Totally in Love with my 1150cc HP Boobies! Thank You Dr. Hunsaker! :) - Miami, FL

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I've always been a flat cheated girl with a whole...

I've always been a flat cheated girl with a whole lot on my backside. My whole life I prayed that some miracle would make the rope half of my match what God gave me on the bottom. At 33, that day never came so I decided to go ahead and take the plunge. I did A LOT of research and came across a Dr. Hunsaker in Miami who is super skilled at XL implants. When I met him, I knew he was the right Dr. for me! He was so patient, caring and understanding of my goal and I got exactly what I wanted! I recommend him 1,000,000%!

30 days today and starting to drop a little :)

Well, the girls are officially one month old today! WOO HOO! I still have some zingers of pain from time to time, I am still quite numb in areas and my nipples are incredibly and painfully sensitive. Overall I am super happy with my results and I cannot wait for them to drop and fluff, though I know it will take longer than normal because they are so dang big. I'm pretty excited to see the progression over the weeks and I can see that they are starting to drop ever-so-slightly. I measured today and so far I am at a 34G!! YESSSSS!!!!

Can't believe it's been 5 weeks!

Well, here we are at the five week mark and I am feeling great! My breasts are looking more and more beautiful each day! I haven't been massaging as much as I probably should, but I've been pretty good at massaging every time I go to the bathroom (which is often because I drink a TON of water) at least 75% of the time. Though they are nowhere near where they will eventually end up being, they are dropping nicely into place and I no longer have that "football player look." I went to the gym for the first time last weekend and, though I doubled up on sports bras, everything was surprisingly just as it was before. I had no issues with my lower body workout or my stamina. I am still not feeling like I am ready for an upper body workout, but I may start incorporating some light weights this weekend. I have no more pain or zingers (thank God!) and the lower pole of my breasts really feel very soft (upper pole is starting to soften a little too!)! Overall I am SO PLEASED with my results! Dr. Hunsaker is a genius! Actually, I have a funny story. So when I brought in my wish pics for my consultation, four of the pics were of a woman who I believe had the perfect breasts (I'll attach a pic). I found her in a posting on another forum by mistake and I'll be darned...I think Dr. Hunsaker gave me the nearly EXACT boobs I wanted! She measures at a 34H and I am measuring at the same right now too (though they may shrink or grow as they drop and fluff. We shall see!)! You may be thinking that that's HUGE and, don't get me wrong, it is, but they don't look nearly that big clothed, and I fit into most of my work tops still. They are big and full and beautiful and I can't wait to show them off next month at the beach. The upper pole fullness is going to turn some heads! Anyway, let me know if you have any questions about my experience. I am more than happy to answer them. Have a WONDERFUL day! :)

My wedding dress FINALLY fits!!

I came home from work today and something just told me to try on my wedding dress that I'd previously purchased. The dress didn't fit 2 weeks after my BA and, today... It fit!!! Still thinking if another dress though but thrilled I can keep it as a backup plan. What do you guys think?

7 weeks!

Well, here we are at 7 weeks. I think that they are dropping at a reasonable pace, though I wish they would drop faster because I'm just impatient. I am getting ready to debut the girls soon at the beach and I am really excited about that. I tried on some 38DDD (which is exactly what I wanted!) bras at Victoria's Secret and they fit but they were just a wee but snug due to the swelling that I still have. It looks like I've gone and developed some stretch marks, but I am attempting to get rid of those using Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter (thanks trinnidaesworld!). I am really really loving my boobies each and every day! Dr. Hunsaker is a genius!!! :)

2 1/2 months and just got back from the beach!

They are softening up so much now and really really looking gorgeous. I just debuted them in a bathing suit at gay beach week and the boys went CRAZY! Who knew gay men loved to motorboat so much? As of now I am measuring at a 36H or 36HH depending on the bra. Dr. Hunsaker got me exactly what I asked for and I am the happiest girl in the world! I can't describe the confidence I have now that my body is more balanced. I am considering some liposuction next year with Dr. Hunsaker and maybe even an upgrade to 1500cc (we'll see about that last part). Anyway, just wanted to give everyone an update since it's been a while :)

3 months and the are really becoming more awesome every day!

I still have quite a way to go before these puppies are where they are permanently going to be. For as large as they are, they really do look more natural than I thought they ever would. I think they *may* be starting to fluff out a little bit and I'm currently measuring at a 36HH or 36I. Honestly, I am hoping that they stay here because being a 36J would be kind of scary (even though they don't look that large). My cleavage plays the starring role in all of my photos lately, and I must say that I don't mind one bit! :) I'm thinking about a BBL now but still in the research phases of that. My wedding is in September so I think I may just do three months of hardcore glute and quad training to see if I can get my butt a little tighter and make the decision after that. Anyway, here are some new pictures from the girls' three month anniversary week! :)

Just over 4 months!

