Less Than 3 Weeks to Go!!! Nervous

Ok. So I'll be having surgery with Dr.Otega on Nov...

Ok. So I'll be having surgery with Dr.Otega on Nov 1st. Payed my deposit last Friday and I finally got my lab and medical papers yesterday which I did this morning. My coordinator Liz is very nice but I feel a bit rushed whenever I'm speaking to her on the phone. I think I'll wait until I hear back from them stating that I'm cleared for surgery before I pay in full. Just to be on the safe side. I'm a 34 b now hoping to be a full D cup. So I'm thinking about 500 cc or maybe 550cc silicone. A lot of reviews on here about the office has me really nervous but my Doctor I chose has really good reviews so we'll see what happens. Now just waiting to get clearance from the office. If everything goes smoothly will be coming back for tummy tuck in a few months.

Wish pic updates and how I am now before the magic!

Still very nervous. Keep going back and forth with myself about maybe not going. But I do really want it. Keeping fingers crossed awaiting lab results to be cleared. I really hope my doctor can achieve the size and look that I want.

Wish pics and my body before surgery.


Another pic

Cleared for surgery!!!!!! Yaaayyyy!

So I just talked to Luis who called me his self, I was really surprised cause normally I have been calling almost everyday. He let me know that my labs and everything was good to go!!! Ok so I'm so excited cause now its foreal. Woop woop ????????????
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