I did it!!! Dr. Freiman is awesome!

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I had my kids young and didn't get to enjoy too...

I had my kids young and didn't get to enjoy too many years without loose skin and saggy boobs, so now that I'm done having kids I'm ready to reclaim my body!

I've gotten a quote from Dr. Freiman at CG Cosmetics since I think he does some of the best lifts I've seen. He recommended just lifting the one breast that is lower and an augmentation, anyone have experience with a lift on only one side?

I got a quote for just a bl w/implants and also a quote for a tummy tuck and lipo. Trying to decide if I want to do it all in one shot or do it in 2 surgeries. Any input would be greatly appreciated as I start on this journey!

Deposit has been paid!! OMG!!

I paid my deposit and scheduled my date for March 17th!! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time!! It's so real now! So any suggestions on what I need? I think I need a hug! lol

6 weeks! Omg!

I need your help ladies! I've decided to do everything at once, bl/ba, tummy tuck and lipo to my flanks. My surgery date is just 6 short weeks away...so what do I need to bring with me? All you lovely ladies that have gone through this, what did you bring and what did you actually use? I'm known to over pack. lol I will be in Miami March 16th-25th.


In less than a month I will be on the flat side!

Hi lovely ladies!

The time is ticking down so fast, but I'm so excited!!!

Going to get my blood work done tomorrow. I think I've gathered everything I need.... It totally doesn't seem real yet! lol

I've bumped up my workout, stopped any drinking and been religiously taking my iron and multi vitamins so my body will be as prepared as I can make it!

Any advice for traveling for surgery? I'm all ears! :)

Almost forgot! Wish pics!

Here are some dream boobs! I swear that's all I think about any more! lol

Oh yeah...

This is me with clothes on! hehe Not so bad...it's just nekkid I don't like!

The tummy reveal!

Can't wait to tighten up all the saggy loose skin! And bring the boobs back up to a perky position!! It's getting so close, I'm nervous and excited all at the same time!

Paid in full!!!

I paid my balance today! *gulp* But now I'm second guessing myself! I was at the point where I could or couldn't do a lift and was only told I need one breast lifted due to asymmetry, but now I'm wondering if I should just do implants and get a lift later if I think I need it....anyone else second guess them self after paying in full and realizing its for real!!!

I leave for Miami in less than 2 weeks!!

So undecided!!!

So I am still on the fence about the lift even though I already paid for it! It's just one side, so I'm worried a scar on one side will look weird.

I'm also wondering if I don't do the lift if I should switch to silicone since I think it gives a better shape...decisions, decisions...

Anyone have any advice, suggestions? I'm leaving on Sunday!!!! Yikes!!!

Another wish pic!

Just one more week till my new body! I'm totally nervous and excited!

I also love these breasts...lol

Waiting on my pre-op! I made it to Miami!

My hubby and I took a red eye flight and got in bright and early this morning! Thankfully the hotel lets us check in early so we could catch a few hours of sleep!

Now just sitting here at CG cosmetics waiting for my pre-op! This just got real! lol

Wish me luck ladies!

Today is the day.....

I'm just here waiting to go back.... Nervous and excited and just ready to get it done!

See ya on the perky boobs and flat tummy side!

Wooohoo! All done!

So everything went great yesterday! It wasn't so bad and I feel pretty great today! Just got back from my post-op and everything looks good! I'm so excited to see my results as time goes on!

I got a tummy tuck and lipo, also instead of a lift I just did silicone implants, 550cc's in my left and 500cc's on my right!

Got a tiny peek at my tummy and oh my gosh! Even swollen it looks fab!! I will try to take pics tomorrow when I shower!

Boobs are dropping! lol

So healing has been going pretty well I think! With the help of the band of torture(aka compression band) my boobs are dropping and already starting to look nice. They are manageable sore, except my right which gets a burning, pulling sensation that shoots through the side to my nipple, anyone else experience this? It freaking hurts!

My drains are barely getting anything in them the past 3 days hoping I can get them out tomorrow!

I'm down to just Tylenol except at night and it's doing pretty well for me.

Overall I am very pleased with my experience so far and can't wait to see my final results!

Dr. Freiman was absolutely wonderful, he was honest and open about what my options were and what I could expect which I loved so I had a realistic idea of expectations. Yes, consultations and such are brief at CG Cosmetics, but everyone was lovely and I am totally happy with my choice to go there!

A few pics

I'll try to grab better pics when I shower today, I've been lazy and only taken pics while laying down so they aren't the best lol

Progress! Day 5 post-op

Snapped this before my shower today!

Grrrrr! Pic didn't load right!

Try again!

Yay! Got my drains out!

Got my drains out today! And I feel pretty human again! I even brushed my hair and put on a little makeup! lol

My left breast is still being a problem child and taking its sweet time to start dropping, my right is starting to look nice though!