My boobs are squishy now but not overly so, meaning no one is mistaking these things for real tatas, that's for sure! I am still numb in a few places near my underarm and I have some occasional zingers and discomfort around my scars. Speaking of scars, I think I'm going to start some scar therapy just because of a little pigmentation that has happened due to my African American heritage. No big deal though, the average person can't see them, I'm just not picky! For the first time since I got them I felt how heavy they are since I've been getting active again. They also seem to have grown more and I'm pretty sure they haven't finished fluffing so we shall see. As of now I am a 36HH. I've also been realizing how many "my eyes are up HERE" moments I've been having because they really just naturally look great in a shirt. Oh, whoa is me...LOL!

5 MONTHS!!!!

Holy moly! It's been 5 months since I've gotten these beauties and I really really LOVE them! They are HUGE and beautiful and definitely an attention-grabber; yet they don't at all look like porn star boobs (thank GOD!). So the newest challenge is that my wedding is in 43 days and I still didn't have a dress until today! So here is my story:

My new additions have just passed the 5 month mark. My wedding is in just 43 short days and I have been going THROUGH it looking for a dress. The first dress I tried on seemed like the one at the first moment I tried it on. I really felt like a beautiful bride but the price tag was super shocking. Frugal me went and bought a cheaper dress that I convinced myself was better than the more expensive one. Fast forward to new boobs and the dress that I bought ended up looking a little too stuffed. So I bought ANOTHER dress and that one made me look like a football player in drag because my boobs are so big. I was left feeling like WTF am I going to do??? I scoured the internet trying to find out what wedding dressed work for what seems like GIANT boobs. I looked up things like "best wedding dresses for augmented boobs" and really didn't come up with much so I looked up "wedding dresses for large busts" and pretty much everything I came across said that sweetheart necklines are best. So, in desperation, I went back to the shop that I first went to to see if I could try the dress on again, post boobies. Not only did they have the dress but it fit like a dream AND they offered it to me for...HALF OFF. So I bought the dress and here it is in all of its glory (please excuse the uneven boobs -- the righty is too stubborn to drop!)!

I got married yesterday!

So it has been just over 6 months since I've gotten my best investments to date. I am still seeing changes from month-to-month and overall more than thrilled with my results. I will say that finding a dress was one of my greatest stresses and challenges but I will give some advice for us augmented ladies: sweetheart necklines are your best friend. For us XL ladies: sweetheart necklines with a corset back are your best friend. I'm super dee duper tired right now, but here are a few of my favorite shots that I've been tagged in so far. Let me know what you think! :)

10 months and still in love with them!!!

It's so hard to believe that 10 months has passed so quickly and yet it feels like I've always had these breasts. A funny thing is, people are actually surprised that they are fake. That might offend some because they'd like the fake look, but I think it's a sign that Dr. Hunsaker did a very good job and gave me huge boobs that look semi-natural (and AMAZING!) in clothing. WOO HOO! I will say that I am still contemplating an upgrade to 1500cc with an internal bra and I will discuss this with Dr. Hunsaker when I visit him at my 1 year mark. How do they feel? AMAZING! They aren't heavy or painful in any way. I do have to wear sports bras with side support and molded cups when I do Crossfit but they have not effected my workout at all -- no lateral displacement and no limitations -- I can even do pullups and pushups! I'm working to get to my goal weight so I can do some fitness modeling and then I'll see if I still want an upgrade. I have NO pain or discomfort and can even sleep comfortably on my stomach. The only frustration is finding bras that fit. So far, the most comfortable bra that I've found is a 36HH. They are a little on the expensive side but I knew that coming into this journey so I should really just shut my mouth! I am starting a luxury lingerie blog in which I will be interviewing emerging designers and I'm hoping that some of them will make me some bras to review for us curvy gals. Stay tuned for more information about the blog; it launches in the Spring. I am SO excited. If you dolls have any questions for me, please feel free to ask away. Oh! Thank you all for the marital well-wishes. Unfortunately, it seems the attention the boobs have brought upon me was too and our marriage is dissolving. I am optimistic and hoping that the future looks brighter for me in love, blessings and light for the future!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hunsaker is an absolute angel! He is a great listener, a true advocate and caretaker for his patients, a skilled practitioner and a caring man. He was so attentive to every detail and I really trusted him with everything. I got exactly the look I wanted and I would recommend him 1,000,000%! He is THE BEST! :)

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