24, 38F, 5'5 170lb - Miami, FL

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I decided to do this because I had the usual...

I decided to do this because I had the usual symptoms, back pain, shoulder and neck pains. My grandmother used to tell me all the time that I was too young to have breast sagging so much. As soon as my breasts grew in I started gaining weight so my body image was well... not great. I got a lot of unwanted attention for them to a point that I think I didn't date because of it. Either way I decided to go through with it sometime in January and by March I went into my first consolation. I was very fortunate that my first choice doctor was a great one. Everything went rather smoothly other than the usual nerves which was to be expected. Something I learned when I found this site.
Speaking of this site I'd like to extend my gratitude to whomever started it and to the many people who were brave enough to post their stories. You have made this experience so much easier on me and have given me great piece of mind.
My surgery date was on the 9th last Friday so I'm still on my antibiotics and pain killers. The surgery itself was a pretty funny thing. Everyone employed at Dr Simon's office are amazing people. Kind and great at their job. It seems I deal with my nerves by cracking jokes and laughing because the last thing I remember before going under was laugh very loudly. I woke up at five which is 5 hours after I checked in. Pretty groggy asking for my mom; something I don't remember. I barely remember getting dressed. They rolled me out to the car and I slept most of the ride home. I didn't have nausea that I remember abd and had some miso soup when my mom came home which I was grateful for. I didn't sleep too much until I started drinking my pain killers. Which I don't need too often. Everything looks good just a lot smaller than I'm used to hahaha. I'll try to keep this updated on my recovery.

passed the two week mark

I'm off all meds already. My appetite is still poor. I never feel hungry but I eat some. I don't have a lot of bruising to be honest and very little pain. I'm actually surprised by that. Actually the only real pain I experience is when I wake up. The stitches closest to my arms hurt and I have a hard time sleeping upright. I don't have pictures from before but as I mentioned I was a 38F though I wore what here is a 38DDD. Now my stomach looks like a cream puff compared with the rest of me. Anyways I'm very happy about how I look breasts wise and the stomach problem can be fixed with working out. I'm not very good and sharing my experience nor am I exceptionally eloquent so I apologize. I'll include a picture of me one week post op I don't have much from before.

sorry previous post had typo

Its the first week mark I'm so sorry. I'm writing this from my phone so auto correct and small screens don't quite make for a neat platform to express accurately what you want to say. Also its consultation not consolation in the first review. I'll be including some pre surgery photos I found.

found some old photos of me before the operation

Here they are. These are from the last few years.

reaching my two weeks

Soooo I've started to have dry sensitive itchy skin around my stitches and it's driving me absolutely nutts. The incisions themselves are sore which is to be expected but still a bit of a nuisance when I sleep. I'll never get used to sleeping on my back!!!
On the positive side: while I feel like this is a bit tmi I'm to happy to care so you were warned. My nips are ALIVE!!!!! I mean they start to hurt a bit at first but they stand on their own so I'm over joyed. At least I hope that is a good thing.
Positive #2 and no pun intended but finally my stomach seems to be operating normal or at least close to normal which is fine by me. So I finally was able to get hungry and eat normally. I still get moments when I get nauseous but I've started eating breakfast and lunches like normal. I tend to have a jello before I turn in. A couple of my friends came to visit this week which perked me up quite a bit. One of them though just stared at me for a while until I had to ask what the hold up was. Their exact words were, "your ******* tits." Which was the first time I had been stared at for my lack of breasts rather than my oversized ones. I found it entertaining.
Any who I'm hoping that these next few weeks pass quickly because while I got accepted into a university I can't go until fall so.... I'm starting to get cabin fever.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Whoops typo. Its Dr. Sean Simon. Great staff. Great doctor. Really great overall!

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