38 Yrs Old, finally getting the boobs of my dreams

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I'm really happy to have found this site Realself...

I'm really happy to have found this site Realself I've been reading many wonderful stories of everyone's journey I'm just at the beginning of mine currently still looking for a doctor I did have a friend that had hers done last year by Dr. Peter Sommer so I'm thinking I may go to him as well as hers looks wonderful and she's had no complications with hers but I have read some up and down reviews about him so if anyone on Realself has had or used him it would be very helpful to hear how your journey was with him I would really appreciate it or anyone other Dr in the Miami area as I would like to have my procedure down there so if I could get a few recommendations that would be so helpful
I currently live in New York but as I stated I would like to do more procedure in Miami. I only really decided a year back ago to do my breast I had to kids very early at the age of 17 and 21 i breast feed with both children so my breast took a very south turn after both children suck the life out of my breast after seeing my friends I decided I would like to do mine plus I was always tired of looking at these tired looking saggy baggy old things lol so any recommendations like I said would be amazingly helpful. I'm aiming for early May to do my procedure oppressed lift and augmentation I'm pretty sure I want to go with 500 cc moderate plus but that could definitely change over time I'm definitely looking at the 500 no lower than 450 cc and possibly a high profile to moderate plus. I'm 5'3 &1/2 160lb so I hope that that would be a good fit for my height and weight I do go up and down in weight quite a bit so I'm hoping those sizes are roughly good for my built. definitely want to thank everyone I'm real self all the stories and journeys are red have been very helpful been reading for weeks and from me writing my first review so I'm hoping that I could help others and hopefully get some help back Thanks to everyone on Realself.

wish Boobs

Love the way these look hoping to achieve something close to the first picture

another wish breast pic!

These are perfect I wish I could take them off the picture and put them on me lol

narrowing my search down

finally have narrow my search down to these four Doctors, still kind of a long list but hopefully by weeks end I will have a Dr. to proceed and book my procedure with! Dr.Peter Somers Dr. Ortega Dr.kitsos or Dr.Hunsaker as previously stated if anyone has ever used any of these doctors and have any good recommendations for which one or if you could tell me how your journey was with one of them would be greatly appreciated!!!

finally have chosen a doctor

finally have chosen a doctor after weeks of agonizing finally decide to go with Dr Peter Somers. Doing my blood work this week and putting down my deposit soooo excited can't wait let the countdown begin....


So I decided to try out some rice sizers I made 500 ccnotcan I just say I'm loving it! So I'm definitely going with 500 CC's possibly 520 cuz I heard you lose about 20 CC's when you go under the muscle.

Rice Sizers

So here how the rice sizers look on! They are roughly 500 cc's which was 2 cups of rice in each stocking! Definitely will go 500 or 550 max!

changed doctor and location

I'm probably the most indecisive person in the world I've decided to stay in New York and do my argumentation here with Dr. Urmen Desai at dr plastic surgery Clinic in Long Island City New York I felt if I am going to spend that kind of money just to travel just to travel to Miami I can stay in New York and pay the same amount and get it done here and I'm so concerned with after care that I thought it was a better decision to stay in New York so I'm excited I'm actually going to get everything done a lot earlier I'm going for early May now as supposed to late May! and best news of all Dr Urmen said i only need a small lift a supposed to the fullest around the areola so I'm happy about that no extra scarring :) I'm also going with a bigger implant 550 cc saline under the muscle!

Switched doctor again but finally completely booked

so after learning I was given bad advice from the last Dr I was gonna book with in NYC about Benelli lift I switched my doctor again to Dr Constantine Kitsos at New life cosmetic surgery in Miami I am booked for May 13th and I have paid my deposit in full! So NO more switching Dr LOL...

what i need B4 surgery

so now that I'm booked what is the best things to stock up on prior to surgery if anyone can help suggsuggest some good item I will need for after surgery, it would be so helpful!

