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Hello, I have been reading reviews on here for a...

Hello, I have been reading reviews on here for a few months and it has greatly helped me, so I thought I would share my experience as well. :)

I am 22 (23 next month), and a mom of a 2 year old little boy who is my whole world. I have been self conscious of my breasts ever since I can remember.. They were a small Bcup and somewhat saggy. During pregnancy I gained 50lbs and then breastfed for a year. During this time they had ballooned up to a DD. I've since dropped the baby weight and then some and I am 13lbs away from my goal of 145lbs. I am now a VERY deflated C-cup and looking to be a full D after surgery.

I will be having either a lollipop or mini anchor lift with saline implants (moderate plus) to get my breasts to be the same size since my left is larger and saggier than my right.

I am scheduled for August 8, 2013 and I am so nervous!! Any tips or advice that you can give me to make the wait easier? Anything you ladies recommend me buying to make the recovery process more comfortable?

Thanks in advance! :)

The waiting game...

I am generally an impatient person, so the whole waiting around for the surgery date thing is tedious!! :( I wish I could have scheduled my surgery for an earlier date but school makes it impossible to. I am keeping busy with school, my son, family, coming on here to read reviews and just taking it day by day. I have a countdown on my phone that reads 42 days.. =)~ Trying to remain positive!!

I think my biggest fear is the anesthesia... I have never been put under and the thought of it freaks me out and the main reason I just want to get it over with already.

Post surgical sports bra?

I found a bra that I think will be comfortable for after surgery but I am wondering how to figure out what size to get?? I have to measure my bust/chest for the size but how the heck do I figure what size I'll be after surgery? I will post the link below. Any advice would help!



One month to go

My surgery is officially one month away! I seem to be going through a wide range of emotions. Some days I'm super excited, other days I'm a nervous wreck and at times I question why I'm gonna do this. I guess it's part of the process. The worst part for me is knowing I can't carry my son. That's going to be really hard and it honestly makes me sad :(. I'm going to bring a drop down crib from the attic into his room to start teaching him how to get in and out of it to make it easier for me after surgery. This is what has me most worried, as I don't want to cause any harm to myself post OP by doing unnecessary lifting.

Sad boobs :(

So with less than a month to go before my surgery I finally decided to upload some before pics. It's really embarrassing, but I know I only have a few more days until I get much better looking breasts.


Soooo anxious!

I had all my preop lab work done today as well as the sonogram of my breasts. I should be getting the results on Friday. Surgery is 22 days away and I get more anxious with each passing day. I think I'm reading too much into it and it's causing me unnecessary stress. I'm going to take a short break from this site (as hard as it is to do) to try and get my mind off of the surgery. All that I'm missing now is to get the results of the bloodwork and to pay the balance owed. Surgery can't come fast enough!!

Down to the wire

I am counting down the days until my surgery. I am excited yet nervous. There's a lot going on right now so it helps keep me busy. I will be taking final exams this week and then I'll be done with the semester THANK GOD!!. Once that is done with I can finally focus on getting everything ready around the house, clean, meal prep, leave a schedule written down for my son and all that good stuff.

Paid in full

Less than a week to go until my surgery and surprisingly I'm rather calm. I paid the remaining balance today and picked up the results of my lab work, all of which came back normal. All that is left to do now is wait it out and get everything ready at home. :)

Day before

My nerves are definitely starting to kick in now! I have constant butterflies in my stomach and wasn't able to get a good nights sleep. I can't wait to have my new boobies already. I'm sure waiting is the hardest part..

Now I am just waiting for the coordinator to call me and let me know at what time my surgery will be tomorrow. She should be calling me before 3:30 pm. I will be the only person the Dr will be performing surgery on tomorrow so that should be good.

Anyway, the next time I update I will be the owner of a new set of boobies. =)

***Good luck to the ladies that are having surgery these next few days!!***

Already home

In a lot of pain. Will update soon!

Some pics

Feeling a little better

I'm feeling somewhat better today so I'll do a quick update.

The first two days were awful. I had a lot of pain and pressure making it hard to breathe almost. I was prescribed Vicodin for pain and have been taking usually 2 every 4 hours. Today I've been able to take 1 pill every 4hrs and it's managed my pain... I envy the ladies that go through the surgery with no pain at all... That wasn't the case with me AT ALL! But hopefully from here on out it gets better and better.

My surgery lasted about 3 hours and I had the full anchor lift done. Not sure what size implant I received or anything. I have a post OP appointment on Thursday with the surgeon and will make sure to ask...
I had a post OP visit yesterday but it was with a nurse and just to remove the gauze I had on...

Yesterday I took a shower (well my mom took me a shower) and I felt better afterwards. I still have not taken a good look at the girls ever since I got really dizzy and fatigued after doing so on Day 1... They are sitting high and are square looking.. Lol.. I will post some new pics soon!


Few pics after my shower.

