23 Years Young Getting Aggressive Lipo & Large Saline Implants- Miami, FL

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I have been researching for YEARS on different...

I have been researching for YEARS on different surgeons in the Miami area. I had previously had a consultation with Dr. Nalluri who was located locally...&He really upset me he was rude and wasn't very interested in what I wanted. It was an overall horrible experience.
From that point on I really did my research and read tons and tons of reviews on several different surgeons. But all this time I kept gravitating towards one doctor, Dr. Sean Simon. My consultation is officially scheduled for AUGUST 22ND & I couldn't be any more excited! I also have two more consultations scheduled for AUGUST 25TH with Dr. Leonard Hochstein & Dr. Robert Hunsaker.

The fact that I'm finally making these consultations gets me filled with joy. I've been waiting for this for years!

The surgeries I plan on getting are:
-Saline ultra/high profile implants w/ lift
-Fat grafting to my butt

I'm 23 years old if any one was wondering. Wish me luck!

Updating my Consultations...

I've decided to actually cancel my consultation with Dr. Sean Simon. I'm choosing to cut him off my list because I originally wanted him to be my plastic surgeon for the simple fact that he was 1) Young & 2) More expensive than other plastic surgeons in the area.... Through time I've done more reading on his reviews of him and looked more at his work and not that WOW-ed. I feel as though his work is meteor and just okay. His reviews were the lowest of the three doctors I've narrowed my choices down too.....&I don't really see any work where he made a HUGE DIFFERENCE. & That is what I'm wanting. I don't want a subtle change or for my body to look natural.... & He also is SO busy I feel as though I'd be rushed in and out. I feel more at ease eliminating him from my choices.

Now, it's down to Dr. Hunsaker and & Dr. Hochstein... I'm thinking about eliminating Dr. Hochstein because he's had more negative reviews rather than positive ones. He doesn't seem that caring and nurturing. I need a doctor that'll put me to ease and comfort me....Someone who will take care of me and make me feel comfortable. As I look into this more and more I find myself more comfortable with choosing Dr. Hunsaker. I'm just afraid he might not be what I expect when I meet him face-to-face. I'm so overwhelmed with the choosing I'm breaking out and a nervous wreck. I hope my mind eases out more.

Consultation Update + I'm In the Books!!!

Yesterday was such an amazing day. I feel so silly for all this built up anxiety and almost depression with feeling so overwhelmed with my two consultations I had.... Yesterday I went and saw Dr. Hunsaker first...My appointment was scheduled for 1:45PM and I got in probably around 2:30PM but that's fine because they were taking in post-op patients and if I were in their shoes I would want the same attention post op. I was greeted by Maria and as everyone has been saying she is the best! She's so amazingly kind, sweet, nurturing, and made you feel very comfortable. I was actually blessed because it was raining very hard and when I got into my consultation with Dr. Hunsaker he said he other patients won't show so he spent a good two hours with me. Talk about blessed! When I was talking to Dr. Hunsaker he didn't make me feel like any of my questions were stupid, he was very honest to me, and he actually tried helping me find what was best for my wants and what would look best on me and my specific body type. I knew a few minutes into my consultation I wanted Dr. Hunsaker to be my plastic surgeon so I never went to my second one. They even decided to give me a MD due to my past experiences with anesthesia at no additional charge. Yet another blessing! I will be getting TWO surgeries TWO weeks apart because unfortunately I will not be able to get everything done at once. I will be having XL liposuction next Thursday towards my full abdomen area and inner thighs and then two weeks following that I will be getting my breast augmentation...We decided to do smooth saline over the muscle (He said he typically will NOT allow over the muscle for patients 99.9% of the time but in my case he said surprisingly I am a great candidate and I can have over the muscle! I'm so excited and blessed! He said he couldn't remember the last time someone was a good candidate for that!) and then I will be done with my plastic surgery! ......FOR NOW! I am SO blessed because the price was unbeatable! I could NOT believe how much it was I was expecting DOUBLE! For both surgeries it's only $7,500. Such a blessing! I had to place $2,000 down because it's $1,000 per surgery which is fine I was expecting that when I heard it was two surgeries. My pre-op appointment is THIS Thursday and then next week is surgery for me! Dr. Hunsaker said it won't be more than 3-4 day recovery per surgery which is amazing! I will update again on Thursday!

A Few of My "Inspo" Photos...

These are the photos I showed my plastic surgeon when I went into my consultation for my "inspo" photos. &Even though I am not as petite as these women I will still have a very round and tight looking breast augmentation which is exactly what I am aiming for!

Pre-Op Self Photos for Liposuction on September 4th...

I decided since I'm basically jotting down as I would my diary I'd post my personal photos of my body prior my liposuction next week. & Update as my healing process rolls along. My stats at the moment are: I'm 5'4.5", weighing in at 168lbs, wearing size 6 in jeans. I'll get my measurements day prior surgery and document them later on. My surgery next Thursday will be aggressive lipo on full front side and back side + inner thighs front and back. Wish me luck loves!

Pre-Op Appointment Is Done!

Yesterday I drove back out to Miami for my pre-op appointment. &Let me tell you, the drive felt longer than the first time! & To know I have to drive back there four more times is exhaustinggg! But that is the small sacrifice I'll have to pay for my new and beautiful body I'll be receiving! I brought in my post-op bra to show Maria and she said it's okay that it's not front-clasp because it is extremely thin and very stretchy. So that made me feel better. I hate getting blood drawn, but Lucita was so sweet she just kept talking to me about my wedding and my surgery as she did it and my fiance just played with my hair....Before I knew it it was over. I know, I'm a big baby. I told you guys I'm a sucker for pain. But, Dr. Hunsaker took me "PRE" photos for his website, I got my prescriptions and signed all my consents for my first surgery and I will be heading back to Miami on Thursday next week for my liposuction!!!!!! I can't wait.

