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I Just started my journey by calling...

I Just started my journey by calling SpectrumAesthetics. I decided to go with Dr. O because although I have not met him, my coordinator has made me feel confident. Plus I did my own research oh him and he is definitely the one I want being the artist on my body. I will keep you posted. As of now I am searching for a hotel that allows my 8lb dog with me, I don't have anyone to take care of her. Anyone know of a nice and clean hotel?

Sugery so Close!!! Tummy Tuck, BL with Implants....Yayyyyyyyyyy

Surgery with Dr. Ortega is scheduled for November 9th and I am so nervous. I have been calling the office in Miami because I have everything cleared from my doctor. I have not heard any response yet and I am nervous . Any one have this experience, maybe it's my nerves...lol
I will upload pics soon.

SIX days till my Surgery!!!

Hello Ladies, only 6 days away and I still am not believing it. I bought a few things, not much. I bought a garment that I will upload shortly and would appreciate and comments. I don't know anything about these garments and would hate to spend money on the wrong one, any feedback will be appreciated. I reading on the reviews and I am so blessed to have you all giving me so much information.thank you!

2 more days left!!!

I am super happy and not at all nervous, yet. Lol
Just attending a wedding and wish I had this already done because I didn't feel sexy.
I just found a place to stay just 9 minutes away from Spectrum Aesthetics! On Airbnb.....can anyone advise on supplements that I may need? I am running out of time.


I want to upload pics and cant.


Iam sitting just hours before my surgery, it's scheduled for 12;30.

I had a restful night but I think I am dreaming......

Mommy makeover Completed!!!

Hello Ladies,
I have to share with you how wonderful my experience with Dr. Ortega went. First I must say the staff where totally amazing. You will get an impression of them that is not the greatest if you are out of town.l, but it's a totally different scenario in person. They truly care and are v r y compassionate eith everyone that comes to their office, so be patient st the beginning.

I met Dr. Ortega and he was AMAZING! he is on point, very humble, honest and so compassionate. He made me feel so worry free. Trust him ladies, he knows what he is doing. He did his markings on my body, answered all my questions and made me laugh!

Then immediately after I met with the anesthesiologist l, awesome gentleman. Went into surgery and was out in seconds!

I woke up with minimal pain but the worst part was when I sat down, got very nausea and needed to throw up,the pain was real!

But that was it, my wonderful husband had me taken to the car and went to our room. He gave me my meds and although I couldn't sleep but that's because I don't fall asleep that easy as always but after the second pain pills, I slept very well.

I must say I have high tolerance for pain so I can't say it hurt. My tummy is of course sensitive but oli don't feel anything with my boobs.

So far so good morning having my followup appointment today. I will keep you posted!

Hubby t9ld me I look awesome and I haven't taken anything off yet!!!

Few pics, not the greatest

Iam feeling soar but good spirits. Last night was not the best. Forgot my pain meds and believe me it hurt ...but doing better. Taking good my first shower in about a sec....will send more pictures

1st Shower completed!

Hello again Ladies, I just finished with my 1st Shower and my hubby had to get in with me because my back was in pain. He helped me wash up and I felt so much better. I just want you ladies to know that you must take care of yourself and take extra precautions. I feel so much better and more relaxed. I am super swollen b8t in very good spirits. I posted some pics but will upload more as I progress. Thank you all for your support. This is a true journey and it feels good to share with you.

Don't forget Your Protein!

This might help for your protein. Muscle Milk, 40 grams of protein....

4 days and counting!

Hello Ladies, I wanted to update you on my progress. As you know my surgery was November 9th and it's been 4 days post optical and I can't wait to go home..lol
I feel good. Still walking a little bent over b8t overall feeling good. I took another shower and felt even better. Night times are most difficult because iam very swollen and it is uncomfortable but I still grateful for the procedures. It's been a positive experience.
I found a red spot on my right breast that is itchy but my appointment is tomorrow and iam sure it will be ok. My husband has been such a blessing. This is a journey that we will cherish...lol

5 days! And feeling stronger

Hello again!
This is been an interesting journey! I feel strong and have followed all my PS instructions. It's very important that you all listen and don't over do anything. One thing I am so grateful is for the advice I found on this site regarding cough drops! That really really saved me from a painful experience like. Have them near you because they are a life saver. I didn't spend money on many items that I noticed where bought on this site but everyone is different. Also everyone heals differently too. I didn't have much pain. No pain 8n my flanks or boobs. My tummy was a little more sensitive but not as bad as I expected. Just know that everyone's pain tolerance is different. We can 9nly share our personal experience to assist you in your journey but at the end of the day your PS is the expert, so please no cutting corners!
Today is my followup appointment and then I am returning home. It's only 3 hour drive but still long drive. My drains are still with me and I probably will need to return to have them removed bit no problem. I keep my log and keep them clean, not as bad as I imagined. Well ladies I will let you know of my visit today. I will take more pics, iam just super swollen so you really wont see much of a difference. Be blessed everyone!!!!

Follow-up Appointment

Hello everyone, iam at the doctors office waiting and took some pics. As you can see 8am super swollen but that is part of the process. The implants are Mentor/350cc. I hope it all works out for me. Iam super nervous rigjt now. Everything feels like it super tight. W8ll keep you posted.

Omg....long wait

Ladies, iam at my appointment. Got here at 2:00pm and it's 3:45! Iam trying not complain but iam very uncomfortable, in pain and hungry...just be ready to wait a long time. Go the bathroom, get your meds on, if needed. Just know that it will a long wait. At least for me it has been extremely uncomfortable. I hate to complain....just needed to vent.:(

Meanwhile more pics...

