21 Yrs, No Kids 450CC Dr. Omulepu - Miami, FL

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Hi ladies! I decided to go get breast implants...

Hi ladies!
I decided to go get breast implants with Dr. Omulepu at Spectrum Aesthetics. I had a lot of difficulty contacting anyone from Spectrum, and would have to call them multiples times before anyone would pick up. I originally had Victor as my coordinator, as i was suppose to have Dr. Ortega as my surgeon. However, he was fully booked for my desired surgery date, and when i spoke to him on the phone, he didn't really listen to what i wanted to have done, and basically just told me what i wanted… So after doing some research, i decided to go with Dr. Omulepu instead, and my new coordinator was Vivian. Vivian changed my surgery date 3 times. This caused me to change my flight and hotel accommodations and work schedule, which as you can imagine is very frustrating. After a lot of arguing, i gave up on dealing with Vivian and began speaking with Evelyn, who is very helpful and competent. My Surgery date was confirmed for May 22nd.

Day of surgery

I was nervous going in to the office on my day of surgery (and extremely hungry)
My surgery was scheduled for 3pm but I ended up waiting until around 530pm for surgery. When I met with Dr. Omulepu to be marked up, I showed him my wish pic (which is posted on here) and told him I wanted around 325cc silicone.. After looking at my wish picture, he asked me to trust him, and to not worry about numbers, and if I did so, he would be able to come very close to the wish picture results. So I took a leap of fate and did just that. I woke up from surgery with 450cc, and aeriola incision. I was hysterical, I wanted crease incisions as I feared for complications with future breastfeeding, Dr Omulepu calmly comforted me and told me there would be no complications and basically that I was overacting and that he made very nice incisions. So again, I decided to just trust him, as he has very nice bedside manner.
I had very mininal pain on the first day, I actually walked to a nearby store and bought another front zipping sports bra and some food.
Day two was more painful, I slept through the night and forgot to take my pain meds which resulted in very stiff muscles and very sore boobies, but as soon as my meds Kicked in I was fine again.
Unfortunately on day 3 I had to fly back home to Toronto, however I slept through the flight and had no additional pain during the flight, when I got home I began taking half of my pain pills as my pain was quite minimal.

Honestly within the last three days I've seen a lot of changes in my breast, they've begun to get softer already and a lot of the swelling has gone done :)
So far im very happy with my results!

More pictures

Wish picture

5 days post op

I'm officially off all pain medication, just a muscle relaxer before bed :), so far things are great, my boobs are changing so much everyday, they're getting squishier by the second!
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