Throwin Some Double Ds on my Chest!! Miami, FL

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So I have been wanting a Breast Augmentation for...

So I have been wanting a Breast Augmentation for years now. I am 5'5 140 lbs and I have 4 children which all I breast fed. In December I had a biopsy where they went into my breast and removed a benign tumor. Well that surgery left me looking crazy. I got cleared by the Dr. That did my biopsy to have a breast augmentation. And I'm too excited!! I actually won a contest on instagram that phenom beauty consultants were having to get there services for free!! Whoot whoot!! They got my quote from Dr. Freiman of $3500 but told me if I paid within 30 days and paid all together in could get it done for $3000. Now here in Colorado the Dr. I was going to go to was going to charge me $5500. (Sigh) He also told me he wouldn't do my surgery until June...yea he tried it!! I've heard good stories and weird stories about Dr.Freiman and his office. The results are what got me and also both my consultants went to him!! I'm so excited I can't wait!! I've learned that in this business no Dr. Is going to have ALL good reviews and not every client is going to love their results. Everyone has there own opinion. And also I wouldn't want a Dr. with no good and bad reviews because I would just think something is funny about it all. Some Dr's even pay to have their bad reviews removed. (Super scary) I trust it and I know my consultants wouldn't send me anywhere they didn't believe I belong.

Everything paid!!

I'm starting my review kind of late...I paid my $3,000 last week. I also got my plane ticket last month, and also booked my recovery home with Cosmicare. I'm soooooooo excited yet scared!! My nerves are a hot mess, and my anxiety is high, yet I'm happy!! I'm such a woman!!

Wish Pics

So my goal is to get between 600-650ccs. UHP, Silicone, Under the muscle Breast Implants. I hope Dr. Freiman can make this happen for me. Alot of woman always regret getting them too small. The max I will do is 650 ccs I'm not going over that. I don't like the look over that amount.

13 days until my surgery!!

I know I should be so excited but I have bad anxiety and my nerves are shot about it all. I know I'm going to go through it all, but my anxiety is taking over my happiness of me finally being able to have my boobs back lol...

wish pic!!

I want to do this sometime after surgery. After my biopsy it left my left breast looking different from my right. I had a surgical biopsy!! It was suppose to be an incision around my areola and i think she took too much and sewed some of my areola away :/ so to camouflage that I want to have my areolas tattoed into hearts. And I've always wanted to peirce my nipples and it looks good together!! Ima do it!!

Getting my things in order!!

I'm 10 days before I have my babies!! Today is woke up excited about it all!! I'm about to be on fleek in 10 days!! So i got some things in order and I am packing my bags!!

Pre Op Pics

Oh my goodness!! I decided to post my previous op pics....I can't believe I'm doing this but here it goes. They are super flat!! I breast fed all four of my kids for 1 year a peice!! They sucked my breast tissue away!! But it's ok ima get these 600cc UHP silicone breast implants as a gift to myself for being an amazing mother to my 4 children!!

Shout outs

I just want to show some love to PHENOMBEAUTYCO and COSMICARE. They really helped me throughout the way. If you have instagram you can add them there. Cosmicare has some specials going on right now as well. The food is great the ladies are nice, and also the driver Jean wasn't creepy at all lol. I got the master bedroom. It has a TV, a walk in closet, a king size bed, and a bathroom with a hug tub...all the tub is missing is jets and it would of been poppin for real!! But everything is more than I expected!!

CG Cosmetics my Preop was supposed to be at 12:45pm and I think I was seen at 1:35pm...girls just kept coming in and coming in...and I'm like there's no where else to sit. As soon as they called my name finally, all I did was sign papers she asked me a couple of questions and took some pictures and that was it!! I'm like ummmmm where is Dr.Freiman at??? I thought I was suppose to be selecting my implants today and getting my prescriptions!? I guess their paperwork that they email out to us girls is wrong and I had to let the girl know that what the paperwork says versus what really happens is 2 different things and they need to change some stuff and let these woman know the real deal. Yea I was kind of upset about not seeing him or even getting my meds...I would of liked to sleep on whatever he actually told me then to just decide an hour before I be knocked out...that's when I got pissed and didn't want to snap so I just left. And girls were still going in there. They didn't even tell me what time my surgery was. They called me 4 hrs later on the phone telling me to be back at 8:30 am and my surgery time is 10am. I want to be there at like 7:30 so I can hopefully talk to the Dr. For longer than 2 seconds. Wish me luck....I'm soaking in this big bathtub right now trying to relax my nerves before tonight!!

