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Well for starters, such as many other stories I'm...

Well for starters, such as many other stories I'm a mother of one. Before my child I was VERY small weighing at no more than 100lbs. After my pregnancy I weighed almost 180lbs & went from a A cup breast to almost a D. Obviously no keeps their baby weight so with that comes with sagging skin. My body went back to normal, in fact even better because I stood slim/thick in certain places but my breast looked like flat tires. At first it didn't bother me because I had a boyfriend who loved and cared for me either way plus I had no intentions on showing no one my breast besides him. My career at the time was being a Patient Care Asst. and then planned on going to school for nursing which wouldn't involve showing your breast either! 3 yrs after having my son I thought about being an exotic entertainer. Boy I had no clue what I was getting myself into!!! Lol... It makes you change your entire perspective on your body itself! ( so much competition body wise) everyone in the industry has something fake. (I don't care how much they lie some surgery is just better than others so you will never know who's natural). I was very self Conscious about showing my breast to the point I wouldn't even show them on stage. ( what stripper doesn't show their boobs?) lol. Anyone who knows dancing isn't easy & your body is the number one factor in order to make REAL money. A year into dancing I woke up one day and said "F it" I'm getting my boobs done. I was tired of not being able to wear cute little strapless tops without a bra when you know your boobs are down to your belly botton. No man wants to pay to see that!!!! Lol. A couple of Colombian girls at my job who had BEAUTIFUL fake EVERYTHING referred me to a doctor named Dr. Peter Somers located in Miami FL. When they told me the price I wanted to do it right there and then ($2,200). I googled breast implants and the prices were outrageous so I didn't even think twice to book the appointment the next day! I didn't research on him and everything seemed legit & no bad reviews. Plus I saw his work in person which was great. On September 12th I flew to Miami for my consultation, September 13th I had blood work and September 14th was the big day! I was so excited!!! But..... From the time I got there I was frustrated. For starters, all front desk asst. we're on their phones gossiping? Excuse me?? Hello! Who does that?! Secondly, my surgery was scheduled for 10:30am. 12pm came and I was still in the waiting room. Smh. Boy was I heated even more due to the fact I had nothing in my stomach since 12 midnight the night before. Finally around 1pm I was brought into the exam room to change clothes. Dr. Peter Somers was very much in a rush and didn't even apologize for the wait. Around 1:30 I was brought into the operating room. The Anesthesiologist was nice and made me feel comfortable. The next thing I knew I was asleep. When I woke up all I remember was smelling lots of rubbing alcohol. They immediately dressed me plopped me into a wheel chair and wheeled me outside to my ride. When I arrived to my hotel I wasn't in any pain just groggy from the Anesthesia. I threw up lots of flem but felt much better right after. He had told me I can take off the bandages in 8 hrs. When I did I wasn't to pass out. Not from dizziness but from the horrific sight. They were nothing pretty to look at! I knew right away I was going to be happy.... They were very far apart from each other and I had specifically explained to him I have a gap and want them close together but not overly fake looking. From my skin being so saggy before, I still had sagging skin over my implant. My implants were on top of my chest. I called him the next day to be able to give them a little time to drop but I knew for sure no matter how much time it took they were going to drop as they should. When I called him with my concerns he had an attitude and said "we'll I gave you what you asked for".. Really?? Ok! Two days later I came into the office for my post opp visit and wasn't even seen by him. I was seen by Olga which was the lady who scheduled my appointment in the first place. She told me to keep wear my bandage on top of my breast to help them drop into the pocket so they won't droop at the bottom. I did as I was told for over a month 24/7. I finally got fed up seeing nothing was getting better except for the swelling and called dr. Somers. He told me "we'll you have a lot of skin so it isn't my fault". Well dumb ass you being a doctor should have told me what was best for me (meaning a lift). Also my left boob is literally a size bigger than my right. Smh. I told him I wanted a revision and his response was "ok but your gonna have to pay again". He didn't try to compromise with me at all! He barely wanted to hear anything I had to say. I even threatened him that I would get a lawyer and he said "I don't care do what you have to do. You can't go no where else and get you boobs done for $2200". What????? Are you kidding me? It's the same procedure just a different cost.... After that I gave up with his bs and decided to go to a different doctor....

One of my friends had just came back from a breast augmentation and informed me of coral gables cosmetics. Her boobs had look exactly like mine before she got them done.... I fell inlove with her boobs, and even more that it had been only a week since she got them done and they looked so natural and normal! I called them the following week and spoke with Yadira who I explained my story to. By the pictures she knew I needed help and that my case wasn't an easy job to begin with. She told me "just putting a small normal implant wouldn't help you at all. You need to go much bigger & wider to fill you breast up. They are empty!" Lol. So I waited to heal up and took a trip back in May for a consultation. She told me Dr. Robert Hunsaker would be best for my case. She showed a couple of girls in the office who worked there and just got their breast done with him. I was very pleased with what I saw. When I met with him he listened to every concern and informed me he had done many revisions after Dr. Somers mistakes. He also told me its not that he did a bad job he just didn't do it correct for my case. I needed bigger implants. He made me a small C cup when I at least need a D cup. Also my incision is GREAT! BARELY noticeable at the bottom of the nipple and paper thin! I decided to wait for the summer to be over and then get them done over since I don't want to be "handicap" for the summer! Lol. It's now Sept (exactly a year later) and my appointment is booked for September 11th! I will be posting every step of the way! (Sorry for such a long story I just wanted to make sure I get every detail in so you guys know my reasons for a revision) any further questions feel free to ask!

A pic right before my revision

Here's a better look of why I hate my breast that Dr. Somers did! Terrible!!!!
Dr. Peter Somers

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