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I've been obsessing with this size for the past...

I've been obsessing with this size for the past months,probably wouldn't have decided it if I wouldn't have seen so many pretty boobs :).. I'm 24 5'2 weight 116 and I'm schedule to have my ba October 10,silicone under,not sure of size yet, I'm really scared I've never being under and for the past weeks I have horrible nightmares I won't wake up,afraid ill get sick and won't be healthy for my surgery..


I had my surgery yesterday it went great I'm feeling really good,just afraid I went to big I went with 450cc I'm very high now so ill write more later...

Post op day 3 massages

I've had a pretty easy recovery,my doctor told me to start massaging them,like pinch at the bottom,and I was on a lot of medications and didn't ask enough questions,now I'm concerned how many times a day?is that it? Is it to early for massages I'm only 3 days post op..any help will be apreciated,sorry for the grammar ladies,English is not my main language n I'm very medicated now too...hugs n best wishes to everyone

4 day so shiny n swollen

Does this gets any better?

So my first days were not so bad way better than I expected,but today is a week later and I had to call of work the sides of my boobs hurts really bad,and if I try to go to the store or walk for a little they get hard and heavier, my ps said only 15 compressions once a day bu I feel like they will never get soft I'm starting to feel like this was a huge mistake....I still need help getting out of bed!!! Did I went too big ? Is this normal ? :(

Dropping but my skin is very rough right now!

I'm 10 days today and first day at work...not fun! They were sore n got heavy through the day...honestly the worst pain I have right now is my left boob n the side when I touch it it hurts really bad like a 6...also my left hand is numb and I still can lift both hands.i will add that I have no pain tolerance and I went from an aa to 450 cc probably a D so maybe this why I'm being a crying baby..another complain is my skin I tend to break out and since I don't want stretch marks I'm using a lot of cocoa butter, oil exc but its making me break out a lot and does not help with my skin being super stretch, even my nipples are looking really ugly peeling and stretch out lol I'm sorry just venting ....but on a good note they look better every day and I'm very happy how they look with clothes,it's just a longer process,I need them cute by the time my fiancée comes back 3 months! So we will see ill try to take more pictures later I'm really bad about it lol

Day 10.

Day 10

Think I'm still bloated or gained weight lol

Not doing great at 2 weeks

I've tried to start working again and so far I've had to leave sick,pain is so bad even my hands,I'm a retail manager so it is a little harder for me, still thinking I went too big or something is wrong so depressed I can't believe I will say this but wish I've never done this...I went to my doctor here and he said in my hands I may have tendonitis, but I should probably go see my Ps which is what I probably have to end up doing....waiting on medical Lear at work.. Good luck to everyone and hope u girls feel better than me :(

Still too big :(

Is feeling like this normal?

Really missing my small boobies..Ive been so depressed I feel like I've done a mistake and I have no one to talk to,I don't want to keep posting in here because I don't want to bring anyone down and afraid of the surgery.I wish I could go back I try to like them but they are not pretty one is bigger than the other one,I only have sensation on one nipple so one is always hard while the other one is not..they are huge and not proportionate with my body.also i feel like it looks like i need a lift now my nipples are so low?do these feeling go away ? I'm crying right now wishing I never did this.. I was pretty before..

Thanks everyone!

I'm doing a lot starting to like them, swollen went down and they look a little smaller.however they are still too big.i do worry about the size because I do want to have kids and ill be okay with this size but definitely not anything bigger.i fear like other girls that after pregnancy I will need a lift or have to go bigger.However I decided that I won't worry anymore I'm going to enjoy my new boobies :) all my clothes still fit just better, crazy because I'm an xs so I was sure nothing would fit lol.the only thing the I may need a medium is in sports bra.its weird a small is too tight around my boobs but m is loose at the bottom where the strap is...any suggestions? I'll add some pics later.thanks to everyone who tried to make me feel better you guys are an awesome support! :)

Please HELP IS this normal? Insicion scar just got removed really ugly!

So my tapes were falling off today and I saw my incisions I can't call the doctor since its really late but they look horrible is this normal? I always heal well they look really bad and not sure how they should look but some of my doctor patients are in here and they scars looks really so scared!

2nd incision

This one looks a little better.. Atleast it does not look like I was cut twice like the first pic..I would be okay if they both would look like this.


A little over a month

Hey girls here's a Lille over a month picture..I like the shape and they did got smaller i do lime them and i dont regret it.i has been really hard for me though im not 100% yet. My incisions don't look much better I'm waiting to post a picture because I'm hoping they will get PS said my stitches had not dissolve yet...we will see .On another note my fiancé will be here in a month! He can come for the Holidays and I'm super excited,hope he like them :) I hope you are doing well! And thank you so much for all your help!
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