BL+500cc silicone after 3 Kids and 40 Lbs Down - Miami, FL

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So after much thought, I've decided to go ahead...

So after much thought, I've decided to go ahead and do this! This site has been so vital to me in helping make the decision so I'm hoping someone will be able to get help from my review!
I'm 27 years old, had 3 kids in 3 years, put on a ton of weight, and recently lost about 40lbs. This puts me at 5'5" and about 138 lbs. I used to be very small framed, but always had a large bust. I gained a lot of weight after my third pregnancy and gall bladder surgery.
After I started lifting weights, the first place I noticed a change was my chest. I went from a 38DDD to now barely filling a 34D. What I have left is skin, and very little breast tissue in what were once huge boobs lol
NY is one of the most expensive states for plastic surgery, so I will be traveling to Miami to get it done. So far the experience has been amazing. My patient coordinator is Yadira, who is the sweetest woman, and so helpful. I just booked my procedure today with Dr Freiman for July 16!!

Switched Drs

My coordinator called to let me know that Dr. Krau had made himself available the day of my surgery and wanted to know if I'd like to switch. Because I was apprehensive about Dr. Freiman not going big enough, and his all business bedside manner, I decided to go ahead and make the switch to Krau. I'm so happy I did. 5 days away!!

Pre Op

After the longest day of delayed flights, I had a super rushed pre-op where I signed papers. The girls who had me try on sizers were great though! I decided on 500cc HP but now I'm thinking that may be too big :-/ surgery is tomorrow!! I have to arrive at 9am!!

Embarrassing pre op photos

Ugghhh hate to post these. 140lbs, 5,5", very deflated 34D


High as a kite on percocet right now so bear with me. Lots of waiting at the beginning Because Krau was finishing a procedure. One I finally met him he was amazing. Answered every question, very patient very thorough. The anesthesiologist was Also wonderful. She took me back, gave me and IV and that was that. I woke up in pain in recovery. I'm mostly sore. Probably a 7 on the pain scale so I'm thankful for the Percocet. My sternum and ribs are more sore than my actual breasts though. And laying on my back is already old!!

Day 1!

I feel great! A little sore at the incision site on the bottom outside of each breast and sore in the center of my pec line. The pain medicine makes me tired so I think I'll be switching to Tylenol! Last night I was up a lot, but I think mostly because I'm not used to sleeping on my back. So far so good. They're sitting very high right now, and still very swollen. They look huge and I'm wondering if I went too big lol. Only time will tell!

48 hours

Not quite 48 hrs after the surgery and still feeling pretty good. My back is achy from sleeping elevated, but over all my pain level isn't bad. More just discomfort. I did go for a walk yesterday evening and probably WAY overdid it. I felt pretty crummy afterwards. I felt so good before I forgot it had only been a day!
Now I'm just waiting on these giant 500cc girls to quit hitting me in the chin and drop a little. But from my understanding that could be awhile...

4 days PO

I don't know if anyone even reads these anymore but I'll keep posting because reviews like this helped me at one point :-)
Most pain is gone. Some rib/sternum pain and occasion twinges, but I manage with Tylenol extra strength. My pec muscles are still spasming every once in awhile and everything will feel very tight, so I've been icing a lot today. My left nipple is getting sensation back, my right nipple is completely numb :-/ my horizontal incisions are starting to itch on my right side like crazy too. All in all recovery has been pretty smooth. They're still sitting very high, and are very hard, but I'll be able to start massaging on Friday! Any questions just ask :-)

1 week

Not much change. I was feeling really good and overdid it, so I'm pretty sore again. Still a little constipated (TMI sorry) and my chest is still really tight. They look great from the front, but almost flat from the side. Not much projection right now, but hopefully when they drop and fluff? I still love them, and love how high they are, they just look a little weird from the side. Anyone else experience this?
I've switched to only Tylenol which doesn't really help with the soreness or tightness at all. And I'm so tired of sleeping on my back. Basically I've hit the whiny stage of recovery in case you can't tell lol. Steri strips are still holding strong and I'm really nervous for them to come off :-/

This cleavage is why I got a lift!!!