gettin my post op iteams ready

So I've purchased a few items Of Amazon for my post op. I've been reading so many wonderful post op recovery stories and all the items that have helped them after surgery still need to pick up a few more items like front closure tops a implant dropping band, scar cream & aint bacterial soap I did pick up a great pill box's for meds if there anything else anyone could suggest that may help!

length of time and hotel cost is worring me

so I'm having a difficult time finding somewhere to stay in Miami all lhotel cost for 3weeks stay is almost within the 2000 to 3000 range my PA has me booked from May 6 to do my blood work and mammogram and then my surgery isn't till the 13th and because I'm having a lift I have stay two weeks until the 28th of May which means I'll be in Miami for almost 3 weeks every hotel costes are running is in the thousands I can't afford that I don't know what to do and she cannot schedule me for the same week blood work and surgery don't know what to do because that is way too much of an extra expense Smh feeling overwhelmed

gettin some of my things ready

received all of my stuff from Amazon so I'm slowly getting my things ready! Got a great hoodie from Target for $8. received my heating pad CVS Pea cold therapy ice packs, silicone nipple pads Arnica Montana pills, silicone scar pads surgical bra and 2 packs of baby wipes and bendy straws. Still have a few things I need to get but all in all I'm starting to get everything ready two and a half weeks before I leave for Miami yay!!!

Thanks to the RealSelf community

also want to update everyone on one of my last post about looking for somewhere to stay in Miami considering I'll be there for almost 3 weeks due to my bloodwork being a whole week prior to my surgery but thank you to a few of the ladies that replied to my post I did get some great advice and I found a great website called airbnb and am looking for a place on this site have found a few for $300-500 for the 3 weeks just waiting to be accepted by the host!

length of time and hotel cost update

also want to update everyone on one of my last post about looking for somewhere to stay in Miami considering I'll be there for almost 3 weeks due to my bloodwork being a whole week prior to my surgery but thank you to a few of the ladies that replied to my post I did get some great advice and I found a great website called airbnb and am looking for a place on this site have found a few for $300-500 for the 3 weeks just waiting to be accepted by the host!

Didn't expect to have to spend a month but its almost time

wow I can't believe May is already here feel like I need more time anyways I spoke to my PA she finally got her ish together after I had to threaten her with I want a refund Smh which is so sad but she finally tried to get my blood work done in New York but now that she finally gettin to my situation it's now impossible because all places in New York for mammograms are full booked until late May mid June so it looks like I'll be spending a month in Miami with blood work done down there on the 6th and surgery on the 13th I booked a hostel for a week and a half and I'm still in talks with someone on airbnb to stay at her place for a little bit more reasonable price then what she's is askin for hopefully if all works I'll be fine! I'm getting a little excited and nervous. I'm definitely ready for this been waiting my whole life well maybe not really my whole life but since I was in my early teens LOL I feel very lucky to have a great boyfriend who is going to give me some extra money so I can be okay for the month I'm out there and cover my rent back home in New York so I have a little more peace of mind that I'll be there for so long and everything will be ok back home. I finally got all my stuff my bags are packed and I leave Monday for Miami YAYY...

The count down is on leave for miami in 24 hrs

Wow can't believe how quick time is flying I leave for Miami tomorrow still very upset that I have to spend a month out there going to miss home but I'm gonna look at it as a really great long vacation so I'm all set up going to stay at a hostel for a week and got a room from airbnb for two and a half weeks and I'm still trying to see if I can find a nurse for the day of my surgery to stay with since I'm going to be myself in Miami I tried booking with Kayla but she is moving :( so I still gotta figure that out!

New wish picks & unsure of what profile to go with!

New wish pics and still trying to figure out what profile I really want to go with I know I want 500 CCs s Sailine implant but not sure if I want Moderate Plus or High profile! Really wanna pick the best profile for my shape!

Boobie Spree!

I think I have boughten everything under the moon from the Pharmacy is everyone else like this lol I wanna be sure I have everything maybe I have to much Smh at myself just went to target and bought scar gard and palmers boobies butter bio oil etc think I'm going over board LOL! I leave for Miami in 4 hrs

Starting to feel real first apt tomrrow...

