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Hi All, I've beens stalking and lurking for...

Hi All,
I've beens stalking and lurking for waaaaayyyyy too long and have finally decided to start my own journey.
II've put in my time with the mommy body and now I'm extremely excited and looking forward to the new body. I'm only having lipo to my abs/flanks/backroll and BA and I honestly can't wait......

I've been considering it for a while finally narrowed my doctors down to a select few. One of them was Dr. Michael Shotwell here in Atlanta at American Lipo Centers. They had giving me a pretty good price range and I was fairly happy. But as I continued to do my research I became more and more nervous and second guessing my decision. I don't like that feeling but I went ahead and placed my deposit down and was scheduled to have lipo only with them. Then I posed the question of having lipo in one place and BA in another to our lovely community of doctors on here and all of them pretty much said the same thing and it was all great advice..... 1) Make sure your surgeon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and 2) Why not have both procedures at the same time by the same PS. I had thought the same thing but I tried to put it out of my mind because I had put a deposit down. Well needless to say I'm very happy that I followed my instincts and pursued looking further into my PS while continuously searching for another. I found out that the original PS was not a PS at all but a General surgeon. Now don't get me wrong he's is a board certified surgeon but not a PS. This may not bother most but it bothered me. The question I kept asking myself was whether he would be more concerned with just removing the fat from my chosen areas or would be into sculpting the body as well...... Well I got my answer when I finally got the chance to meet him today. He was very shy and sweet, but as I asked him a few questions and he explained the procedure and what he would do, it became very clear to me that he would only be concerned with removing the fat. Therefore, I cancelled my procedure with ALC (atlanta) and scheduled all of my procedures with Dr. Jacob Freiman in Miami. I only made that decision this morning and already I'm relieved about my decision. I've been going back and forth with Yadira for quite some time and she was very accommodating when I called and I asked if Dr. Freiman could do my lipo and BA. I am now scheduled for my mini-makeover March 10th. Everything has been booked and now I am just waiting my time out.

A little advice if you don't feel right about it, don't go through with it. 
Well, this was long enough I guess. I'm extremely excited to finally be on the latter part of this journey and very happy to be on it with so many other women, so I know I wasn't just me... lol
I look forward to sharing with you all and I will post pics after the procedure of before and after.

Massages Before Surgery

I'm literally 2 weeks away from my day and I'm so excited it's really hard to focus on anything else.
I'm thinking of having at least 2 massages before my procedures, I'm hoping to relax my muscle a little more. I don't if the massages will help. Has anyone else tried massages before surgery? Just wondering. I'm sooooo excited and anxious, I can't wait.

UPDATE last minute change!

Last minute change..... I'm just finding out that I can't have the lipo and BA at the same time. Apparently per Fl law your not supposed to have more than one liter of fat removed when having another major procedure. Since the lipo means more to me than anything I will have the lipo with a small fat transfer. I'm not really into the whole BBL but I'll be honest in saying that I could use a small lift plus I am a curves and shape kind of lady...... The husband agreed that I will have the lipo w/bbl and if I still want BA later I can have it. I already know I'm going to have a BA bc I'm a boob person. Only by the time I get new "girls" I should be happy with the rest of my body.
So anyone have tips on the whole BBL thing?
Also I'm still going with Dr. Freiman, has anyone else had BBL with him? Please share if you have. Thanks

Lipo & BBL 3.10.14

These two weeks may have flew by but this weekend seems to be taking forever. I fly out in the morning with my my husband. Thank God he's home because most times he's out of town. I got to speak with Dr. Freiman yesterday evening and I really appreciate him taking the time out to call. Right now I really hope I haven't over done it with everything I bought to prepare. I've started taking antibiotics & a stool softener so that they are already in my system for the procedure the last thing I want is to be constipated afterwards.
I'm truly trying to get myself completely together. I've also been to the dentist several times the last 2 months. I see no point in having a nice body without healthy teeth & a smile to match. So right now I'm extremely happy about that as well. I will post pics of before & after, afterwards. I don't think I have the nerve to right now. But maybe I'll get the nerve once I'm in Miami. Who knows?!

Can't Sleep

Soooooo..... my plane leaves in 3 hours and we need to leave the house in 1 hour and I have not been to sleep nor do I plan to. I'm afraid I'll over sleep...... So I called the hotel to see if we could check-in early and apparently they are completely booked and the earliest we can check-in is 12:30........ I'll have to take that I guess.... But I'm going to be so tired probably the only we'll get to really enjoy anything. The husband and I were hoping to go on one of our dates today.... But we'll see..
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far I'm very pleased with my communication with Yadira and the staff at CG Cosmetics. I was able to speak with him yesterday. I'm glad I did. For some reason I get tge feeling that he's a perfectionist, which is fine by me because so am I. So I feel great that I'm going with him for my procedure. I'll update my review of him more with pics and afterwards to help those who want to see his work outside of his fabulous BA work which is what I had originally chose him for.

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