1300cc Overfilled Saline Implants, Benelli Lift & Areola Reduction 1 Year Post. Miami, FL

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I always wanted the big round fake breast look...

I always wanted the big round fake breast look since probably my early teen years. So last year I decided to go ahead with it. I found Dr.Hunsaker online and traveled from New England to FL to see him. I told him I wanted the largest implants possible. I was extremely happy at first, but after 6 months I was disappointed. I'm at a year post now and finally feel like my over sized implants are starting to heal and fall into place. The doctor did good work, it was just my very slow healing combined with large implants that made me unhappy at first.

Benelli / Donut lift & areola reduction

I forgot to also mention that I also had a benelli lift and areola reduction. The lift was amazing at first, but after all is finally healed and in place I don't feel I benefited from the lift or the reduction. While doing my consulting with various doctors some would agree that a lift was a good idea others believed it wasn't needed. Obviously I thought I needed the lift. At a year post op I'm unhappy with the results of the lift, I'd like to have another lift done, maybe a stronger one, lollipop or anchor this time. I'm also not 100% pleased with the areola reduction, I feel that they are not reduced at all, in fact I feel that they are exactly the same size.

Soon I'll get up some before and after photos.

Photo Update

Here's some photos of before & after. A pic of the incisions once the tape fell off. A variety of pictures that document the healing process. Also it shows how long the healing process actually took. I do need to get a more updated pic, I'm 13 months post op, and they definitely loOK nor even now, my right one has softened and dropped significantly.

Going for Revision

I've decided to have a revision done. I'd still like to go larger and I never achieved the fake round look that I was looking for. I still have some unevenness, noticeable by me but maybe no so much by others. I attribute my unevenness to that fact that one breastfeeding was slightly smaller and using the same size implant on both sides may have made this more noticeable. I'm thinking of switching from unders to overs to get that round fake look, but am still awaiting response from the doctor. I'm hoping to see Dr.Hunsaker again. I've mentioned to my surgery cordinator that I'm also not 100% thrilled with the results of the lift and she mentioned a procedure that would be done with an internal sutures to help reshape the pocket. I'm hoping to go after Xmas, so I will be doing updates when I have more info.

photo update

They're definitely slowly falling in place, but I'm still not 100% happy with them. I'll definitely be going for a revision, I still want bigger, and more of a round fake look to them.

Out dated info, New update.

Ok so I feel like a lot of this info is outdated. I'm not going to be having a second surgery. It took almost two years to get the final results on my oversized implants, but I'm very happy. There's no more unevenness, and they look round and beautiful!

Now if I all I'm worried about is weight loss! But I'm extremely happy with my breasts! I can go braless whenever I feel like it. In regards to the lift. I feel like they're as lifted as large breasts can be. Large breasts are heavy and I think unless you get the internal bra surgery, you're always going to have a little sag to them, but I don't consider it to be a bother. My feelings have changed dramatically since my breasts have evened out and rounded out and I feel like a new person! I recommend breast implant surgery to anyone considering it, you won't regret it, but be aware that it is and can be a long road of healing until you achieve your desired results.


1300cc Implants 1 year 8 months post op

Just a quick pic of my implants at the almost 2 year mark, 1 year and 8 months to be exact. I know that I had a problem with my last pic. I'm very happy with them now, I'm not considering a re open any time soon. I am considering one eventually though, because I would like to go bigger at some point. I'm happy with the shape, they're a lot more even now, and the slight, slight unevenness that remains I have no doubt will slowly go away, just as it has been over the last 2 years.

IMPLANTS CAN TAKE A LONG TIME TO DROP! It's not always the 3 months that lots of people says it is, especially with larger sizes, I waited almost 2 years.

Anyways I'm finally very happy with my results!

Breasts swelling before period

One more thing I just wanted to add real quick, just a little side note. Since my breast implants surgery I noticed that before I get my period my breasts will swell. I never had this symptom before, so I just find it odd that I have it now. I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else?

Dr. Hunsaker was nice, basically what I'd expected. Since I was from out of state my post op questions and concerns where addressed through email. Which could have been better, it seems like they recreceive a lot of emails and, while I believe they did what they could, that definitely could have been better.

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