Told My Family About My Surgery... & Picked Up My Prescriptions

I was a little hesitant to tell my Daddy about my surgery. But he took me and my fiance out to dinner on Saturday night and I told him it was already scheduled...He was a little upset because he says my body is a temple of God and I shouldn't have to add anything else to my body. But after he saw how happy I was talking about it and understood my reasons he 100% supports me and is behind me which relaxes me. He's also okay with my liposuction because he knows about how hard it has been for me to workout how I used to since my car accident in 2012. My mom was okay with it as well she wasn't really shocked because I've been talking about this for years now.
So overall, I'm an even happier girl knowing my family supports me. Makes me feel more relaxed, at ease, and happier! :) ONLY THREE MORE DAYS UNTIL MY FIRST PROCEDURE! (MY LIPOSUCTION) As for my prescriptions, I was shocked it was $82 dollars! & Since I'm having two surgeries I'm going to have to refill them for another $82 dollars. That's the only downfall with having two surgeries....Double the hotel money, gas money, food money, time off work, and prescriptions. But that's the sacrifice I'm willing to pay because I want my new body as soon as possible. :)

1 Day Post Op from Lipo

I can not explain how much pain I was in when I woke up yesterday and how much pain I am in now. But, it was all worth it. My fiancé told me last night as he was wheeling me up to our hotel room that my butt now looks like I got a Brazilian Butt Lift because of how much fat is gone from my hips and back. Dr.Hunsaker wasn't lying when he told me I didn't need one right now!!!! The pain is a 20 out of 10. Everywhere he took fat out aches and just bleeds out this watery blood which I knew was going to happen. My ankles are a little swollen, I'm supposed to walk around every 15 minutes but last night I was so drugged up I did it once. My inner thighs do not hurt as much as my rib cage area, lower tummy and my entire back. That pain doesn't seem to go away at all. It is nearly impossible to sit up or lie down from the bed with my fiancé's help due to the pain. The surgery went smoothly. I arrived at 12:30 PM and I left at 6:09 PM I think it took a while to recover and Dr. Duvall the anesthesiologist gave me more medication as I woke up because I cried and cried begging for more. I couldn't handle the pain whatsoever. The only problem that occurred was Lucita had to rush to get Dr. Hunsaker because my left eye was swollen and irritated they had to put a patch over it somehow something got in it. He put this weird numbing drops in my eye and then some ointment which made it practically blind. It feels a tad bit better today I just wish I could figure out what's in it it. Everyone was very kind to me prior my surgery, as I stated in an older review I'm a big baby when it comes to my IV, so obviously I was crying but Dr. Duvall was comforting as he inserted it, Andre was very kind was relaxing me, and Lucita was holding my hand. Dr. Hunsakers team is amazing and comforting. The band I have to wear is this long black one that goes from my to cage to my knees with a big whole in the cootchy area. But everytime I pee it gets into it it's so frustrating. My fiancé is going to call Maria and ask if I can have a second one so I can have one as he washes the other. And more pain killers because the normal dosage isn't working for me I have to take three to feel no pain temporarily. Later on today I'll post photos because I need my fiancé's help. Thank you for all the kind prayers and good lucks yesterday!!! XOXOXO

Post Op Day 1 Pictures

Here's the pictures I said I'd post today. They aren't perfect lighting but I couldn't handle to stand very long or hold still for photos. You can clearly see how swollen and bruised I am.

Day 02 Post Op Liposuction

Day 2 Post Op. I woke up in tears this pain is so agonizing. I think the third day is the worst day for me. I am so stiff and every inch I make I can feel my stitches and it's so painful. I'm oozing out of my stitches anymore, that was mainly a first day thing. I ruined all of the sheets and blankets at the hotel I feel really bad. :-/ But, I'm still mixing my Motrin PM with the painkillers Dr. Hunsaker gave me and I'm going to get my other oxycodone prescription filled today so I have back up. My pain level is still at a 10/10 no lie. I can't sugar coat this procedure because it's so painful. My inner thighs still hurt the LEAST. MY back hurts the MOST and my stomach follows right behind that. My bruising has grown even further up my chests and the bruises around my body have become even more purple. My right vagina lip is so swollen it's like triple the size of my other one and it's all black and blue and aches so bad. I've been icing it. Maria told me to call Dr. Hunsaker but not to be worried because that tends to be normal. So I feel better about that. After I get bathed today (Which I'm regretting) I'll post more photo updates of all my bruising. XOXOXO.

Day 2 Post Op Liposuction (Photo Included)

Maria and Dr. Hunsaker told me I should be okay with the swelling in my right vagina lip, typically the swelling will move downwards from where the incision was. Puts my mind at ease to know I do NOT have an infection. My fiancé is currently washing my squeem and he bathed me...I passed out when he took it off, Maria was NOT kidding about that. I feel like I can't function without it on. It's so hard to breathe, talk, move. Just an odd feeling. I only have one picture from today, my fiancé took it so I could show it to Dr. Hunsaker and Maria about my vagina lip, you'll see how swollen it is it looks disgusting but at least I'm okay. Which is all I care about.

Day 4 Post Op Liposuction

Day 4 Post Op, & I can say my pain level has fallen down to a 7-8 as of TONIGHT. Earlier it was worse, but through walking around and getting plenty of rest I'm getting better and better. Thank God. My skin is still very bruised, it was BLUE yesterday it has lightened up a bit today, it's more of a dark purplish color. I'm having a weird brown discharge after I pee today. It almost looks like old period blood (My period ended day after surgery) but it's a little clumpy like cottage cheese so I'm unsure, I'm drinking plenty of water and just trying to stay hydrated and cleanse out my system. I extended my recovery time to one more day, I'll be returning to work on Tuesday, I don't see it physically possible being able to go to work tomorrow at all. Me and my fiance will be going to the grocery store tomorrow just so I can be out and be a LITTLE active. I tried talking on the phone with my dad earlier for a while and I couldn't I got really nauseous so I had to end that conversation shorter than expected. I just want to know I'll be able to care for myself at work tomorrow. It can be so stressful and overwhelming. I attached a few photos to this update today as promised. You can really see my waist coming in nicely especially with my swelling decreasing everyday. I'm pretty happy and pleased with my results so far!

