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Hello RealSelfies :-) What a godsend this site...

Hello RealSelfies :-)

What a godsend this site is! Thanks so much for all of the support you all show. It's been so helpful in making the decision to move forward with this 10yr+ decision I've been torn with. I have a lollipop lift with BA w/ gummibear implants scheduled for 24 June with Dr. Ary Krau. I'm so excited that I can barely sleep :-) After three kids And a ton of Pilates, exercise etc I've finally come to the realization that my breast tissue is officially gone forever... So, after years of playing with the idea and a TON of research I've taken the plunge to move forward with fixing my poor little bubbies!!! I'll be an out of state patient flying from Texas to Miami. As I get closer to my surgery I'll begin posting more as well as share my pre-op; post-op; and before after pics in hopes that my story will inspire some other reluctant women out there like so many stories of other brave women I've followed on this site have helped me!!!! I can honestly say if it weren't for this site if still be wishing for a miracle. Now I'm counting down the days

Pre-Op Day!!!!

Ok Real-Selfies!!! It's becoming more and more official by the moment! I'm here in the waiting room awaiting my preop consult with Dr. Krau. Pics of sizers soon!

450CC Mentor Gummies, it is!

Tried on a few sizes and 450CC will put me at a full D. Im on the list and my surgery is now scheduled for tomorrow at 6pm :-)

Cloud Nine! Feeling great after Lift and Sub-pectoral Gummies Mentor implants

And finally, me and the girls are friends again!!!! I'm a few hours postop and surprisingly I'm not miserable!!! Mostly it's just a lot of pressure instead pain; that and I fear that I may over onto them lol. I had two Percocet and a Frexeril as soon as we got home . I can move my arms and according to my nurse (I have little no memory of what happened after I laid into that!) I should move my arms around to avoid cramps and tensing. I can bow and flex my arms as long as I don't lift my elbows up too high; which I feel like could do!!
I'll be posting some better pics tomorrow.
I told Dr. Krau that I had a few ladies waiting to see his work so must do his absolute best!!! He laughed and said he wouldn't let us down!! He was very approachable. Tomorrow morning I will post the exact size that he decided on as he mentioned that depending on the amount of breast tissue he had to remove.

Almost 24hrs later... And I'm still waiting for the worst :-)

Hey Real-Selfies!!!

I'm so glad that I can be of help for you all to make this life changing decision. To put how much pain I'm in into perspective I'm typing this with two hands! I have mobility in my arms and haven't taken more than two Percocet since last night. I was a little dizzy throughout the day and haven't had much of an appetite but I feel amazing! To answer some of your questions from above:
I am 57 and I weigh about 126 pounds. Dr. Krau ended up placing 500cc silicone mentor implants, sub pectoral which means under the muscle. It's been less than 24 hours and I've been up to the restroom and walked myself to the car for the post op appointment. That went quick and smooth where hey removed my gauze and instructed me on how to care for my new boobies over the next weeks and months. I plan on coming back for a follow up with Dr Krau sometime after my 4week mark. I'm very fortunate to have family here so my arrangements have been most accommodating. Posting more pics tomorrow; heres the only pic that I had snapped at my postop.

Please feel free to DM if you all have any other specific questions :-)

Two days post op- first full body shower

Hi Real-Selfies!!!!
I had the privilege of showering today! Yay! The nurse told me to let the soap and water run over my strips and then blow dry them on a cool setting before replacing my bra. When I first took off the surgical bra I freaked for a second at the ripples and. Quickly realized they are just impressions from the rouching near the fastening of the bra. Phew!!!! It was hard to get my underarm area but all else was easy breezy :-). I have begun to feel little sharp twings within my stitches however still no pain and the pressure is begging to let up. I've ever been doing some light massaging at the top of my cleavage making sure not to squeeze to hard or affect my stitches. Absolutely NO regrets on this procedure!!! Still a happy girl! I will post again soon :-)

3days- best day yet!

Not much pain at all today. I've been managing my pain with Advil. Haven't touched the Percocet. Beene religiously taking my antibiotics and drinking lots of fluids. I've also been taking a bromelaine supplement(natural extract from pineapples) that is known to help with pain naturally. My girls are slowly starting to "relax"; not as stiff as the days prior. I tried on a new bra after I showered today; just out of curiosity and now I'm so eager to graduate out of the surgical bra!!!! Im still in Miami, I'm set to fly home on Monday morning so I'll be sure to let you know about that experience too. I'll keep posting daily until my seven day mark and then I'll post weekly :-) as always, I hope these posts help and please feel free to DM with any q?s!!! Xoxoxo

Day 4- PostOp: still no bruising, no bleeding; just smiling :-)

Hey hey Real-selfies!!

Today was a good day :-) I'm beginning to feel some dull aching in my nipples... Yay!!!! I honestly was beginning to think that I was never going to regain any sensation at all considering that's a risk you take when your nipple is realigned during a lift. I think the presence of any sensation is a good sign that I may just be able to count them in for the count after all ;-) I took a total of two Advil today. The only time I felt any pain was going over the three speed bumps on the way home:-) still taking it easy and being sure not to make any sudden movements. Also avoiding lifting anything heavy and keeping my elbows below my ears to be careful not irritate my sutures.

One new thing I experienced today was a few gurgling sensations from my breasts.... Yeah... Sounds crazy, right? No pain, no bleeding or leaking so I'm sure it's nothing I need to be concerned about and it may even be a figment of my imagination! I'm going to text Dr.Krau about it in the morning just to double check though.

Day 5 PostOp- ITCHING

Hey Real-Selfies!!!!