I have a couple more..

Follow up completed

Ok Ladies, finally I saw Dr. Ortega after 2 1/2 hour wait. I guess I was super nervous and my anxiety kicked. Even though it was a long wait, it was well worth the wait! When you meet Dr. Ortega, he is so compassionate and kind that you just forget about the long wait. He 8s very fast bit very knowledgeable in his field. His MA always has a smile and very kind. Ladies dont stress over the wait because you will wait buy they truly are the best and are super busy. Just be patient and you will be super grateful once you complete the process.

Everyone in the office knows their job and truly care but they are super busy. 8 have another followup on Friday and believe it is a 4 hour drive but I will be patient because they give you their best.

Love the Ortega staff! God bless you all.

Felling Strong!

Hello everyone, hope all is well on your journey. I just wanted to let you all know how iam doing.
I have been feeling very tired but today I feel so much better. I have my next appointment tomorrow and have a 3 5 hour drive to Miami, but no complaints. I hate this binder, it really irritates my skin. Need to purchase a new one, any one has purchased any new one?
I took a nice shower and had to redress my belly button dressing but nothing major, just had a lot of dry blood. I also washed all my garments and feel great. I just want you ladies to know that iam healing really well, eating healthy and drinking a lot of water and juices. I didn't spend a lot of money on anything extra. My swelling is taking its normal course (staying away from any sodium). I have to areas one on my right and one on my left side of my breast that are red but using the correct medicated ointment is helping a lot. Just don't spend all your money on extras because the body does wonders on its own. As long as you follow your PS instructions you will be fine. I included the areas that are red but healing well.

Hope everyone is doing great with thier healing. To everyone who started the journey, blessingsb to you all.

Belly button Issues!!!!

Hello Ladies,
It was my post op appointment yesterday and I left on tears. I know that we can feel overwhelmed and emotional.

Dr. Ortega is an angel, as always. I heard was so compassionate and always happy. I had a foul smell coming out of by bellybutton and was very concerned. It was crusted and black. He checked and explain that the bellybutton takes longer to heal and sometimes the blood doesn't flow as easy. I also have a dark spots below my ttyl incision that has the same issue with the blood flow. I was concerned and very emotional because I read on these topics. Necrosis is a very serious issue. Well he gave me some Zulfate and I need to clean the bellybutton 3x a day. Well I already started cleaning it with the Zulfate and the foul smell has disappeared, hopefully everything will turn out good. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you my friends!

Bellybutton/Incision not so good new!

Hello ladies, I had my followup appointment today and I was told that I may need to have surgery again, next Monday. My wound is not healing and it is slowly opening. I am following the instructions in every way. My belly ibutton has its issues too. I had my drains removed and that was the best part. I ask for your prayers that I won't need surgery. Iam going to start more antibiotics and I pray it will disappear. Iam trying to stay positive because I don't want to stress my body. Hope everyone is doing well.

Pics Before having the revision...

This is before my revision on Monday! It was very uncomfortable but these things can happen. You must stay positive at all times. Your PS should make you comfortable and stress free. Dr. Ortega is a sweetheart and always made me comfortable.

Revision and still healing.

Hello everyone, hope things are well for everyone.
Just letting you know I had my belly revision on Monday. Still 8n the healing process but I feel so much better. I don't have that discomfort or that horrible smell from my belly button. It's been a difficult time and I am so tired. I can't wait to heal completely. I cry sometimes because I can't stand being locked up. Still have issues walking. Still a hunched and can't get straight. Well guess this shall pass to! Got to stay focused.


Hello Ladies, I just wanted to let you know how things are going since my last Tummy tuck revision. Iam still in the healing process. Iam so tired and at times I just sit and cry. I still have issues with my belly button healing and my incision is opening again in one area. I don't know what else to do. My appointment is this Wednesday and that will be 3.5 hours drive and believe me it's not easy. I just want to know is anyone or has anyone gone thru this? Can someone give me some input. I feel so sad and I really don't like to complain but I feel so frustrated. I try calling the PS office and nobody will pick up. I even left a message with their answering company (forgot what they are called) and I never got a call back. I am so sad. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all.

My girls!

I just want to share that I had absolutely no problems with my implants. Since day one, I had no issues or pain.

Still hanging on!

I have an appointment tomorrow and I am hoping something changes. Iam really worried about my body. I am really trying but it's really difficult to stay inside and Iam not one to just sit. Now I have another opening under my breast and my incision is opening again. Please pray for me.

Results after 1st Revision

Hello everyone, just updating everyone. I had my first revision on November 28th and I was very happy. Just a few days later, it started all over again. Having some issues and still not healed. This journey has been a little longer then I expected but hanging in there.

Second Revision Update!

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I have made an update. I have been concentrating on my much needed healing. After my second Revision I became very stressed worrying way to much. I made a very serious decision to trust my PS and Relax! The moment I made that decision my entire experience turned around. I started relaxing and healing much faster. I have photos to show my journey. Many seem bad but they get better. Iam still worried about my belly button but I guess it takes longer.

Updated pics

Getting better. Slowly but patience is needed.

Follow-up Doctor visit

Went to see my PS and he told me iam getting better. Have to start antibiotics for a slight infection. I still am trying to figure out this belly button. Lol
I still have a bit to get to the end bit iam closer....
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