Day 5 Post Op- Liposuction

Today was a stressful day. My pain level is worst in the morning... I'm taking a 1000mg of Motrin every 5hrs. I take more than I should because the pain is noticeable and I can't ignore it. I went grocery shopping with my fiancé today to Target and Costco and that was way too much for me, we stopped so much so I could breathe, relax, catch my breath... The second we got home I fell right asleep. The swelling in my vagina has blown up again this evening and I'm nervous because of my benign tumors. I'm calling Maria in the AM and immediately setting an appointment with my gyno to see me and get me more pain killers. My lower stitches on my belly have been painful throughout the day it feels like sharp needles poking me multiple times at once out of nowhere ... My bruising has decreased a bit, that Arnica gel is a lifesaver. & I'll be returning my original post op bra because it is only an XL and it isn't front clasp. Such a busy week ahead of me I never get to feel relaxed. :-( Stitc removal is this Thursday!!!

Oops, Today is DAY 5 POST OP (Photos Included)

Today was in fact overwhelming. My first day back at work and had no sympathy from anyone. It was so rude. Then I was so freaked about my vaginal swelling I made an emergency appoint with my gynecologist.. She told me due to all my previous surgeries down there I'm just very sensitive and since there is nothing compressing the swelling down from that region that's why all of the swelling is rushing down there. No need to worry and my benign tumors are fine, just to consistently ice it when I'm home and try to keep my vaginal area elevated when lying down. So, I'm relieved with that news. From there I had a hair appointment (No one cares I know) then rushed off to Wal-Mart to buy my front clasp bra that everyone has been telling me to get. I bought a 42 because they all looked so TINY. It wasn't even $10 so it was a good buy. When I got home....My vaginal lips swole up AGAIN like a balloon. It gets so filled with blood that it hurts to walk I have to walk like a hippo with my legs spread wide apart and it throbs and stabs and aches like no tomorrow. I'm currently icing it just wishing this swelling will end soon...But looking at my hips today I'm going to be swollen for quite a bit. The swelling from the upper half of my abdomen and back area has gone down a lot and now it's slowing rushing down towards my hips and lower tummy, legs, and vaginal lips -______- My stomach is still very numb and I can't really feel much of anything when you touch it. The bruising has gone done A TON! & The stitches don't look horrible at all. It's almost been one week since my liposuction and I'm loving the results everyday. My hair stylist, gynecologist, and co worker all asked if I got a BBL because it looks so much more shaped but it's just from the liposuction . Wishing everyone out there a beautiful evening and easy recovery!

Day 08 Post-Op Lipo (PHOTOS INCLUDED)

Sorry about the delayed post-op....Yesterday I went to get my stitches removed with Dr. Hunsaker and he removed the top two near my rib cage & chose to remove the remainder of my stitches during my breast augmentation on the 18th of this month (Six days away! :D) because he knows I won't be able to handle the pain of the remainder stitch removal without being under anesthesia, lol. It was very caring and considerate and I highly appreciated that. It'll make it so much easier for me and my anxiety. I also had to get blood taken yesterday because he said I was under such an intensive procedure last week...Wasn't expecting that so I was a little nervous. But Lucita is amazing when it comes to taking care of me. :) We ended up having to stay last night in Miami because there was a horrible storm and it'd be too rough to drive through. My compression band is getting EXTREMELY loose throughout my entire body, Dr. Hunsaker said it's already time to for me to drop down in a size, but he said it'd be okay for me to wear my squeem underneath if it compresses my body enough...especially the hip area because my hips are SO SWOLLEN. It's actually really, really painful! But, I'm on Tylenol and just hanging on. The swelling is slowly dropping everyday on my body. My vaginal area and upper thighs are pretty bruised up and swollen but that's normal and it'll decrease through time. I've updated my pictures...Today is one week and day post-op from my lipo and my results are already coming in so beautifully.

Day 11 Post-Op Lipo

My recovery is pretty much the same....My rib cage and upper back area is still VERY sensitive. It hurts to even touch it with my fingers. There is absolutely no fat up there anymore and it's just tender to the touch. My swelling has drifted downwards now..... My swelling is no caught in my lower abdomen area where the "pudge" area would be located. There's just a few hard lumps in there that I try to massage out but it's so sensitive to touch. My hips are the MOST swollen, my hips look like mini hippos. &When you touch my hips you can just feel the lumps they are hard as rocks. I have my fiance gently massage that area at bedtime but I cry everytime because it is such a sensitive area for me. My hip area is still very numb and has a tingling feeling. As for my stitches....They're still in me and ITCHING like crazy. I apply Neosporin to those areas because the scabs are huge and I don't want scars throughout my body. The most painful stitches are my low hip ones and my inner thigh upper leg ones. My bruising in my upper thighs is still pretty bad but I've been wearing very tight spandex high-waisted pants throughout the day because I find that helps with compressing my legs. My compression band now is a joke....I'm planning on going to Target today and maybe just buying some Spanx...Any suggestions? My mid section-below my knees is VERY loose in my compression band. I know if I could have more compression on these areas the swelling would go down a little faster.

Aside from that, my BOOBIES surgery is only three days away! I am so excited I can not even wait. I'm so excited to wake up with new BOOBIES on my chest. =] & P.S. I'm getting Juvederm in my lips today. I think I'm going to make a review on that as well.

Day 12 Post-Op Lipo + Getting Ready For Miami Tomorrow!!!

So, unfortunately I have been fighting off this minor cold I got yesterday legit out of nowhere! I've been drinking NyQuil at night and chugging DayQuil all day during the day. A coworker today gave me two antibiotic pills....I took one around lunch time and she told me to take the second one before bed with my NyQuil. I had a fever yesterday!!!! So, I am trying my hardest to at least DROP my fever because I'm afraid Dr. Hunsaker won't do surgery on me if I'm extremely congested or have a tough cough. Once I drop my fever I can just tell Maria on Thursday I have a MINOR runny nose (Which I'm hoping at that time that's all I'll have).

Aside from that, I went and dropped off my prescriptions today at Target and I asked why my anti-nausea pills were so expensive....She explained that it's because they are the dis-solvable ones not just the regular anti-nausea pills some surgeons prescribe. She said with the dis-solvable ones they immediately disappear into my tummy so if I do throw up under I won't throw up my pills. Makes a lot of sense now that someone explained that to me. So I can expect to pay $84 tomorrow when I pick up my prescriptions. He gave me the same medication as my liposuction procedure: antibiotics, anti nausea pills, and my pain killers.

