Day 9 Post Op - Feeling amazing

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I have considered this surgery for about 20 years....

I have considered this surgery for about 20 years. Finally, last week I went to see my PS and I am scheduled for BR with lift on 12/20. I am 40 yrs old, fairly in shape but my boobs are huge (32G is my current bra size) and I hate it. While dressed and with my super power bra on it is not as noticeable, the past 4 years my boobs have grown (used to be a 32DD and now 32G!). It is just awful, I have severe back pain all the time, 3 neck herniations and constant migraines. I am hoping this will alleviate some of the discomfort. have been reading the posts and appreciate everyone's postings, yet somewhat confused as to the following since everyone's recommendations/experiences are so different:
1. what to drink pre and post off (the lemon juice drink)
2. What are the right bras to purchase post surgery? I know MD will provide but is there something better out there?
3. ointments/lotions to use to reduce scarring?
4. To arnica or not to artica?
5. Foods to eat prior to surgery?

I will be posting before and after pictures. I am very ner

Update RealSelf Ladies: My PS called and I am now...

Update RealSelf Ladies: My PS called and I am now scheduled for next weds, Dec. 19th. I have read so many posts and I am so glad and feeling blessed I found this website. It has helped me so much in answering so many questions and in helping with the anxiety of having the surgery.
Let me start by saying that I have never visited so many doctors in one week. Last week I started experiencing severe neck pain again and has to stay home for several days. I went to see my neurologist who again has recommended neck surgery (I have neck herniations) and who did tell me a breast reduction may help.
I also had my pre op this week and also spoke with my PS several times (He is great so far :) ) I needed to speak to him because after reading so many posts I wanted to make sure I would be reduced to a size I want and not larger than that. He has recommended a full 32C (possibly small 32D). I feel very comfortable with him and he laughed when I told him I wanted to make sure my nipples would be "facing front" and not side,armpits etc. He was very patient with me and my nutty questions. But after all, this is MY body and I need to have all these questions answers before I go under.

Monday I had more lab work done and on thursday I went for my pre-op. I had a comprehensive physical about 2 weeks ago (not knowing I would be having surgery) and a lot of my lab work had already been done. However, I needed to have more labs b/c they have to check for anticoagulation in the blood before you can have surgery. I think this is the main reason for the pre-ops. also they need to make sure you have no allergic reactions to meds, no asthma, or predisposed conditions that could create complications. I have read some posts that some doctors do not do any labwork/pre ops, I guess each one is different.

My prescription cocktail is Vicotin (it was percocet but can't take it b/c it makes me nauseous), tylenol 3, ativan, xanax and zofran (for nausea). He also told me to take over the counter Bromelain daily, which is supposed to help with swelling and bruising. I started it yesterday. the Nurse Practitioner also suggested as so many have that pineapple juice is great for post surgery - must be natural pineapple juice or fresh slices.

I am so nervous and going through many different emotions. I have always wanted this and now that the day is here, I am very apprehensive and scared. I feel positive about the outcome but very very scared about the due date! :) wishing all a fast recovery and calm nerves!

Good morning real self ladies. okay, so 40 years...

Good morning real self ladies. okay, so 40 years of waiting and 3 days to go. I can't wait. I cannot thank you all enough for all of the posts which have really helped in not making me not go crazy during this wait time. yesterday I had severe neck and back pain and it made me even more encouraged to go forward with the surgery. best to all.

Dec 17 - 48 hours to go GM wonderful RealSelf...

Dec 17 - 48 hours to go
GM wonderful RealSelf peeps! well, the wait is almost over as I am scheduled to haver surgery on weds morning. I think i have read just about every post here which has really helped. Funny enough, while I am comprehensive about the pain, the recovery, bruising, swelling, being able to poo, moving around and nasty scars, my biggest worry this morning is not being able to drink water the day of the surgery! Now, what kind of crazy is that? :)

oh and quick update on the price, I have decided to get some tummy lipo done as well... what the heck, already there and already under. the lip is $4000.00 more.
quick question: does anyone know how to take off a picture.. i wanted to add more and take off one. thanks
wishing everyone a great day, great recovery and all of those having surgery today my thoughts on speedy recovery with you. xoxo

December 18- 24 hours to go (but who's...

