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Hello everyone. I feel it is my responsibly to...

Hello everyone. I feel it is my responsibly to write this review, and help others to make such important decision, even after 55, to go thru an elective surgery, just for mare reason, as to look better. If it was not for this site I don't think I would have done it! So, this is my small contribution :-).
It all started years ago. Even though never had big chest, it always pointed down. Well, with bra on, it was ok.. Got married, moved to Florida, around 34 years old, went to see PS about my boobs, just for a Lift. Little guy, doctor, walked into the office, told me, let me see your breast;, then he looked at my boobs, then my face again and again, he said, nothing wrong with your boobs, but the face, the face, I could really work on! OMG, this was hilarious ! It has become the joke thru my whole life! Particularly since I thought my face looked just fine, lol! Many years went by since then, my boobs grown from C to DDD, I think due to menopause , here I was 5'8", 165lbs,DDD , 60 years old... My old girlfriend visited me fr Atlanta sow my boobs and said, are you crazy! Why have not you done them yet! With these words she pulled her blouse up and said, you must fix yourself! Stop looking like a cow (she is a New Yorker , doesnot hold back much :-) ) Ok, she got the ball rolling! I joined this website. Read many many reviews. Made my final decision on the doctor, Dr. Ary Krau, in Miami. Set a date, and got it done! Every time I look at my boobs, makes me want to smile! Cannot believe I did it!
The reason I have selected dr. Krau: Well, it is always about the shape before and after, kind of thing ...he makes beautiful breast shape and areola perfectly round... Not that I am planning to parade my boobs, but still it is important. He is a pleasant fellow, nice office, but most importantly, his work on breasts is fantastic.
One of my most concerns was anesthesia, I just did not want to have general., but in the end the anesthesiologist said it is the way to go, while I was already in the chair, well, did not give me much time to agonize over it, so it was gen. Anesthesia.
I was in surgery 3 hours. 2 hours in recovery. I did not get sick after. Got some meds from nosea (sp?). Had saltines and gingeral for next two days, and never got sick after much feared anesthesia..
Meds: I took 2 Percocet pills first day, every four hours, 4 total, then just stayed with Tylenol . 2 every four hours. Pain was manageable. Took Mirolax for constipation, it worked! Highly recommend.
Sleeping: put several pillows behind my back, one under each arm. I would advise to sleep on a lower bed , my bed is very high, even for me, with my long legs, was hard to get in and out.. Also, I put a small tray right next to me in bed, so I could reach pills or water and my phone as needed. Don't waste your money on special pillows..
Shower: doc said I can take shower third day.. Well, I did not.. Right it wrong, I waited for one week to get into shower. Felt good. Went to see doctor to remove stitches and replace tape. It was not painful. My doc did not use drains. I liked that!
Days 10, 11,12 --- well, there is some importance about these days, other women described it too. My pain was most severe these days. Pretty bad.. Continue taking Tylenol, did not hep much, but I would not want to go back to Percocet... I just decided to tough it out! This morning, day 13 after surgery, what a difference! No pain! How can it be?,! Is it psychological ? Who knows, but the pain had subsided so significantly that I am not sure if I took Tylenol yet today!
So, here you go girls, if anybody out there, contemplating to have this procedure or not, I would say do it! You will love it! Recovery is not peace of cake, but manageable . I am so happy I did it! I am also happy that I did it after menopause, because I probably would get huge again.
Now is the difficult part, I need to post before and after pictures! I will post some more pictures when the tape is removed..

15 days after breast reduction with lift

Hi girls, here I am celebrating my 15 days post surgery by going to Panera with my BFF, drinking my 3cups of coffee with bagel and chatting for three hours straight. First time took my beloved Advil, two pills, drove around, and felt pretty good. When I got home took 2 Advil pills again, and... Then, I started getting shooting pain in my right breast.. The only thing I can compare the pain is with shooting ear pain... That was intense... Took off the bra... Aired my boobs out a bit.. Felt better.. Three hours later took three Tylenol pills..pain has calm down. So, ok one hour is different than the next one.. So women go back to work on day 10. For me, it will be 4 weeks. I think it is more reasonable and realistic. This is not an insignificant procedure, the time to heal must be allowed. So, this is what I am doing, allowing time to heal. I think I am doing ok. My boobs look fantastic! Every time it hurts, I just look in the mirror, makes me smile and happy I did it every time! Happy healing everyone! P.S. Did not post new pictures since there is not much difference yet .