I could've had full natural looking breasts with just an implant or even an internal lift. I went for the full lift because I wanted perky, high, full (almost fake) breasts. Dr Krau is amazing!!

Setback :-( Ugghh (slightly graphic photo)

So, I've been feeling good. This whole time my right breast has been bigger and more sore than my left. I spend a lot of time researching all the things that could be wrong with my right breast thinking my left one was ok. WRONG! I took my bra off last night to change and noticed some brownish reddish drainage in my bra. My steri strips were still on, so it was oozing from underneath. Even though it was 10:30 at night, I texted Dr Krau because of course I was freaking out. So at 6:30am he texted me back with instructions to take the steri strips off and send him a photo of what was underneath. So I gently peeled my steri strips off (even though I wanted to keep them on for much longer before this conplication) annnnd open wound at the inverted T of my incision. Classic breast lift complication that I was hoping and praying wouldn't happen to me. It's yucky and whitish and red around it. Dr Krau assured me it's a common problem, and to clean it with alcohol cover it with gauze and let it air out. It will heal on its own. I hate that this happened to me. I don't want ugly scars or infections. I know no one does, but I'm such a worrier and an over emotional person, so this is really getting to me. Hoping for the best, I'll update periodically.

Photos didn't post (slightly graphic)

Boobies without tape, and close up of the yuck

Having another blah day

Feeling down again. I love the size and the shape, but that open wound just bothers me (duh lol) I have so many questions, but I feel like I'm bothering Dr Krau. So I just google all day and night until I'm convinced my whole boob is going to fall off. Sucks.
I just want to know how long it will take to heal. He said it'll get worse before it gets better, and it's gotten worse for sure. It's a little bigger and there's a hole in it now. I'm 27, I really didn't want to have bad scars. I feel so bad for my husband. He's helping me and being so supportive, but no guy wants to see boobs that have open wounds on them. Pity party for me again. I knew this would happen because I'm a very emotional person and the post op blues hit me hard. I am trying so hard to stay positive and keep my chin up, but sometimes it's overwhelming. I don't want my family to know how worried I am, because I don't want them to think its money down the drain.
Plus side, the cleavage still looks great!
And When did people notice their nipples not being so swollen? I have the weirdest puffy nipples right now lol

3 weeks (tomorrow)

Doing great the past few days. The wound has gotten bigger, but less deep. I know it's healing so I feel better about it now. Dr. Krau has been great at responding to my concerns about it, and convincing me not to worry (haha)
Loving the cleavage still! And I got back to the gym for the first time last night. I did legs and it felt great!! So happy to be back working out, I'll add some light cardio here and there, but am trying to keep it low because of the wound still.
Happy healing to everyone else!

One month boobieversary!!

Happy One Month to my girls! My wound separation is still there, but 1000000 times better. Theyre feeling better everyday! The left one is still riding a little high and square, and the vertical incision on the right one is a little rough, but I think they look awesome! So excited to have these as my new boobs! I'm officially over the post surgery depression thank goodness!! The anchor Incisions are still sore from time to time, and where my pec connects to my armpit is a little sore. Other than that and my over sensitive left nipple, I'm feeling great!

3 months!

3 months out and everything is perfect now. If I want to get nit picky, I think my areola are uneven and that bothers me. I also feel like my left nipple is a tiny bit high. Other than that I'm so happy. Everything healed up nicely, vertical scarring is minimal, horizontal is still red but that's to be expected. No pain anymore except random twinges from the nerves rehealing! And I got to wear a real bra for the first time last week too! About a 36DD :-)

To revise or not to revise

9 months out and everything seems to have healed and settled where it's going to. Overall I love them and would absolutely do it again, HOWEVER, I have some issues and my surgeon agrees with me
1. My areola. They're high, they're large, and they're uneven. My lower pole stretched (more so on my left breast) causing my areola to be extremely high. My left one pops out the top of normal bras and some bathing suits
2. My scarring. I had some wound opening at about the 1 month mark, that took weeks and weeks to close, and it didn't close pretty. So I'm left with a large scar underneath my left breast.
Dr Krau has kindly offered a revision at or after the 1 year mark. I've been in contact with Coral Gables and they've quoted me $1,300 which would just be OR and anesthesia fees. I'm torn on whether I want to do it again. Would the recovery process be just as hard? What if it happens again? Dr Krau stated there's less skin stretching the second time, and he would make my areola smaller and correct the scarring, but what if my wound opens up and it happens again. What would you ladies do?