December 18- 24 hours to go (but who's counting)
ladies ladies ladies! this is the home stretch. my surgery is tomorrow. i just picked up my prescriptions -5 of them - and i am home trying very hard to relax and not thing about it, but completely obsessing over the surgery and stalking the site. :)

Last night I was hesitant about it but I know this is the right thing for me. My neck has been hurting so much lately (and now back) and i cannot wait to get this pressure off my chest and hopefully some relief. again, I am anxious about not being able to have breakfast or drink water--which i know sounds crazy but hey, i love food :)
wishing everyone who went today or goes tomorrow (or anyone pre and post) best of luck and thank you again for posting and being so open and honest in this forum---i simply could not have gone forward with the surgery without all of you. thank you and forever grateful... me

December 18, 2012- 15 hours to go I feel truly...

December 18, 2012- 15 hours to go

I feel truly blessed to have found this website... without it, I would be going through what a lot of us have gone thru--alone! I am glad we all have the doubts, hope, anxiety and general thoughts of this life changing process. Off to watch a movie I go and then a new me tomorrow... I hope to post pics and update you step by step--assuming the drugs allow me to. best to all

Hello all. out of surgery and back home and will...

hello all. out of surgery and back home and will now try to narrate as best as i can yesterday's event.

let me start by saying that I was STARVING, which was great because it kept my mind off the surgery
I arrived at the hospital at 1130 and my surgery was scheduled for 1:30 p.m. So, we waited, I got asked the same questions all over again by 3 dif people and then I went to the "room" to get prepped for surgery- IV with liquids, funny hat funny shoes...gowns showing bootty. I met with the anesthesiologist several times and he was very pleasant and nice. told me he and his team would be with me from now until recovery (and they were) .

My surgeon came in around 1:00 p.m. and was very nice and marked me up about 3 times. he was very meticulous and kept measuring me standing up, sitting down and all around. He told me he would do something I would be happy with and he would try for a C but could not make any promises because my breasts were very big, dense and there was no real fat to work with and not fat on the side either - remember, i came in a 32G. apparently that creates more work b/c he really needs to sculpt and plan. Around 1:25 p.m. they wheeled me away and last i remember was the anesthesiologist telling me he was going to give me a little sedation b/c i went back in there... and the rest is history. surgery lasted from 1:30 to 5 to 5:30 p.m. i will let you all know exact time after i see my PS today. Can I add that my PS was great, he visited me post off, stayed for a while talking to my husband and didn't leave until i was discharged at 720 p.m. he also called my husband around 9 p.m. to make sure i was ok and if we needed anything.

The best decision I made through out all this is that I came home with an RN from the hospital--it was extra but worth every penny. First, she knew all about my procedure because she was one of my nurses during surgery and the stayed all night with me... still here actually but is leaving shortly. it is instrumental that if you are able to, that you have a nurse that worked on your procedure by your side. My husband was also here but not the same as having an RN.

About the Surgery: When i woke up, i was groggy as can be expected but alert. The RN (same as above) told me she said when it was over and I was starting to wake up-that i asked her if it was done and when she said yes, I laughed and smiled and said finally. she took a pic with my husband's permission :) great, me drugged up and laughing. the RN told me that he was very meticulous during the surgery and really took his time with every step. I'm glad he wasn't in a rush :)
She gave me some morphine (small dosage) for the pain and then gave me 1 vicotin - all at the hospital.

I was fine at home, uncomfortable b/c of the intrusive surgery (and remember I had some small lipo on tummy as well). I came home with 2 drains, one for each of the girls and RN showed me how to clean them. We ended up staying up until 1 am talking b/c i just wasn't sleepy and she was so great and kind. she was very surprised at my recover and that i was able to do it all on my own. I had initially planned on sleeping on a reclining couch we just bought, but around 1:30 i was okay to go to bed. Slept all night except had to get up to pee. If i can provide you any INSIGHT, do not drink a lot of water even if you want to. just such on ICE--RN showed me this, otherwise i would be peeing all day and it is some discomfort.

Last night at 9 p.m. i took a vicodin. that is the only pill i have taken. its now been about 12 hours and while i do have some mild discomfort as of now, i am pill free/pain free.

Funny, i was so afraid of the surgery and i now agree with everyone else that posted that the worst part is the hesitation and anxiety before the surgery... this is very doable with help and rest.

I go see my PS today at 10:30 a.m. will try to update and post pics later... right now, I'm all bandaged up and can't see much but the girls look HOT and UP UP UP and perky. and SMALL.... its funny b/c i went to adjust by G's and they are GONE baby of this post, no regrets whatsoever. PS was everything and more.... so glad I chose him...

(ugh just wrote a bunch and it didn't updated). ...

