29 Year Old , 2 Kids (Breastfed) , Getting Much Needed Lift and Implants.

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Starting a new 'review' since i'm restarting all...

Starting a new 'review' since i'm restarting all over again. I was set to have my lift & augmentation last year august with dr. tal but then I found out i was pregnant and all had to be put on pause. My baby is now 7 months and i'm almost done with breastfeeding so i'm back on the hunt for information.

I have a consult with Dr. Krau on November 2nd. I'm so excited !

- my stats -
weight - 138lbs (i was 155 last year, yeey!)
height - 5'5"
bwd - 14.5
bra size - 36B (i think i havent worn a real bra since i was peggo. i only wear sports bras now)

Thinking of getting 500cc but not sure if that'll be too big now....

Wish Boobs

boobie wishes!

Sad little flap jacks

Can't wait until they're nice and perky .

Surgery for March.

So I decided I'm going to stick with Dr T Roudner.

My surgery is for March. Still haven't chosen the date but March forsure. I'd love to do it sooner but since I just stopped breastfeeding i have to wait a few months to completely dry up and stuff...

Im excited.

Surgery date is set!

I'm so excited.
I just set the date for my surgery - March 6th.

I have a few months to lose a bit more weight and save a bit more cash.

Super excited.

Some more wish boobs lol

Real or fake I don't care. I just love Kylie's boobs ????

111 Days left...

So, I have a little over 100 days left until my surgery. I wish time would go by a little faster! LOL.

I've been making a list of items I may need for before & after surgery, according to what I've been reading on here. If I'm missing anything please let me know...

- prescription meds (of course)
- multi vitamins
- bromelain
- arnica cream and tablets
- stool softener
- antibacterial soap
- micropore 3m tape / silicone tape
- zip up bras
- hoodie
- bendy straws
- pineapple, white grape juice & canned peaches
- anti nausea patch
- pill case

61 days left.

2 months until surgery. I'm really excited. I feel like there's something I should be doing to prepare but I just haven't started. I haven't told my mom about it yet or anyone other than my boyfriend. I already he told him he needs to take some time off to take care of me but we still need to figure out what to do with the kids.

Flat! :(

i was trying on some clothes while packing for a cruise we're going on this week and it was pretty depressing lol. I'm flat as a board! Whatever little boobs I had are completely gone after breastfeeding my youngest. If I don't wear a heavily padded bra then there's pretty much nothing! Oh well.. less than 2 months until surgery :)

almost time

13 days till Pre-Op
26 days till surgery!

I'm so excited and nervous !

Pre-Op Tomorrow!

100 Days ago it felt like the day would never get here, and now the days are flying ... and I'm not ready! HAHA. I'm just extremely nervous.

So, tomorrow is my Pre-Op. I have my cash ready. I'm so happy I was able to have it all ready and didn't have to get care credit or use up one of my credit cards.

Other than that I really don't know what to expect at the pre-op...? I'm guessing I'll try on some sizers and choose a size. From my research, I'm thinking between 450-500 cc's. I'm 5'5" about 140lbs and currently, I wear a 36B. I don't want to be toooo big. Just want them to look good on my body.

What questions should I ask at the pre-op? Help! :)


So, today was my pre-op appointment and it didn't go to well :(

They had me fill out a mountain of paperwork, the usual history of health and consents and what not. I had preeclampsia with my daughter and my blood pressure was pretty high throughout my whole second pregnancy with my son. Once I gave birth it kind of went back to normal, or so I thought.

They checked my pressure today and it was really high. So now I have to go to a primary doctor and have that checked out and get cleared for surgery. So, my surgery MAY get rescheduled which really sucks!

I'm hoping it was high because of my nerves... but I don't know... My mom suffers from high blood pressure so there's a chance I do too.

I'm pretty bummed but I hope the doctor can get this all sorted because I know having hypertension is pretty serious.

Not cleared for surgery.

Went to the doctor today and my blood pressure was still high so they didn't clear me for surgery :(

She prescribed some meds and I have to take them and in a week I have to go back to see if it's made a difference. She said she won't clear me until my blood pressure is at a normal rate.

Looks like my surgery will be postponed.

I'm so sad . I just want to cancel it and just forget about it all. This is too stressful.


Hey ladies! Thanks for the comments :)

I'm feeling much better today. They called me from my PS' office and told me not to worry that as soon as my levels get regulated then I'll be good for surgery. So I'm not going to stress it. I can continue waiting a bit more.

