After 2 Kids, Getting Ready for Implants and Lift in Less Than a Week! - Miami, FL

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Ok so let me start with this, I have had two kids...

Ok so let me start with this, I have had two kids (2 csections) and have breasted both of them. When I finally convinced my hubs I was getting work done, I want a tummy tuck, bl and ba. But we decided to do breasts first then TT after 6 months. I am having surg. On 6/9 with Dr. Mel Ortega. I am 5'9" 178 lbs and currently wear a 34 G (deflated and they look horrible). My goal with my BL/BA is for them to be back where they use to be, but bigger. I am undecided on implant size but I am thinking 700 cc silicone is what I want. I have read a ton of reviews on here and see that most people want to look natural. I want mine to look fake. I figure if I am paying for boobs I want to have something to show for it :D (I'm a very flashy person anyways).. I will add more in the next few days

Less than a week away..

So the closer it gets the more stressed in getting about size, I'm worried they will be too small, but I totally trust Dr. Ortega. Any advice would be great!!

So I just want to say..

I just want to say it took me months to decide to post my pre- op pics because I hatttteee my boobies! But none of you have judged and I just want to say thank you! I'm also adding some wish pics today :)

More wish pics!

I love these!!

Just got my confirmation!!

So my coordinator Evelyn just called me! I have to be at the office at 11:30 am on Monday and surgery should start around 1:00!!!! I am soo excited! I have been cleaning and packing all day! When the hubs gets home from work tonight we are leaving (and we are taking our kids!!) it'll be a mini vacay! I think I have everything, but I'm still worried about the size :/ I have to choose it right before surgery! But everything is paid in full so no turning back now!

4 days post op

So we just got back from miami yesterday afternoon. Let's see, so Monday I got to Dr. Ortegas office at 11:20 (appt was 11:30) they had me fill out 263849 pages of paperwork haha, then I was taken to pre-op. When I got back there I told my nurse that I wanted to see the sizers and pick my size. She said well you can tell us what you want but the dr picks it out. Needless to say I was very upset. Then the anesthesiologist came in and started my IV. When dr Ortega came in I told him I wanted 700cc (on my smaller breast) and he started by telling me that instead of placing a larger implant on one side he would reduce my larger breast and place the same size implant which I loved! Then we talked about size, I said I want 700cc but I understand that you don't want to go that large and he told me no, he would get 2 different implants and while in surgery would place them to see which fit into my pocket without too much stretching since I was having a lift as well. I told him that I wanted the largest size he was comfortable with implanting. I then was marked and taken to the or. When I woke up the first thing I asked was what size implant I got, 510cc on both sides. After I got back to my hotel my husband got me ice and then took our kids to the beach so I could sleep. I had to go in Tuesday for a recheck and is just saw the nurse and Dr. Ortegas assistant (who were both amazing) and they said I looked great, got some pictures cleaned me etc. so Wednesday I had to be there at 3 so Dr Ortega could see me before I came home. I told him I felt like my breasts were a lot smaller than I wanted and that I was upset about that. I wasn't in much pain just the bra they gave me was wayyyyy to small. So anyways he explained that because I had a lift going to big with implants would work against the lift. So I was ok with that, he told me that after at least 6 months if I wanted to go larger I could. So when I left I was talking to my husband and told him that when I go back for my TT (sometime next spring/summer) that maybe we could go bigger. However I do know that after my implants drop (they are at the very top of my chest) that my breasts will be out a few more inches. He of course says they look fine but knows I wanted humongous breasts, so he said maybe in a year or two after you get everything else done we can swap them. :/ anyways I am suppperr bruised but that's because I'm really pale. I'm posting some pics from 1 day post and 4 days post. Will keep you guys updated.

17 days post op and scared!!

So on day 9 my left breast started separating at the T incision! I called spectrum aesthetics and got some antibiotics just in case. Well it has been separating more and more. This morning when I got out of the shower my right side started splitting open under my nipple. I'm scared and crying! I called Dr. Ortegas office and he should be calling me back soon telling me what to do. I'm so worried it's unreal!

Day 18, still worse!

So my incision lines are opening more and more. My nipples are attached and good though thank god! But every time I take my bra and pads off to clean I just cry. I am so damn depressed and I just want my boobs to close up! I haven't let my husband see them in a week because I don't want him to hate them! Idk what to do anymore! I HATED my boobs before I had them done, but right now I would give anything to undo this!! I feel so selfish and I'm scared! All Dr. Ortegas office told me was to keep cleaning them 2-3 times a day and keep them dry! If any of you have been through anything similar plllleeeasssee tell me what your PS did or had you do! The left looks the same but the right side is getting worse!

Day 22 post op

So I posted those ugly new pictures as a question on here and so far 2/3 responses say it will heal fine. If there is no improvement by Thursday I will start calling plastic surgeons near me to see if I can get a wound vac. If any of you have had one please tell me about your experience and how long you had it, and how much it costs! Also the absolute worst part of all this is that I can now feel everything in my left breast and most of my right (at least my nerves are ok :/) so I am in more pain now than I have been since I had it done. I just got out of the shower and forgot to take pics so I will post some new ones soon.

Found a Dr. Near me...

So this morning I woke up, and I was in more pain than I have been since my last c-section. I can feel everything on my left breast and damn it hurts! My right is still semi numb so idk if it hurts or not. There are only 2 plastic surgeons within 45 minutes of me so the first one I called said they would not see me. So I called the 2nd, the receptionist told me she would have to talk to the nurse to see if they would help me. Within 10 minutes they called me back and I have an appointment Monday at 8:30 to find out what they can do to put me back together! I'm nervous and anxious but it's not that far away! So let me also add the reason I went to miami to begin with was the price, I read hundreds

Oops addition to review

I read hundreds of reviews on Dr ortega. And I spent a total of $5700 on surgery and around $700 on our hotel. At the doctor I will see Monday the surgery would have cost me $8,500. However now that I will have to pay for wound care and multiple trips to this doctor I am starting to wish I would have just paid the extra 2,800 and had my BL/BA done locally. I will let you all know what happens on Monday!

10 months post op, severely scarred

So I'm sorry I haven't updated but my life is extremely busy! I am 10 months post op and my breasts are extremely scarred. My husband was so upset when I showed him for the first time. I will have to have them re-done but I'm scared to do it to soon. Right now I am trying to find an attorney in Florida that will take my case, I want Dr. Ortega to pay for them to be re-done, I think that is fair! Anyways if anyone knows anyone please message me!!! Xoxox
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortega would not allow me to pick out my own breast size. He was horribly rude and has scarred me for life. I have to have my breasts re-done because of his terrible work.

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