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So I've pretty much always been flat chested or...

So I've pretty much always been flat chested or small breasted my whole life minus a couple of moments related to pregnancy and breastfeeding. My mom had a nice natural set but my sister and I of course inherited the "no boobs" from our dad's side. While I always kind of wished to have a larger chest it never really mattered that much to me. My older sister at 19 or 20 decided to get breast implants and no longer be flat chested. I have to admit I was pretty pissed at her for doing so. I loved her the way she was and couldn't understand why she would go under elective surgery. Now I feel bad that I was so hard on her (at least in my mind I was-can't remember how much I actually said to her 10 years ago) since I'm pretty much set on it minus a few things including having the surgery. So since then I've graduated college, gotten married, had 2 children, gone to graduate school, and moved all in the last 10 years. We have 2 sweet and active young children-toddler and PK4/5 age. We are done having children and the effects of 3 years of combined breastfeeding 2 kids wasn't great on my small B sized chest. I'm now in the A/AA range. :-( I would just love to be the size I was when pregnant with my second child-a nice full B/small C. I don't want huge boobs, just enough to feel a little more womanly. My husband is supportive of whatever I want to do and says he loves me just the way I am. I think he is excited about the prospect of "sweater kittens" as he calls them but doesn't want to sway me really in anyway.

My new primary care doctor heard a heart murmur and long story short had an EKG and echocardiogram to make sure I don't have any heart issues. Cardiologist today told me I have a benign murmur that should not interfere with my quality of life or lifespan. Hallelujah! He cleared me for cosmetic surgery though he told me I didn't need it in his opinion-which of course made me wonder if I'm going down the right course. I don't want to regret if I have some crazy complication or bad experience just to make myself feel a little more womanly. I am hoping and praying that this isn't going to ruin a good thing-even though they are small, they are still nice/cute/little boobs.

I'm trying not to be obsessed about all this but since I haven't gotten a new part-time job as we just moved, I have a little more time on my hands. Surgery won't be for a while so my husband who is in the military can arrange his work schedule to take off to take care of our kids.

I'm planning on doing the surgery in Miami as my sister lives there. Mainly I can recuperate without the kids trying to jump on me or try to do too much too soon. It is also a more competitive price vs the cost of where I live. I hope that 11 days apart from my kids isn't going to be too hard-I've never been away from my toddler more than 8 hours at work and a week from my preschooler.

I want a natural look so I'm trying to decide between moderate or moderate-plus profile. I've seen some nice HP results but I'm a pretty modest person and don't want cleavage all the time. My doctor mentioned 400CC going under the muscle and I've selected saline because I feel it is safer, don't want to have to have MRIs every few years, and it is easier to drain them prior to removal (if I ever wanted to do that) and to see how the skin reacts to no implants. I would love to be a small C and am cautious that 400cc might get me into D land. I will have my pre-op the day before and go back over what I want. Ultimately the final amount will be what my body can handle and my surgeon thinks will give me the best advice.

My spouse was so happy about the surgery clearance that he found me a cheap flight from Baltimore to Miami area for $100 round trip! :-)

Paid Deposit!

So I finally got up the gumption to pay my deposit towards my BA surgery. Still scheduled for 11/12/13 (that will be easy to remember!). Well, off to bed!

Loving this site

While I've looked at other sites that are similar I think RealSelf is more user friendly. Visually it is more pleasing and I am able to see pictures users post without having to be a member-which depends in if admins think you are worthy enough. Thanks for all the feedback to everyone who has responded to my posts. Hoping I can help someone else in their journey in the future.

I'll be posting some wish pics and a couple more before later when I get on my PC.

Before pic

I enjoy exercising. See the pic in my new clearance XS workout top...likely wont fit later but it was $3.88 at Target.

Wish pictures

Just uploading some wish pictures. I've emailed 2 of the 3 to my PS along with some others. Trying to only give him wish pictures that are realistic for my body that use saline. Still going over in my head the profile thing. Trying not to drive myself crazy with it.

I am excited to be going out of town to see my sis for my surgery but it also brings up anxieties since I can't just pop in for a consultation. I can schedule another phone one but at this point don't feel it is necessary since Dr. Freiman just needs to see me in person though he gave his recommendations from my pictures.