(ugh just wrote a bunch and it didn't updated). saw my PS today and they will remove my drains tomorrow - i am not draining much. They removed 340 from the right and 440 from the left. Basically a little under 1 lb from one and .75 from the other -- now thats a lotta boob. I am very happy with the results so far and they look good.

the pic i am posting it makes the nipples look a little crazy but my PS said they should be pooping right out in a couple of days. unfortunately, they were not able to remove MORE. Based on today's consultation, he thinks I am going to be a very full C or a D. (I wanted to be a 32C).

Overall, not to much discomfort- don't get me wrong, I am sensitive in some areas but it is double. since the surgery, I have taken 3 vicodins... hoping tonight i will go to tylenol 3.

12/21/12-okay so since the world didn't end, we...

12/21/12-okay so since the world didn't end, we are all still here :) (some with new boobs, some on the waiting list)

I went to see my PS again today and he was just smiling when I walked in b/c he knew i would love them. I felt I was such a little nightmare with my questions of "happy nipples pointing up and making sure my breast were "full".. well it all paid off. I am happy with my outcome. He has instructed that I keep the drains (not thrilled about that) b/c he said it was the best way to keep the swelling down and heal quicker. So, much to my disappointment I have to go back on monday morning to remove the drains. They do not bother me, they are just kinda gross. I'm sure everyone can relate to the feeling. I feel like a cow being milked :) (minus the big boobs). I spoke to my PS at length today (took my mom with me this time) and he said that he tried his best but I am a 32D. He said he could not go smaller b/c I had dense tissue and it would look disproportionate. He is hopping when the swelling goes down i may be a 32C (full) but more like a D.
Okay, so guess what I did right after the PS's appointment? thats right ladies, I went to the MALL, pumps clipped to my sides and all. I wanted to get new slippers and comfy panties. then I went to the grocery store w/ my mom. I am now resting at home and thanks to the wonders of Goggle TV, have a lot of options to watch. Hope everyone is getting ready for their surgeries and/or recovering great! much love to all of you... xoxoxoxo

12/21/2012 8:00 p.m. let me start by saying that...

12/21/2012 8:00 p.m.
let me start by saying that after WATER (b/c i was so darn thirsty the first day), there is nothing better than taking a shower and shaving your legs! woo hoo. today in the afternoon I was able to fully shower, ahhh there is nothing quite like it. I was very careful and my mom (bless her heart) stayed with me in the bathroom. Anyways after that shower I feel so much better and cleaner.

I am however, starting to understand about the ITCH-- now the subtle itch feeling that is starting to slowly crep on the side of my boobs sucks. Other than that, I rested a lot today after my mall/grocery store extravaganza and happy to report my bras came in. thank you to whomever recommended the website. love the open front bras... thanks to all and wishing all a healthy and speedy recovery... xoxo

December 22 (am) Good morning! Let me start by...

December 22 (am)
Good morning! Let me start by being completely gross yet appropriate on this site and letting you know I was FINALLY able to poo! OMG, it was about time, I felt to bloated and gross. But finally the laxative worked! (hallelujah). So now I am feeling so much better - and lighter. Now back to my regular update on the boobs.

Feeling better every day, I think I over did it a little the second and third day post op. today, I will be going to Whole Foods and that is it, then I will try to relax and patiently count the seconds until they remove these darn drains. Im sure they are good for me, blah blah blah, but I want them out. And i want them out now. I think i pulled one of my stitches yesterday (one attached to the drain) when i was getting dressed) b/c there was some light bleeding and it hurts a little. I have been off pain meds :) and today I will take a tylenol (regular one) and hope that is enough. Otherwise, I am not playing hero here and will pop a happy pill.

Funny thing I noticed. When i went home the day prior to my surgery with all my prescriptions i had no idea why he had prescribed xanax. I was like huh?--dude I'm going to have pain not be anxious. Well, i must be a little low b/c last night I started laughing about the Xanax. Hell yes, you will need the Xanax if you have drains over the weekend--it creates anxiety and until they are out, I plan on taking one every 12 hours. (haven't yet b/c only realized it yesterday, but will take one this am with breakfast). anyways, like I said, it took me a while but NOW i get it. hate the drains... its all psychological b/c i know they don't bother me, but just knowing I'm part human/part draining machine is gross.

So far recovery has been great, I have been able to bathe (thank god) and no true discomfort. Remember, that I also did some lipo/body sculpting thing -- not even sure what i did do. I do not have any drains there but I do feel like if I did 10,000 crunches. I will take pics today after my bath so you can all see. I am swollen there--abdomen/pelvic area (odd b/c it bruised down under) but no pain to speak off. My boobs look and feel great. I have not had a chance to see much b/c i have the white tape (b/c i still have the drains) but come monday, I will be able to post much better pics.

