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I'm planning to have my implants removed finally....

I'm planning to have my implants removed finally. I feel like I've been through hell already. I had my first set 23 yrs ago. Saline 325cc above the muscle. They were perfect for about 15 yrs. I started developing ripples so as soon as I saved enough money I went for a revision. The doc said I need to switch to silicone and go under the muscle. I did and the ripples became way worse and my boob wrinkled when I am on my side. I saved more money and went to a different doctor 1 1/2 yrs later. The new doc said they weren't positioned correctly and all he needed to do was re-position them. On surgery day he decided that we would go with a different implant after all. Now my wrinkles and rippling in even worse than before. I've spent so much money and so much time in recovery mode that I am just exhausted. My breast hurt everyday. I can't do push ups or jumping jacks when I'm in my exercise class. I am ready to just get them out of my body! I had a consult with Dr. Melmed yesterday and I have a consult with Dr. Khouri in 3 weeks. I will schedule my surgery for December when school is out so that I have time to recover.

My explant surgery is scheduled for Dec 9th with Melmed

Since my last surgery I've gotten CC in my right breast and now feel more urgency about removal. I'm so over these boobs! I consulted with Dr. Khouri in Aug and was planning to consult with Dr. Bednar in Dec.about fat transfer but decided that there is too much risk involved. I can't afford to do a second surgery if it doesn't turn out right. I'v opted to just remove them.

New explant date Jan 3rd!

I had to change the date due to final exams at my school being on the same day. I'm now scheduled for explant on Jan 3rd. I'm starting to get cold feet but I know these implants need to come out.

I'm starting to panic!

I'm getting really nervous about having the implants removed through the nipple. I've seen so many great results with just going through the original incision. At first I just really didn't care and now I'm thinking that I don't want the extra scars. I'm sad. This is hard.

One more day!!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified.

It's done!

I'll post pics tomorrow. I'm still bound tightly, I guess until I see Dr Melmed tomorrow.

Day 2

Done!!! I wonder what's under there??

First peek


First peek photo

Day 3

Looking much better today. Still really sore though. The right one is the one that had CC so it need some TLC!! Poor little thing!!


Just when I thought things were looking up I start developing a hematoma/seroma. I can't see my doctor for 2 more days since its the weekend and his office is 4 hours away. He said not worry and it will be okay until Monday. Ugghh!!! I feel like I can't catch a break!

one more pic

The seroma breast looks like it has an implant in it.

Seroma Update

I saw Dr Melmed on Monday and he drained the breast that had filled with fluid. I still have some swelling and the right breast still seems to be sitting way higher than the left. It even seems like the breast is starting to fill with fluid again. UGH! The crease is way above the original scar from the implant. I don't know why it's doing that. This is becoming a nightmare.

bad day

I've had a really hard day today. I've been crying all day and second guessing all my decisions. I can't even stand looking at myself without clothes on. I feel like I've been mutilated. I've had so many problems with my breast over the last 2 years, I just wanted to take them out and be happy with small breast. My right breast is still super hard and lumpy. Both breast are wrinkled and sad looking. I never wanted to have to have surgery again and 74-now I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to need some kind of reconstructive surgery or fat transfer. There is a big portion of tissue missing from my right breast and the only reason that it looks halfway decent is because it's still filled with fluid. I'm upset that I'm feeling regretful.

At this point I'd rather have the implants back

Things have gotten worse. I'm so depressed. I felt so hopeful at first. I don't feel that way anymore. I don't know what's happening to my breast. It's been almost 2 weeks since I had the hematoma/seroma drained and things have only gotten worse.

Sorry for the bad attitude

I haven't posted in a few days because I've been so very busy with work and school. Things are looking so much better. Not completely better but way better. I still have a lump that is pulling skin but it is shrinking everyday. I'll post pics in a week or two after it has a little more healing time. I'm feeling much more positive than I was last week. This can be an emotional roller coaster.

Feeling regretful.

I'm updating pics. I had scar tissue revision surgery with Dr. Melmed on the 10th. I don't feel like I'll ever look normal again. For me, I feel that this was a big mistake. I'll wait a year before I do anything else and then I'll reconsider putting implants back in.

5 months .... not much change

I'm looking into fat transfer now. It's hard for me to look at this site much and see how others have had great results and I have to be one of the small percentage that have a bad result. I'm saving money and researching doctors to move on with this journey to try and feel normal. I'm learning a lot about myself in the process.

6 months since last surgery

I'm adding this pic because I want to show how the adhesions look. This happens anytime I flex my muscle even the littlest bit. I cannot wear any clothing without padded sports bras or it obvious. This is most of the reason that I say that this has not been worth it. For me this decision wasn't the best thing. Maybe it's good that I no longer have fake boobs and implants inside my body but I have been left severely disfigured.

Fat transfer tomorrow!

It's been quite a while since my explant with Dr. Melmed in Dallas and I am finally ready to take the next step and have fat transfer to repair the damage from the explant. I have chosen Dr. Khoobehi in New Orleans. I will have my first of possibly three procedures tomorrow morning. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have been through so much with not so great outcomes. I have high hopes tonight! I will update soon with photos.

First Fat Transfer

This surgery was done this morning. I will continue to post pics until all breast fat transfer is done or move it to a new Fat Transfer post.

One week post first fat transfer.

The swelling has gone down quite a bit so the right breast doesn't look as filled out as before. I'm still super happy with the results and feel confident that my next fat transfer in March will make all the difference. I'm already able to wear shirts that show cleavage which makes me super happy to not have to always have to have high neck shirts on.

Update on first fat transfer.

These pics were taken on Jan 5th just over 3 weeks from my surgery. As you can see I still have trouble with adhesions to the muscle. I'm fairly certain that this is because One of the surgeons over cut the muscle when inserting the implant. I'm hoping that Dr Khoobehi can address this issue with my next surgery.

7 wks post fat transfer

This is 7 weeks after my first fat transfer. I have lost much of the volume from the first week. When I flex my muscles I still have really bad deformation. I will discuss this with Dr Khoobehi before my next surgery.

12 weeks after first fat transfer

I feel that my results are minimal at this point and I'm concerned that after the next FT will not get results that I can live with. I'm. Ow considering re-implanting. I would prefer not to but I'm not sure that I can live with these results.

2nd of 3 Fat Transfers

I'm going in the morning for my 2nd surgery. I'm really apprehensive about all of it.

2nd FT

I am 24 hours out from my second fat transfer. Dr Khoobehi says that with the third one he may need to also do a lift but that will be determined later. My right breast just can't catch up. It starting to look better though.

5 weeks after 2nd Fat Transfer

I'm 5 weeks out on second FT. I'm scheduled for the 3rd and final procedure in June. I'm ready to be done with this nightmare.

3rd FT with nipple revision

My surgeries have been 3 months apart. These photos are from 4 days after my surgery. As you can see Dr Khoobehi did a great job. The right breast is still a bit wonky and the breast fold is lower than the left but in photos it looks more exaggerated. I think this will look better in time as gravity and healing take place. I still have animation distortion when I flex my pec muscles but it is much better. I was disappointed that the muscle could not be reattached and my look into other options and other surgeons to complete this in the future. For now I will concentrate on healing.
Dr. Melmed or Dr. Khouri

Is there a way to change the Dr? I have decided on Dr Melmed

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