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Alright guys..... I believe I found the doctor I...

Alright guys..... I believe I found the doctor I want to do my surgery. His name is Dr. Ary Krau. He is the guy and I definitely want him to give me them boobs I want.

Now the only thing that I'm having trouble with...... is deciding if I should go to Coral Gables (as he also works there) or go to his private office. I believe CG Cosmetics offer very affordable prices, but they also apparently (from what I read all over the internet) that they have poor customer service.. Then again, every person has a different experience, but for the most part I've read plenty of negative comments. Another thing is that CG cosmetics requires a 1000$ deposit fee before scheduling an appointment, which means that if I pay this fee, which means I have no choice but to do it there. That sort of bugs me a bit. So far, I've read some reviews of girls going through this procedure and apparently it went well. Then they ask you to pay the rest of the amount 2 weeks before surgery.

Alright so I want Silicone breasts implants which are listed on their website for 3000$. Then I believe that does not include the anaesthesia fee (500$). I might also need some lab work done (100$) and from what I read I need to purchase my own bra and ointment for after the treatment.

Anyhow, I;ll be getting them with a friend. and we really want to get them done for the month of June................ gosh I'm so obsessed, im on this website everyday looking and searching for reviews and checking for prices and so far the price of CG Cosmetics fits my budget and well I want the Doctor that works for them.... so I mean..... go for it right?

I'm going to look into the price of Dr. Krau private's office, it its TOOOOOOOO crazy, I'll go with CG cosmetics.

All I know for sure if that I want Dr. Krau to do my surgery!


I've decided to get my BA at Dr. Ary Krau's private office. I'm still waiting to hear from Cristina (office manager) seeing as I had some other questions to ask her.

At his private office, it would cost 5000$ USD which includes, the operating room, anaesthesia fee, the implants, follow-up visits and two surgical bras! WHICH IS GREAT! I really want this to be a good experience and I really want to be well taken care of because this is my life and my body. and so far I;ve read only GREAT reviews of his private office.

Now I'm concerned because I have benign lumps (cysts) in both my breasts and I'm hoping he would be able to remove them during the surgery. So my question to Cristina (which I am waiting for) is that if I should get some sort of mammogram/ultrasound before I got in for my consultation.

Hoping to get an answer tomorrow since they are closed for the weekend. Anyways.. if all goes well... looking to getting my surgery done on the 14th of January.

looking good so far

Got a hold of Cristina, she says Dr. Krau would be able to remove my cysts if they are palpable (able to feel). He just requires the results which I should get very soon.

Also I'd like to mention to you girls that his private office also asks for a 1000$ deposit and to pay the remaining two weeks prior to surgery... which is the same as CG Cosmetics. Ijust find it weird how they ask for this. If you ask me, it's kind of sketchy, but I feel that his private office is more trustworthy than CG Cosmetics (well that's the vibe I am getting)

I made a mistake on my last post.. I'll most likely be getting my surgery on the 14th of JUNE and not january :P

Also, my sister has agreed to come with me on this trip to help me with everything, which i am so grateful for!! love her so much! I'll probably pay for her trip as a thank you since I asked her to come and it'll be sort of a mini vacation for her as well. So that's about it. Just waiting to get my results and I'll send them first thing to Cristina so Dr. Krau can take a look at it. If he says he'll be able to remove them, I am sending him the deposit right away.

So excited and so nervous at the same time. I'm still not sure about the size yet..... I've been looking at some pictures... and so far, Im thinking of going 350 CC from a small A cup to a small C cup. We shall see.

Oh boy...

I don't have this easy at all, turns out I dont have cysts... I have bilateral fibroadenomas... sent them to Cristina for Dr. Krau to see... I'll be waiting in the meantime and hoping he approves of removing it during surgery. I've read how it is possible for it to be done, it just depends on the Doctor. oh boy, not only am I so insecure about my breasts size, I'm also insecure about this lump..... I just really want to have this surgery already..... and I'm just hoping everything plans out because I can't stand these boobs any longer. sigh* :(

Not what I wanted ... :(

Well Dr. reviewed my results and findings from my mammogram and ultrasound and well looks like I'm going to need a biopsy. And apparently according to the office manager, the Dr. Won't be able to really tell if he'll be able to remove my fibroadenomas until he sees me during consultation. Which is a bit of a downer because... Not to mention that there's a 1000$ deposit fee and I'm afraid to pay that and he ends up telling me that he can't take them out... So I'm so conflicted!

Anyway I'll take my time with this, I don't want to rush it since well i have some complications :(

This really sucks

Getting another ultrasound

So I'm getting another ultrasound cause I moved to another province and my new family doctor wanted to have their own copy of my results. And then after they get the results, they will then refer me to get a biopsy.

