29 Year Old , 2 Kids (Breastfed) , Getting Much Needed Lift and Implants.

Starting a new 'review' since i'm restarting all...

Starting a new 'review' since i'm restarting all over again. I was set to have my lift & augmentation last year august with dr. tal but then I found out i was pregnant and all had to be put on pause. My baby is now 7 months and i'm almost done with breastfeeding so i'm back on the hunt for information.

I have a consult with Dr. Krau on November 2nd. I'm so excited !

- my stats -
weight - 138lbs (i was 155 last year, yeey!)
height - 5'5"
bwd - 14.5
bra size - 36B (i think i havent worn a real bra since i was peggo. i only wear sports bras now)

Thinking of getting 500cc but not sure if that'll be too big now....

Wish Boobs

boobie wishes!

Sad little flap jacks

Can't wait until they're nice and perky .

Surgery for March.

So I decided I'm going to stick with Dr T Roudner.

My surgery is for March. Still haven't chosen the date but March forsure. I'd love to do it sooner but since I just stopped breastfeeding i have to wait a few months to completely dry up and stuff...

Im excited.

Surgery date is set!

I'm so excited.
I just set the date for my surgery - March 6th.

I have a few months to lose a bit more weight and save a bit more cash.

Super excited.

Some more wish boobs lol

Real or fake I don't care. I just love Kylie's boobs ????

111 Days left...

So, I have a little over 100 days left until my surgery. I wish time would go by a little faster! LOL.

I've been making a list of items I may need for before & after surgery, according to what I've been reading on here. If I'm missing anything please let me know...

- prescription meds (of course)
- multi vitamins
- bromelain
- arnica cream and tablets
- stool softener
- antibacterial soap
- micropore 3m tape / silicone tape
- zip up bras
- hoodie
- bendy straws
- pineapple, white grape juice & canned peaches
- anti nausea patch
- pill case

61 days left.

2 months until surgery. I'm really excited. I feel like there's something I should be doing to prepare but I just haven't started. I haven't told my mom about it yet or anyone other than my boyfriend. I already he told him he needs to take some time off to take care of me but we still need to figure out what to do with the kids.

Flat! :(

i was trying on some clothes while packing for a cruise we're going on this week and it was pretty depressing lol. I'm flat as a board! Whatever little boobs I had are completely gone after breastfeeding my youngest. If I don't wear a heavily padded bra then there's pretty much nothing! Oh well.. less than 2 months until surgery :)
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