pain and that didnt help I finally decided to seek a surgeon. After 2 horrible consultations I was a bit skeptical about going forward with it but after consideration I did a third consultation and my PS explained everything to me detail for detail. After the visit I didnt waste anytime I had my mammogram done and was approved in 24hrs by my insurance.... ...I have my pre op in 17days and my procedure is scheduled for April 5th...I am excited and very nervous, any suggestions on what I can to to be properly prepared for my new girls?

pre op preperation!!!

This weekend I will have my blood work, chest xray and ekg done


Pre Op Done!!!!!

Reality is sinking in......I had my pre op appointment this morning and because I am an international patient I was able to pre register for surgery....3 weeks to smaller, sexier, more perky boobs

3 days post op!!!!!

WOW!!!! Where can I begin......Surgery began @ 10:35 and lasted 3 1/2 hours with Dr Carlos Weigering, I didnt have any drains so I had my first follow up visit the following day and will have another visit today (Im dying to take a shower) from the looks I should be a small D or C a drastic change from the DDD I lugged around for so many years, but I must say it is a awesome relief from the neck and shoulder pain ...... my first two days were HORRIBLE I didnt keep anything down (water, juice, tea) everything came up just as fast as it went down.....as for pain on a scale of 1-10, I would say it was a 5....well today I am feeling much better pain is near 0 and Im gradually getting back to my regular diet....I will post again after my visit today

pre and post op pics

Thanks to everyone here for all of the support and guidance....you made my journey much easier then expected......drastic change hey???

15 days post op

Today makes 15 days since my BR and my breast seems extreamly tender to touch like they sting when I touch them also the right breast have gotten hard on some spots.......is this normal or should I be concerned
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