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I wanted to do my boobs 2yrs ago with dr. hunsaker...

I wanted to do my boobs 2yrs ago with dr. hunsaker at coral gables cosmetics but I read so many bad reviews that I was almost scared off. I went for my first consult 2yrs ago and its true, his bedside manners were terrible and yes, they are very insistent on the $1000 deposit and the wait time was over an hour. I was turned off so I didn't return. When they called me back months ago, I decided to give them a 2nd chance. I went in for my consult with the doc. This time, it was a completely different experience (with an exception to the wait time- still waited over an hour to be seen and seating and parking was limited). I was with my pregnant sister so that was a little inconvenient. Aside from that, like I said- my experience was different for the better. The doc was more personable and answered all my questions in a clear way (the first time he was very confusing). This time he reassured me that we had a mutual understanding to what I had in mind. He listened and responded in a more comforting and reassuring manner. But yeah- the vibe was just right. I think he might have read all these negative reviews and worked on them. The difference in his treatment with me was like night and day. The first time - it felt rushed and not personal. The second time- It was like a whole new doc.
My surgery is coming up July 5th/ and my testing will be done in a few days, wed. the 19th. Cant wait ! I'll keep you guys posted with pics and any further reviews on the treatment and results.
BTW- im 23 yrs old 5'4 , now wearing a 34B. going for a full c/small d.
boobs cost- $2800 plus $200 in lab fees.

I'm soooo happy with the results

I'm soooo happy with the results so far! It's been about 24hrs since my surgery and I'm up and loving my results. I know they still need to take shape but the doc gave me exactly what I wanted. I'm happy afff:) he was cracking jokes with me before the surgery, putting me in a relaxed state of mind. Even walking in to the surgery room and sitting myself on the surgery table, staring up at the lights.. I was soo scared and they were there cracking jokes, the anesthesiologist said he was giving me a little happy hour margarita, and boom I fell to sleep, woke up- in pain, staring down at my new boobs:)

Day 17- loving my results

Day 17 - started massaging my tits yesterday. They are looking and feeling great day by day. Taking showers is pretty weird. I have to take off the surgical bra and my boobs feel so heavy. At first I had to hold my tits as I showered. Started with baths until I was able to support my weight then I started to take showers. The water pressure is a little intense when it hits your boobs- so I started taking baths with my back towards the water, eventually- I was able to take the water pressure hitting my chest. No cleaning or heavy lifting. At first I couldn't stand for more than 10-15mins without getting light headed or feeling like I'm tipping over. Also- sleeping is the worst!! I'm emphasizing this. I suggest getting a lot of pillows to sleep elevated and I also noticed that if u put a pillow underneath your armpits will be more comforting to the side boob you'll have (you won't be as stuff as well). I also place a pillow in between my legs. Side note: get a loved one to give u a 5min back and neck massage if you could- you sure as hell would need it. Hmm.. What else can I add? Ok for follow up visits I have seen another doc that was not hunsaker. Some people are bothered by this but tbh if my boobs don't look abnormal then any qualified doctor can check to see the progress. In my opinion. You get follow up visits after surgery. One is the day or two after surgery. Then a wk after you learn how to massage your breasts. Then the schedule you for one more month later. Appointment or not- you WILL wait for AT LEAST an hour. Come early or you might be standing up- with fresh heavy tits (ouch). It's pretty busy- to say the least. But yeah no complaints really. I went shopping yesterday and everything fits sooooo sexy and tight:) can't wear a wire bra for another month or so. And no sun exposure either (meaning no bikinis for 2months after surgery). I should mention I went from a 34b to about a 36D. Any questions- feel free to ask :)

Nice drop

Love them
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