Also, I went to Publix (grocery store) and picked up my groceries....I made sure my hotel room had a mini kitchenette so my fiance can make me meals rather than me having to eat yucky take out. I packed what I typically would eat:

For breakfast;
-gluten free waffle (just one)
-orange juice with the added calcium
-egg whites (i eat about 4)

For lunch;
-whole wheat bread
-light mayo
-turkey breast lunch meat
(I normally eat just a turkey sandwich or chicken breast sandwich)

&For dinner;
-chicken noodle soup (1/2 can each night)

I got a huge jug of Gatorade and bought some water bottles. So I'm fully stocked on my foods which is way cheaper and less stressful for me. :)

I decided I'm just going to wear sweatpants to my surgery and a loose tank top. I don't really have any flowy/stretchy dresses. Sweats are the most comfy for me. I have my 42 post-op bra packed and just my toothbrush. I have to still wear my compression bands into surgery Maria said and Dr. Hunsaker will determine where the compression band will lay on my body before I wake up (Dr. Hunsaker had me start to wear my compression band folded over to my belly button starting yesterday prior my breast augmentation to help the sensitivity to minimize).

My fiance and myself leave for Miami tomorrow. We chose to stay the night BEFORE my surgery versus trying to travel there the morning OF because it was way TOO stressful last time with the traffic and bathroom breaks. It'll be more relaxing to be settled in and just wake up later in the day and go straight to my surgery being close in town.

My boobies surgery is now only TWO DAYS AWAY! The excitement is eating me alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My annoying mother-in-law found out today that I'm getting my boobies done and she said horrible things which really upset me....Like, "You're just going to look fat after you get them done" & "You already have boobs! You need to save your money and buy a car" ......I'll have you know I already have a car, lol. She makes no sense UGH!


Today has been a ROUGH day. The suitcase I used to pack ripped open I ended up having to use a big duffel bag and then a small teeny-tiny suitcase. :( Then I forgot my turkey meat, so my fiancé will have to go buy some tomorrow when I'm in surgery (I refuse to eat take-out!) & then the weather has been like a tropical storm all the way to Miami! It was four hours of heavy thunderstorms with HIGH winds. Thankfully, I fell asleep in the car with my kitty on my pillow all the way to Miami. I will say, I am grateful I chose to check in a day earlier rather than day of operation because I feel a lot more relaxed and at ease and am able to just snuggle and get warm and feel better. :)

I did in fact call Dr. Hunsaker's office....Maria said I should have no problem with have a runny/stuffy nose and I will be okay taking Dayquil/Nyquil + antibiotics. I have actually been told by Dr. Hunsaker to wake up at 4:30AM and eat a big meal and drink lots of liquids before FIVE AM so I don't end up in surgery dehydrated. He said he does give me fluids but it's not the same as actually drinking orange juice, Gatorade, or water beforehand.

As for my procedure, I'm getting the excited/nervous jitters. I can't even imagine myself with bigger boobs & I'm a little hurt I'm not going to lie with what my fiancé's mother said about me yesterday (That I'm just going to look fat with bigger boobs and I'm wasting my money) She doesn't even know I had liposuction done or my lips...We're really not on talking terms right now. Sad right? She hasn't even wished me luck or said she'd be praying for me. That's very upsetting but I'll get over it. I need to remind myself that NOT EVERYONE will agree with me and as long as I'm happy that's all that matters. :)

I just bought myself a grande Calm brewed tea with extra honey from Starbucks to help with my cold before bed. Hopefully, it'll do wonders. :)

My liposuction....my stitches really ache they are literally growing into my skin and it itches horribly. My ribs don't hurt QUITE as much because I have my compression band down to my belly button due to Dr. Hunsaker saying it needs to be this way until my breast augmentation tomorrow. I am still agitated (I am being a brat, I suppose) with the lumps in my stomach...I'm getting self conscious and I feel like I don't look great anymore. I know I'm thinking crazy....I am just stressed out.

My boobies....I measured them last night and am posting pictures tonight of the before result :) My measurements are:
Around the rib: 36"
Over the nipple: 41"
Above my chest: 39"

Roughly a full B-low C & I am aiming for 750-800cc and full DD. That is my goal.
Wish me luck everyone! I am praying I wake up feeling better than the past few days and an easy and soft recovery :) Hope you all are doing well in your recoveries as well! I will update as soon as possible tomorrow! :)


**** youtu.be *****

Today is BOOBIES Day!!!

(I apologize for that review above this one...I was trying to upload my YouTube vlog I made this morning)..... Unfortunately it didn't work. So, please disregard that previous post.

Today is THE DAY FOR MY BOOBIES! I am so excited I can NOT even explain in in words!! I have been waiting for this for so many years and today is finally here, it's such an exciting feeling! I am NOT even nervous...I'm just excited! My family and fiance are very nervous today. But, I'm so comfortable and confident with Dr. Hunsaker that I just am happy and excited to see my results!!!

......I thought there was a way to upload the YouTube video to where you could just click on it in my review but I can't figure it out.

My surgery is only 2.5hrs away! It's at 1:30PM. We need to be there at 1:00PM, but we will leave about 12:15PM just to make sure we don't get stuck in traffic or miss our exit. WISH ME LUCK! I'll be posting another vlog **** when I wake up. :) YAYAYAYAY!!!!

Update After Breast Augmentation! (PHOTOS+VIDEO INCLUDED)

My breast augmentation was earlier today at 1:30PM with Dr. Hunsaker in his Cosmetique Plastic Surgery Center. I felt way more relaxed, comfortable and confident going in today because I had already experienced how things go when I had my liposuction. I was greeted as always by the lovely, sweet and kind Maria who made sure I had my post-op sports bra and dis-solvable anti-nausea pills and answered any last minute questions I had. From there, Lucita (the RN) took me back to consultation room where she took my blood pressure and had Dr. Hunsaker come in and marker me up and go over what we were going to do and what my goals were. He also took my pre-op photos for his website and then had Lucita take me to the operating room. She always makes you go pee first (Which is easy for me due to nerves) then she took me back to the operating room where I was greeted by Dr. Duvall (anesthesiologist) and Andres (Surgical Assistant)....That's always the toughest part for me...The IV freaks me out tremendously but Andres and Lucita hold my hands and relax me which helps a lot. The second Dr. Duvall inserted my IV I was already feeling drowsy......I don't even remember them placing the mask on my face because I was already out of it, LOL.

