One month already!!! 480cc HP

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Hello everyone, I'm having my surgery in 3 weeks...

Hello everyone, I'm having my surgery in 3 weeks and I'm super excited , i want to share my experience , I'm planning in going for high profile saline under the muscle , but i am not sure about the cc's i will like to have either 460 or 500 , i don't know if there is a huge difference but i just don't want any regrets, i am 5'7 tall, i am 20 years old, & i weight 143, (pre op ->AA or small b) what size should i choose?! Bye bye

I'm just 9 days left !! I ve been thinking a lot...

I'm just 9 days left !! I ve been thinking a lot and changing my mind all the time one day I say ok I'm going with 450 cc and the other day I'm like " well biggest is better I'll go with 500 cc or even 550 cc " I have gain some weight not a big deal just few pounds and I don't want to look so fat with those big boobs so maybe I should go with smaller implants? , omg I just want to be out of my surgery and happy with my resuts !! Please march 23 hurry up!!

I had my pre op yesterday , I paid everything...

I had my pre op yesterday , I paid everything already and talked to my surgeon , he said again that I would look good with 480cc (right) 500cc (left) he said also high profile will definitely give me the projection I want but I think moderate plus will be better, I know he is the one who knows the best but maybe high profile will make my breast look too fake..what should I do?!?

Well today i bought my anti embolism socks I have...

Well today i bought my anti embolism socks I have never heard of anyone who has been told by her PS to buy that but mine told me that it was so important because it helps you in the healing process.Does anyone knows what I'm talking about? I need also if you know the list of things I will need for my post op, did you just got home and eat or do we have to wait cuz they told me not to eat the day before my surgery anything after 10 pm ..hope to receive some answers and also to help everyone else going through this.(the pictures I posted with the 3 bras on , two of them are VS padded and the sports bra is an XL ) bye bye

Hey ladies I had my surgery few hours ago and I...

Hey ladies I had my surgery few hours ago and I have to say I'm in a terrible amount of pain! My nipples are killing me and they weight too much, hopefully I'm now taking my medications and my husband and family are helping me a lot. I haven't eat anything yet just two juices. I want to thank u girls for your suggestions and comments, here u have some pics. :)

Today is my post op day 1 and I'm in a horrible...

Today is my post op day 1 and I'm in a horrible pain , I didn't sleep anything and had fever the morning I took my meds but even after that I keep feeling bad , I tried to take a picture when I took off my bra but it was totally impossible cuz they hurt so bad , I will try to take some pics asap , thanks ladies >.

Hey! Hope everyone is doing great! ,today I went ...

Hey! Hope everyone is doing great! ,today I went my first check op appointment and the nurse changed my bra and said they look awesome , it was funny because I had been so protective trying even not to touch them and she just walked to me so fast and grabbed them I was like OMG! I almost cry lol but it doesn't hurts that much anymore I guess the new medications I'm taking is way better than the Tylenol , (it's called Hydrocodon-acetaminophen, I am takin 1 every 6 hour) I could sleep for the first time when I came back from the clinic so now I don't feel as tired as I was yesterday. Also I forgot to mention that we ended up with the 480 cc high profile saline implants , and I think it was the right choice so far. Now I'm just resting with some ice over my chest this feels good cuz my chest is always so warm ..I guess that's all for today ,happy healing for everyone! Bye bye.

Hey ladies today is officially a week after my...

Hey ladies today is officially a week after my breast augmentation and I'm feeling a whole lot better but I have to say I'm kind of worried because I don't really know if this is normal question is (how long
It takes to the boobies to get softer ? I mean they are super hard to the touch!!! And of course still so high up! I'm wondering if this is my fault cuz I'm not wearing the bra they gave me I'm just wearing a regular sports bra the ones that looks like little tank tops , is this wrong? Also the nurse told me I can shower now and take off my anti embolism socks so I did it, just want to know how long it takes for them to drop and get softer because they are so tight like two balls on my chest..I don't mind to wait as long as is needed but I just want to know for sure that thay will, people says to me that they are not going to feel never soft because they are not real and that's how fake boobs feels, this makes me so sad because I don't have the knowledge or the experience, I really hope to find some answers as all of you are experiencing this as something new in our lives just like me. Thanks and will post new pics later. Kisses.