I've read some stuff that it is possible to get a benign Fibroadenoma lump removed during a BA surgery and the PS are trained and qualified for it. And so Dr. Krau says he simply needs the results of my biopsy to determine if he can remove it if it is palpable and one of them is (the one I want removed)

I wanted to get it done initially in June because that's when I was able to get vacation days from work, but it looks like I'll have to wait a little longer. And I don't mind because this is my body and my main concern is to take good care of it.

I'm praying this lump is not cancerous ... Sigh ... I really thought at start it was just a cyst (so my previous family doctor told me) and also said it wasn't anything major and I didn't care about it.. Until I started feeling uncomfortable with it... So I went back for another mammogram and ultrasound... And then I got my results and reading it sort of scared me cause it wasn't what I was expecting to see... Done some research of some of the medical terms on it and it freaked me out...

Seeing the words like "Fibroadenoma" or "BI-RADS 4A" which is what they classify it under...

Anyway I'm just waiting patiently...


Had my biopsy today... I was so nervous, I ddnt know what to expect. It went pretty well. They had to get tissue samples of one of my Fibroadenoma in my left breast. Apparently through the ultrasound, the shape looked a little irregular so they wanted to do a biopsy to find out more about it. *im praying it's nothing bad* and that's it's benign. Sigh*** Anyway.. My doctor should get the results by next week. Till then... It's the waiting game.

Fibroadenoma is Benign!

WOOO! good news!! The larger lump on my left breast is benign. So when my doctor told me I immediately emailed Christina to tell her the news, waiting to hear from her still... to see if Dr. Krau would be ok removing the fibroadenoma during the augmentation.

I am clear for the removal of the Fibroadenoma

So... I heard from Christina and she said that Dr. Ary Krau can remove the lump during the surgery. It'll cost 250 USD extra. Now the only thing I am struggling with is picking the day to get my surgery done.... as I need to figure out how much time I need to take off work.... What were you ladies told by your doctors in terms or how long it take to get back to work and stuff? I might only be able to take off only 20 days and I work as a flight attendant and so I'm worried it wont be enough time to recover considering that the job sometimes requires some heavy lifting... :S

Man this is actually tougher than I though...

Well I'm struggling trying to take time off work...

And now I'm debating if I should get my surgery in Canada near me. I'm not sure going to the states to do them will be a great idea. In case anything goes wrong, I'm worried I won't be insured and all... And if anytning goes wrong hospital fees are expensive in the states. Anyway still doing research... Ugh

Wish boobies... More like wish body XP

I keep looking at these and thinking I will soon be having boobies and I can't wait... Law of attraction ;) if you know wha I mean :P

Scared.... conflicted...confused

sigh.... I'm so scared to put this down payment...

I just read some more reviews and stumbled upon a girl who had the same doctor and had complications resulting her in losing a nipple. that is scarring me a little. She says she had a bad reaction to the tape and knowing myself I have very sensitive skin.....

this is tough :(

I'm also struggling between getting silicone and saline. torn. my friend's sister says I shouldnt even go through with it cause it brings more complications. My conscious is telling me to go saline because in case of rupture it will only be salt water and that won't cause harm to the body.However silicone...despite it being FDA approved, it still scares me that it'll be harder to detect for any ruptures and if there are any that the fluid may harm my body....

I'm following a few girls who had their BA done by the same doctor to see how their results are looking... I'm giving myself another week and then I will decide to put the down payment.

Deposit down

well... it is official, i paid the deposit fee. Now I know shit is real!

My boyfriend isn't really thrilled with this, but I always tell him that I am doing this for me. He says he loves my boobs, but I don't. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing my flat chest and thinking there are younger girls out there with bigger breasts. I just dont feel like a woman. Don't get me wrong, I love the person I am, I just want to do this so I wouldn't have to worry about going to a VS or LaSenza and struggling to find a bra that fits, or going to a swimsuit store and only looking for padded bras that don't even fit me... It's hard and sad...

But I did it so... it's the waiting game. I also will probably have about 5 weeks off from work and so I;m hoping that'll be enough time to recover.

Help please!

Im feeling quite a bit excited and overwhelmed at the same time.

I mean I've been on this website everyday for the past .. Say... 6-7 months checking and reading everyone's review.

Now that the time is finally getting closer... I'm a little bit nervous as to what I need to prepare for the big day. Ha! As if I'm getting married.

No but seriously... Can anyone please help me! I would like to know what are things I need to purchase before hand. I know I've read girls saying to buy a pillow, straws, ice packs... Anything else ladies? Would help so much!

Help a sistaaaa out please!


More dream boobies

Photos dream boobies

Blood work scheduled... But not sure what a medical clearance is... Help!