My tt scar is also nice and thin and low!! So far I am very pleased with my results, but impatient to see how I look in a few months! lol

Back home!!

Whew! Made it home yesterday! Boy was I beat and swollen after 12+ hours of traveling! Feeling pretty great this morning though! It sure feels good to be home! Can't wait to pick my kiddos up this afternoon!!

2 weeks and feeling great!

Feeling great! Still a little swollen and sore, but overall I can't complain and oh my gosh! I love my new tummy!!! No more sad belly button!!!

My breast are looking good too, although my left one is taking its sweet time to drop!!!

A huge thanks to my amazing hubby for all his help, he has been a life saver!

Little over 2 weeks post op and in love!

Took off my tape today and man does my scar look good! Still swollen, but getting better every day! Love my belly button! So cute!

My right breast is so round and pretty I love it! My left is still being stubborn, but slowly dropping and rounding.

I've been pretty active and feel pretty good, get tired and sore towards evening, but I'm able to take care of the kids, run errands and generally go about as normal, just a tad slower. lol

Before and after! What a difference!

So excited! Dr. Freiman is amazing!

In love with my new tummy!!

Tried on a crop top for the first time since I was a teenager lol Dr. Freiman is a miracle worker!! Don't mind the redness and wrinkles, it's just from my binder :)

Better and better every day!!!

I'm feeling so much better, I'm pretty much back to normal activities, started slow elliptical sessions, and loving my results more and more every day!! This was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Grrrrr...didn't attach my pics!!

Let's try again!!


So my right breast has dropped way faster and has been rounding out nicely, but I swear when I woke up this morning it's waaaay bigger! Does your size increase when your implants drop and fluff? lol

My left is slowly getting there, I'm just impatient for them to match!

5 weeks and feeling great!

Every day is better and better! Feeling better and loving my results more everyday! My leftie is slowly dropping, but still looks good, not too lopsided lol

My tummy is swelling less and less all the time, and I love how flat it is!

I've been using silicone strips on my scar and it's looking great!

Don't think my pics loaded again...

Grrrr...they will probably show up later like last time. lol

So I got measured.....

I went to Victoria's Secret and got measured yesterday and oh boy did my measurement shock me!!! 32E!!! But of course I can get away with wearing a 34DDD or 34DD if I want less coverage. I totally didn't think my boobs were that big! I need to send Dr. Freiman a thank you card...lol

I've also gotten back to working out more and it feels so good to be back at it!

7 weeks and feeling great!!

Not a whole lot to report...still feeling great, working out more and hardly swelling at all now :)

I did after 5 years of marriage finally have the confidence to rock the Slave Leia outfit for my Star Wars loving hubby on May 4th ;)

I'm keeping my scar taped until the 3 month mark on the recommendation of my plastic surgeon friend, he said the best scars he has seen are tapped while they heal.

Only wearing my binder at night now and boy does it feel good to have some freedom and show off my cute tummy!

Forgot this pic!

I absolutely love my new body!! Best decision ever! I have zero regrets!

Grrrr...didn't load again! lol

Oh and my breasts are so nice and soft and squishy and they have some bounce to them! I love it!

2 months and feeling awesome!

So hit the 2 month post op mark and feel great! I finally got back to my cardio/weights workout and I learned I can't bounce around too much with my new boobs...ouch! lol going to find more supportive sports bra!

Other than that healing is going great! And I'm pretty much obsessed with my upgraded boobs! lol and the flat tummy I see in the mirror still doesn't feel like it belongs to me, but I love it!!

Scar pic

As requested here is a pic of my scar! I Keep it taped with paper tape pretty much all the time and it's so flat and thin. Excuse the red stomach I still use a binder at night and just took it off. lol

My ps said it will be 9-12 months post op before it fades to white, but it gets lighter all the time and for a nice flat tummy, I can deal until it lightens. lol

Now I need to lose the weight I gained during recovery...lol At least I'm back to pretty much normal workouts!

3 months post op and feeling great!

Not a whole lot to report, just back to life as normal and loving my new body! Thanks Dr. Freiman!!

6 months post op! I can't believe it!

Just a quick update :) Everything is going great! Can't believe its been 6 months! I have an muscles that show, my boobs dropped so nicely and I feel wonderful! Dr. Freiman really did change my life!

How time flies!!!

I totally meant to do a year update! Now it's a year and 3 months! Things are great! I maybe wish my breasts were a touch higher and I am going to get some touch up lipo on my love handles, but honestly I couldn't be happier with my results! I got my scar tattoo'd over and I'm so pleased with how it looks!!

Dr. Freiman was amazing! He was honest about what realistic expectations were and gave me options so I would feel comfortable with everything. He was professional, but nice, I felt totally comfortable with him and only a week out my results are amazing!

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