32 with 4 Kids and Ready for my New Change ! -Miami, FL

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Hi everyone! I am very excited with my decision I...

Hi everyone! I am very excited with my decision I am now 2 weeks away from my surgery and I am freaking out here but excited too. I am a mother of 4 my first child was when I was 16 so you could imagine that I didn't get to developed completely . I have a 15 year old , a 12, 8 and a 3 year old. I am a 34 b but it looks like an A lol.. Here are my before pictures sorry that won't take them with out a bra..

One more week!

My surgery is coming up...my gosh ..I want to get over it already. I want to know how my pain is going to be and for how long.. Well I already bought my surgery day outfit lol..! Just need the sport bra, any suggestions..?

One more day!!

Ok tomorrow is my day...I am so nervous and anxious , scared and everything you can imagine...I just want to get over it my head is going crazy.....don't want to want to think anymore ...today after work I have to clean up get all my kids set up for Thursday and Friday school stuff...I have a 3 years old boy that loves kicking and jumping on me but of course I gotta love that...I mean who doesn't right? I am still going over what else I am missing ...any list lady's of what I need for tomorrow ..well I'll be posting later on today and of course tomorrow..wish me luck!!!

5th day update!

Hi lady's , sorry for not updating any sooner it was not easy for me with all the medications I was out! Lol.. Well everything has been well little by little ... The first few days it was hard specially for my upper back my gosh that was more painful for me then my actual breast. It could be cause I suffer from scoliosis. Now I am doing much better with that and my breast too . They haven't dropped much I can't walk completely straight but I am trying , most of the time is that I am afraid ...I don't know to hurt them .. Also I have been on and off depress but I hope that's normal too..ok back to my breast the doctor put me 425 ccs on each breast..pretty big but maybe not . At the moment I love them and my husband too...lol

Fallow up

My fallow up is Thursday ...I'll keep updating my progress...

6 weeks

Everything is better, my breast look a little different. One is bigger than the other. The incision is not noticeable, my left breast feels like a burning sensation not sure why but is not that bad ..hopefully it gets better. I feel the move when I lay down and quickly turn.." It feels strange" hopefully that gets better too! Overall I love them and my hubby too ..when can I wear a wired bra..? And also I still sleep with the strap..am I suppose to? Can't go see my surgeon cause no longer in Miami .

1 year and 6 months after!

It's been 1 year and 1/2 , not happy!! My breast are not twins ???? it's not funny, my left breast is saggy and it feels empty , it also dropped significantly then the other one. I called my surgeon to take a look and waiting on his opinion. The bad thing is that I am not in Florida where they are located so most likely I would have to travel... Please give me your opinion and if this had happened to anyone else..
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I love all the good reviews that Dr. freiman has and the clinic as well. I went in and my coordinator was so sweet and honest. I saw the doctor and told him I wanted a small c but he told me that I had a small body frame and that to big on me would look fake and to small too.. So he said moderate profile maybe a fool b would look great on me and he also mention that I would have a cleavage but that my nipples are a bit to low but lifting them would not be recommended since either way I am very small..I weight 116 and I am 5'1 very petite ...lol

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