25 days after BR with Lift

Hello Laydies, here I am 25 days, I would say pretty painful days, after the procedure I dreamed of for last 30 years. On day 23, I travelled to Miami, saw doctor, he removed the tape (no pain), looked at my healing boobs, said all looks great, that was it... There is no openings, skin is very dry, but healing well, I would say.. Purchased Scardguard MD, was instructed to apply twice a day. This is a waterproof seal, loaded with staf that really burns in the first couple of minutes following application. Was advised to wear bra 24/7 for next month. All this information is just factual data, now abou how I feel. Well, thee weeks and 4days, I will tell you, a lot of discomfort. Very painful around insions. Different day, different pain, but I think it is normal. It is pretty major surgery, and I think that the more removed the more hurts.. I am happy with my results, the only thing is that I never had boobs under my arms, you know, some women have that shape, but not me, I was all right in front, but now, unless it is swelling, I have this rolles on each side. Asked doctor, he said it the shape of my breast.., well, never was before .. We will see, maybe it is swelling, maybe he is confusing me with someone else.., not sure. I am posting a picture, the gue around the scaring is this silicon medication. Also, I noticed that my pain increases later in the day. This morning feeling pretty good. No Tylenol yet.. I am going back to work this Monday , it will be interesting how I will do..still very week. My breasts look very dry, so I will start with some moisturizer . Happy healing to all! :-)

Tomorrow 4 weeks PO!

Hi girls! I cannot believe tomorrow will be 4 weeks since the surgery! Today is first day back to work! I lasted 7.5 hours, and 50 minutes of drive each way! It was ok, did get very tired though, just sitting in front of computer . Well, a little by a little it gets better, I think... For me, It takes long time to recover. First week was like in the fog, but following weeks, the pain has materialized.. I think the pain is proportional to the amount of tissue removed. I got big reduction (very happy!), and discomfort is significant, but it's ok, love the way my boobs look and no pain in my neck and shoulders! Yay! I am applying the Scardguard twice a day, it burns a lot, which is probably due to alcohol, great, it disinfects and seals! So, with all that said, hopping to stop hurting soon!
I am not posting any pictures, as there is no noticable change..
Happy healing to all!

Exactly one month PO!

Hi everyone, today is 1 month since the surgery. It is hard to believe I did it! Thrilled to report that I did not have any complications, so far, and everything has been going ok! All the staff I was so worried about, such as infection, splitting incisions, fluid collection and other things I read about, seem to not happen, I am very grateful for that! I must say I still have discomfort, but it's ok.. All worth it!
I am posting my latest pictures , after all, this is what we always looking for, picture worth a thousand words :-) so here they are.. The right breast shows more swelling, hopefully it will all even out.

Almost six weeks update

Hi girls, this is my almost 6 weeks update. I did not post any pictures for this update because I don't see any difference from the last post. However, I thought it is worthy to record my experience for week 5. Somehow it was particularly painful, uncomfortable, could not find comfortable position in bed.. It was itching, burning, hurting all at once. Somebody did write about weeks 5 and 6 noting exactly the same. With that said, my week 6 is noticeably better. Less pain, for sure. Sleep a lot better. I stopped wearing bra at night. I sleep in a soft, fitted top. It is so much more comfortable ! I have ordered a bra, a Hanro 38d, well, I looked at my soma bra and it is 36dd, with underwire. I read someone's review and their PS said to take wire out of a bra and wear it. I did just that, and it fits me just fine... So, what is it, the guy cut off half of my boob and I am still fitting DD, whaaaaat?? I don't know.. Also, even though it is kind of pretty, but i really don't like the cleavage , looks like bott.. I would rather have less then it came out. Seems that my boobs sit too close.. Also, about the side boob.. The swelling is less, but I still have that boob under my arms. Should he (PS) do a liposuction there, for esthetics? I mean, it should look fabulous! Maybe it is just swelling.. I hope. I have been using scarguard md twice a day! For scar healing. Just ordered special silicon tape, Mepiform, expensive , but hopefully will be easier to use. Hope I don't get allergy from it. I think I have addressed everything. Will provide update in a week or so. Happy healing to all!

