35yr Old Saggy 34D-DD, Lift W/ Implants - Miami, FL

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Have been speaking with his office and so far they...

Have been speaking with his office and so far they have been very sweet and helpful. I have been considering lift procedure for 10yrs when I had my first consult. I am terrified of changing my breasts and wish I didn't have to, but I know it has to be done. Tired of going shopping and having to pass up 90% of the clothes because my supportive bra & thick straps won't work with the outfit. I recently saw two PS in Dallas of which I was impressed with one, however his price is $17k. I was one day away from scheduling and putting down deposit when someone told me to consider Miami since prices are less and some surgeons are just as good as the best in Dallas. All of my research has pointed to Dr. Krau. I am pending his virtual consult recommendations and am convinced I will use him even before hearing what he has to say! All PS in Dallas told me to do lift 1st and then implants later if I'm not happy with lift alone. They think I would be since I have a tremendous amount of breast tissue and do not want to go bigger, just fuller at top and perkier. Seems that Krau almost always does implant/lift together and not a lot of reviews with just a lift. Anyone been happy with just a lift? I want to be able to not wear a bra in spaghetti straps and tight dresses for once in my life, but would avoid implants if I can achieve that with lift by itself. I'm seeing a lot of women warning against using CG cosmetics therefore considering going to his private practice even if it costs more. Any insight is appreciated, as most women here I am very nervous about this whole procedure & want it to be perfect.

What I'm starting with

I know photos are the biggest help for all of our big decisions so here's where I'm starting from. Really hoping my feelings after surgery are "why didn't I get this done years ago" instead of "I wish I would have never gotten surgery".

Wish Pics!

Surgery Day!

I am 4hrs post op! I cannot express how amazingly nice and caring each and every member of the office staff and dr Krau is. They were so so so incredible in every way. My husband has been freaking out over this whole deal and I could even tell how much calmer and confident he was after meeting everyone, even though he didn't show his anxiety to them..... They just naturally care and put you at ease. The pain is not unbearable yet, I actually braced myself for it to feel 10 times worse. I took half Percocet around 5pm and a whole about an hour ago. I'm expecting Tomor to feel the worst. Of course my breasts look HUGE and are hard as can be but I know they will settle in to a smaller, softer state. We did a lift, reduction and 550cc implants. I put full trust in DR. Krau even though I was freaking the heck out on the inside from my consult yesterday when the surgery plans were completely diff from what I antipicatied in regards to the amount of my tissue being removed. I had to trust that will alllllllll my relentless research which lead to choosing him, that I had to trust my choice and let him do what he knows based on my goals. His bedside manner couldn't be better. For me, he is exactly what I'd hoped for. He's confident without being cocky, relaxed but serious and caring but not gushy. He's the perfect balance and I couldn't be happier. P

1 day post op

Pain pills working great! Overall pretty comfortable and not too much pain.

4 days post op, went by fast!

So the last pain pill I took was 2 days post op. Have been out and about in Miami with husband and teenagers. Somewhat uncomfortable but not in pain. I'm good to walk around for a few hours and then want to lay down to rest. Just don't want to Overdue it. Had final follow up with dr Krau this morning And he said all is healing perfectly so far. I researched extensively about supplements to help with recovery and have been taking them religiously. Not sure if they are really helping but I wanted to give it 100% best chance.

10 days down

Nothing much new to report. Feeling great!

Post surgery supplements

•Arnica from kraus office which contains bromelain (not shown, used up)
•Arnica 30x as directed- after other is used up
•L-arginine 1000mg - 3/day
•Taurine 500mg - 4/day
•Glutamine - not in pic, 3/day
•NOW Daily Vits - 2/day
•Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids - 2/day


Finally brought myself to remove steri strips! I think I got lucky as I do not see any wound openings. The t-junction at bottom anchor seems a little "raw" but from what I can tell it's closed and hopefully won't require any TLC. Went and did a little shopping today but only bought a VS bralette b/c I want to wait and see how these puppies settle before buying stuff. The swim top is a VS large and I sure hope the continue to look this great once they "drop n fluff". The lighting in my bathroom was janky this time of day so I'll take some close ups of incisions this week and post. I started 1st biocorneum scar treatment tonight. They are getting softer and softer each week, but still pretty hard, and I am almost comfortable enough to sleep on side. Sharp pains still from time to time and numbness, mostly bottom half of breast which I know is common.

2 month update

I'll try to get a better pic on here. The lighting in my bathroom is horrible at night puts shadows on my chest. This is the best I could do for now :(. Everything is going great and scars are healing nicely. I had two sutures come through in the form of a puss pocket that left a raw spot, but they healed up super quick. Dr Krau's office is always very prompt in response my questions. I was finally able to sleep on my side around week 6 which was super exciting! My back pain I experienced prior to surgery is so much better which he said would be. So far I'm super happy. Will try to post some better pics soon.

Forgot the pic!

4.5 months

Happy with my decision! Here are some incision update pics. Still treating, now with silagen silicone strips after Finishing the large biocorneum bottle. I will post full pics soon. They are still just as perky and looking better each week.
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