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I am 5'2 133lbs. I have one child who I breast...

I am 5'2 133lbs. I have one child who I breast fed for a year. My breast went from full b cups to full D's. After breastfeeding they deflated into horrible flat pancakes. I wanted a bbl but I can wait for that. I have to get these breast back looking right. I read up on Dr.O and I love his results. I pray that mine look just as great. Tickets have been purchased, rooms are booked, now just patiently waiting for my day. I went through spectrum and working with Liz. I plan to get silicone implants with a donut lift.

Before pics

Breastfeeding does the baby good but my breastfeeding took a major loss!

Went in thinking 700cc came out with 600cc

Hey ladies so I just want to say dr.O is such a wonderful man. Charming and charismatic!....And very handsome. He does not look old. He will definitely make you feel comfortable and even flattered. I am 8days post Op and feeling much better. I had a small scare because I had yellow discharge from incision on left breastfeeding but a plastic surgeon from emergency said it was just drainage because my incision was a Lil open but no big deal. Discharge has stopped now. So I was suppose to arrive in Miami on the 19th. Flight got changed to the 20th. I arrived at 9:30am. Picked up rental, checked in seaside hotel, took shower[ remember to bring dial antibacterial soap, no one told me so I had to just shower with water and rag]. I made it to spectrum at 2:00pm which was the time they told me to arrive. Paid off my procedure, peed in a cup, and waited. No food or drinks since 9am..... and I waited and waited till about 6pm and i got to see doctor O. I told him I wanted big so we decided 700cc. He tried to tell me to get a tummy tuck and even marked me up for it but I told him I was leaving on the 23rd and he said he wouldn't want to risk it. Than I talked to the nurse and anesthesiologist and they said 700 may make me look odd since I'm barely 5'2 and only 133. At 7pm anesthesiologist came and put in an iv for hydration, he was also great, and willing to give advice. At around 8pm dr.O came back to talk to me and i told him i would rather have 600 or 650 because i dont want to look funny. He promised me that 700 would look great and not to worry, he also had convinced me to do a full lift rather than donut because he doesn't do them often and he really doesn't like the long term results. So I went with his advice. They walked me back for surgery. I asked for some tissue to blow my nose, blew it, and that's all I remembered. I woke up around 10:20 and text my mommy "done". They said he tried for 700cc but thought it was too much and would not fit so he went with 600 which was more comfortable for him and he believed that it would look great on my small frame.Called my ride and since she didn't go pick my prescription up before the pharmacy had closed I had to settle for Tylenol 500 until the next day. That first night was hell!!!! I love my best friend but I wanted to kill her. Lol she already didn't get my prescription then she wouldn't turn the air down and I was freezing. She kept lying and saying she turned the air down when I gained strength to do it I got up and did it myself and of course we argued but after I had a complete break down and was coughing and blowing out dark yellow phlegm she started to listen. [Take someone who will put your health before their comfort, or just stay at a recovery house] I will never take her as a recovery help! !! I got a room with a full kitchen but she didn't want to cook[the only reason for getting that room is because she told me to so she could cook] so I had to settle for fast food.... she cooked 1 time.smh ugh well tired of ranting....

Room pics and food

They said eat high protein after so all I ate was steak and eggs. No salt please. Low sodium means less swelling. 4 night stay at seaside hotel and 2 round trip tickets about 800. Car rental was 280 from the 20th 9pm to the 23rd 5pm I'm 24 so I got charged an underage fee of 25 each day. We used user 2 times because I didn't trust my friend driving car without me lol so I paid uber 27 to take her back to the room and to go get food and attempt to fill my prescription then paid uber 20 to bring her back to pick me up

Day 8

Update in clothes, still in sports bra and bandages.

Left nipple having some minor issues healing. Last week it was fine. This week it wants to act up but overall I'm great. I get super tired by the end of the day. Get lots of rest ladies, even though you may feel great your body is over working itself trying to put itself back together. I had my period may 13th..... I'm on it again! Surgery is a major shock to my system even when I'm almost 2 weeks post op. I am no longer on antbiotics. Can't wait to wash my incisions with iodine benedine(Doctor said for 1 week 2 times a day). I sent Dr.O pics last night and he called me this morning. He said to keep sending pics of my left so he can ensure I'm healing properply.


Still having some tenting in between breast and my right breast is still sitting high and firm. My right is larger than my left and the nipple aren't well aligned. Hoping once my right drops everything will look more normal. I'm no longer in as much pain now but I still have discomfort when I raise my arms or stretch out. And I have a Lil pain on my abdomen on the right side .yesterday Maggie the nurse at spectrum called to check on my progress. So far so good..

Un even breast

My nipples are Un even and point in different directions. One has dropped lower than the other and the higher one barely ever dropped and is firmer, feels hard when I lay down. I have a feeling the pocket wasn't large enough. The one that dropped seems to sag a little so it chafes up under and causes a boil. Not sure if that's normal? Kind of regret getting the full lift and should have went with just the donut lift.

Loved my doc. Just hate that I had to wait all that time before surgery with no food or drinks. I was expecting to have surgery by 3...but it was all worth it. You won't get much time with him because he is so busy but he does put in a lot of time into your procedure, his work is immaculate. He made me feel so good about my body before I even went under the knife.. He called me from his cell to check on me and asked me to send pics. I can't praise this man enough.

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