If I do get cleared for surgery next Wednesday and the Doctor says I can go ahead and keep the date I'm thinking I'm still going to reschedule it because a few things popped up with my hubby and I don't want him to stress out about it.

Eh, I've waited 3 years.. what's another few weeks? LOL.

All Cleared!

Went to my follow up with my doctor and got the all clear for surgery! Yay!
Now just have to wait for them to call me from my PS' office for my new date :)

Surgery Re-Scheduled

Hey ladies! Finally got my new date ! March 31st. 11 days away! And tomorrow I have another Pre-Op .. Lets hope my blood pressure doesn't act up again. I've been taking my pills religiously!

2nd Pre-Op

Hey ladies!
So surgery is set for March 31st! I have to be at the facility at 12 for surgery at 1.

Yesterday at pre-op I had to resign alllllll the paperwork and get blood work done AGAIN -_- but whatever, it's all good.

They almost had to re-schedule my surgery again because when they took my pressure it was HIGH. My heart literally dropped... but she re took it a while later and it had gone down. Thank god!

I was starting to think it was a sign that maybe I shouldn't be going through with this. lol

So I'm not really sure what size implant we're going with... He wrote down sizes between 300-445 cc.... This whole time I was set on 450-500 cc but after I told him I want to be about a C/D he said a 400 should get me there. I tried on the 400 sizers and I liked the way they look but I'm scared it may not be enough? or maybe it'll be TOO big?

I'm currently a really saggy B. 5'5" 140 lbs do you think the 400 would get me to a D? Maybe i'll tell him the day of surgery to put in the 445... ah! this is so confusing.

Rare cancer linked to Breast Implants .... scary...

(CNN) - Nine deaths have been reported to the US Food and Drug Administration stemming from a rare cancer that is associated with breast implants.

The extremely rare cancer, called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), affects cells in the immune system and can be found around the breast implant. It can be found in the skin or lymph nodes, and is not a type of breast cancer.

On Tuesday, the FDA issued an update on its understanding of breast implant-associated ALCL cases.

The agency has received 359 reports of possible breast implant-associated cancer cases as of February 1. But the exact number of cases "remains difficult to determine due to significant limitations in world-wide reporting and lack of global implant sales data," it said.

What science shows in the last six years
In 2011, the FDA had first raised the possibility of a small but significant risk of developing the cancer after getting breast implants. It asked doctors to see if they noticed changes in their patients and for women to check for symptoms such as fluid buildup, hardening or a mass around their implants. Symptoms of the cancer also include swelling and redness around the breast implants.

Since that report six years ago, the scientific community has learned more about the link between breast implants and ALCL.

Most of the cancer cases occurred in people who had textured surfaces on their implants, rather than smooth surfaces. Of the 231 reports to the FDA that contained information about the implant, 203 had textured surfaces and 28 had smooth surfaces.

So far, most cases of ALCL have been described as a slow-growing that is treatable when it's detected early.

About 10 to 11 million women in the world have breast implants, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Plastic Surgeon Foundation. Less than 10 patients are diagnosed a year with breast implant-associated ALCL and one study estimated an incidence of 1 in 300,000, according to the two groups.

What to do if you have breast implants
Breast implants remain incredibly popular in the US. It's the top cosmetic surgery performed in the US with 290,467 procedures in 2016, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

People who are considering getting the surgery should do their research and discuss with their surgeon about the risks and benefits between textured- and smooth-surfaced implants, the FDA advised.

People who already have breast implants should monitor their implants any changes and get routine screenings such as mammograms or MRIs as recommended by their doctors, the agency suggested.

tomorrows the day

hi ladies,
so tomorrow is the day! i'm starting to freak out now. I'm super nervous but i'm trying so hard to be calm and not get all worked up because then my blood pressure will go up too. ugh!

i've been taking arnica pills, multi vitamins, stool softener & vitamin c to prepare for the surgery. Plus my blood pressure meds. So, hopefully all will go well tomorrow and during recovery.

i had some trouble getting my vicodin prescription filled. I went to like 6 different pharmacies and no one had it in stock. I was getting a bit nervous that I wouldnt be able to have it in time but I finally found it at a CVS on the opposite end of the city LOL. Oh well... at least I have it in hand.

