28, 2 Kids, 371 mod+ silicone... Breastfed Youngest for 16mos. Want my Boobs Back!! Miami, FL

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I'm 28, 5'6" and 125-130 lbs. Before kids I was a...

I'm 28, 5'6" and 125-130 lbs. Before kids I was a full 34B. After breastfeeding the youngest for 16 months, I'm left with a full, but saggy 34A :( I'm looking for natural results... not an obvious or fake look. I'm thinking between 350-425 CC, Moderate Plus. Unfortunately, my doctor doesn't like to suggest sizes, but hopefully he will shed more light during the Pre-Op. The only things I'm 100% certain about are that I want Silicone implants, under the muscle, through the inframammary fold.

Before pics

Getting ready for surgery today. Here's some before pics.

371 Mod +... Day After Surgery

Yesterday, I was pretty miserable. Quite a bit of pain & groggy from the anesthesia. I threw up right after they wheeled me out, but haven't had any nausea or vomiting since then. Today, there's still a lot of pressure / tightness around my chest, but I'm FEELING a lot better. Staying on top of all my meds.

Post-Op - Day 2

I've noticed what seems like air bubbles just above my right breast. Asked the doc & he said it's normal... guess I just have to wait it out. Apparently, my doctor doesn't like to use the massaging & recommended a compression band instead for the next couple of weeks (until my next Post-Op).

Post-Op - Day 4... not much has changed

Wearing a compression band most of the day until my follow-up in about a week and a half. Still a little uncomfortable at times. My range of motion is getting better a little at a time, but I have to ask my hubby for a lot (reaching up high for something, close my car door, etc.). The implants are starting to settle & I've noticed that the left side is a little slower. I'm still sleeping propped up, & I plan to for a little while because I don't want to mess anything up.

A few of my favorite things

- heating pad for my back... my upper back was SOOO sore for the first couple of days

- straws... I couldn't lift my arms up to save my life, got 120 straws for $1 at the dollar store

- backrest pillow.... really helps support you

- button up or zipper anything... still living in my zipper hoodie, button up shirt, & SUPER comfy button up pj set

- water!!

- helper... my hubby took 2 weeks of work to care for me, the house, and the baby. I've also enlisted my 8 year old for the little things :)

I hope this helps other women getting ready to have surgery!

Lucky 13... Post-Op - Day 13

I'm 13 days post-op today. It doesn't seem like much has changed, but they DEFINITELY are changing. My left side is a little slower than my right, but they're both dropping. We have a big date night planned at the end of the month & I can't wait to show off the girls!

Went for another post-op appt. yesterday & they said everything looks good... keep wearing my compression band, but no massaging per Dr. Krau. They trimmed the ends of my stitches & said the rest will dissolve. I can start scar treatment in 6 days. They recommended BioCorneum, which is the only FDA approved silicone gel scar treatment. It's pricey most places I've seen, but less than $50 through Amazon Prime. Ultimately, they said anything silicone based would be good. Next appt. is May 19th.

I'm still feeling pain under my boobs, just above the incision. They said that's normal & some patients can feel pain up to a month. Most likely, it's the second incision inside. I can't wait to be 100% pain-free!

I'll post updates on a weekly basis to show progress. It helped me sooo much while I was doing all my research prior to the surgery.

Happy healing, ladies!

Post-Op - Day 20

Well, they're still slowly dropping. The left is still slower (nothing new there). I splurged for the bioCorneum+ for my scars & I started using it today, so hopefully you get what you pay for! Lol. Still wearing my compression band when I'm around the house. Other than that, not a whole lot new with them. Can't wait for them to settle in!

In my pics, I included a side-by-side comparison from day 2 and day 20 (today).

Happy healing, ladies!

Scar pics

Just call me Ms. New Boobies :)

I stopped updating for a little bit because my left boob was looking REALLY awkward in my pics & I suffered some serious boob greed.

Well, I'm back!

As they've dropped... my left has really caught up with my right & I feel like they're bigger now that they're settling, I guess. I still have the thought that I could've gone bigger, but overall... I am soooo happy! I finally feel sexy again!

I'm measuring at a 34 D and it's completely surreal. I've never been bigger than a 34 C.

I feel like my scars are taking forever to look better. I'm applying BioCorneum+ twice a day still. I've actually started using cocoa butter on the stretch marks on my inner breasts when I apply my scar cream (twice a day). Seems to be helping a little bit.

Next post-op is the 19th.

Just for fun...

Victoria's Secret sale!

I'll be updating later today, but I wanted to let you ladies know about the great deal I just got online.

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