breast augmentation - revision 2 & 3 - Miami, FL

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Can only write one review per topic - so have to...

Can only write one review per topic - so have to include these two in this review.

After an accident in the end of 2006 - I was left with a deflated implant. I did not have the money to get surgery at that time - so just lived with the deflated implant for almost 5 years. I did things like wear pads in my bra in the side where I had the deflated implant - it was horrible, and I never felt sexy or complete. Wearing a bathing suit was brutal, and having sex was just awkward as I knew my boobs looked/felt different - even if it didn't seem to bother my SO that much - because they never said anything, and were fine with it.

My profile pic is of the day I had revision #2 (3rd surgery - first after having deflated implant for 5 years - note the marker lines above the implants - this is actually from the implant that was in there before - 600cc)

I decided that being in my 30's - perhaps it was time to go a little smaller - to look a little more conservative - and not be "all boobs". So I chose with my plastic surgeon a 480cc implant (Allerghan Natrelle - style 68 - moderate profile) filled to 530.

From the day that I got surgery I was unhappy. Not only with the size, but with the un-evenness that was left from having one side deflated (the skin shrank on this side - thus when I got a new implant in that side - it looked great) in comparison to the other side (which wasn't deflated - but which was stretched out those whole 5 years, so when a smaller implant was put in - it looked much flatter and smaller than the other side - because of all the extra skin with the little implant floating around in there). The size difference was VERY noticeable. In clothes, in a bra, in a padded bra, and of course, out of clothes. I once again felt horrible about myself and about my body. I thought after waiting all of that time and saving up money to get the surgery - that I would once again feel sexy, feel complete, and be happy. It didn't happen. It was devastating, and disappointing. My weight continued to rise, and my self esteem continued to drop.

My plastic surgeon recognized what I saw (although grudgingly) and said they would fix it. I wanted to get surgery immediately - as soon as possible after - but as you all know - there is always a waiting period. When it came time to schedule the surgery - things kept coming up and I had to reschedule several times. I ended up having to wait 2 more years after I had the 2nd revision and had the smaller implants put in. It was bad, real bad. I was not happy and didn't feel good about myself at all during this period. The 2 yr wait seemed like 20 yrs let me tell you.

I finally got my 3rd revision 2 weeks ago and I look much better - I don't think I can ever achieve the perfection I had before (harder with every surgery, body changes, age, and time) but I feel close to what I use to look like.

I paid $5500 (2nd revision) - 2 years ago, and $2500 now for the 3rd revision (anesthesiologist/operating room fees)

It was worth every penny. DO NOT go cheap when it comes to having surgery on your bodies ladies.

I now have 650cc filled to 750cc - I said I wanted my old boobs back and I am glad my surgeon chose to go a little bigger - my body needs it and for the fullness I was looking for, it was necessary. I am not tall (5'2" - but I did look like a pear before - both before implants, and even with the smaller implants - these balance my body out and make me look proportionate). I don't look "all boobs" just normal. I have the Allerghan Natrelle style 68 moderate profile implant. I have had the same implants every time (used to be Mentor/McGhan - style 68 - MP - now it's Allerghan - style 68 - MP). I wanted to go with high profile - but my surgeon refused to and said they would not do it - they do not like the results or how much you have to overfill to get the projection - I was insistent that I wanted at least 100cc overfill if we were going to use moderate profile - and that is what I got - I prefer a very round, fake, full upper pole look - what can I say ladies - I got my original boobs in the end of the 90's when Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy were my boob idols. On a side note - even Pamela tried to go smaller, have her implants removed, etc..and ended up putting exactly what she originally had back in again. It is hard once you get used to your body looking a certain way to go back to what it once was or less than what you have already had.

You may think I'm "old school" but that's OK! I like DD boobs - what can I say. And that's what I am once again. I don't think what I have is extreme or excessive compared to what I see some women getting today. I do live in Miami - and I see 800cc - 1000cc - 1250cc - or more on a daily basis. To me that is too extreme and they look like ridiculous cartoon boobies which will surely fall/sag/make them look fat/etc... I do like the fake round big boob look - but not the ridiculous boobs that people are laughing at that are often seen in this area. That coupled with the very popular Brazilian Butt Lift - they have to have these huge implants in order to compete with those huge asses or they would look disproportionate.

Anyway - hope my story will help someone along the way. I am happy and satisfied now. I was happy from day 1 that I got my surgery - and that did not happen last time - I knew right away they were not right.

This recovery has been the easiest out of all my surgeries. I kept waiting for the pain to come, but it really didn't. I only took Advil after, and iced for the first 2 days (day of surgery & day after). The only thing I really have felt is discomfort - at the most I felt pain of a 3 on a scale of 10. The worst thing is sleeping. I can't get comfortable. I am a stomach sleeper and can't sleep on my stomach yet. I actually attempted it for about 2 seconds last night and turned right back on my side - it was painful. I have a weird pain in my armpits of all places - it feels like my muscle is pulled on both sides (I had areolar incisions with all my surgeries - so this is weird - something I never had before). Again though it really is just discomfort. Not as easy to do things and not easy to drive - but getting better every day. The hardest things are laundry and picking up heavy things/driving. My family has not been all that helpful. They see I wasn't dying - so they think I am fine because I only have moderate pain/discomfort. I guess that's what you get for being supermom all the time - they learn to depend on that and think you can still be that way - even after surgery.

Despite the bumps in the road, I am still happy that I chose to have plastic surgery, and still happy that I have breast implants. I am thankful that I had 2 very ethical and meticulous surgeons who were very careful with my health before - during - and after surgery. I have never had an infection, I only had minor bruising (barely visible) with maybe 2 surgeries - I didn't bleed more than a drop - I had very quick and easy recoveries - and I healed perfectly each time. I have full nipple sensitivity which I have had since day 1 with every surgery - very important - and I could not be more pleased in general with the way that I healed. I am again thankful I didn't have worse things happen to me such as infection which would be much more devastating than the minor things I had happen.

This comes from doing your research and choosing a good surgeon. You DO get what you pay for. There are many many places here in South Florida that do plastic surgery very very cheaply. I mean they still do breast augmentation here for $2000 or $2500 - these clearly are NOT the best places and I would never recommend choosing a surgeon based on price. PLEASE ladies - if you do anything at all for yourselves - do your research - thank goodness for the internet today and being able to have a wealth of information and reviews at your fingertips. I did not have this when I had my 2 initial surgeries - I just had to trust the doctor - thankfully - they did an amazing job - but again, I did my research on them and found out all I could beforehand. I did the best I could for what was available at the time.

Do your research, choose a doctor that YOU feel comfortable with, and go with your gut feeling - it is you who has made the decision to change your appearance for the better - and only you have to be happy with the decision that you have made. Don't let others whether it be family, friends, or anyone - influence you to change your mind about what you know you want in your heart.

Good luck to all you ladies out there considering breast augmentation!

PICS - 2 weeks out from 3rd revision

feeling pretty good - little to no pain - Advil only! I have 650cc filled to 750cc - saline. Fitting in my DD/DDD bras I already had nicely - so far happy with the results - hope this fullness lasts ;-)
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