I am overall happy with the size, i think i will miss my big ones at times, yet i feel soooo light and proportionate. Feels good to be a C (or D). The bras I bought at are cute and comfortable. I have not worn them yet b/c one of them has lace and don't want to impact in any way the new babies, but they look nice. I will take a pic and post (but not wearing them until PS gives me the OK to get out of the velcro things.

For all of you going through this or about to start, it is not bad at all. i have been very lucky and fortunate that as of this update there have been no mishaps (say a prayer for me for when they take out my drains/tape tomorrow). This is still one of the best decisions I have made and wish I would have known that there was such little discomfort. Wishing all a speeding recovery and a very merry x-mas if I do not log before then. (which I'm sure I will b/c i love the site). to all xoxoxo

oh quick question, anyone having the stretch mark/skin pull look? i have it on one boob and I never really had stretch marks (just big boobs)? any insight and will this go away?

Hello all! Well today is the 5th day since my...

Hello all! Well today is the 5th day since my surgery and I am feeling great. Saw my PS again today (seen him 3x since surgery) and they finally took off the drains. I was prepared for the worst pain ever, but it did not hurt at all. One the left boob I didn't even now she had taken out the pump already-- I guess thats a good thing. so fear not, it does not hurt. Just an odd sensation of something leaving your body. My PS said I am healing very well and on weds I go again to take off some stitches :)
He told me to go about my regular routine but not to wear tight bras (def no wires) and to make sure I rest in order to heal. I have been eating ultra healthy/organic and clean so Im hopping that was part of it. I have also been juicing (not a biggie for me since I do love to juice with Kale) and I have been taking the Arnica and the Bromelain as well. He told me to continue on both natural remedies. My PS told me he was not able to do my boobs any smaller b/c otherwise he would be sacrificing sensation. I think at the end of the day I will be a 32C/32D. right now I am still a little swollen. as soon as they take off some of the stitches I will update and upload pics.! Merry christmas to all...

Greetings to all! feeling blessed to have this...

Greetings to all! feeling blessed to have this group and to be "lighter". I have been very fortunate as I have not experienced much discomfort and have been off the meds for several days. Tomorrow it will be one week since my surgery. While I am not big on pain, from my experience, it was not as bad as some have unfortunately encountered, for me. I have been able to do all of my activities (no exercise ofcouse) and really looking forward to some (not sure how many etc) of my stitches being removed tomorrow. All in all, since my surgery, I have seen my doctor four times--I am very grateful for that and for him being round the clock 24/7 sorta speak. When I saw him yesterday I showed my a small (a quarter of a dime size) blister looking thing I have on top of my boob -- seems the tape-- or a corner of it blistered and that sucker hurts. He prescribed an ointment and he said when it pops (and he said it will) just to apply it... that my skin is sensitive and the corner of the tape created a blister when I picked at it. :(

The only time I have experienced pain-i mean, wanting to scream kinda pain- was last nite as I was getting to bed. I laid down and after i was down (if you have read above you know i had some lipo on my stomach/sculpting) and well, i forgot as I have been forgetting that I had surgery 5 days ago and I turned and learned my entire body weight on one arm to move up on my pillows. Oh my god!!! that pain was awful and stayed throbbing for several minutes.
Wishing everyone a very speedy recovery and a very good night (merry x-mas)

Wanted to wish you all a happy recovery and an...

Wanted to wish you all a happy recovery and an even better new year for 2013. I feel like if I have been at my PS's office everyday (just about) since the surgery/ it is his standard procedure post op. I went to today and he said all is looking great (I did breast reduction and lipo on abdomen). I am still very happy I had surrey although I have yet to see my breast! :( this week I went in on the 26th to remove some stitches but the tape is still there (more like to clean up some stitches). now, still can't see them; he told me if the itch persists that next week he will remove the tape.

I go in on monday (again) b/c I need to have them massage my stomach (unrelated to breasts) but will ask when the tape will come off. he did tell me to go ahead and purchase some silicone tape b/c i will be wearing it after these come off. (great- tape and itchiness). In addition, I am wearing a compression garment and feeling like bloated and huge, yet loving the boobs.

I was able to wear a shirt with buttons and it looked NORMAL!! I did overdue it on weds - friday. I worked way too much and I popped a stitch i think b/c there was some bleeding... as soon as these is something to show I will post pics, but still looking the same and not much to see best to all
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I was impressed with him prior to surgery in answering all of my questions and concerns. Post surgery I am even more impressed and feel very blessed he was my surgeon. He personally followed on with my husband last night (and this morning) and again this morning I go see him, and give his his cellular number to call anytime last night/today if we have any questions. Recommendation by friends/colleagues

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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