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Just 19 more days until Surgery... I'll be so...

Just 19 more days until Surgery... I'll be so happy when I am able to run, jump and even sleep without a 40F causing so much pain and discomfort. Since 7th Grade I was always heavy on top, already a 34C.. As the years passed I went up to a DD. Soon after at 24 I was in a DDD, while trying to fulfill my duties as a United States Navy sailor... Struggle! After 10 years of serving, currently 27, I retired from the Navy in October of 12'. I went straight to the VA in search of answers for a breast reduction.. God answers prayers. I was given a referral to the plastic surgeon for the following month. On my initial visit I was assured that a BR was in my very near future. I was ecstatic to say the least! That was April 13'. So here we are... just a few weeks away from the surgery that will change my life for good. But that doesn't stop me from being scared. I suffer from major depressive disorder and anxiety so as I am typing you can just imagine the state I'm in. I'm doing my best to stay positive and look at the end of the rainbow. I know this is what's best so there's no looking back... I just wish I wasn't so scared of the known yet unknown...

If there's anyone who thinks that they can help ease the pressure.. I would appreciate any advice...

Here's to the new me

9 More Days!

The anticipation is killing me! I've been trying to keep busy to keep my mind off of the surgery but of course it creeps back in. The week started with an allergic reaction that sent me to the ER... What a surprise?!? Got that cleared up and hoping to stay healthy for the next 9 days so there's no setbacks. Ugh! I'm just ready to get this ball rolling... I look forward to less back, shoulder and neck pain. I've even been practicing sitting upright in the recliner and limited arm movement lol :) anything to help the days pass! Now my biggest worry is reading about the bloating and constipation lots of you all have had.. Anybody know of things I can do before hand to help prevent it or ease the symptoms?
Thanks Ladies

Nurse Called

The nurse just called and informed me that I should be prepared on Wednesday for what will be an all day pre-op appointment. And BAM this whole thing just hit... It's really happening.
Having a moment right now :*(

Just 4 Days

Only 4 more days and I'm having such a hard day. I went to see my aunt at the hospital and its bad. She's not going to make it. It's breaking my heart. I'm even more worried that she will pass right around surgery. I've cried all day. I know that can't be healthy. Anxiety on top of stress on top of sadness. My heart just hurts. I don't want to ruin my surgery date. I'm scared.

8 Hrs To Go!

Hey Ladies. It's currently 11pm. I'm scheduled to be at the hospital at 7am. Surprisingly at this moment the biggest emotion is excitement. Today I did my pre op and he did my markings... Needless to say I was already fascinated with where my girls were going to be. I still have anxiety and some fear but Im gonna pray real hard, hopefully get some sleep and wake in the morning feeling ready. My mom will be with me the entire time, I'm so thankful.

So that's it.... See you ladies on the other side


Hey Ladies!
Today is definitely rough. I woke up from surgery screaming at the top of my lungs. I was in so much pain. Luckily I had two nurses who absolutely adored me so they kept hitting me with doses of the good stuff until I was able to come around. My throat was slightly sore so they gave me lots of ice. After about an hour I was taken to my room to spend the night. Somehow they lost my mommy but found her fairly quickly. She came to my room while I talked crazily, lol, to her and all the nurses. I was nice, just loopy. I fully came to and knew my name by 6pm. I didn't want food so all I've had is a bunch of fruits, water and juice. It's 4am the following day and Im so achy. It feels like the feeling in my chest is coming back and geesh. It's sore. I can't wait to go home. I'm sleeping off and on but I really wanna go home and rest properly.

I'll post more later. :( feeling blah.

Swollen Tummy


Day 2

Hello Loves,
Last nights sleep was rough but manageable. My mom is so awesome that should stood me up in the shower and washed me. Left my bra on and just wiped me down really good. After she dried me off, switched my bra, emptied my drains and put on my fresh PJs. A godsend. Off to the recliner for the night. I had to go potty often but was able to get up myself. Stretching a little between. I used my breathing apparatus to help open up my lungs. I've also been holding my pillow to cough. That helps. Feels like a BM is approaching. That makes me happy. Especially since its day 2.

Hopefully almost all the anesthesia is out. I've had to take migraine pills to ward off the headaches. Yesterday's headache was rough. I switched from Vicodin to Tylenol 3. It's easier on me. So now it's time for a little cranberry juice, 1 packet of oatmeal and 2 egg whites. Plus a banana.

I have a lovely fleece blanket and a few pillows cocooning me. That helps a lot. And the AC is on low keeping me cool.

So day 2 isn't so bad. It's still early but I'm anticipating a good day.

Thanks for checking on me ladies and I hope my updates are informative enough. Ask away if need be.

I'll take pics during my next wash up.

Day 3

Hello Ladies,
Today has been really great. I slept through the night which was great. Woke up to a hearty breakfast accompanied by some lovely fruit :). My sister in law is here now making me home made soup which will be followed by my first full shower. I have the drains in so it might be a little challenging but she's a nurse so it should be fine.

I did start to itch a while ago so I popped 2 benadryls. Not much actual pain. I've been taking Tylenol since last night. I still have a slight headache. I'm able to wash my face, brush my teeth and wipe on my own. Still no BM yet. I'll be so glad when I do. My tummy is still swollen and irritated.

I've been icing the girls on and off. That helps A LOT. Drinking plenty of fluids and getting up for a few minutes at a time. I'm sleepy today but that's ok. I don't mind resting.

