46 y.o. 2 Kids getting a Lift+ Mild Reduction - Miami, FL

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Surgery is paid today, super excited. Currently...

Surgery is paid today, super excited. Currently saggy 34D - going for a small youthful B cup. Have been dreaming of spaghetti strap tops and backless dresses my WHOLE life!!! OMG!! I can't believe I'm doing it!... The nurse and PS were super nice today at the preop apptmt., put me so much at ease. I'm not as nervous as before.

Some before pics...

Surgical bra arrived today

Ordered both Large and Medium. Medium fits better, more snug. I will send the Large back to exchange for another Medium

Decided to get a bed wedge pillow.

Better safe than sorry. Reading all your reviews, I thought would get one and keep it for the future.

Still waiting for my turn...

Arrived at the Surgery Center, feeling pretty good except is very weak and dehydrated. I've had a great night sleep (about 9 hours), was not expecting that.. My stomach got upset in the morning probably due to an antibiotic taken yesterday, so I feel like I have no food in my system... Lol!

I made it!!

More later..

Recovery started...

The surgery went fine, was surprised that they did not give me morphine right after, just some drug like Demerol, which is much weaker. So I was quite in a bit of pain. On the way home I've started dripping blood from my left breast incision, because the bra was already soaked. Surprisingly, they did not provide much padded dressing to avoid it. I had panty liners with me (just in case, as one blogger suggested) and was glad I had them!! When I got home, I went to bed with 1 Percocet pill and that was it. The pain diminished up to the point that I did not need painkiller anymore. Woke up this morning, with pain level 2 in my left and 0 in the right breast. I do not know what to expect pain wise from today's post op appointment, but will have Percocet handy for sure..

Post op appointment

Pain free bra change, all my fears were for nothing! PS was pretty pleased, me too. Still hard to believe...

Sleep position

I am normally is a stomach sleeper, now not even 2 days out and my back is killing me already. I just cannot find a comfortable position in bed.. Have a wedge pillow and a neck pillow, blankets, other pillows - nothing really helps. I was sort of expecting that, but I am really miserable, thinking of taking Percocet for my BACK in order to sleep and not for breast pain! Ridiculous.

First shower

I took my first shower yesterday, as instructed by a nurse, was a bit scared to get all steristrips wet, but actually it felt pretty good and relaxing with no pain. Sleeping is still a problem for me, my entire back is so sore! I have been using Icy hot gel for temporary relief. I get up during night 2-3 times and walk like a ghost around the house to give my poor back a break...

Steristrips dressings changed

My PS decided to change my dressings today instead of one week later... That was a surprise...
Did not hurt much. I think my PS have done an outstanding job.

First before & after ... :)

Bromelain time!...

It's the time of the recovery process when everybody start to talk about Bromelain as swelling becomes kind of bothersome... To me it feels like tight engorgement, like the boobs are about to pop! No pain really, just enormous pressure. But thinking of so many women that went through this process calms me down a bit. Browsing through some before & after BR pictures on the internet definitely helps to keep my spirits up. Just a little longer...

Loosing weight

It seems now I'm starting to get an idea why most people tend to loose weight after a BR. You don't want to spoil something you've worked so hard to achieve and have your results looking their best by keeping the rest of your body in shape. It only gets better from now on. ??

One week mark

Pain is gone, some mild itching and lots of swelling, of course. Trying to take it easy. My legs get extra work - instead if bending over and reaching down with my arms - I squat, also I much more use my legs and feet in situations when I would normally use hands. Here is more before and after (taken today)

Itching attack

I woke up last night itching like crazy!... Some people say that it can be due to an allergy to the adhesive in the dressing. I checked - no redness, I guess my body is just desperately heals itself! LOL

Post op day 11

At the 11 days post op appt. today my Micropore tape dressing was changed to Mepiform silicone scar tape. I also found out that my reduction was 125 g from the left and 150 g from the right breast.

2 weeks

Experience some soreness today probably due to sensation coming back or whatever... I also overdid it a little yesterday, today taking it easy. Hoping that from this point on things will be slowly improving. I also noticed that I am not hunching up as much as before, was finally able to pull my shoulders back a bit!... ????


Today is the second day that I'm noticing significant improvement pain wise as well as energy. I was able to color my hair all by myself today- can you believe that?!!
I've also tried a couple of dresses that I own, and boy, do they fit nice in the chest area!! I also look like I've lost 20 pounds. Can't wait to heal up to the point when I can go shopping for cute bras. Hope to be a B cup by then (keeping my fingers crossed!)

3 weeks update

I have been feeling better for the past 4 days, still use caution while walking and driving, arms range of motion has improved, but definitely not 100% back to normal yet. Breasts shape has not changed much, they became slightly softer though. I feel things are improving but at amazingly slow rate...

My progress..

It's hard to believe the difference in body proportions correct position of the breast makes...

4 weeks

My PS is famous for the most natural looking breast lifts and augmentations. So he managed to lift my breasts at a dramatically higher position achieving the shape people usually get with implants without having them! That probably involved a lot of tissue reorganization, which seems as a miracle to me.

Recovery progress comparison

Just a little encouragement for all if you out there who has just had the surgery. Only 3 weeks difference between these pictures. Notice improved posture and faded bruising... We are getting there everybody!!..

5 1/2 weeks...

You know what's the most fun?... Making before & after collages! Hope all of you are healing well. :)

Miraculous 6 week mark!...

I remember thinking I would NEVER get there... It just seemed unreal - and here I am, it's hard to believe. Boobs start to feel normal again, I saw them bouncing for the first time since surgery ( they were like rocks). I find myself doing most things without much thinking and caution as before... I even lifted my 7 y.o. when he asked me to! (That was a bit foolish, but did not cause any damage, thank God!) I've also started to sleep in my sides a week ago - what a relieve!...

7 weeks today...

Slept on my stomach for the first time since surgery - that was like heaven!.. Breasts have softened quite a bit but not 100% back to normal yet. I went to the gym yesterday to do some cardio and light weights, felt so good to be able to use the muscles again. Incisions are pretty much healed. Not sure if I want to get rid of the tape for good at this point, will ask my PS on Wednesday what he thinks.

2 months update

No more tapes! Still wear sports bra daily and a compression bra at night. Scars are starting to fade...

Before and 2 mo after

Quarter turn view - my favorite! lol

Wearing sports clothes

Definitely feels more pleasant and confident. Yesss!!

Bra shopping!!

Went bra shopping yesterday at Victoria's Secret. Current size: 36B.

4 months post op

Doing great. boobs have dropped s bit, but still above the crease. Pencil test passed!

Before and 5 mo after

Getting close to a 6 months mark!...

Bra by Wacoal, size..... 36B!!
Bravo, Dr. Krau, you did an AMAZING job!

6 months

Went for a 6 mo post op today. :) Feeling great!
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True artist and perfectionist. My results exceeded my expectations. Outstanding surgical skills and dedication. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Krau to anyone considering plastic surgery. He is the best.

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