I Guess it never felt really for me that I was actually gonna get my boobies until now it's starting to feel real got a call this morning to be at the clinic at 2:30pm for my blood work and mammogram!

feeling a little sad too!

Kinda feeling really sad too tho! I hate that I'm alone it's kinda taking a way from some of my excitement, I don't know how I'm gonna manage sugary day by myself with know one with me for that :(

6 More Days!

Blood work is finally done got my perscription and went to pick my meds up was told by my PA to wear a button down dress not a hoodie or pajama top on sugary day which is this coming Wednesday the 13th I'm the first sugary at 7:30 am :) Yay I don't have to starve all day Lol. Dr kitsos was nice the New Life Plastic Surgery building is beautiful and clean all his staff are very sweet and helpful.

count doWn

I Can't wait to switch these babies ouT Lol time is going to slowly now I want my boobies now... I doesn't help going shopping on Lincoln Road and trying on all these seXy ass bathing suits and trying to imagine what I'll look like!

5 more days

5 days and counting lol can't wait to get rid of these ugly sacks bags

3days yay

last days with saggy boobies

freaking out

I so freaking out I got my menstrual a few days ago and it's already came and gone it was mad early and left even earlier usually its due on the 13th which is the same day as my surgery but I got it four days ago and it's already finished and now that I'm less than 24 hours away from my surgery I'm coming down with a bad head cold the irony smfh and on top of that my PA just called me and moved my surgery from 7:30 AM 10 a.m. so now I have to starve even longer and can't drink anything for even longer OMG : (

Airborne is my new best friend

So I'm sucking down airborne like it's liquor until midnight! Lol

Todays the BiGG DaY

Yayy woke up feeling a little better not like I really got any sleep tho Lol my surgery time was pushed back til 10:30am :( I'm about to get up and start getting ready and take my last shower anti bacterial soap like I did last night and wait for my ride to the clinic Oh and I'm dying to drink something that's the worst part is not being able too drink anything as my throat is so dry like a desert LOL...

its about that time

I'm at New life just waiting to be called in ready to get this show on the road the path to a New me!

its time

on my way to the other side

See yous on the other side of boobie land LOL

on the other side

so surgery went well was really tired after waking up got back to the hostel threw up 3 times and after that I was feeling good didn't have any real pain YET I didn't take my meds until 4 o'clock am in the morning really minimum pain not much pressure either just heard to get up after sitting so Dr Kitsos apparently didn't give me 500 cc due to my left I ended up with 460 cc I'm pretty sure high profile go in today so I'll find out more info! Little sad about that but I'm sure there was a good reason why he chose a smaller size in the end! I also have to move today which is gonna suck to have to move around so much but I'm staying at a airbnb apartment for the rest of my stay in Miami! Thanks to all the wonderful ladies on here for the well wishes!!!

the girls

The girls

The girls

Don't know why my pics won't up load!

the girls


It really sucks having no help especially getting up that's my biggest challenge I'm constantly using the bathroom to go pee all the time and I only sleep about an hour a time especially right after take my meds I fall asleep but for short periods of time so I'm pretty tired and I feel dirty wanna shower so bad... The pain isn't to bad I would say from 1-10 it's about a 5 for me right now just feeling pressure like I have a object sitting on my chest! Woke up feeling a little hot so I'm gonna try to get myself together as best as possible and head down to New life and have my first check up!

first apt

Well it took me two hrs to get myself dressed like a bum LOL went for my first apt with nurse she said everything lookin good and I can take my first shower tomorrow YAYY!!!! I go back next Wed for a follow up!

can't believe it took me 2hrs to get ready

My 2hr glam session! I look like a hot mess!!! Lol

always tired

Question for the ladies who already at least one month in wanna know if it's normal to always be so tired I feel more like a pregnant person LOL so is this normal?

