5'4 185 lb 550 cc silicone HP

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I am so excited about taking a vacation and then...

I am so excited about taking a vacation and then getting a breast augmentation with Dr. Jacob Freiman in Miami. I have wanted a boob job since my 20s after seeing that they were NOT going to grow anymore. The women in my family had boobs and I was the one with tiny (although pretty) boobies and a huge booty. I'm hoping to match my top half with my shapely lower half. I would also love a fuller bosom with medial and upper pole cleavage and fullness. I've been researching and reading for the past year and I'm finally ready! By the way, I've been following the posts of other ladies that went with Dr. Freiman and have loved his work. He seems to have a very "Miami natural" aesthetic -- round, perky and not too, too big.

Hubby's wish Pic

So my husband would like me to go larger and I've posted a pic. I like the large and perky look (d-dd) but I'm worried about the long term results. I'm 39 so I don't have the really young tissues that my wish pic has. I am shorter and heavier as well. Will these bigger implants make me look matronly? Her name is JeniXo (wanted to
give credit) and her boobs are beautiful. By the way, I'm 5'4 and 187- 39 years old. Although I appreciate my husband's input, ultimately I have to be happy of course.

Before Pic

Hubby did not want my nipples showing, so here is a more modest "before" pic

Still Waiting

So I'm still sitting here waiting to have surgery. The doctor came in (Dr. Freiman) and he was really nice and had a great bedside manner. I haven't met the anesthesiologist. I'm a little irritated that I asked in March (when I booked and paid in full) to be the first patient of the day and have been waiting for houuuurs. Otherwise, everyone has been really nice. Just don't expect punctuality by any means in regard to appointment times. I was supposed to have my surgery at 3:00 pm and it is now 16:50 lol.

Pre op

Pre Op Care

I met with everyone from the pre-op nurse, Dr. Freiman, CRNA (anesthetist), and the post op nurse. Everyone was super sweet and very efficient! I am super satisfied with the care I've received up to this point. I'll update with pics soon.

I've got boobies!

I was the last patient of the day and finally went in for my procedure around 17:15. The operating room was clean and the or staff were so nice. My anesthesiologist was a CRNA and super funny! The air was definitely worth it -- I don't see what some people complain about as far as Dr. Freiman's demeanor. He was very charming and efficient -- I would gladly recommend my friends to him. The pain is no joke, though. I am still very shaky and in pain almost 6 hours later. I ended up getting 550 cc, wow!

1 hour post op

1 hour post op pictures

I was having a bit of trouble paying my pics.

550 CC

Let's try again

Day 1 post op

I went to my post op appointment today. I didn't have to wait long and my nurse was really nice. She gave me post op instructions and took off the gauze on my nipples. I definitely have a case of the "frankenboobies", but Dr. Freiman had told me to expect this because I had mild ptosis.

10 Day PO Pics

I am now 10 days post op. I have been off the pain meds for 3 days now. My arms feel fine now also. I'm definitely super tight in the chest and high still but my breasts have dropped a little. Per my doctor's instructions I removed the steri strips today. I also trimmed the clear, dissolvable suture ends yesterday. At first my areola scars kind of scared me because they are a little thick and long looking. But I think that for being only 10 days out they look good and will heal well. Also, I did put silicone strips on them but they kept coming off. However, I did read a research piece in which the results showed that steri strips, Medipore tape, silicone strips, and other types of medical tape produced a flatter and thinner scar if kept on for several weeks (either worked similarly). So, I may just use the medipore tape for the first few weeks and then switch to a silicone type since it stays on the skin well and actually is comfier than the silicone strips. By the way, my doctor's coordinator (Blanca) has been really great about calling and giving me post op instructions.

21 Days Post Op

Not much has changed- I'm still needing to drop. I'm now a 36 DD from a small 36 B. I hope I don't go much larger because I went to Lululemon yesterday and I'm at their largest size (DD). I really like the size they are now too. I'm still trying to lose weight and I have lost the 6 pounds I gained during my recovery. I'm now able to sleep on my side a little bit too, yay!

4 weeks 2 days PO

Hello Ladies! Just a quick update so others know what to expect. They've gotten a bit softer at this point and the right has started dropping, raising my nipple finally. The nipple pointing down thing was started to really worry me. My left breast is still really high as you will see in the pictures and this nipple continues to point down (sad face). I am getting some painful zings in my nipples and side of the breasts that I massage out- especially in the mornings. Otherwise, I am doing great and have just started lower body exercises again. I think Dr. Freeman did a great job and his work is awesome! My areola scars are looking much flatter and thinner now also. I ordered mepitac silicone strips and will try that soon. I had a mild reaction to the medipore tape and it was super itchy and red around my areolas so I had to discontinue that. I'm also back to wearing my Marena bra as it's supposed to keep tension off the scars while they heal and that helps them to heal thinner. I'll update again with any changes in a few weeks.

8 Week Pic Update

My breasts are finally getting softer, especially the left. You can see that the nipple is still pointing down a bit on the left. I'll post more pics in another month or so with any changes. Also, I am still wearing mepitac strips to flatten my scars.

12 Week Update

I just wanted to show you ladies what the progression looks like at 12 weeks. Also, I did get stretch marks under one breast and I'm posting a pic. A lot of docs say stretch marks don't often happen unless you're very young. But I'm in my late 30s with two children and still got stretch marks. I never even got them when I was pregnant!

Favorite Bras

I'm keeping these babies supported now that they've dropped. My left breast never fully did and that nipple is not as high as the right. It was like that before because I had a bit of asymmetry so I'm okay with that. I'm wearing these Lululemon bras to prevent future drooping and to support my back. One bonus is that they're not as hot/sweaty now since I don't need padding anymore!

Tara Tamer II

7 months Update

I wanted to show what larger implants look like at 7 months post op. I have lost another 20 pounds so that's good. Unfortunately, I can now feel the implant on the inner right lower aspect of my boob. They're also starting to feel crazy big and are soft/natural feeling. I'm now a 34 DD.

May Need a Revision

My right breast tissue is sliding a bit off the implant one year post op. Because of this the shape is a little square in that side. I sent 2 emails to Dr. Freiman's office starting at 9 months but they didn't really respond other than sending a generic email to book a breast lift as if I was a new patient.

2 Years Post Op

Here is how 550 cc silicone HP looks on a thicker woman. I now weight 174 so still not skinny.

Add Pic Again

Sorry that pic didn't take!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Freiman was super nice and informative. He answered my questions thoroughly and talked about my available options. I didn't feel rushed at all as other reviewers have posted. Also, I really think he is great at breasts. A lot of people choose their surgeons based on their personality and not knowledge/medical credentials but I'm not looking for a best friend-- I wanted a great SURGEON and he came through. Blanca was my coordinator and she was also very nice, easy to get in touch with, and answered my questions/concerns. My post op nurse gave me lots of aftercare advice and answered all of my questions.

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