32 Year Old, Mama of Two and Ready to Have my Boobs Look Like They Should;)

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Hi ladies! Has anyone has breast lift and implants...

Hi ladies! Has anyone has breast lift and implants by Dr. Loessin in Miami?? I switched clinics because Seduction Cosmetics is the ABSOLUTE WORSE PLACE & TERRIBLE PEOPLE from the core donators to the sales rep! BEWARE!
Anyway!:) I'm going to CG Cosmetics and Dr. Loessin is my assigned surgeon!!! Is he pleasant?? Good work?? Bedside mannerism?? Thanks ladies!! :)

32 Year Old, Mama of Two and Ready to Have my Boobs Look Like They Should;)

So I have actually had a few interesting things happen with my new venture for breast implants + lift! For those of you girls shopping around for a PS like I was, let me share my story! I currently reside in New Mexico and I am flying to Miami after carefully researching PS' in that area. My reason for traveling originally started with cost but after reading and researching several websites like this one, reading reviews, searching for my doc and anesthesiologists on the website for board certified surgeons, etc., I realized the original place I booked was a huge mistake! They only required 100$ deposit and were only charging me 5500$ for BA with silicone implants, mastopexy and BBL! Sounds great right? Yeah, cheaper is not always better! From dealing with the clinic's unprofessionalism to researching the surgeon and the facility licensing, I had a quick change of heart!! I booked at Seduction Cosmetics and the only decent person I dealt with was the girl who convinced me to go with them. I cannot stress enough how difficult it was for every single person there that called me to be on the same as I was about my surgery! They were so difficult to understand, they were beyond rude and I never spoke to the same person twice! Not to mention that when I decided to cancel, the "manager" was the rudest of them all. She verbally abused me when I told her I wanted to cancel. Nevertheless, do your homework ladies!!

I ended up switching to CG Cosmetics also in Miami. My coordinator has been pleasant, professional, speaks perfect English, has answered all of my questions and concerns even via email when I couldn't get away to call her. My payment receipts are sent immediately after my payment has been made, she sent me a long list of medications and vitamins to avoid, she sent me a list of items to purchase prior to my surgery, she prepared and sent my lab orders for the surgeon's review prior to my surgery and they even required a clearance from my primary care physician! The list of comfort goes on! There have been only a couple of minor issues I incurred with them like processing a payment for 100$ more than I authorized however, my coordinator had it reversed the same day to my credit card company and I received confirmation of that. Another minor issue was with the language barrier of another staff member. Nonetheless, my coordinator has made everything as simple as possible for my travel to Miami in two weeks!! (October 11th!) My pre-op is scheduled the 12th and my surgery is scheduled on the 14th with Dr. Krau! I switched from Dr. Loessin to Dr. Krau only because I'm undergoing a mastopexy and Dr. Krau has more experience and several great reviews for this specific procedure. I do believe Dr. Loessin would be great if you're only undergoing a BA or lipo. I will keep you all posted on my surgery and I will post pics for those of you who seek comfort in the same procedures! :)

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