Donut Breast Lift W/ Silicone Implant. Miami, FL

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I'm in my 20's, no children but due to...

I'm in my 20's, no children but due to weight loss, my boobs now have a sag to it. I spoke with a handful of Drs and so far I may be going with Dr. Leonard Roudner.... After the dr looking over my pictures, he states that the donut lift with the implant under the muscle would be best for me... Any thoughts on that? I've read numerous reviews on the donut lift and that not every patient is qualified for it. Am I qualified for the donut lift? Will I lose sensation in the nipple after this kind of lift? Also, later on in life I do plan to have children and breast feed, Will this type of breast lift affect me from breast feeding?

Let the count down begin (7 more hrs)

So my surgery is tomorrow morning at 6am with Dr. Leonard Roudner. I flew into Miami this morning and went to my face to face consultation His staff is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just off of the service, I received today, I no longer have cold feet about the procedure. My mom came down with me and after the visit, she was ALL for the surgery. Even started to ask about pricing for her to get something done. Any who, after he examined my breast, he stated I DID NOT need to do the lift and scar up my boobs, He stated all I need was a breast augmentation. I'm in between getting 375cc or 400cc. Most like 400cc due to the size does look smaller once they are in. Im super excited, I can't even sleep. Due to my surgery being so early, I was told not to eat or drink after 9pm. Will update tomorrow after the surgery

Day Of Surgery

Got to the office at 6am. Gave urine and then they started me on my way. I changed into my gown and socks with hair covered. The anesteliotogis came in and l was having some issues with my right nostril so he gave me a nasil spray and I felt amazing after. Another nurse took my pictures and hung them up in the room. I decided in a Full C 400cc's. Dr. Roudner came in and asked what size I decided on and he marked me. I went on the table and the magic begun. YES, you will be nervous and want to start calling (it's normal). Recovery time. I was soooo knocked out, I had no clue to when I woke, when they dress me, NOTHING! Immediately after getting back to my hotel I took my pain medicine and ate something. I was in ALOT of pain. And I mean ALOT. It felt extremely tight, my underarms area would hurt as I tried to do anything. It's now 9pm and I've taken vicodin 3 times already. This pain is no joke. I'm currently laying on top of 3 pillows. Wiped down before bed and you DEFF need open front shirts/dresses. So far I'm in Love with that I see. Let's see how it goes once the swelling goes down. I ended up just doing Silicone implant. NO lift. His site says he has gummy bear. But during consultation, the nurse stated he only has silicone (it's all the same) I don't know what that meant but oh well, it still feels natural.

Almost 24hrs after aurgery

It's almost 5am (24hrs) after my surgery. Assuming because I did "under the muscle" I am in soooo much pain. Deff keeping up on my pain medication. My chest is extremely tight and sore.

Day #2 Post Op

Still feeling ALOT of pain. My right shoulder blade is swollen. Maybe from doing a few things I keep forgetting not to do. Going to see the DR tomorrow for my post op exam. Praying things go well.


Just went to see Dr. Rounder. He took off my bandages. And pressed down on them to make sure they are okay. My right side originally was bigger, hoping my left side will eventually drop and even out. Due to 400cc and 375cc would have made it unsymmetrical.

Not Happy

At this point I am VERY unhappy. I don't even want to look at my boobs. My right side is a lot bigger and heavier. I've been crying allday. I know once it heals, it'll drop even more. And I'll have big, heavy, saggy boobs. I will call Dr. Roudner tomorrow and see when I can get the lift done. The scar is awesome but this is not the results I wanted AT ALL.

Day 4 Post Op

I just spoke with Dr. Roudner. He's willing to do anything to make me happy. He says right now we can't do anything but we will go with the flow. As time passes, if I still don't like, he will fix it to give me the results I want. Feel somewhat better. That "depression" stage after surgery is VERY true! I can now fully shower due to the plastic they have put over my incisions.

8 days Post Op

I'm starting to feel a lot better. Still having a hard time driving. Turning the steering wheel is the issue. Dr. Roudner gave me the okay to lay on my sides but doing so it's still painful. I'm still one side bigger than the other. I'm 90% sure that I will have him fix this issue in 6months. I refuse to walk around this way. The left boob should have gotten a higher CC. I return to Miami Friday to get my stitches removed and he will show me how to massage them.

Back to Miami I go

Headed to Miami now to see what can be done! This is stressful. Ladies PLEASE PLEASE know what you are getting and how many cc's and how your ending result will look before you get on that table.

Stitches are out!

I'm back home. Got my stitches out. Dr. Roudner said everything looks lovely. If I'm not still not happy with my results in two months, for me to return and we will then do the donut lift (like I originally was suppose to) and he will give me high profile silicone implants this time. Let's see ladies!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, he did an amazing job. I will rock the heck out of these boobs the next two months :-)

Post op day 10

Updated pics from day 10
Coral Gables Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Roudner is straight up awesome. No, I didn't get the results I wanted, but he has no problem fixing the issue and giving me My desired look. His staff is amazing. I wouldn't go to another Dr. Every single one of them makes you feel welcomed and comfortable. You won't regret it.

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