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I have booked my breast augmentation with Dr....

I have booked my breast augmentation with Dr. Frieman December 13, 2013. I will be flying in to Miami From Texas. I am a little nervous as I've never been to Miami, nor do I know anyone there.

I am a mom of a 2 year old boy that I breastfeed for 6 months. My boobs looked so awesome before breast feeding and even better during. Needless to say, couple weeks after breast feeding, my breast completely deflated and much of my breast tissue settled to the lower half of my breast. I have always had a low set chest which may exaggerate this, this is how I am naturally built.

I am looking to restore lost volume I so desperately need.

Before pics

I just realized I never posted before pics. Here they are

Wish pics

Wish pics

Friends ditched me:/

So my friends that are suppose to be traveling can't go. One can't take off all of a sudden and the other wants to save money. Those biotches! Lol jk. But seriously, thanks guys! Going solo from Texas to Miami. I'm a little nervous about being alone. Any one have any suggestions for hotels /things to do, or just wanna meet up inbox me:) I believe I may have to hire someone to take me to and from my operation plus a nurse. That $ucks:/

Lift or wait?

I thought that I would need a lift but was told that I did not need one. I have a low set chest so it exaggerates the need to have a lift. I passed the pencil test. We shall see.

More before pics

I am okay with needing a lift but would rather two stage

BA at noon!

Just woke up at 2am. I feel well rested. I must be anxious Bc upon waking I thought it was at least 8am. Met Dr. Freiman yesterday , loved him! Surgery at noon! Pray for me please:)

Up here now !

I'm up here now. Was to start at 12, it's a little after and still in waiting area. Dr. Frieman recommended 425ccs but I'm going to try on the sizers one more time to make sure that's really what I want. Wish me luck

Yes, new boobs!

Sorry I didn't update sooner but I've been in a lot of pain. The pain meds do work, but if I don't take them like clockwork, I'm in major pain. Even now it hurts to breath. Yes I ended up with frankenboob as I thought. Bc of my anatomy the implants ride high. Doc said it would take 1-2 months to drop. I can't wait to see the end results!

Riding high!

Here are my frankenboobs lol. If I had not been a fan of realself I would have been mortified at my outcome, but I have seen many breast augmentations that started out like this but eventually dropped and look amazing. I have a couple weeks before they drop and I'm waiting on my band. It's day 2 post op and when my pain pills start to wear off I am in major pain! They feel really tight especially my left breast. 425cc saline hp

So uncomfortable!!

My implants are so high that it's causing so much discomfort to my chest. My back hurts and my left breast is super high and swollen and is causing a lot of pain. I can not wait for them to drop! The right breast seems to have dropped slightly and doesn't hurt very much so at least it's not both. Ugh not a good day today :/

Slight drop still riding high,,,

Finally not much pain and discomfort but still very very high. The right is progressing a lot better Than the left side. I still get stinging burning pains on the left and it is still more swollen and higher than the right. Wearing pressure around the top of my breast seems to be helping,

Right is dropping .,. Left not so much

I have been wrapping my breast at night but not in the day during work . I can defenitley tell the right has dropped even since yesterday and is starting to feel more like my anatomy. The left sometimes feel like it's getting higher throuout the day when I'm working. Still a lot of swelling on the left and it feels like the implant is in a bad spot(as if it is in a tight space and cannot expand) if that makes sense. You can sort of tell on my left breast where there is a slight dent in the inner center of my chest. There it feels like implant is stuck in akward position. I can defenitley see progress because on day one they where all the way up to my collar bones lol. Being patient for now.

Just about getting there!

Hey guys , sorry I have been MIA. I've been so busy with work. So my right breast is just about there. The left is still being stubborn but is so much better than before. I feel I need another month or so for them to finally settle.

Boooobssss/ scar advice?

I don't ever make my updates very long. If you have any questions, feel free in comment or inbox me.
As you can see from day one until now , they have dropped drastically . If anyone had scar treatment please share any advice.

They've both dropped nicely

Sorry I've been Mia for a while. Just a little picture update on my breast.
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