When I woke up in the recovery room I had this heavy and excruciating pain in my lip.....I was freaking out....Turns out I somehow managed to bite my bottom left corner of my lip EXTREMELY hard. It's so swollen and looks ridiculous right now, Dr. Hunsaker said a little joke to make me feel better about it because I was embarrassed. :) Lucita placed some numbing cream on it and gave me an extra pack for when I get back to the hotel before bed to help with the pain.

The pain in my boobies wasn't as bad as what I was expecting. It just felt (and still feels) like a really TIGHT and STIFF ache. It feels like a high pressure and from my ribs to my neck is very tender. It hurts horribly to use my arms to sit up, get in/out of the car, wipe when using the restroom, and even putting my hair up. Dr. Hunsaker did say I need to lift my arms up and stretch quickly every few hours to help with the stiffness.

I am so happy with my results so far. Dr. Hunsaker told me when I woke up he put 800cc's in both breasts which I am so ecstatic about. They are so round, firm, and tight....EVERYTHING I WANTED! They are swelling more and more and more as each hour passes by. &My lip is looking pretty messed up right now too. I started to feel extremely nauseous about an hour after we got back to the hotel and my fiance gave me my last anti-nausea pill. It helped tremendously and quickly! I then took my painkillers (2) and antibiotics at 7:00PM. I will not miss a dose because I know without my painkillers I will start to get some heavy pain. As the night is passing the stiffness is getting tighter and more intense. &I am also very surprised how my breasts don't feel as heavy as I was expecting. I was expecting my back to hurt and for the implants to be heavy but it's nothing to what I expected (Which is a good thing for me!)

Overall, my recovery is pretty easy so far for me. I'm surprised how I feel so good. Dr. Hunsaker did say my recovery will be very different than most women who get the implant under the muscle. My recovery will be a lot quicker and less painful (Thank you Jesus)

I took these photos before my procedure and right when we got back to the hotel. :) I am going to try to add my video in this blog (Hopefully the video will pop up. If not, I do apologize...I am trying to figure out how to upload a video to my blog.

Hope you all are healing and having a beautiful night =] I will update tomorrow ASAP. I will probably be sleeping in late due to my painkillers which is okay because I need my rest.

Day 1 Post-Op Breast Augmentation (PHOTOS+VIDEO INCLUDED)

Today has been a horrible day. I have gotten no sleep since I came home from my surgery yesterday afternoon. My painkillers are not cutting it and my pain level is out of this world I have just been crying because no matter what way I try to lay/sit....my right breast and arm are so uncomfortable and with high pain.

When I got back to the hotel yesterday, a few hours passed and all of a sudden this SHOOTING,STABBING,HIGH INTENSE PRESSURED PAIN has been in my right breast (mainly the outside lining of the entire breast) and all the way through my armpit, shoulder, back of shoulder, down to my elbow and straight to my fingertips. The pain just doesn't go away. I've tried icing it, stretching it, moving it, re-positioning it and NOTHING helps. The only thing that has helped me dose off is my fiance gave me my pain killers and some Dayquil and iced my breast/arm and massaged it until I dosed off. I am a lucky woman. He's trying his best to take great care of me.

I tried calling Dr. Hunsaker's office but he's in his Coral Gables location today all day so Maria told me that everything I was feeling is normal and to just relax and Dr. Hunsaker will call me back when he's all done with his surgeries.

On top of all of that, my post-op sports bra I had on last night is now too big because the swelling has blown up even more today. I had to go to Wal-mart and buy a size up (44" waist band) &I was NOT in the mood to be in public and when I walk I just hold my boobs tight because I feel like they're going to just fall off they're so heavy right now. I just want some type of relief from this pain. I'm so sick and tired of sitting here trying to sleep and unable to because of this stupid pain in my right arm. I want to go home and be in my own bed and couch and relax. The drive back is going to be miserable because every little bump on the road makes me scream in pain already. =[

I am frustrated because I can't do ANYTHING with my right arm it feels so tight! I can't brush my hair, or teeth. I am unable to wipe myself after I use the restroom, can't get dressed, open my water bottles or medications, I can't lay myself down or stand myself up. I feel hopeless and I'm starting to get frustrated and it's only DAY 1 POST OP! I have about two more weeks of this misery. I don't know how in hell I am supposed to go back to work on Tuesday!

My update is a bit shorter today because I'm not feeling great and am overly nauesous and tired. Hope you all are having a beautiful night. XOXO.

Day 2 Post-Op Breast Augmentation + Day 16 Post-Op Liposuction (PHOTOS + VIDEO LINK INCLUDED)

Today is day TWO post-op from my breast augmentation. I woke up this morning to the same exact pain level as yesterday. I was not having a good morning and this day hasn't been that great either. I woke up at about 5AM in excruciating pain.... It felt as though my boobs were going to legit fall off my chest. I woke up laying down feeling like my boobs were being squeezed against my chest and pinched tight. I couldn't lay down, I couldn't sit up, I couldn't stand up, I couldn't look to either side of me. I was literally thinking I was dying or that my implants were going fall out of me. It was the scariest feeling ever. My fiance felt horrible because he felt helpless. BUT he managed to figure out why I had so much pain!!!! That new bra I bought yesterday from Wal-Mart (a size up, size 44") ended up not having ENOUGH support on me. The second he took that off me and put my original one (42" band) back on I felt a huge sense of relief and was able to breathe again. Go figure right?

My fiance gave me two doses of Nyquil and helped me to the recliner in the hotel room so I could sleep. I was able to sleep until 10:30AM and my fiance was already almost fully done packing up all of our belongings and had breakfast ready for me. =] After I ate he gave me another dose of my oxycodone (2 pills=700mg) and another dose of Nyquil so I could relax on our way back home in the car. Which helped a lot. The rough part was I only had ONE more dose of my painkillers that I was planning on taking when I got home from Miami....