So I'm a little late posting my 5day post! :-) today's traveling went smooth! I was sure to check all of my luggage and only kept a small purse with me. I did hit a hiccup through security; they asked me to go through the biometric scan and put my hands up over my head -_- and then they wanted to frisk me, briskly with swiping motions around my breast and collar areas double -_-........ So I had to humble myself and explain that is had surgery days prior so I was asked to step in private for a "quick and friendly" screening............... Meh. It didn't even up taking too long and I was off to my gate in no time. The flight was smooth and my implants didn't explode from the pressurized cabin like my nightmares tricked me into fearing. Yay! After being gone from home for an entire week I just wanted to shower and get into some comfy "in the privacy of your own home, ugly lounge clothes" This time in the shower was the usual washing carefully around my steri-strips allowing the soapy water to run over them as my nurse instructed and then blowing them dry with the blow dryer. Everything was fine until mid afternoon when I started getting more and more itching. Obviously scratching is not allowed nor is patting or any other action that could relieve it. So I'm just having to "man it out". While I'm not so happy about my new itchy and scratchy sensations it marks a milestone of healing and I'm welcoming its discomfort as steps closer to getting back to normal. I'm doing some research on what can be taken orally relieve the itching NATURALLY... Of course I've heard Benadryl but what good would I be to the world? Lol if anyone has any great suggestions they are most welcomed!!!!!!
And as far as pain went today I only took a total of two Advil all day.
As always I hope that this helps and makes your own personal journey not feel so lonely!
I will post again tonight and tomorrow night and then I'll begin my weekly checkins.
Good luck Selfies!

Day 6/7 PostOp- getting my body back

Hey hey RealSelfies!

Today I was able to move around a bit more than days prior. Were not talking "throwing my hands over my head" or "hinging forward to tie my shoe" type of movements it still was some improvement from the stiff robot feeling I've been having :-) I'm sure it's half mental- I've been extra careful to not overwork my body while I let it do its healing. I took only One Advil today! Pain is pretty much gone. I even went for a ride this evening and didn't have to cringe at the bumps in the road. I found that carrot juice is powers kee with some healing when's that may just take the itching away sonl I sipped on that today! Of course still continuing my no-added sugar, pineapple, lots of protein packed diet. so far I've only been able to treat my incisions internally with the things I eat; as you can see I'm still sporting these awesome strips!! Yipee........ Sigh- really excited to get closer to them falling off so that I can begin to add the topical ointments and silicone sheeting to help reduce my chances at scarring :-) I'm 300% happy I chose to move forward with this procedure and couldn't be happier with the results and my progress!!!! Tomorrow will be my last post for a week! Then I'll be filling the timeline again with progress with suture management and massaging techniques!!!!! :-)
Thanks for the tips and encouragement! Side hugs and soft hi fives from all! :P Xo

One week mark!!!!!!

Hey real selfies!

It has officially been an entire week and the experience has been nothing more than amazing! I'm shocked at how easily my body has handled all of the change. As an out of town patient it is encouraged that you see a local plastic surgeon so tomorrow I will be scheduling something for next week with a surgeon that my gynecologist recommended. I will be seeing him to look at my incision sites and confirm that my healing seems to be up to speed and normal. :-) I'll post all about it! By then I should have these strips off so we'll all be able to gauge how much scarring(if any, crossing my fingers) I should expect. After a week in this new set things I'm loving and not loving so much:
How even the simplest Vneck tees fit perfectly now
No more uncomfortable underwire bras digging into my sides or straps pulled tightly to keep my "bags" up
Being able to see my nipples again :-)
Not Loving-
Sleeping propped up at 45 degrees; missing my stomach sleeping
Not being able to wash and lotion myself as briskly as usual
The itching! Lol

Hugs and hi fives to you all! See you next week! ??????

One month post-op today! Yay!

Hello Real-selfies!!!!!!!!!

It's been a few weeks and due to a string of crazy accounts at work and just focusing on adjusting to my new "additions" life's been pretty hectic so I failed to keep up with my posts as promised! I'm so happy to see that a few of my fellow Selfies have had their procedures completed since my last login! I'll be stalking your pics shortly :-)

So now I'm back and ready to share some updates!!!!
I'm exactly 4weeks post op today! To recap or if you've not read any of my prior posts I underwent a lollipop lift paired with sub muscular 500CC gummies with the amazing Dr Krau!
My recovery has been nothing but surreal! I think a compilation of Dr Krau's unique technique along with a few dietary adjustments I made helped ensure a near painless experience. The swelling is 99% gone, I have no more dull ache near my breastbone and I even have sensation in my nipples!!!!! I think more than I did before the surgery :-D now that I've been free of the steristrips for about two weeks I have been nursing my incisions with silicone strips and oils to aid the healing process. My sutures healed up almost seamlessly! I'm looking forward to my two month marker which I'm pretty sure by then I'll be completly mended :-) to answer the number one question I've received in my inbox " How do they feel to the touch??" They're SOFT and even squishy!!!!! As instructed by my coordinator Catherine Ruiz two weeks after my surgery I was to begin pressing and squeezing the implants. It's important to do this to avoid capsular contracture which is a fancy way of your muscle hardening around your implant... No Bueno! So ladies- so not be afraid to massage the girls! As soon as you have been instructed to do so START! squeeze them in all directions and be sure to get as close to the base of the breast as possible. They won't pop! Lol
I'm very happy with the results and am counting the days for my return to the gym! I have two more weeks for that- I'll be sure to keep you updated on that milestone as well!!!
Thanks for all of the encouragement and I hope that my story along with the many others that you find on this site will help provide you the inside knowledge and possibly the courage to pursue your own personal dreams as it did for me!

I've had a great experience so far with Dr. Ary Krau's team so far!! My patient coordinator, Catherine, is vey responsive, knowledgable, and helpful! They've been very accommodating with my out of state needs in prepping for my procedure. More reviews to come after my pre-op next week!

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