26 Yrs, 5'4, 129lbs, 32A Bra Size, One daughter, breastfed of course! Would do it again with a heartbeat :) - Miami, FL

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I have surgery 03/23/16 at spectrum aesthetics...

I have surgery 03/23/16 at spectrum aesthetics with Dr. Ortega. I'm going for Breast lift with implant. I have yet to decide on which implant although I was positive about saline, 78% of my brain (with ample research) is leaning toward silicon ????.

For some reason I'm very calm but also would like to get it over and done with.

I'll post before pictures and include a list of things I did to prepare for the procedure.

One day post op

Got a call 2 hrs before surgery to come in earlier than scheduled time. Took a shower with antibacterial soap, and off I went.
Got to the surgery center, signed some papers and met with my surgeon to clarify what exactly I wanted.
I was naturally going back and forth between saline or silicone and eventually went with silicone for a number of reasons. It also seems like most people opt for silicone nowadays because they are much safer than years before and actually feel natural and in fact lighter.
I also thought I'd do moderate plus but my surgeon suggested high profile due to my small frame, saying a wider implant might not look good on me. I've done a lot of research on this so my advise is always go with what your surgeon suggest!! I'm happy with my results!

One week post op

My recovery was not as bad as I thought and I'm actually loving them each and every day!!!
I cannot wait to go back to my workout routine so the rest of my body can match my new babies :)

Stats: 375cc high profile silicone with lollipop lift
Meds: Antibiotic, muscle relaxer, nauseous pill and oxycodone.

I only took both the nauseous pill and oxycodone the first day after surgery and just continued with Tylenol, muscle relaxer and antibiotics
There hasn't been much pain but just a tight feeling.

Getting ready for surgery

Here's a list of things I did to prepare for surgery, maybe it'll be helpful to someone out there :)

1. Palmers cocoa butter cream or bio oil (I started using it one month before surgery, twice a day)
2. Ordered the Make Me Heal 14day pre op vitamins.
3. Washed with anti bacterial soap one month before surgery ( just to be on the safe side)
4. Ate pineapple every day 2 weeks before surgery (it has an agent that reduces swelling)
5. Stopped working out my upper body (just legs, hips and butt)
6. Got 2 bras from Walmart (that opens in front) to change incase my original one got dirty.
7. Shave everything 2 days before especially armpits ( you won't be able to do so after surgery :/
8. Get as much information as possible before procedure

11days post op!!!

Hi everyone, I've read so many reviews on here and watched a lot of YouTube videos and I must say, they helped me a lot!!! I am hoping with my reviews I'll also help someone out there :)

I'm currently eleven days in, and I am loving them each and everyday!!! All thanks to Dr. Ortega at Spectrum Aesthetic. I am 5.4' 129lbs was a 32A cup size, mother of one and breast fed. So you can imagine after breastfeeding for six months how deflated they were ???? Although I would breast feed again with a heart beat!

I previously thought my Dr. put in 375cc silicone but I just checked with the office two days ago that he actually put in 425cc Yayyy. So my stats are 425cc high profile silicone, under muscle with lollipop lift.

I originally wanted moderate plus profile but my Dr. suggested high because of my body frame and I agreed with whatever he was suggesting. I also did a lift because my boobs were greeting my feet everytime I took of my bra :(, although I thought I'd get away with a donut lift just because of less scaring but once again Dr. suggested a lollipop and honestly I'm happy I went with his suggestions.

I'm not sure if I'm doing too much with my hands etc, my new babies sometimes just stiffens/get full/ hard out of nowhere. It doesn't hurt but it's noticeable enough to stop and start messaging softly. I hope it's normal to go through this though.
I'm loving this journey and I truly hope ill help someone ????????

15 days post op!!!

Hi ladies!!! Hopefully these reviews will help someone out there :) I'm 15 days in and loving the journey. I carefully took the tape off 2 days ago (2 week mark) and I had one mini open wound right were the areola and the line meets :/ which apparently is common with lifts. Because I read so many reviews etc, I knew that the only thing you can do is clean the area with saline solution and let it recover all by itself, unless it's really serious then contact your surgeon and all that good stuff. 2 days down the line, it's getting better and better (with proper upkeep) and the "mini" wound is closing. Yay!!!! There's really not much to say at this point but, they're getting softer and dropping. I started messaging them about a week in (not sure I was suppose to) and they're developing quite well! FYI I got my surgery out of state so almost all the info or what steps to take I got it from reading tons of reviews and watching YouTube videos. Going in I knew it was gonna be hard getting hold of my surgeon, although the staff is always there to help but Dr. Ortega himself is always busy so educated myself enough prior to the surgery that I don't need to call the office. As a matter of fact I called a few days before taking off the tapes (just to be sure) and wanted to ask when I could officially start messaging and the lady told me to refer to Dr. Ortega YouTube video. Lol

One month post op

Hi ladies.
It's been over a month and I cannot believe the progress and i am so in love with every bit of it. There hasn't been much change with the girls but they've definitely dropped and still doing it's fluffing. They say it takes about 6 months for you to see the final results, but bestfriends, I'm in no hurry!

I've been using BioCorneum cream for my scars and I think it's doing wonders.

Clothes fit so much better!!!

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