I managed to sleep the ENTIRE way back home. Which is truly a blessing for me, because the bumps and turns in the car are so PAINFUL for me and uncomfortable.

Once we got home the pain really KICKED IN! Like really bad. Just as bad as yesterday's pain. I took anotherrrrrrrrrr dose of Nyquil and my last set of painkillers. =[ But, my fiance made me a turkey sandwich and set me up on the couch. He also gave me half a dose of my sumatriptin (a migraine medication) because I was having a horrible headache. After he got me all snuggled up he went to fill up my painkiller prescription and bought me the capsules Arnica Montana and I was going to have a relaxing day at home all snuggled up with my hubby-to-be.... BUT of course, that's not possible to have a smooth and easy day when I'm in such heavy pain....

.....Today is his father's birthday. So, we got a call from his sister literally LAST minute saying we're all going out to dinner at Olive Garden for his birthday dinner. I'll have you know I'm high as can be with all this medication I've been taking and I had to get up and get ready.....I felt like I was on a different planet getting ready and when we were headed out to dinner. It was SO difficult to find something to wear to help hide these huge breasts of mine at the moment, lol. I'm just NOT in the mood to go out or to get all beautified and be in public. But, I sucked it up and got dressed. I barely was able to eat anything at dinner, barely able to conversate because I was in la-la land..... But, I managed to get through it.

Once we got home I took more of my painkillers and just got myself ready for bed. I'm going to try and ATTEMPT sleeping in my BED versus my COUCH tonight...It's difficult for me to LAY down because my boobs are so heavy I feel like I can't breathe if I'm laying straight back on my breast. We put a ton of pillows behind me to help keep me up at a slight incline. Wish me luck with this sleeping arrangement!

My right breast is STILL extremely swollen and hurts like no more tomorrow. The burning sensation is still heavy in my right breast and the Arnica gel works like a gem. My right arm still hurts like a bit*h but I'm trying my best to get through this.

As for my liposuction....Today is day 16 post-op from my liposuction. I am truly surprised with my legs transformation. They get smaller and smaller each day. I am truly amazed with them! They are firm and tight and not flabby or loose skinned at all which is a great advantage to me! =] My stomach is bloated from my antibiotics and painkillers from my recent BA. My fiance is buying me a self-massager tomorrow to help breakdown the lumps in my stomach,hips,upper and lower back. The lumps are SO hard and hurt so bad. I know it's my responsibility to take care of myself if I want results quicker.

Day 3 Post-Op Breast Augmentation + Day 17 Post-Op Liposuction (Photo + Video Link Included)

Today is day three post-op from my breast augmentation......I am 110% on this site so some people may not like my recovery but at least I'm honest. My pain was the same when I woke up this morning as yesterday (I won't lie, I was disappointed. I was hoping to wake up this morning in a lot less pain) There is a constant achy, tight pressure/pulling feeling of pain in my right breast. My right breast is still extremely swollen and sensitive to the touch. The pain in my right breast and right arm is a high excruciating pain that just does not go away.

As always, getting up from laying down is the worst part of starting my day. If you've seen my YouTube blogs I've been posting (*******) you would've seen how my fiance has to pick me up every time I need to get out of bed (Which is where he holds behind my neck firmly and lifts me up by my left arm really quickly) and it is not a comfortable or easy process. The second I sit up all of this pain just rushes to my boobs...ESPECIALLY the right breast. It always feels like my implants are just going to fall right out of my incision and pop on the floor. Crazy scenario stuck in my head...I know. But it's how I feel and think and it's really overwhelming. I still have to squeeze and lift my boobs up tight when I'm sitting up, walking, or trying to do anything where my boobs aren't lifted up by laying down. I don't know how long it's going to take to get used to this weight on my chest but I know I won't adjust anytime soon.

The only thing I can say that is a good thing in some sort of way is I'm feeling a new sort of pain in my boobs. I can feel the skin around my implants being stretched outwards and it's a very tight and painful feeling but it's a new type of pain which had me somewhat excited. I can also feel my implants almost expanding in a way...I feel them really moving out and filling in my whole breast area. The shaping is turning out beautiful only down side is my left breast is healing and shaping a lot nicer than my right breast. My right breast still looks pretty much the same as day one....

My fiance did buy a self massager for me and has been massaging my breasts and body where all the hard lumps are on my body from my liposuction. It has been painful but relaxing at the same time.

I've been a lot more comfortable laying on our couch with my pillows set up at an angle where I am laying down/sitting at the same time but where my boobs are not being pushed down which allows me to relax an feel like I can actually breathe.

As for sleep, I finally managed to get a good night sleep. &Have been sleeping on and off ALL day today. I needed this and I need to keep sleeping to catch up on my rest and just relax. My fiance has been taking amazing care of me as always and making sure I'm as comfortable as possible.

I plan on calling Dr. Hunsaker's office tomorrow to see what I can do for my pain in my right breast and right arm. Hopefully he will prescribe me some sort of muscle relaxers. I just want some relief off this breast and arm. The pain has NOT dropped at all. Overall pain? I'd say it has dropped maybe a point. My pain level is now at 8.5 versus 9.5 from yesterday.

As for my liposuction recovery...Today is day 16 post-op & My fiance used the self massager to help flush out the fluids and move the lumps around in my body. It hurts like a B word horribly. But I can feel a subtle difference and if you look closely enough you can see it's smoothing out a bit. Massaging it isn't necessary but it DOES help speed up the recovery process.

 =] Hope you all are having a more beautiful day than myself and are all healing beautifully! XOXOXO


Hey all you beautiful ladies! I do apologize for not being able to update these past few days. My pain tolerance was getting out of control and all I did was take the remainder of my pain killers, Nyquil, and Sumatriptan and LITERALLY almost slept the entire day the past three days. &It was refreshing and very much needed in my opinion.

For those of you who don't know, I had a blood vessel pop in my right breast and I freaked myself out way more than I should have and started believing crazy things were happening to me (Like, my implant was deflating, and my boob was slowly dropping because a vessel popped) and basically hallucinating these scenarios that weren't really happening. So I was RELIEVED to go see Dr. Hunsaker today for my one week post-op appointment from my breast augmentation.