Hey's funny how we all end up with the same...

Hey's funny how we all end up with the same question huh , today I came back to school and of course had to wear more clothes and no bra and have to say they don't look that big under clothes, I can hide them without any problems but is that a positive thing? I don't know I used to wear VS add 2 cups bras so i think that's one reason , besides they are dropping and I'm doing my massages so they are way softer now , in other hand when I'm naked they look huge I love how they complete my body but maybe I should have gone bigger ! Or maybe I will change my mind with time .. let's see what happens! Good luck to everyone who's getting her girls this week, and go bigger! ;)

Hey girlss today i went to my 2weeks check op and...

Hey girlss today i went to my 2weeks check op and everything is going great i couldn't be happier , also i cant wait to start working-out again but the nurse said i have to wait two more weeks. How long did u wait after your BA to go back to the gym?
Also i wanted to share with you girls how much does my life has changed this is unbelievable , my relationship its going amazing and i cant describe this feelings , i feel more feminine, more self-conscious more women!!
I want to thanks GOD for giving me the opportunity of making my dream come true , i am so young and i have to say he have being always there for me.
For all of you who are going through this good luck , and don't worry because God will be with you in all moments. Bye ladies! ;)

Hey yo

Hey yo

Ok that was weird lol I posted my last updated at...

Ok that was weird lol I posted my last updated at school so the signal was crappy just the first part of the message showed up! >.<
I wanted to update you girls I'm now 3 weeks 3 days post op and the ladies are getting better and better , they look sooo natural for real this is ridiculous and since they have more of a natural look now they look a little smaller and I guess that's not a good thing but they look nice and they're beautiful to me. A lot of people were saying to me (just few girls at school)that they haven't even noticed that I got surgery cuz they are so small and they dnt look like a D cup at all , I don't care what others have to say but I kinda agree with that part cuz they look more like a small C I also tried on a 36c and it fits me perfectly that's so disappointing!!! But anyway there's nothing to do! I'm already here so I will enjoy them without judging them no more besides they r just 3 weeks ..maybe with some time I will love them more.
Good luck to all of you and remember to pick the right size ! That's really important girls.
Kisses ;)


One month already! Wow they definitely feel and...

One month already! Wow they definitely feel and look like a part of me ,I'm gonna start going to the beach again cuz now I like the way the girls look in a bikini they don't look fake anymore , I guess that's good but I still heating the fact that they look smaller now but whatever.
Also my boyfriend is like "hello? Are u crazy girl?? They are huge! Yeahh he loves them and that's great.
Well I just wanted to update you ladies even though anything has really changed I will upload new pictures as soon as I get home.
Good luck and enjoy yours! Byby

Saline babies (results) !!! 5 months later !!

Hey everyone here u have my experience after 5 months having my breast implants. I have to say this is one of the best decisions i have made in my life. Im happy and i feel amazing , there is only one thing i was scared before all of this happened and it was to loose my nipples sensation and yes it happened to me now it is 5 months later and honestly i cant say i feel anything there, i hope my nipple sensation will come back one day :,( , but i guess nothing is perfect so this is how it was supposed to be so i love my boobies and i love god for giving me the opportunity of waking up after my surgery and making of a dream.. reality , thanks for reading me , i wish your dream comes true as well, good luck ;)

New picture of my ladies on a regular swimsuit

My Saline breast implants after 8 month

I can only say that i love them more everyday , it's an amazing feeling to look at the mirror and to like myself completely, i am so thankful and happy!!
Go for your dream!! Life's just one , you ain't got time to waste! ????

Breast augmentation journey 1 year PO !!!!

Hello everyone!! My twins have officially 1 year now woop woop!!! I just want to thank anyone who took the time to follow me on this journey because this means a lot to me, i feel someone completely different , i feel more happy and confident, thanks God for giving me this opportunity , bless that girl reading my review and please make her dreams also come true.
This is my 1 year PO review i am feeling wonderful , they have dropped tremendously not in a bad way i mean they look super natural and they are super soft and squeeze too ,
i ???? them ????????????
Good luck everyone!! Kisses
Jose zayas

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