24 Year Old Getting a Breast Lift and Implants, No Kids - Miami, FL

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I am having my surgery 4/11/16. I started off very...

I am having my surgery 4/11/16. I started off very excited but the closer I get to my surgery date the more nervous I get. I blame the internet. I have read so much about implants, the pros and the cons. What makes me nervous the most is the autoimmune problems and/or complications that many have seemed to experience. I have read a lot of reviews with people who are perfectly fine but still some that got breast implant illness. For that reason, I decided to go with saline implants because I assumed they were safer but then I read about some people getting mold, yeast, and bacteria in their saline implants and that scares me! I don't know what to pick now. Based on your experiences, do you ladies think saline or silicone is better?

4 days post op

So I am 4 days post op and I am kind of disappointed. I wanted them to be big like DD cups but they look like C cups to me. The doctor gave me 420cc in 1 and 430cc in the other. We didn't really have much time to discuss what I really wanted and I think that's why they are not the size that I really hoped for. They're also very hard but I figure that's is due to swelling.

Wound Speration

I have wound separation, splitting sutures, and what looks like to be skin necrosis above my areola. I'm so depressed. I wish I had the surgery in Michigan so that I could talk to my PS in person. My PS replies to all of my messages but its not the same. It looks so bad. I cry every time I see it. I'm washing & changing gauzes twice as day per PS instructions.


So I snuck & tried on a regular bra today (no underwire) and I absolutely love the shape of them. I am still healing. I have a couple of wounds that still need to close but I know that takes time. Nevertheless I'm hoping that I'm all healed up for the summer so I can wear them out. I still wish they were bigger but I love the size that they are now, they match my frame. This is a size Large VS bralette. I used to wear a small.

Incisions update

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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