28, 5'1, 120lbs no kids, ready for my "twins"!!!!

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I have been on this site lurking a lot before I...

I have been on this site lurking a lot before I made the decision and joined. I enjoy reading all of your stories! I'm 28, a flight attendant and I have always wanted huge boobs. I'm a 32D now but it fluctuates from time to time. Since a girl, I've had this obsession with breast and an even bigger obsession with Traci Bingham and Melyssa Ford. I'm going for their looks. After much research I've chosen Dr.Ortega in Miami. I spoke with Karla today and she was a pleasure so I'm even more excited. I'm 5'3 and 124lbs. I'm looking for 650ccs. I'm excited to share my journey with you ladies.

Wish pics

So after talking to Karla, I sent my wish pics and wanted to share them with you ladies and hope to get some input

Considering changing doctors

So along with all my research I found a doctor in Alabama. Dr. Hedden, jeez his work is beautiful. TORN TORN TORN


Thinking of changing to him because he gave me A LOT of info!!!! Anybody had him?!?

Sorry for 2 updates in one day BUT

I have changed my doctor and my date!!!! December 1!!! Deposit is down!! I'm not financing I'm paying in CASH!!!! And it's DR.HEDDEN!!! I'm so excited!!! I asked for 625-675ccs and he said that should look good, but I'm thinking 700!!! OMG I'm excited!

A few more "me" pics.... ANDDDD

So with my deposit down, I received a list from my PS of things not to eat prior to surgery, along with medications to avoid... Also i was told to get a multivitamin and vitamin c, so I decided to go shopping today to buy a few things so I won't have to rush at the last minute. I bought a multivitamin and vitamin c, night socks, antibacterial soap, baby wipes (for my bird bath) lol, all I need is a few ice packs, a couple of zip front bras, and I'm thinking sweats and zip up jackets. Anybody have anything else? LillyFlower gave me an amazing list to go on!!!

Blood work done! Now I wait!!! TUBA question

Did my blood work today and now I wait until surgery day!!! I have bought everything except my zip front bras and some clothes. Who has had TUBA procedure? Did you heal quickly? I've read it's less painful and quicker recovery. I'm excited and nervous!
I'm still torn on ccs! I told dr Hedden I want 700ccs but I see most girls only doing 400-550 ccs. I'm 5'1 120lbs and wear a 34DD or 36D in Victoria secret bras

My pre-op items!!!

Ok I have everything except a pill box, and a bed rest pillow!!! So excited!!! Let the countdown begin!!!

Had to move date up to November!!

My BFF is getting married the day after my original scheduled BA (December 4th) and since I was asked to be the maid of honor I called today to move my date to November 5th! EXCITED!! I also bought this pillow from target today for $14.99 only!!!

Blood work done!!

Did my blood work the other day! Can't believe my surgery date is almost here!! I really want 700ccs but whatever Dr.Hedden feels my body can take, I will go with. Heather has been amazing so far with emails and calls! He has a great staff

10 more days!!!

In 10 more days I'll be a Hedden Doll!!!! Excited! A little nervous that the nurses haven't called me yet for my physical but I'll be calling first thing Monday morning!!! I am READY

My breast are here!!!!

Had my surgery at 6:30am and when I woke up from recover my nurse told me I have 500ccs... Although I wanted more, I'd rather be safe than sorry. My pain is a 3/10 right now and it's main due to the tightness. I work out a lot so it feels like I've just worked out super duper hard lol but I'm happy and my mom is here waking me up and letting me walk around and take my medication

Here they are 2 days post op

I am now 4 days post op but I took these pics 2 days post op after my first shower. My chest is still tight but I stopped taking my pain meds after 2 days and had a bowel movement that day as well.

Exactly one week post op!!!

I'm exactly one week post op! I'm feeling good but still taking it easy.... Walking a slow paced mile everyday, not lifting my hands over my head yet and wearing my sports bra EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I only take it off to shower then it's right back on! I can't wait to get dolled up!!!!

17 days post op

I was semi-worried at my 2 week mark that my steri strips were coming off but after I called the nurses at my PS office they said it's fine and if by week 3 it's not all the way off I can get in the shower and wash them off... Anyways here's a pic of me in regular clothes!!!

5.5 weeks post op!!

I had some concerns regarding my left breast so I asked REAL SELF doctors on here for their opinion and my PS actually emailed me back after sending him my concerns. I feel pretty good now...

7 weeks post op...

Just some updates pics... I wanna go bigger... Boob greed is real!!

Going bigger! Yep!

Spoke with heather and she let me know I can go bigger so once I email Dr.Hedddn I'll be paying my deposit within the week! 800ccs!!! Here I come!!

WOW!! Almost a year post op and I need more

I'm bored with my size now. I want silicone over saline.... Here's some updated photos... I think I'll call Dr.Hedden to see what's my next move

My pics didn't upload

Here are recent pics sorry they didn't upload

Ok where do I start with Dr. Hedden and his staff. Some people complained about him rushing them and the wait times but I guess I was the exception because they were nothing but professional at ALL TIMES!! My pre-op was at 2:30, I arrived at 2:00p and I was seen at 2:30. His nurses were so nice and I tried on my sizers. I had my heart set on 650-700ccs but I ended up not having enough breast tissue so the nurse told me I got 500ccs when I was in the recovery room. NOW LETS TALK ABOUT DR HEDDEN:: He is HANDSOME!!!! Lol sorry he is....He came in with a smile and got right to business, he even pointed out slight droopiness in my breast AND scoliosis. He asked me what I wanted and the look I was going for. Now, my regular physicians have never pointed out my scoliosis so I'll deal with them when I get home but I'm SO GLAD he saw that because that explains my back problems. But I totally trusted him, I went into the consultation wanting the TUBA method but after Dr.Hedden sat down with me and broke everything down, I decided on under the fold.... He knows what's best and I totally trusted him!!!! Dr. HEDDEN and his staff were Amazing! I can't stress it enough!!!!! I can't write the after care or follow up because that's timorrow but they gave my caregiver great instructions

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