5 Sleeps to Better Breasts - Miami, FL

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I am not sure what to day... I am so scared,...

I am not sure what to day... I am so scared, terrified. My last surgeon did quite a number on me-emotionally... and I have been implant-less since Jan 2016. Surgery is in 5 days. I believe I will have Ultra High Profile 600cc. fingers are crossed!! I will keep everyone posted. I am delighted to have found such good care. :) 4th surgery and man I hope this is the last. I just want my pretty boobies back please.

Freaking Out... Help!!

I am having my 4th surgery on the 11th of July. I have been explanted since Dec/Jan. Doc is using ultra high profile implant and I need some advice on this! I don't see much positive. I know I have the best doctor on the planet I do trust him, I am terrified due to my last experience.... BUT Why so much negativity around the UHP implant? I am aiming for the 600cc mark, which is okay.. I would prefer more but it is what it is at this point.I am having a lift, I am 42 Yrs old... my last set was MOD+ 700cc and well I thought them to be flat and low but needed a lift and that doc didn't recommend lost due to infection and exposure. My best implants were 540 is saline and I loved them, I had amazing cleavage and I want that back!! I was a DD but needed a redo due to age of implants and they were capsulated.I would love to hear from others who have had the UHP implants. HASHTAG!!!!! Freaking out! Not sure I am ready for this... I miss my boobies! So many emotions

3 sleeps

Only a few more days I'd this horribleness. Can't sleep. So scared!


I am totally struggling. Emotionally I can't deal with this any more!! I am tired. I can't sleep. Eating is hard and I want to hide!! I have so much faith in Dr Krau. He work is amazing he is probably the best on the plant as far as I'm concerned. I know that he is a true artist. I really want his magic done to me...BUT!!!!!! I know this on the surface. I know I'm ready. I have prepared. I have been excited and happy and clear headed. This is Not my first rodeo I am not sure why I have these emotions and feelings. I have done as much as I can do to prepare. And here I am 2 sleeps and I feel paralyzed with fear and doubt! Has anyone else ever felt like this? I realize my case isn't extreme but it was still a really hard journey and not very much fun. Ugh!! I am talking myself out of this! Please tell me I will be okay!!!


Ok. So I feel better! I did find some good reviews on the UHP implants... I am actually excited! My emotions have been playing that Bi-Polar game. Up and down like a wild woman or the stock market... Either way I digress.

I am exited. I am feeling positive. I would love to have a glass of wine right now! I know I can't.

I'm going to go enjoy my happy now moment!! Miami here I come. (.)Y(.)

Squeeeee!!! 1 sleep

Tomorrow is my big day!! Still excited and looking forward to the experience with an incredible Doctor!! Fortunate and blessed I am! Looking forward to the markings!


Pre-op road map

Pre-op was great. He as expected was amazing. He drew his road mad and we chatted about size and shape and of course the experience. It was e great experience. Staff was great. This part went fairly quick and from what I remember was in the table in no time. Getting medicated. We agreed to do a larger implant So long it was safe and reasonable. :)

Post op

Well I made it. I am now part of the Krau experience. I fee very sore. But nothing more than expected or previous surgeries.
Anesthesiologist was a delight and very friendly and deliver a happy coctail.

The implants that were decided we're 650 ultra high profile. Although high right now I have a feeling they are going to me amazing and beautiful! :) now it is a waiting game to healing Ok off to bed I go!

One week post op

We'll, I survived the first week. It was a hard and painful week. I am glad to say I have turned the corner and feel fantastic today. I am on only Tylenol for mild discomfort. I am still draining from ADMs but it has significantly decreased.

I must say I am finally starting to think it is worth it. They look fantastic!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He was a delight to meet.. very kind.

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