We left our house and were on the road at 1:30PM and didn't arrive to his office until 6:15PM...The traffic is HORRIFIC once we hit Miami and the weather beforehand was DISGUSTING. It was raining so hard and directly towards our car that we were only able to go 30mph down Alligator Alley...CRAZY RIGHT!? &We didn't get back home tonight until almost midnight...So I am exhausted.

But, on the good news....Dr. Hunsaker was so pleased with my results and so was Maria that it made me feel so much better about my crazy hallucinations of my boob deflating and drooping down because I told them both and they know how paranoid and afraid I am that they almost EXPECTED to say that. I feel so comfortable with their office because they do NOT judge you and they make you feel comfortable around them. I love Dr. Hunsaker's bedside manner and he's so gentle and kind with me which is refreshing. =] ANYWAYS, He said they are looking AMAZING for just one week post-op and they are perfectly symmetrical which made me for happy. When he took the bandages off my stitches he joked around with me which I thought was hilarious....He said he typically does NOT put dissolvable stitches in BA patients...But, when he was getting ready to stitch me up in surgery he asked his assistant to give him a dissolvable one because he knows how I am with pain! I laughed so hard but I felt so happy inside because that means he was thinking about me as a patient and how I'd feel afterwards. He is just such an amazing plastic surgeon and he's seriously so kind and considerate and caring! So, all he had to do was pull on a clear plastic string and slide it out which stung but it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay less painful than what stitch removal would've been like I'm sure!! =p

Afterwards (since you all know me...I did in fact stop breathing and squeezed my eyes shut and shrieked in pain when he did that) he grabbed my left knee and showed me what he was going to do to my boobs next and said what to expect and try not to 1) stop breathing (lol) 2) jump or lean backwards (LOL) or 3) Scream in pain (LOL!!) He's too funny....But, he squeezed both boobs VERY HARD which did feel like a little pressure but he was just checking the mobility in them &surprisingly, the right breast (the one giving me problems) was more mobile than my left breast.

He also explained to me that the pain I'm feeling constantly in my right arm to my elbow is from my surgery there's a little nerve (I forget the name of it) right under my armpit that does connect down to my elbow and can cause the numbing, heavy sensation feeling I've been feeling..But in a week or two it should soften up + to keep taking ibuprofen 800mg up to 4 times a day.

Overall, I'm happy with everything he said, explained to me and treated me my post-op.

He also checked my lipo, and was even more pleased! He said I still have a lot of swelling to decrease from now which made me even more excited! He said my body will keep changing until about after Halloween. =] That's another FULL month of my body getting smaller which excites me so much! I can't workout for an additional week (Not until next weekend) because the swelling in my stomach and hips are pretty bad and the problem with my right breast (Just to be safe he said) so I will wait another week....Not that I really have the energy to workout anyways. I'm still very out of breath, and get tired really quickly walking to the car or up the stairs or anything minor like that. I am NOT looking forward to work on Monday. =[

Aside from all of that, I am feeling a lot better now than a few days ago which is a blessing. My liposuction is really giving me a hard time (Which Dr. Hunsaker said is normal due to the swelling from my breast augmentation pushing downwards). It's tolerable but uncomfortable! I plan to see Dr. Hunsaker again in another six weeks because he wants to see me after my swelling has reduced. =] He said if any problems, concerns, questions, etc...I have his cell phone number and contact him anytime.

I hope you all are healing softly and are loving your results! XOXO


I don't understand why my photos wouldn't upload. I will try again. This is supposed to be attached to my ONE WEEK POST-OP BREAST AUMENTATION POST. =]

Day 8 Post-Op from Breast Augmentation

Today has been an amazing day for me....FINALLY!!! My cats woke me up at 7:30AM (Have you know all week I've been sleeping in until 12 or 1 PM) &I was not happy at first but I figured I'd get up and try and be productive and mobile.

I managed to do the laundry, do the dishes, clean up the kitchen, and even decided to go to the mall today with my fiance. I was sore every now and then from lifting things or opening my arms wide...My right breast MOSTLY. Buuuuuuuuuut, I decided I needed to man-up and just get my body used to doing normal things I used to do prior my breast augmentation. I didn't do anything too heavy or TOO much so I'm okay. No worries! =]

As for the mall, my fiance took me on a shopping spree. We went to Express and got a ton of clothes, especially for our trip to New York this Christmas and New Years =] I was so happy trying on clothes....I managed to squeeze my new boobies into size small shirts because of how small my waist is getting, and I'm now a size 4 in dresses (I used to be a size 6), now a medium in leggings/pants (Used to be a large) and still wearing size 6 jeans (I got a booty, lol)....I was very pleased! But best of all we went to Victoria's Secret and I chose to get sized. I'm sized at a 38DD. I bought the Victoria's Secret Sports Bra, The Knockout..In a size 38DD & The T-Shirt Bra in 38DD. They are soooooooooo comfortable! &The T-Shirt bra was less than $50, I was pretty impressed at check out.

My swelling in my hips and belly area is so horrendous at the moment...I'm retaining water, I start my period tomorrow night. So my liposuction areas have been very sensitive because there is a lot of hardened lumps all over the place on my body and it hurts horribly.

My right breast is feeling a little bit better now that the Dr. Hunsaker took that clear wiring out of my stitches. I can still feel the saline water moving around in my right breast which is weird but Dr. Hunsaker said that's normal and it'll go away. He said I could even hear it swishing around and to NOT be alarmed. I trust Dr. Hunsaker with my life, so I believe him and am relaxed.

Overall, my pain level has dropped. My breasts pain level would be: 6 & My lipo pain level would be: 5

Posted some photos of my boobies progress and some fun photos of my shopping spree,lol.
Hope you all are healing well & I'm sure you all look fabulous. XOXOXO

28 Days Post-Op Liposuction & 13 Days Post-Op Breast Augmentation

Okay loves, I do apologize for not updating the past few days. I have been trying my absolutely hardest to get new jobs that I actually enjoy and don't feel like I'm constantly being attacked and bullied by my manager. So, I have been on a scavenger hunt for new jobs (smaller jobs though...My fiance doesn't want me working as much now). I think I'm content with the two jobs I've been offered and I'm really hoping I get this other job as a server....Won't hear back until next week.

