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A little about me: I was going to wait until...

A little about me:
I was going to wait until everything was complete to write my review, but I'm so excited and anxious I figured why not now. I have been researching, this site and all these reviews since 2007. After child birth in 2006 I realized how I was prepared to care for a baby but not about myself after a baby. I became insecure about my appearance with stretch marks etc. I've always wanted bigger breast and the women in my family are not known for sexy abs after age 25. Implants have a great appearance but I didn't Like how they felt in my hands ( I have 6 friends with implants). Also who wants to waist money every 10yrs for replacement, and scar tissue ( not me). It would be nice to use this stubborn fat under my breast and handles I thought, thus my obsession with research began. I am 32 this year I have a beautiful youthful face I would say, I just want my body to look the same. I started in 2009 jogging 6 miles daily. Over the years I have also tried many dieting techniques for 30-60 days. I was 125lbs before pregnancy and 165Lb after labor. Sadly I have taken Many diet pills, starved myself and still was not happy with results. In 2014 I signed up for a membership at a gym, started doing cardio again and light weights. I started to become bored and decided to take hydroxycut max liquid gels with workout. I really started to lose weight got myself down to 136lbs. I could fit in everything in my closet I was so thrilled. My obsession with being "small" was ridicules... I looked great in small cloths but when I took them off I wasn't . I have a routine now which I plan to continue. I workout mon-fri only 8:40-10am. I do squats with weights, abs and 30 min of cardio. I also cycle for 20 miles on sunday morning and walk 1 mile along side my daughter (cycling) in the evening.

About Doctors:
I had three quotes with Dr. Tachmes, Dr. Hartog and Dr. Mendieta Constantino. The Price Quote for Dr. Tachmes was Really good however I didn't not get good vibes from his Staff. Watched His videos on Youtube Also and Didn't like what I saw. Dr. Hartog's price was in the middle, very friendly, caring staff, and knowledgeable. I was saving money to see Dr. Hartog for a long time until I seen butts by Dr. Mendieta Constantino. I was so impressed I thought if only he did breast :) I was under the impression he didn't until I came across a review on realself.com. Dr. Mendieta Constantino's price is the most expensive of the two. I picked him because I wanted a doctor who also was great at lipo. I noticed a lot of doctors are great at breast but when you look at lipo areas where fat was removed it was not as spectacular as I desired. Surely I need a doctor who will not butcher my thighs and legs or abdominal for the sake of breast. I needed a doctor who has an I for curves. My thought process was Dr. Mendieta Constantino Has an I for curves he appreciates the woman curves too much to ruin it. I believe he will do his very best in all areas of lipo and fat transfer in a tasteful manner.

Office Visit:
I went to the office with my husband. (I am married 12 years this July) The office is nice well decorated, clean, Friendly staff greetings, offered us water etc. I must say I do not like one staff member. I didn't like her on the phone and I didn't like her in person either. Sorry not Sorry I like to speak my mind. She was not rude but something about her is un-welcoming, doesn't feel genuine or personably. She is a surgical coordinator, gave me a bad feeling like staff at Dr. Tachmes office... Turns out this woman also worked for Dr. Tachmes office as-well and she was the same person over there I spoke to. This is where I roll my eyes in annoyance. I would like to believe I am mature so I continued with this doctor (Dr. Mendieta Constantino) since I was sold on him and not her. My visit went great otherwise. I felt really, really good meeting him in person, better than expected. I also liked his background with Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital a Harvard medical teaching school from my Hometown. My grandmas (R.I.P) her doctor practiced at Beth Israel Hospital and from experience I believe they are on top of technology, patient care. This doctor Studied at Harvard and Mount Sinai Beth Israel, also known for top surgeons. Knowing this was also another good sign for me to choose him. This doctor Listens, doesn't try to trick or persuade me to do things I don't want. He was excited, you can tell he loves his Job.

My 2nd Visit: I made payment and sign like 20+ papers of things I must and can't do, things to buy, take before surgery. I got two compression garments, Vitamin C, Ferrous Sulfate Iron, Hibiclens, Prescribed antibiotics, pain killers, something for sleeping/spams, arnica gel and pills for bruising. Today 06/20/16 going to buy adult diapers :) plastic mattress cover and pads for drop cover/ my floor protection from blood. Also buy mylanta, magnesium citrate. I have Packed my recovery bag 1 month in advance lol with a pill organized, gauze pads, extra loose garments and house slippers. :)

I have done so many ab workouts at the gym in the last 3 months with weights and mat. I was hopping it will help my out-come if i had some muscle definition and not have an awkward zombie stomach. I am Praying the pain is not worse than over working out at gym or child labor. They say not to shave within 24 hrs of surgery so I will shave 48 hours before.

OMG I have talked (typed) too much

stay tuned ......feel free to message me for anything I may have missed.

Today is the day

I was sooo pumped up last night. I turn up my music and danced around the house for an hour. Me and my daughter danced one last time while I am able ???? My fav cousin came to give me a suprise good luck hug . ????He knew about my obsession to have this done. Then I took Valium which made me relaxed, showered with hibiclens and went to bed. It now 4am I showered with hibiclens again and brushed my teeth. I almost forgot not to eat lol. I was about to eat a beef patty and then I remembered. I packed my car from last with waters in a cooler and 6 ice packs for myself in discomfort. I packed a suite case of cloths and a bag of snacks. My husband and 9 yr old are going with me. I had not told her what type of surgery I was having but she knows about surgery. She will be my big helper for a few days.????I packed them snacks to munch on while I'm in surgery and 3 redbox movies. We are now in route and I am here typing. I'm calm and happy listening to the song Close by Nick Jonas . I woke up with this song on my brain. Oh so close ????.... Ttyl guys


Super excited????