Seven weeks PO update

Hi everyone. I almost made it to seven weeks mark after the surgery. I am diligently applying ScarGuard MD twice a day, and must say that scaring is not looking too bad. I also ordered Mepoform sheets, very expansive , but ok, I have spent already so much, what's another 126 dollars .. At least I will not have to apply it every day, each application will last 2weeks, or so.. About the pain: still experience burning, itching, hurting all at once. It is a little red on the lower part of each breast. Week seven is just a little better than week 6. I tryed to sleep w/o bra, just couple of nights, but no, back in the post surgery bra, uncomfortable either way. I took some pictures today, I think my sides (under arm boobs) have subsided, looks better. By breasts have dropped a bit. I wish he would make them higher.. So worry about them dropping down again. But maybe the shape of my breast is really low, and maybe it is the highest he could achieve, oh wel, I guess I'll never know :-). I am a side sleeper, and, I guess , I started sleeping on my sides sooner than others.. And now as I look at the sides of by boobs, it is kind of flat, maybe because of my sleeping on my side? Have no idea.. Maybe it is just my shape. One PS said that it is not possible to change the shape of the breast, you can lift it, but not change the shape. I saw my doctor at 3 1/2 weeks after the procedure, and that is all. As I said above, each breast on lower part is red, not sure if is normal, after all, that is the biggest load the skin needs to support , maybe this why.. All and all, I did not have any complications, very fortunate ! The shape of my breast is nice, I think... Or let's say a lot better than before:-)! I am posting some pictures, so you can see it for yourself :-) oh, I got a new bra, Hanro, $89, expansive , but very comfortable. Got size 38d, fits like a glove ! I think I covered everything. Happy healing, girls! It is a long process, but well worth it, at any age!

The pictures at 7 weeks PO

Pictures at 7 weeks

Trying to load the pictures

Pictures at 7 weeks

Pictures at 7 weeks

Trying to upload pictures

7 weeks postoperative update

Hi everyone, will try to upload more pictures. Also, I would like to note, I used for the first time silicone sheets by Mepiform. Next morning had noticeably increased redness on lower part of each breast. Contacted nurse, sent pictures. She advised to remove the tape. Redness subsided almost right away, Yay! Got home tonight, not wearing bra at all, feeling a lot better! Now, will try to upload more pictures..

Almost 8 weeks PO update

Hi ladies, it has been almost eight weeks since the surgery. I have persisting redness under my areola on each breast, left more so. Yesterday it seemed Thad the redness increased and color on my left areola decreased. Left breast is also a lot more tender. I contacted the nurse, sent bunch of pictures. She had called in for an antibiotic as a procossion. Got text from the doctor, he said not to be concerned, he thinks new blood vessels are developing. So, ok, in the mean time I am taking azithromycin. Will keep you updated.. Happy healing

13 weeks update

Hi girls! Here I am, after 13 weeks post surgery . The only thing that comes to my mind is : pretty, pretty, pretty!!! OMG, what a ride! But, I love my boobs! I leave alone, and just love walking around my little apartment naked! Yes, I cannot even believe, I am saying this! I love the way my whole body looks now, it's like I was reborn or something! At 61! I should have done this procedure at 25, 45, and now! What was I so afraid of?! Well, I am thrilled with results, and, better later than never:-). As for useful information, I can truly say, one must be patient with recovery. 12 weeks, this us how long it took me to feel normal again. Not 2, or 10, but 12. When you think about it, it is not a small procedure, so it takes time to recover. Btw, I still have redness, dr. Krau said it is not abnormal, so, I am still recovering. Also, I have stopped using any scar treatments, I read somewhere it is pure waste of money.. I believe it... I will post one picture.. I am super happy with the shape! Thank you all for reading my posts, giving encouragement, helping me to make the decision to go for it, for helping to select the right doctor , share your experience , and, simply for kind words! I think it will be my last post regarding breast reduction. I am looking into a new adventure now ...need to get a little facelift,mostly the neck, or a little lipo, to get better waist line, who am I kidding, I don't have a waist line, never did ! :-) big hug to all, happy healing! Happy thanksgiving!!!!

4 months after breast reduction

Hello everyone! I just updated my rating for Dr. Krau . Girls, I must say, my boobs look amazing! This is why I thought, that I owe this update to the doctor and women that are thinking, or rather contemplating to go for breast reduction to my doc. He did an amazing job! I just wish I was 31, so I could show them off more:-) ! It is funny how many faults I saw during this time.. Also, redness was so concerning to me, but everything has settled down, they look so natural, perfect, perfect areola, I just cannot believe it! So girls, if anyone wants to go for breast reduction I would highly recommend my doc, his work is perfection.. That is it.. No more comments.. Happy holidays to all!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

It has been 4 months since BR. I did not like this and that, every day I found something new I did not like. Here I am, 4 months after the procedure and I must say, that DR Krau did such a fantastic job, words cannot describe! I am so grateful to him! Five Star rating is not enough ! Million thanks to the Doctor and his staff that assist him in his amazing work!!! Dr. Krau impressed me as a knowledge, professional, competent surgeon. I liked the office. Most important quality is the work that dr. Krau performs. I understand that many people love to select a doctor based on his /her personality, but I was looking for someone that has exceptional skill. Not only dr. Krau seem to be a lovely person, he is most of all and first of all a fantastic plastic surgeon. So far, day 13 post surgery, my breast looks great!

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