Surgery day - POD1

Hiiii! :)
Finally got my boobies and I'm soooo happy! LOL

Today was pretty eventful. Got to the facility at around 12:30 then met with the doctor we went over everything once again and he marked me up. That was pretty awkward lol. Then the kind nurse took me to another room, put in my IV and checked my blood pressure. It was high of course so the anesthesiologist came in and gave me a pill to bring it back down.

I started shaking uncontrollably I just got very nervous and scared and I was questioning why I was putting myself through this. I have two kids whatif I don't wake up?! Oh man it was bad.

When they took me into the operating room I started freaking out even more LOL but I just took a few deep breaths and I calmed down a bit. They asked me a few questions like my full name and the type of procedure I was getting done and then the doctor told me to think about someplace I'd like to go to and then I woke up LOL

When I woke up the first thing I remember asking was what time it was... I thought I would be at home by like 4 pm LOL, yeah right.. it was 7 pm! The nurses was like "look at them aren't they beautiful!" And I was like "I can't see anything" lol

The ride home sucked ass. They're doing a lot of construction so a lot of pot holes and uneven roads .... hurt like hell.

Once I got home my bf helped me into bed and we both took a nap. I'm feeling ok. But the PS said not to get up at all today, only to pee. So I'll follow directions.

I think my boobies are looking nice so far. I can't take of the dressings or touch them until my follow up sooo hopefully my incisions are doing ok down there...


Hey ladies happy Saturday!
I've been feeling a bit more pain today. My dr. prescribed Vicodin for the pain but i feel like it doesn't really do anything . I may just stop taking it and take the extra strength Tylenol instead.

the pain is mostly like on the outer part of my breast and near my underarms. i'm not supposed to lift my arms for like a week so it makes it hard to really do anything but then again it hurts so i don't even want to try lifting them either.

i can feel the implant all the way up to almost my neck lol. it's super high and firm. i can't wait for them to drop and fluff and round out. it's hard to tell what they look like with the dressings. I want to take a peek but my doctor said no touching until i see him on Tuesday.

I haven't been able to do much today. I've just been laying around with my boyfriend. He's been great at taking care of me. He's been feeding me and helping me up to get to the bathroom and he even brushed my hair :) he's awesome .

in regards to my size.. i really have NO IDEA how many CC's he ended up putting in. I liked the way the 400 sizers looked. He said he would bring in a range between 250-445 cc and then decide which one to use. So at the moment I do not know which size he chose but I will ask when I go in for my follow up.

POD 3 & 4

hi ladies,
so today is POD 4 or would it be POD 3 since my surgery was Friday and it ended at about 7 PM? Idk. I’ll just say it’s POD 4 to make me feel better LOL. Anyway, so yesterday wasn’t a great day for me. I woke up feeling really pained and just feeling very down. I know everyone says this is an emotional rollercoaster but I didn’t realize how emotional it can get. I was questioning it all. WHY did i put myself through this ? was it even worth it?

I found the little implant card inside the bag they gave me at the office and it says I have Natrelle Inspira SRM 405cc on the left and 345cc on the right. I got really sad when I saw those numbers, why? I DONT KNOW! I think I obsessed so much over the numbers while waiting for my surgery and I was set on having no less than 400cc’s. The whole time I thought I wanted 450-500cc’s and when I tried on the sizers I really liked the way the 400’s looked but I was sure he would end up using a higher number on me and instead I ended up with 345 on one… i spent all day looking in the mirror and worrying that they’re going to be small and not at all what i was imagining. I love the size they are even though they’re super high and i can barely see them because of the dressings but it just looks like the perfect size for me but then i was wondering if they’ll get smaller once the swelling goes down and once they drop? I don’t know…

yesterday wasn’t a good day LOL. But today I woke up feeling a bit better. The pain hasn’t been so bad. Morning boob sucks but once i got moving I felt a bit better. I haven’t had any pain pills today which is great and I actually got out the house for a bit to go with my bf to drop the kids off. I needed the fresh air. I do wish I could shower though. I feel really dirty and sticky LOL. My boyfriend gave me a little sponge bath yesterday but he didn’t want to get anywhere near my chest area or underarms :( . So i’ll do it myself later when he goes to work (he’s a paramedic and doesn’t let me do anything LOL)

tomorrow is my post-op appointment. he'll take off the dressings and i'm a little nervous to see the incisions but i'm so ready to take these dressings off. they bother and makes my boobs feel so hot. i'm sweating in there LOL.

I wish the days would go a little faster. I'm so ready to feel normal again.