In bed now thank the Lord I survived the day one

I'm still excited but in pain. The pain killers are wonderful. The pain is not worst than child labor. My stomach fron feels like I over did a gym workout. My back feels terrible. I am very week and out of it because Med etc. I have in a cathedore for pee and I am leaking blood from my body. It's getting better by the hours but still I bleed. Blood on sheet floors and adult diapers help. So far I am still excited and glad but have not gotten a full view of myself. My doctor is amazingly , sweet, funny and handsome. Today's staff was excellent. I think I tore one stich under my right breats it was poring blood but I compressed gauze on it. I this it will be fine until morning visit. Feeling tired good night fellow folks ????

On my loooong ride hone

So I bleed a lot first night, should get better doc says by Friday. I got 500cc in each boob it's awsome but it should fall a little . I was wearing a 36 b with bombshell bra to make boobs bigger before hopefull it will fit better now. ???? There are four open wounds two in naval and two opposite of vagina area above hair line I think he says its to drain fluids. Makes me uneasy to look at but I'll go with it for now. Will up date pictures later today or tonight. Yay day two still excited about the future healing.

Snap chat goof fir my closest friends

Bed rest

Swollen but already looking great

Lots of pain today but I'm still happy ????

So I find myself up in pain around 2-5 am

Tried to save painkiller to take during that time.I been giving myself gentle messages. It hurts but it helps greatly speedy up process . My stomach still bloated a little but I am still happy with outcome so far. I told my self as long as my body didn't look worst than originally I would accept that. So far so good. I can't Waite to get back into the gym and workout by abs and legs. I tried on a bunch of bras that were once too big and they look amazing. I will post some pictures Tuesday. also been doing light stretching and drinking a lot of protein and water????

Tomorrow will be one week

Still swollen and lil bruised but still sooo happy with results????

Today is 7/3/16

My 12 anniversary I'm laying in bed rubbing myself vigorously everything is getting very tight and hard like. Took Epsom salt bath yesterday and was in heaven. Going to do more of those... Bruses almost gone now just waiting for discomfort to go. Seems like forever but everytime I look at my breast in mirror I forget in that moment and I am internally over joyed. Going to not wear garment on fourth to be cute for the day. I will post pics Monday and Tuesday for sure :-)

Breast still great so far 2 weeks after

I'm in terrible pain today my back aches... Recovery is no joke. But I love boobs so I will suck it up. I really wish I could exercise. Abs are getting really tight in muscle area. I try stretching but no luck. Starting to have typical Lipo stomach look and I'm not loving that. Can't wait to workout and tone it so it can seem at least more natural toned. Idk maybe it's just me / lol my opinion. The exterior almost heal so now waiting on my insides. I can'tstretch too high I get pain in my arm pit muscle down to my core. There are lumps under skin that hurt and kinda sore I hope by end of six months will dissolve naturally as research says. The lumps aren't crazy noticeable but you can feel them. Sooooo in two weeks aside from back ache and lumps I'm still happy.


Swelling went down in breast on top but looks still better than before. I don't know how much longer they will stay this way or if I have lost weight if it will get smaller. I was 158lb on surgery day I will weigh myself in the morning to see. My stomach is flat but inside is still healing. I am thrilled about not having love handles.


You can see bruising under skin 3 places front above naval and on sides.I am bloated on my Menstral so will update again next week.

Lymphatic Drainage Cupping

I can not stress how important it is to have lymphatic drainage. It was not forced on me and I did not budget to have it done. Your skin and muscle will not heal quickly without this. You will be laying in misery like I was. I paid $70 feeling a lot better. I'm going to try some how to do 5 more sessions. I thought it was at first a waste of money when hearing others talk about it. I now know first had it was not. wed coming will be 4 weeks I believe since surgery.

4 weeks still

I weigh 152lbs now I lost some weight since surgery. Was 158lbs

I cheated...

The doctor said no working out for two months. But I want to take advantage of no fat in abdominal now. I went to the gym 3 times. I did 3 reps of 15 with weights two at 50lbs and one at 70lbs. My legs were really sore for 4 days. I increase my protein intake so I don't loose fat in breast. The other visits to gym I worked out my abdominal but again only doing half of what I usually do on routine. I must say I did feel uncomfortable at first. I was nervous but it felt good. I hurt that night but it was soreness from workout felt great the next day. Bought a new swimsuit feeling good so far. By the end of August I'm going back to my full routine. Going to focus more on abs this time see what I can get I'm greedy lol but yolo.

Almost 5 weeks

I am still happy with my decision in doing this. Yes it's expensive but don't let people guilt trip you about it. If I can go to dentist and spend $2,000 to fix teeth no one can see. Or buy expensive pocket book, jewlery etc Why not fix my body which also gives me mental and physical happiness. People will do great measures for a little happiness. You only have one life enjoy it. Just do it ????

Yes I would refer this doctor

I was 32 A for years. After working outs at gym and surgery I fit most comfortablely 36 B cup. My back is more muscular at top and my breast fit wonderfully in a B cup with and without pads.

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