BUT ANYWAYS, It has officially been TWENTY EIGHT DAYS since my liposuction procedure. My swelling is still pretty horrific......I take blame because I don't wear my compression band at all times. I find it a hassle taking on and off to use the restroom (Not an excuse, I know) and I bought one where it doesn't have the open crotch so it's so much work!!! I just so much water throughout the day that it's rather annoying. But, I think I might go out and buy a new one (the one have is a medium and is getting loose). I may need to size down to a small.....We'll see how that goes. It is so hard, lol, my waist is so small now and my ass is still big so it's a hassle getting it over my butt but once it's over it fits. #BootyProblems ! =P My body is still tender to the touch. My fiance will massage me every now and then but Dr. Hunsaker said there's really no massage for the lipo you just have to wait for the fluid to leave the body.

As for my breast implants, I'm feeling a LOT better than the first week. All of you following my journey know that I was having a horrible time the first week it was absolutely horrible. I'm grateful I'm doing so much better now. =] My right arm is no longer hurting, but my right breast is still very tender. I still tend to have to hold it when I'm trying to sit down, lay down, or get up. I can still hear the water swishing around which is kinda creepy to me (I freak myself out) & I can feel it moving but Dr. Hunsaker said that's normal for now so I'm not worried. The incision on the right breast is looking good. It is still a lotttttttttt more swollen than the left breast but it's getting there!!!

As for my left breast, it's been doing very well! It's dropping very beautifully and it is ahead of my right breast, lol. The incision has been oozing....It doesn't hurt or sting or itch just creeps me out. I sent a photo to Maria and waiting for a response, I'm more than certain I'm okay but it doesn't hurt to double check!!!!!

I managed to workout a LITTLE on Sunday & Monday. Just cardio....It was actually pretty tough. The swelling in my entire body flamed up afterwards. & My boobs were a bit tender from gripping the handles. BUT, I won't let that stop me. I am taking a break from working out until probably Friday. I have to take baby steps I suppose!

I will be updating later on today with updated photos (I need my fiance to take them) What I have to show you right now is just smaller photos. =p

XOXOXOXO Hope all of you are healing beautifully !

UPDATE ON...."28 Days Post-Op Liposuction & 13 Days Post-Op Breast Augmentation"

.....So, I sent that photo to Maria. Then, I went off to work and forgot my phone at home.....When I came back it was after 6PM and I had two missed calls from Dr. Hunsakers office and a very detailed two minute voicemail explaining how I needed to call prior 6PM so Dr. Hunsaker could have my antibiotics called in and he wants to see me tomorrow asap. I texted Maria back letting her know I'd call Dr. Hunsaker.....He will be calling in my medication tomorrow because my pharmacy was closed by the time I spoke with him. =[

I cleaned it up really good in the shower and my fiance put Neosporin on it. It hurts sooooooooo bad right now though. It is SO painful to lay down (again!!!!) and it hurts even more with this supportive bra on (my post-op one). I've been crying in pain....My fiance gave me some ibuprofen for the time being. It helped a little I suppose.....I just can't relax anymore tonight.

Scary part....I will have to drive to Miami tomorrow by myself because my fiance will be at work and no one else can go with me. =[ I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE driving long distances alone, it mortifies me. Just when I thought I was getting better......THIS COMES ALONG!!!

My fiance took another photo of it after I showered tonight which I'll post. He was trying to calm me down and show me that the ooze and puss was now dried up and isn't as horrible as earlier today. I still am a nervous wreck though. I feel like my implant is going to fall out and I am so nauseous to my stomach. =[ What a horrible day today has become.

If this has happened to any of you.....What did your plastic surgeon do? Will he have to RESTITCH ME!? Or will he just use some surgical glue? Or surgical tape? Or staples!?!? Someone please calm me down. =[

Tomorrow is going to be one tough day. I will have to be up and on the interstate by 7AM........ Get there while morning rush hour is going on. See Dr. Hunsaker, then have to drive BACK home during rush hour AGAIN and be at work by 4PM. Talk about a stressful hot mess right!?

Lord, Pleaseeeeee give me the peace of mind to relax and get SOME sleep tonight. I pray for the protection over my car and body to be awake and alert of my surroundings and I have a safe journey to and back from Miami. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen!

Sorry for the horrible rant, but you all know I am a nervous wreck when it comes to pain and blood. =[


.....So, I spoke with Dr. Hunsaker's office this AM and they called in my antibiotics. I'm on 500mg of cephalexin, I take one every twelve hours until they're all gone. I see about one weeks worth in there.

Since I overslept and wasn't able to see Dr. Hunsaker today I will be seeing him in the AM on Monday. He asked that I send him another photo of my incision which I did and he just wants to make sure I'll be okay until Monday. He's such a great plastic surgeon.

My left breast incision DOES hurt. It's itchy and feels sore. When I took my bra off tonight after work I had ooze gunks on the bottom of my bra where my incision is located. I ran it through the washer immediately don't want to ruin any of my new bras. =/

....I feel like getting this infection may have been my fault because I went and got a spray tan without even thinking about this....I probably caused it and I feel so stupid. NOT to mention, I did workout AFTER my spray tan and I tried working out two days prior....So all that sweat dropping down into my incision. =[ I feel so dumb.

I'm freaking the freak out that my incision is going to pop open and my implant is just going to flop out. That's my biggest fear. (Probably not that realistic but you know I'm a worry-wart)

Until Monday, I am just going to have to take it easy and just basically be "resting" if I'm not at work. SUCKS.

Sorry, no photos tonight I worked until 10PM and I am exhausted. I promise to update my photos tomorrow. =]

Hope you all are doing well. XOXOXOXO.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am beyond blessed I came across Dr. Hunsaker. He made me feel completely comfortable and confident. He is a very honest man and you can tell by the conversation you have with him he is very knowledgeable and has a LOT of experience which is a huge plus for me. He is not a money hungry plastic surgeon and he does great work. I wouldn't change my plastic surgeon for anyone else. My surgery will be on September 4th, and September 18th.

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