Stats and ricer pics

Seems everyone is putting their stats and I don't think I have. I'm 29 years old (will be 30 by the time I have my surgery), married, mom of 2 adorable kids (4 & 2). I weigh about 120-125lbs, 5ft 6 & 3/4 in. tall and wear about a AA/A bra (if I wear one-usually just wear sports bras or no bra).

It is nice to be able to find others who have similar stats and their results.

Different perspective

Yesterday I was looking through my Sis' FB pics and I guess I have changed in how I view her BA results. I used to think it was just ok and that they were too big. Now I think they look pretty good and a good size for her. Guess my perspective has changed. Pics posted are today in my ricers. I met DH for lunch with the kids. I tried to conceal the sports bra with this shirt to try the ricers in public for the first time. I didn't feel weird at all and DH liked the look a lot. ;)

Sports bra ricers & before pics

More pics as there isn't much to say because November feels so far away.

Online shopping & job

Today DH & I ordered lots of fun clothes, pjs, bralettes, & a new swimsuit from Victoria's Secret, Frederick's, & Urban Outfitter's.

Can't wait to wear my new jade cotton button up pjs after surgery! See the link below.

I ordered most stuff in the size I wear now minus the bralettes which I ordered in a M. Thanks D is for Daphne for sharing where you got yours from.

I also looked around Walmart Friday night when I went there for an ankle brace (DH & I are doing an 11 mi mountain run/obstacle change at the end of September & had to get a brace for my ankle-sore due to spraining in HS) & checked out all the bras people have mentioned. Found the Bandinis & will get several closer to surgery. I also found a Danskin front clip plunge sports bra...but the smallest around I could find was 36. I noticed the majority of the bras there are for big breasted ladies-not me lol. I hope mine are still on the small side in comparison. I see many people try on different bras so soon after surgery. Is it really painful to do so? I was under the impression I wouldn't be moving my arms above my head so much right after surgery.

Got a call for job interview in 2 weeks. Feel torn because I want a PT job and this one is full time, don't know what I will do with kids (4, 2) as we don't have family near & DH is gone quite a bit with his military career. Also I wonder if i could get off 11 days for surgery in November? Praying for clarity & guidance. Night!


Posted some pics from my VS order. Trying to be patient till November. We scheduled then since it would be best for all of our schedules and to allow more time since weaning my 2 yo.

Thinking of taking a break from RS for a bit. So if you guys don't hear from me-that is why. Happy end of summer!

Full B cup

See pic with the cleavage-it wasn't much but it was all me-pregnant me in 2011. :)

Love the Lacey bralettes I just got-size M-but the seem to stretch. Can't send back because they are out of stock now.

Also my wedding rings are MIA. :( Wednesday I took them off right before slathering cream on my son's bum and now they are gone. We have looked every where-trash & even the doggie doo (eew!) to make see we didnt miss it. Thinking we will have to call insurance next week. Prayers that we find it-4 to swears she didn't take and 2 year old isn't very verbal so he could have missed placed it....

Training for an 11 mi mountain run/challenge-so far so good. I'm not normally a big runner but will be fun to do it with DH and some of his co-workers.

Saline can have great results too

I'm posting pics of my sis with her permission to show you all that saline can give you just as fantastic results as silicone. She started as a 34a/smallB & received 375cc saline partial unders. She wasn't sure of profile but I'm thinking either moderate or moderate plus. I wish I had some pre BA pics but think they are all at my dad's house in a different state-this was before I had a digital camera. I've never seen wrinkling or rippling and I've seen her breasts naked (not in a weird way-we are sisters) plenty of times when we get ready in the bathroom together when visiting our dad. She is now a 34D. Hope this helps some of you in the fence between types of implants.

I also think Dr. Ted Eisenberg's web page is very helpful. He thinks saline are actually better. Thanks to another Real Self reviewer-WWoman for the info.


I got a part-time counseling/therapist job! Super excited to have more to do to pass the time away before surgery. It is flexible so still plan on surgery as scheduled will be pretty busy the week before and when I return trying to catch up. Think I'm going to starting wearing bras that make me look bigger so I don't gave as much adjustment in look at work in a couple of months. At least it will be fall too so I can wear sweaters and shirts to cover things up at first.

Wedding Rings Found

Not much to update in Boobie Land....a little over 2 months to go! I did find my wedding rings in the washer this AM...washed some kitchen towels and my barely used apron last night. Must have been in the pocket of the apron for the last 20 days! Had to apologize to my 4 year old for thinking she likely hid it. Glad to have them back. :)

Is it sad that I'm more excited about boobs than my 30th birthday weekend to NYC?!