Went to my post op appointment yesterday and they finally took off the bandages. my incisions are looking good, i think. i was very worried that my nipple was going to fall off LOL but all is well. I told him about muscle spasms I've been having on my left breast and he said it's normal but to continue keeping my arms at my side.

They also gave me a bra to wear which is a little too tight and very itchy. i tried to keep it on as long as i could but i just couldn't take it anymore so i took it off and put on a sports bra i had from when i was breast feeding. i wiggled myself in it from the bottom so i didn't have to raise my arms. it fits much better. they put new dressings on and i have to go back on Friday. Hopefully no more bandages after that appointment. and i can finally have a shower on Friday!

sleeping last night was impossible. I haven't been sleeping so great since i had the surgery but last night was the worst. My upper back, in-between my shoulder blades, was killing me! The pain woke me up around 3 am and I couldn't find a spot that was comfortable. i tried sleeping on the couch in the living room but that didn't work out either. Lets hope tonight isn't so bad.

Day 7/8 - I think I'm in love

A few things

- I'm really loving my boobs. I think they're a great size, my cleavage is starting to show & I love it

- sleeping is still impossible.

- my left is much higher than my right. I guess it's because it has the bigger implant... idk.

- I FINALLY took a shower today and it was Glorious!

- got some sutures taken out today. I think the rest will get taken out on Tuesday.

- can't wait until I can start scar treatment. Around how long do you have to wait to start using the silicone strips???

Day 13

My Boobs are so sore, still ! this is so annoying. And now my skin is like superrrr sensitive. It almost feels like my skin is chaffed but it looks perfectly fine! Every time my clothes rubs on my skin it just hurts a lot. anyone have any idea what it could be?

and they're still hard and high. although, i think they're softening up. But just a smidge.

Had an appointment with my surgeon this week and they had me start on massages which aren't really massages, more like little taps. I have another appointment next week to take off the final sutures and to test me on my massages LOL. Hopefully I can finally start on some kind of scar treatment.

Day 19

Saw my dr today. He took off the final stitches and said I was healing very nicely. I asked if I could start on scar treatment and he said I could. I think I'm going to wait a few days to see if the last of the scabs fall off because I know you aren't supposed to put silicone sheets until all scabs are gone.

They're getting a little softer and dropping nicely. I still have some pain and tenderness. I cant wait until this all passes. It's hard carrying my son because it just feels very weird so I try not to lift him as much as possible, but he is a mama's boy...

I still don't feel my right nipple but if i play around with it, it does get hard. I hope that's a good sign.

that's about it . I forgot to ask my Dr when I can start wearing regular bras. I feel just fine wearing sports bra's for now but I do want to see how these babies look in a nice bra, LOL.

38 days

I just love them. They're getting softer but still firm. Hopefully they continue to soften up.

I do wish they were a bit bigger though. Ugh. LOL. They are PERFECT when I'm naked but when I put on clothing they kinda get a little lost lol . If I wear a tight shirt they look nice and plump though.

Scaring is ok. I've been just taping them up for now. I guess I'll start silicone strips in the next few weeks.

Day 53 (7 1/2 weeks)

Hey ladies.
So it's been 7 1/2 weeks. Wow, times really been flying. Feels like yesterday I got these things.

I'm still loving them. They're nice and squishy now. I still feel like MAYBE I should've gotten bigger but then i get over it and I just love them. I hate the scars though. I know they'll get better in time but... they bother me. lol. I also still have some pain...Like when I squeeze them or touch them. Not too bad but its just a weird pain.

I've been dealing with some chest acne. Ever since the surgery my chest area feels much more greasy and it's causing me to break out. Any suggestions ?

10 weeks

10 weeks!
thankfully i’ve been healing well with no issues. I still have some pain like at the bottom of my breast around the scars/incisions. I’ve been dying to sleep on my stomach again but that isn’t happening anytime soon.

Everyday I go back and forth between wanting to get a revision to go a bit bigger and switch to HP’s and other days I’m like, never mind the size is perfect. It’s pretty frustrating not feeling completely sure about them.

I haven’t bought any bras or gone to get measured but I did find a bra size converter online and measured myself and it said i’m a 34dd. mmmm.. I doubt that.

my scars are healing ok. I’ve been putting on silicone sheets and using this silicone cream my dr gave me. The scars around my areola look great. almost non existent but the anchor scars are a little red. The redness makes me a little depressed. I did read that scars look their worst between 3-6 months. It’s just part of the healing process, I guess.
Tal Roudner

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