Is this normal?

I noticed today that I have a bruise on one of my areolas... I'll put some pics up. Has anyone had this happen to them? I know bruising is common after BL/BA but I'm just not sure about the location of my bruise .. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks


Feeling much better today. I can move my arms around much more and was even able to iron my hair this morning- (I had a serious case of recliner hair going on).. Lol. I got a decent nights sleep so all is getting better. I'm done with my antibiotics as of 4:45am, which is awesome because now I won't have to get up in the middle of the night to drink it. Boobies are still high and squished..

Boobie blues

Yesterday was rough. My emotions were alllll over the place. I was sad, mad and cried over everything. I have gained a few pounds since surgery and I've been beating myself up over it. I hope it's just the swelling that's contributing to the higher number on the scale. Today I'm feeling better and trying not to think of it. I'm feeling better with each passing day but still have a lot of soreness... And oh boyyy the back aches are no joke!! They are so intense.
Today I did groceries with my hubby and son and by the time I was done my back was on fire with pain... When I got home I fell asleep on the recliner for a few hours.
I still have not been to my post OP appointment, it was supposed to be this past Thursday but when I called to confirm I was told the Dr wouldn't be in until the following Thursday... I was upset but there's nothing I can do. The follow up care has been nonexistent. If this is important to you I suggest you go elsewhere. Anyway, I will update soon!

Follow up appointment

I had my first follow up appointment with my PS today. My steri strips were removed and he said I'm healing great. I still have significant swelling and my implants are riding high but was instructed to do the compression exercises (5x/day) to help them move down as well as the stabilizer band at night to sleep. All in all I'm happy with the way they are looking and thrilled that my scars are healing nicely and aren't scary looking at all. I can't wait for them to start dropping and getting some shape lol. I have my next appointment in 1 month :)

Few more pics

Nothing new really

Not much to update on. I feel about 90% better. I am sleeping in bed as of a week ago and am able to lay a little on my side but I get achy after a while. There are still a few scabs on the incisions that I am anxiously waiting to fall off so that I can begin scar treatment. The shape of my breasts are still the same, high, boxy and flat looking. I can't wait for them to drop & fluff.... So tired of them looking so weird... lol. I am remaining patient though. I am doing the compression exercises as advised by my PS 5 times a day and wearing the stabilizer band a few hours a day in hopes that the girls drop sooner rather than later... That is all for now, I will post some pics when I have a chance. :)

**Anyone have some insight as to when they begin to settle into place? T.I.A!

Setback :(

About a week ago I noticed a piece of stitch sticking out of my skin under my areola.. It started getting irritated against my bra and the skin around it started getting red also. I was able to remove the piece of stitch yesterday with tweezers but needless to say I have a weird blister looking thing on there.. I also noticed another little hole opening up on the side of my areola earlier today. I'm very disappointed this is happening a month out.. I am going to stop by the clinic on Saturday morning so that a nurse can take a look at it, since my PS won't be in until next Thursday (sigh)... I'm feeling very discouraged and I should of not googled because now I'm thinking the worst. My breast are also still so high and shapeless.. I guess this is a "poor me" post. :( end of rant.

Still waiting

I am a month and a half out and still waiting for the implants to settle or D&F. Nothing yet. I have been getting really impatient and questioning why I even did this if they look worse now than they did before. I have read a lot and I guess it happens to women a lot with BL/BA. My shape now is flat, square bottom and all the fullness riding on top. I really hope what I've been reading is true and the muscle releases the implants at 2.5-3months post op.


Almost 3 months out and although implants have dropped a little, they haven't dropped nearly as much as they should have. They are still riding high and lacking fullness at the bottom. The vertical scars are nearly gone now but the crease ones are bright red. I'm using mederma every day without fault as well as wearing the strap to help the implants drop a few hours a day. All in all I'm not where I want to be result wise so I guess I'll just keep waiting. The doctor won't consider doing a revision until I'm 6 months post OP so we shall wait and see.

almost 6 months post op

It's been a while since I've updated but sadly there hasn't been any change. I am not happy with my results and will be looking into getting a revision within the next few months. I am sad that my outcome wasn't what I had hoped for. I feel like I flushed $4,000 down the drain. My breasts are still really high and oddly shaped with no cleavage whatsoever. Noone can even tell I had a boob job done. I haven't been to see the ps in almost two months but will be going to see him early January to see where we can go from here.


I meant to put almost 5 months post op not 6********

revision needed

I went in for a follow up visit with my PS today. He's happy with the implants but not happy with the breast lift aspect so I will be needing a revision to take some extra skin off the bottom so I can have the look I initially wanted. I have some mixed emotions but happy that I finally saw him and know what needs to be done. I will be updating the price to reflect the amount that I will have to pay for the revision which is $1,000 for anesthesia and OR room costs (the PS isn't charging anything). I haven't scheduled the date yet but will be doing so soon.
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