Hello everyone,

So i got an email from my coordinator telling me i needed to get a blood work done and get a medical clearance to see if I have any health issues.

I went to the doctor and I've schedule an appointment to get a blood test, however I asked my doctor if I can get a "medical clearance" and she ddnt know what that referred to. So.. She says she just give me a physical examination, but I'm not sure that's exactly what they need.

If anyone got a surgery at Bay Harbour with Dr. Krau and knows what this means, I would appreciate it a lot if you could help me out.

Thanks a ton!

Some before pics

This is the only bra I feel comfortable in.... Sad

So flat.. I don't feel like a woman.

Blood work

So I had to go twice for a blood work. I had no idea we needed to have PT and PTT included in the blood test.

So I had to go back a second time. Just a heads up ladies, if you're going for a blood work make sure to mention that to your doctor to get it checked on your referral.

The time is near

So in less than a month I'm having my surgery... And I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I still haven't found a place to stay, I'm trying to look for an Airbnb near the clinic.

I still haven't bought anything :/ man this is actually happening and I still can't believe it.

Not good ...


Consultation Day.. It still hasn't hit me. I was with my boyfriend and she was wondering why I was not nervous as he was.

Anyway, I met the lovely staff . Let me start off by saying that I've been in contact with the staff only by email. And I had a ton of question! Should have seen how thick my file was (all my emails). I guess being from another country, I wanted to be 100% certain of what I was doing.

Also I'm not just a regular patient seeing as I have a Fibroadenoma that I wanted removed as well.

Day of consultation went great! A TON of papers to sign!! I read everything thoroughly with my boyfriend.

I got there and spoke about size and chose 350cc high profile.

The girl that helped me did not once talk about cc and just made me try on dozers without telling so I can just fall for the "look" and not the number. Which worked. She made me try the 350cc and I loved the look on me. And also it was sort of the size I was thinking about going anyway. I initially wanted about 300-325cc but 350cc I loved them when trying it.

Dr. Krau welcomed me and he was really consulting me and taking his time to give me advice on which incision to go through. We decided through the nipple as my skin looked like it would have a visible scar. Which I agreed it would seeing I still have my scar from my biopsy. Also, I did not have enough breast tissue to say cover the scar under the boob if anything.

We even joked about the amount of emails I've sent back and forth (I was a little embarrassed, but it was funny too haha)

Surgery done

All I remember was being drowsy and then BAMMM woke up with all this pressure on my chest! It was cray!

I still haven't opened my surgery bra, don't ant to ruin anything, but holly Molly it was NO joke when girls said "it was like a baby elephant sitting on uour chest" NO JOKE I tell ya!

Anyway the staff were once again awesome with me!! And I'm so glad I went to their private office. They really take their time with you, and the process seemed super organized.

I'm so thankful for my boyfriend! He's been taking such good care of since day one, but he's really doing such a great job now that I really need him the most. I'm one lucky girl I tell ya.


Went for an appointment for Nora (the nurse) to see my results. She gave me a new surgical bra to change to. She says to slowly start using my arm motion. So far just some swelling from the removal of the Fibroadenoma.

Still a lot of pressure, but I was able to go to the outlets here with my boyfriend... Well he sort of pushed me in a wheelchair. He's adorable.

Day 5 post op

For the first time I felt no stress purchasing A bra with NO PAD!! Wow the feeling is amazing.

I feel no pain. Just a little discomfort when I force myself up. But I mean I'm doing just fine. It still feels weird having these balloons on my chest. I'm going to need some time to get use to these and realize it's part of my body now.

Before and after (day 10)

they both still have more dropping to do, and the right one has catching up to do from the lefty.

I still have some bruising from the extraction of the Fibroadenoma.

I'll be removing the straps today, honestly scared to take them off and see the incisions, but I think it's time.

I've been sleeping great ever since day one! Taking off 5 weeks of work was worth it, I'm taking it one step at a time and taking it easy! I have no problem sleeping on my back, but I started sleeping on the side lately. No pain, but when I wake up it hurts just a little.

I'm definitely getting the hang of them, like they are a part of me now, and it feels great!!! I can't wait to start shopping for bras and finding out what my cup size is! Agh the feeling and the joy of not worrying about looking for bras with extra cushion........ Seems so, I don't know... Awesome! Fun! Lol

3 weeks

So far so good. Both of my incisions had a slight problem. It opened a little and seemed a little bit infected. I've been washing it with water and soap and covering it with a bandaid. It's been heeling fine. I was scared at start, but now it's looking better. So I feel better. Boobs are still a little hard. I haven gone bra shopping yet, only because I was waiting for them to drop and I'm a little insecure about the incisions.

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