Beyond pissed off

Just took my bra off too see the girls for the first time and saw that I wasn't given a breast lift a breast lift that I paid for and now I have ugly snoopy boobies I'm pissed! I could have stayed in New York for this procedure I'm so mad I want to cry!

cant believe i wasnt given the lift i payed for

finally back week post op

Hi ladies so I was too upset to talk or express myself but I finally got some answers to what happened with my lift. So I meet with Dr Kitsos yesterday I wasn't to impressed with him from jump street but I asked why I wasn't given a full breast lift his response in the ruddest voice well I gave u a lift but not a full lift because your black and black people scar ugly my mouth dropped like really did you just realize I was black why won't you tell me how you felt at are first consultation when I told you that's what I wanted. He then said to me why would I want those kinda scars and I replied to be sure I got the look I was going for and it's what I payed for so it's what you should have given me and let me deal with I was prepared to live with the scars WoW when I said that he blew up at me saying who prepares to live with scars and I then asked what kind of lift was I given he told me he doesn't know what kinda lift the name but I was given a lift I asked if it was a Benelli lift he said I don't know what that is how you a breast Dr and don't know a what a Benelli lift is it's the worst kinda lift and you will most likely bottom out in a few weeks he then totally dismissed me tha was the same lift a Dr in New York was trying to give me until i found out that / future procedure rarely used because it's ineffective and you definitely will bottom out in a short time so reason why I came to Miami lifts are cheaper in Miami. Then I asked him about the major rippling under my right boob and he was so dismissive on that as well! So I have very flat boobies with rippling on the one boob on the bottom love them in a bra but not outta my surgical bra! :( so I'm gonna see what happens with them and start looking for a new Dr to give me the full lift I originally paid for Smfh!

starting to be ok wit boobs

So after weeks of being pissed off and unhappy with not being given a full lift after it was what I not only paid for and asked for I took several weeks to think about what I was going to do if I was going to file complaint or just see how they turned out I'm finally at peace with them even though they are not what i wanted and I did want the full lift I'm actually starting to be okay with them not fully happy but OK so here's a few pics of how they look when I first noticed I wasn't given a full lift and all the rippling under the under boob and how they look now which is way better then how they originally looked!

what they look like now 23 day after surgery

Even without the full lift I love having boobs definitely have boob greed wish they were a little bigger think I would have been happy had I been given 500 cc which I also asked for but received 460 cc you do lose a lot of cc as time goes by :( feel so much more sexy with boobs

one month already

Wow can't believe it's been a month already my boobs are still kinda hard but they are slightly soft not sure if this is normal maybe I need to massage them more vigorously! How has anyone else who had breast augmentation in a different state dealt with the post check up I'm supposed to go back to Miami for a one month checkup but not sure if I want to do that how has other members dealt with that situation when your doctor is really far from where you live?

one month pics

Loving my boobies

So I'm in love with my boobs there looking better still not a lot of projection and they're still relatively hard but soft at the same time kind of curious how long does it take for them to get softer going to head to Miami in September for my first check up even though I should have gone three weeks back ago financially couldn't afford it! Had a little bit of a break out on my boobs that cleared up almost immediately and since surgery I gained a ton of weight was a vegetarian prior to surgery for eight years now I'm a crazy meat eater go figure

My Boob Alteration Experience and Review

When all is said and done I didn't have the best experience with you life I feel like communication is really poor follow up after here is very poor I've never received a call after I have to call myself and even then it took five days to get a callback actually more like a text back not even a call back and the communication with the Dr was very poor to what I asked for I was not given and was almost like criticized for asking questions before and after who was very upset when I wasn't given my full lift but I am OK now with the lift I was given even tho I did want a lift around my nipple I so didn't pay for that I payed for a for a full lift and should have received just that and shouldn't have been criticized when I asked why I didn't receive that it has taken me some time to enjoy them and like them. I wish there was more projection but I do look pretty natural

In love with having boobs

So it's been a few months love my boobs still wish I've been given the proper lift they due Sagg a bit more than I'd like them too but I love having them I love the way I fill out my clothes and how I look in bathing suits it's been a fun summer with boobies so sad I have to cover them up for the winter LOL
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Constantine N. Kitsos MD Nice but hard to communicate with no form of real communication...

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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