Main reason I'm considering the revision

this is a normal (not a push-up) Demi cup bra from VS...notice my areola peeking out the top...not too happy about that

Help! Input please! To revise or not to revise!!

Ladies I can't decide. I have a revision of my breast lift tentatively scheduled for July 15, but I don't know if I want to do it. I would have to pay $1300, which isn't bad, but also travel expenses as I'll be going down to Miami. So what are your thoughts? They really aren't low. My left is a little lower than my right, but they're still so full and perky. My main concern is my scarring (which I can absolutely live with) and my areola/nipple position. That's the main reason I would do it because my areola are so high on my breast. What are your thoughts?! Please help I honestly can't decide and I go back and forth almost everyday.

I decided against the revision

I didn't do it. I love the shape, I love the size. Yes my areola are high, and pretty large, but if I were to go under and end up with worse scars or more complications I would never forgive myself. Maybe down the road I'll get them fixed, but for now, I'm ok with them!!

I scheduled a revision

So after a move and a little more thought, I went ahead and scheduled the revision. I'm getting the lift revised as well as my areola reduced. I thought I would be fine without the revision, but we moved to the beach so I'm in my swimsuit a lot. I can't even move without having to make sure my nipples aren't coming out of my bathing suit, because they're that high and that large. The slight bottoming out doesn't even bother me as much as the constant nip slips because of their placement. Revision is scheduled for 12/16 but I'm so nervous. I've been reading reviews about areola reduction and came across one where the nipple just died and fell off, and that terrifies me. I'm worried with my past wound opening I'd be more prone to that. I left a message for dr Krau to see if he could answer that question for me, so we'll see if he responds!

Revision tomorrow

Tomorrow at 11am!!

4 days post op revision

So my revision went well (I think) took about 2 hours, was in a lot of pain immediately after surgery, but by day 3 was using only Tylenol. My incisions sting from time to time, but the pain is NOTHING compared to the initial surgery. It was basically just a redo mastopexy and an areola reduction. My implants were not touched and I think that's why there's no pain! So far I think I'm pleased with the results. Nipples are definitely smaller, and I think lower and that was the goal. Just hoping they stay that way. I'm confused as to what to expect with my implants. Since they've already been placed and they don't need to "drop" will they still "fluff" and kind of fill in the new skin pocket? I'm really unsure of how this healing process will be, so we'll see.

17 days po revision

Still healing well, so far no openings, no spit stitches and things are looking good! My left is a little higher right now, so I'm hoping they even out soon. My nipples aren't much lower, but they are much smaller, so that helps. Minimal pain except some pressure/pain on lower right incision. I still have some tenting/swelling through my cleavage area so I'm hoping things stay as they are when the skin stretches and the swelling goes down again!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I saw Dr Krau, and he was nothing short of amazing. Answered all my questions and very patient. I have no complaints with him, just the clinic Coral Gables Cosmetic Center. Most of the staff was wonderful sometimes hard to understand as they have a very large Hispanic clientele. LONG wait time before surgery, but great nurses. Aftercare is pretty dismal, they rush you out of recovery and then see you once the next day (not a Dr. Either just a nurse). A girl I saw at post op was awful and rude. Tried to get me to fill out a Facebook review which she typed and when I told her I didn't feel comfortable doing that she all but pushed me out of the room. Other than that and the waiting, a good experience and an EXCELLENT DR!! Dr Krau is very responsive and gives out of town patients a way to contact him directly after the surgery, which is wonderful.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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