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I am going with the Anatomical implants for the...

I am going with the Anatomical implants for the more natural look. I am still between 300-350 cc and not sure what will best suit my body. I am 5'3' 112 lbs. Anyone with anatomical shaped implants? I want to fill out dresses with no bras and balance out my body frame when nude/bikini. My doctor claims he can put this type of implant via periareola, but it seems that everyone that has had this type of implant went inframammary incision. Please help! :)

more pictures


1) Am I making the right choice by going anatomical than round for the long run?
2) should I go bigger than 350cc for my stats? Or stay modest in my original size range?
3) Will the anatomicals be more hard considering I can't massage them?

I am anxious!!

Round or Anatomical?

I'm going crazy constantly comparing and looking at different breasts online and the endless reviews and blogs.... I am so torn on which type of implant to get. Round seems to have a quicker recovery and people can massage them where as anatomical cant be massaged and are more firm initially. I DO want highly cohesive gel I think it will be beneficial in the long run... And as for textured or not? There are so many pros and cons to both! HELP!!

Shocked- but after pre op visit ANATOMICALS!!!

I have been going crazy deciding which ones to go with. Just a week ago I was sold on round smooth implant-- but originally I was always sientra anatomical peri areola incision !!! Dr assured me this is the best for my body and the "look " I really want. I have seen anatomicals online and reviews even on Realsef and they look great. I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulder and I am sooo excited and I know that they are uncommon and most women would say just to go with the round, but I am confident in my Dr and our decision!!!! 8 days away! :)

Thoughts ..

So it all hit me on why my already small bras are too big for my breasts.. I have been off birth control for close to 6 months!! I definitely lost more boob from that! My having the hormones anymore made them deflate! Here is another pic of my body, but showing my arm to be too muscular next to my very padded bra (to give me some kind of curve)...

Uh oh!!!

My surgery is 2 days! I JUST got my period. Dr said its ok, but to just wear a pad... But has anyone felt with this durring surery? Am I going to be ok the following days to keep track of changing my tampon / or pad if I can't get one in due to soreness from surgery...?? Also my mom comes tonight and she will be staying with me for one week. Will that be enough time for her to stay with me before I start moving around on my own again????

1 Hour surgery!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for my surgery very excited, I will reload all my pics soon :))) I'm feeling GOOD- I think the worst part of this whole process was leading up to this point LOL ! Talk to u all soon!!


Today was crazy! I woke up with no fear just happy to get it over with! Incredible results even right away and I went with 370 cc anatomical implants! Even bigger than I thought! Today I wasn't in a fog and my mind felt like nothing's
Happened - so happy and the Vicodin has not made me foggy! I DO feel soreness and a couple hours ago I did forget to take a pain pill and I felt like my right boob was getting stabbed with a knife- I was like F this I will make sure every 4 hours i take my meds even at night !!!!!! I'll attach my before and after and you will see!!! I am excited for this recovery process and to see them lose the swollen state they are in and to become soft and drop a little !! :-)

FYI- I knew there was a rush of rotation, but my Dr was so confident in getting the anatomical implant via periareola incision (usually it's inflammatory by other doctors only) and to make the pocket PERFECT for the implant so there is no chance of rotation-- plus they are textured so can help me with possible capsular contractor to NOT form :) also he went under the muscle!

Love it all!!!!! Hardest part was the days leading up to it! Honestly!!

Smiled from ear to ear all day :-) I'm praying for zero complications and a perfect result for myself.


3 days post op

Today I am doing really great! Yesterday was terrible, bad pressure in my neck/ head and felt lightheaded and dizzy.. I was eating normal and drinking plenty of fluid and I know for sure the pain killer was causing more problems than the actually surgery itself! So yesterday at 9 am was the last time I took the pain killer and I haven't since then ... Only aleve if I need it! Pain is barable, mostly soreness (especially when I wake up in morning) .. My right breast is a little higher than the left which I read is normal... Funny thing was this morning I had walked around and felt pockets in my abdomen jiggling with fluid! It was the excess slowly moving down my abdomen, was strange and felt tender! I can't wait for the swelling to go down especially inbetween my breasts the skin is extra tight and lifted off-- how long did that swelling take to go down for you girls?

Post op day 5!

Feeling and look great! Today I am going to get my hair washed and blow dried because I'm still afraid to move my arms above my head or holding a blow dryer... Today they feel a little more tight in the muscle... I couldn't be happier with this decision and the size. Been going to the bathroom, haven't taken pain meds since Tuesday morning and just been resting around the house! Today is my first day leaving the house (I had a nurse sent to my house 1 day post)!! Friday is my 1 week!!! Time is flying by and I can't wait to see one month post op :-))

Tips for girls getting surgery soon:

**Take arnica and eat a lot of pineapple weeks leading up to it! I have zero bruising!
**put avocado oil all over body (100% vit e) bc your body will get dry!!
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