36 Year Old - 5'3 - 125 lbs. 2 Kids - Benelli "Donut" Lift - 475cc HP Mentor Silicone

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Well in a nutshell I’m 36 Years Old, 5"3, 123 l...

Well in a nutshell I’m 36 Years Old, 5"3, 123 lbs., Military Wife, Mom of 2 living in beautiful South Florida. After breastfeeding my first child I noticed that I would eventually some medical intervention to get my girls looking happy again. After breastfeeding my second, my desire to once again have pretty, perky breast became my everyday quest. Right now I'm a true 34C so going a little bigger is not a big deal. I must say I had two C-sections and with both I developed Hypertrophic Scars, which my doctor is fully aware of. I am PRAYING that I don't develop the same on my breast. I'm scheduled for Surgery on 9/2/16.

We decided on a Benelli (Donut) circumareolar breast lift - Mentor Silicone 425cc - 450cc (doctor will have both on hand) placed behind the muscle - Smooth, Round, Moderate Profile. My goals for this surgery keeping in mind that perfection can never be attained are:
-A noticeable lift so it just doesn't look like I got bigger

After 2 consultations I'm still unsure....

I don't want the "fake" look, however, I do want my boobs to be perky. I'm not sure if I will achieve that with a donut lift or not. After meeting with my PS two times, at first we were going to do it only to my right breast, but after the second consult, I stressed that I wanted them to look more than a bigger size but also perky so we are now scheduled to do a donut lift, mod+ profile, silicone 425-450cc's.

20 days until my scheduled surgery and still very unsure. . .

I've been on this site reading and researching more than when I was in college. I'm scheduled for a circumareolar donut lift with silicone mentor smooth moderate profile 450cc placed behind the muscle.
What I'm nervous about is will it give me the sufficient lift I need to be perky or will it just fill my boobs making them round and bigger. . .

Mammogram Screening

I got my mammogram screening done today and tomorrow I have my Pre-Op appt. I think I'm going with the Benelli lift but still unsure if I should go high profile or stay at moderate plus..

Does anyone know what the difference is between high profile v's moderate plus?

Pre-op Set 8/2/16 - Mentor High profile 450cc's

Done and all paid up.

Another Mammogram

Doctors office called and said my mammogram results are inconclusive and I need to go back to do an ultrasound. Eeeekkkk.
Apparently my boobs are dense and they need to have more info to compare the first results to.

Did this happen to anyone else going through a BA & lift journey? I'm a little nervous.

12 Days...!.!.!.!.

Additional Images/Breast Ultrasound complete

Just left from having additional immages taken of my breast along with an ultrasound of both. Seems my breast are dense and may have cysts. My PS should be receiving the result by tomorrow. I surely do hope all will be clear and I'm given the green light to move forward with my surgery.

All Clear. . . . Mamas going to get new BOOBIES!

Doctor signed off on my mammogram/ultrasound. We are good to go!!! 9/2/16 cannot come soon enough. Mama want's her new boobies.


Does anyone have an Instagram account solely dedicated to your BA journey? I just recently found out there was such a thing and created my very own page. :)
I would love to follow more journey's based out of Miami or South Florida but am happy connecting with all my fellow BA sisters...
Follow me: somar.143

In one week. . .

I'll be in the hands of my plastic surgeon. ??????????


I officially made it to the boobies club!!! Yay!!!
On a sale of 1-10 (10 being extreme) I would say my pain level on day 3 was 6-7. I'm weaning myself off the pain meds. Going to drive myself to work in the morning and see how I feel. If anything I will come home early.
I didn't have a bowel movement in 5 days and being on the meds just made matters worse. I did a suppository for two days and finally yesterday I got some relief. Not much but something which I'm grateful for. ;)
I'm icing as much as I can and have my strap on at all times.
I'm sleeping on my back with a neck pillow which I'm sick of.
My right boob seems very swollen compared to the other and is hot so I will be calling my PS first thing in the morning.
Maybe I was in denial but I wasn't expecting to get 475cc's but that's what I got and I am happy. (I had in my head no more than 450).
I'm grateful for taking a shower today and being able to raise my arms up to shave.

One boob is bigger than the other

Anyone else gone through this? This photo was taken yesterday POD6. Dr. saw me yesterday and said to wait 3-6 months.


Still healing
Feeling sore at times
Started using Biocorneum
Boobs are squishy an dropping
I hope they don't drop too much
Right is still bigger than the left
Overall happy

Benelli breast lift with silicone 475cc HP implants - One bigger than the other.

I'm 6 weeks PO and from day one I noticed one breast larger than the other. At my 1 month checkup I went to my doctor and he basically is playing it off as If im crazy and if I didn't mention anything to him he wouldn't have noticed that one breast is larger than the other. Going into this we agreed that one was in fact larger and droopier than the other. The times I have met with my doctor at first he seems so personable and I can talk to him and ask him anything but as soon as I voice one concern, he gets agitated and basically gets very defensive and before I know it the appointment is over.
I need to get this fixed as I elected to have this surgery with the expectation of achieving near to perfect results - I mean isn't that why we pay big bucks? I also (as I'm sure we all do) hold very high standards to the doctors we choose as we elected them just like we elected this surgery. At least he could have validated my concern and then I would have been ok with him telling me we have to wait 3-6 months at which time he would make determination. Isn't that too broad of a time frame?

6 weeks post-op

Dr. Perez-Gurri

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