Well that's all for now. I hope everyone is doing ok. I can honestly say this is a day by day thing. Each day I feel a little better. I will post pics after my shower. All my love ladies.


Just showered girls... :) I'm very happy.

Had my sis in law give me an enema. I couldn't wait another second. It worked in less than 2 minutes. If you're still having trouble please try this. I feel so much better.

4 days in

Hi Love bugs,
All is well on this end. I've only been taking tulenoky for the last 3 days and I'm perfectly find. The only sensation I feel is slight pressure and some itching. The nips are starting to give me Zingers and are sensitive to touch. I haven't iced today but I think I will shortly. My sister helped with a wonderful shower and put on my fresh pjs. Now I'm back in the recliner with a wonderful surprise... My baby Zeke. My sister picked him up from daycare so I could see him for a few days. He's so sweet. He's been very gentle as if he knows I'm not 100% and now he's resting comfortably in the chair with me. Oh how I love him so :)

Other than that, I can't complain. It's so amazing having my family here to take care of me. I get up a few times a day to walk around and stretch. The BMs are starting to be consistent. I'm still pumping lots of fruits and water. The bloat is going down slowly but surely.

That's all for now. Back to the DVR and cuddles with the poochie :)

Ugh! A moment...

Yikes. I'm having a moment. The drainage tubes are really irritating me right now. It's 1130 at night and I'm so not in the mood. My genie bra is bothering me and I can't believe it. I feel like I just want to be naked. This feeling is almost indescribable. I'm like hot, itchy, swollen and a pained wreck. I went ahead and took a Benadryl and a pain pill. I'm hoping to be asleep really soon. Trying to remap my day and figure out WTH led to this. I'm so unhappy right now :(


Sorry Ladies not really up to writing much. Today my aunt passed away and I'm not taking it so well. Follow up with my PS tomorrow morning so I will post pictures and an update then.

1 Week

Hey Loves,
First I want to say thank you for all the love and support during this time. I definitely found comfort in coming to the blog to read your lovely posts. You all are so sweet!

Now about the boobies. My check up with the PS went very well. He said that I'm healing beautifully and next week will be the stitch removal. He did however, remove the drains. Yikes! Of course I went in very anxious but he tried to ease the pressure of it all. That tape was on really good, I'll tell ya that :) Right side came out no problem. I didn't see or feel it. But the left was a different story. It pinched, tugged and burned... Not nice! It was brief, lasted 3-4 minutes but I still was unnerved by it. He put a little gauze on it and all was well. I left there, went to Olive Garden, AT&T and a few stores at the mall. By the time I made it back home I was worn out. Not like I expected, but tired nonetheless.

I took another shower this morning, amazing! Got all the spots I had been missing the last week. My sister who's a nurse helped out but made sure not to handicap me lol

Rough Day!

Hey Loves,
Today was pretty tough. Yesterday I found my pup to have a huge hot spot so I had to rush him to the vet. I know I know.. I'm not supposed to be driving. But if you know the love of a pet you can definitely understand why I just had to get him help. I made it there and back ok. But I paid for it all night. My under arm boobage must be inflamed or something. And today Im still paying for it. The funeral for my aunt was today and my family wouldn't let me attend. It broke my heart but I understand why. So you see, the last two days have been rough.

I bathed myself today, only needed help washing and drying my back. Managed to lotion everything except the girls, put on my bra, deodorant and PJs on my own. Made it back to the couch for an all day Scandal marathon and I've been here since. STILL paying for yesterday. It's almost midnight and the girls are not happy. Under arm boobage is quite bothersome and I feel a single stitch on each side poking out at the incision. Ugh! I took a pain pill and a Benadryl. At least that will put me to sleep. I pray! Still happy about my newbies but irritated immensely with sleeping in the recliner on my back.

Oh how I wish for side sleep soon!

Any suggestions...?

Hey Ladies,
I have a few openings that scare me a little bit. They are very small but I'm worried that I might be doing something wrong... Any suggestions or remedies?

2 wks and 1 day

Just wanted to keep you ladies posted. Everything has been ok. I've had some down days and moments of feeling ugly. Very tough. I've gone back to sleeping in bed. Lots of pillows and partially on my sides. My openings look a little bigger. I followed up on Wednesday and PS says it looks normal. I started putting a thin layer of neosporin and non stick pads on them. I think they look bigger because he removed the 2 stitches that I have and it was at the T. Other than that I'm just doing ok. Not really excited, just impatient. I know this will pass. I'm posting new pictures now. I do love the difference and don't have any regrets.

3 weeks

Hey Ladies,
Well I'm at week three and not much too complain about. I don't know how your scars should look at this point but mine are seriously very faint. I'm switching between coco butter and bio oil. I've only been doing it for about 4 days. I don't go to the doctor again until the 28th. There is only glue left on the nipple and the line underneath the nipple. I started the 30 day squat challenge and a nice walk twice a day. I feel so much better doing this. I'm also sleeping on my side comfortably with pillows. Other than that not much else to say! I hope I continue to heal this well and that my scars continue to fade. I think I'm still swollen some especially on the sides. I read somewhere that true healing doesn't start until 6 weeks so I'm waiting patiently. Happy Healing loves!

Yay! Bras

Bought these 3 at Walmart earlier. $23!!!!! Never in my life have I ever paid less than $65 for one. I could have cried. I'm so happy right now in this moment. And in down 10lbs :)
Augusta Plastic Surgeon

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