My new boobies!!

I have updated in a couple of days, I've been in and out due to my pain pills. I got my surgery done on Tuesday!! I was in alot of pain Tuesday & Wednesday. I feel better today, I was able to take a shower today and it felt amazing. I went for my post op on Wednesday and I was seen by a lady that said she was a Nurse and I'm like where is the doctor. She said only if there was something wrong with me the doctor would come see me...I'm like huh??? Ok so she spent about 5 mins with me saying everything really fast and when she was done in asked her for paperwork on what she said and what I should do post op. Now I love the work that Dr. Freiman did, but cg cosmetics sucks as far as I'm concerned!! Anyways my breast are huge!! I got 600ccs, under the muscle, high profile silicone implants. And I'm so glad I did. They aren't too big and they aren't small at all!! I love them so far!!


I use to wear these 2 bras at the same time and put socks in them just to make it look like I had something on my chest!! It makes me emotional because finally after 12 years and 4 kids, I no longer have to do that and I'm so happy about it!! I was going to throw them away but I think I just might hang on to them!!

look at me now hahaaa

I am so happy with the way my breast are turning out!! I think they look great...all though I do need to go shopping for some new sports bras, because alot of the ones I bought are too small!! I went to Castle Rock the day I got back home. And I was so sad but laughing at the same time, for the first time in my life I couldn't fit any bras they had out or the ones hidden in the back. My husband and 2 of the ladies were trying to help me and it was a no go!! So ima just stick to my Walmart fruit of the loom sports bras because that's all I seem to be fitting...size 40 or 42...

boobies update!!

So I was suppose to do a 1 week update but I missed it lol. I am 10 days post op and these are some pics from 1 week up until yesterday. I'm no longer taking the pills the Dr. prescribe me, I'm really not in pain. Just basically sore and stiff. I do alot of massaging since that strap hurts so bad I don't even wear it...I use to but I feel better without it!! I can't wait until the health all the way. They are getting softer everyday. Even though one breast is dropping faster and getting softer faster than the other I hope these babies stay this size. I love them!!

16 days post op (suppose to be 2 weeks update)

So I'm late again lol....but anyway some ladies had been messaging me about not wearing my strap on instagram...after week one I felt like when I wore it, it felt like I could feel the implants pushing against my ribs. I had a dr. Where I live look at them and he says they have already dropped in place and I must of had a good dr. Yes I did!! I knew Dr. Freiman would do it for me!! I didn't want to have several surgeries for my breast, just one so I researched alot of drs. I didn't like all his reviews, but his results are what got me. I had been laying on my side, but I would wake up and my breasts would hurt, not really bad pain more like they felt really sore as if I was fighting all night!! I have been trying to sleep propped up still but my body just doesn't like it. What can I say I listen to my body. I'm thinking of going and getting sized maybe next week. If my breast have already dropped in place. I shouldn't have too much longer until they feel better all together!! But I'm in no way going to rush it, I know it takes 6 months to totally heal. I have been taking my Arnica pills at night and in the morning due to the sore feeling. I was constipated bad about couple of days ago. Omg...I hated it!! They have gotten really soft and I can push them together too...I'm like heey I got boobies!! So glad I did my research and found this community so I can know how to take good care of them!! I will upload so.e pics later on today!!

2 week pics

Almost 4 months post op

Sorry it's been so long...
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I only seen him 1 time and that was 10 mins before my surgery!! He seemed nice but clearly he was in a rush!! My breast came out good so far though!!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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