29 Year Old , 2 Kids (Breastfed) , Getting Much Needed Lift &; Implants.

Starting a new 'review' since i'm restarting all...

Starting a new 'review' since i'm restarting all over again. I was set to have my lift & augmentation last year august with dr. tal but then I found out i was pregnant and all had to be put on pause. My baby is now 7 months and i'm almost done with breastfeeding so i'm back on the hunt for information.

I have a consult with Dr. Krau on November 2nd. I'm so excited !

- my stats -
weight - 138lbs (i was 155 last year, yeey!)
height - 5'5"
bwd - 14.5
bra size - 36B (i think i havent worn a real bra since i was peggo. i only wear sports bras now)

Thinking of getting 500cc but not sure if that'll be too big now....

Wish Boobs

boobie wishes!

Sad little flap jacks

Can't wait until they're nice and perky .
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