Incision wounds, bottomed out after 2 wks surgery, scared!!

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I went for a breast lift and new implants 3 weeks...

I went for a breast lift and new implants 3 weeks ago. Dr was finished w me in less than 2 hrs. From day one My left side had a tiny hole that would ooze yellow. I called Dr that evening he said it was normal. 2 weeks still oozing & getting bigger each day, Dr still said it was normal. He never mentioned me bottoming out at all. I told him I'm having pain in my ribs on my right side- hurts to twist & turn/ breath deep- He still didn't seem concerned whatsoever. He does not respond to me directly he has his secretary email me when I have questions/concerns. I chose to go to a diff surgeon to get a 2nd opinion & he couldn't believe the wound, said I have bottomed out on both sides, that my incisions were extremely long, looks like a rushed job, and I will need revision in future. He put me on antibiotic for infected wound/ cleaned it and the wound seems to be getting better each day.
I posted pics below to get more opinions. How long do I wait- with
Pain getting worse everyday in my ribs- to have a revision? Do I need to have internal bra for best results so this will not happen again? My incision line is from middle of my chest to armpit- can this be revised to a smaller incision later?
Any other advise is appreciated :)
Thank you for your time & opinions!!

Stats: 5'10, 130lbs, 600cc high profile, breast lift three weeks ago today.

After showering this evening I noticed my open...

After showering this evening I noticed my open wound is now bleeding and discovered a second wound opening near incision site on same left breast side. Second incision site is oozing yellow. Im worried there is something else going on internally ?

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