Yesterday's post never made it

So yesterday I had this big post typed on my iPhone and I guess switching from it to something else basically erased it. :( In a nutshell I just wish that we would all be more supportive of other's detail BA decisions. It seems that a couple of my saline gals are getting encouragement by other Profilers to switch to silicone and which is causing a lot of confusion and doubt. No need to make ourselves extra nervous and worry more. I'm choosing saline for a few reasons:

1. Safety-no MRIs, deflate immediately if compromised
2. Easier to prick & deflate if I ever decide to remove-can give your original tissue time to shrink back before removing/replacing shells.
3.smaller incisions
4.lower cost is a bonus

Hope all is well with you ladies in Boobie Land!

PS: Been cuddling with my 2 yo DS and am wondering how I will be able to leave him for 11 days Nd not pick him up/hold him for a month?! He's a mama's boy.

Subfascial placement & more wish pics

Here is a great article by Dr. Ted Eisinberg regarding saline & silicone (sp?):

I also am excited that in less than 2 months I'll have bigger boobs! :) 11/12/13

Not much going on except I did see a Doctor post about subfascial implant placement and it has me interested. Basically it seems like it is the implant placed under a dissected portion of the muscle. I emailed my consultant coordinator to see if Dr. Freiman is experienced in it. Anyone had that type performed?

I'm also adding some more wish pics for fun. I hope a fellow Real seller doesn't care that I'm using a pic of her-her rack is my favorite. ;)

11 mi Mountain Challenge

I finished the 11 mile/25 Obstacle Mountain Challenge in under 3 hours today!!! I had dropped down to the 5K level but so glad I teamed up with 2 new friends at the challenge and completed the whole thing. Feeling very accomplished and can't wait till next year. 1 more thing off my to do list before BA in November. :)

Subfascial Update

I forgot to mention I heard a response from my surgery coordinator. I asked if Dr. Freiman does the subfascial partially under the muscle placement. She said he does. I will discuss with him at my preop or before if this is good for me.

Only 51 days till surgery! If you get a chance fellow BA gals, post your #1 surgery/post op item for healing/comfort/fun/to wear. I've seen great suggestions already but always welcome more!

Rice sizers & 34D

My sis & BIL are visiting us since BIL was in a wedding near us yesterday. Today I took advantage of trying my sizers in my sis' 34D lightly lined bra. I like the look in the pics I took but think they looked a little large in person. I only kept them on for 10 minutes because we were going on a bike ride and I can imagine 1 falling out my shirt in the street. I've heard of accidents from guys looking at big boobs on the street but a wreck from a falling/in the street insert is a little crazy. ;)

Got some info from PS about meds to avoid before surgery and after. Need to put on my calendar and schedule the PCP visit for surgery clearance and get a letter of clearance from my cardiologist since they didn't find anything unusual re: the heart murmur.

Surgery Date Change & the BIG 3-0

I got a call yesterday from my surgery consultant that my surgeon isn't available the original date (11/12/13) I selected and I can either A) move my date or B) choose another surgeon at the practice. I decided to go with A) and adjust from Tuesday surgery to Thursday ( my daughter's 5th birthday-I feel so bad), 11/14/13. So now I have to decide if I want to change my flight to arrive later in Miami. My husband confessed he was going to fly down with the kids to see me but likely won't because I will only be on day 2-3 of recovery if he did to make it worth the airfare cost. I'm pretty bummed about that-oh well would have been a nice surprise.

I did go shopping the other day for post surgery bras and got some wet wipes to use when I can't shower. I took a pic of all the stuff I have purchased so far. I almost bought Mederma scar strips but surgery consultant said to hold off. She also said to not where regular sports bras till 2 weeks post but I see plenty of people wearing them. Hubby said he would help me get them on feet first so I don't lift my arms really.

Been really busy with my new job but not too busy to celebrate my 30th birthday today with a cupcake! Too bad I have 3 lbs I want I loose before my BA. Heading to NYC this weekend with a best gal pal and my Sis-can't wait!


I have been missing out on all the RS community stuff this last 2 weeks. :( My new job and being in NYC has kept me busy. I promise to try to get on here more towards the end of the week.

Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes and great comments I haven't yet replied to. I appreciate them. :)

I looked into changing my flight but it will be $200+...more than my original flight so I won't be changing it. Unfortunately I'll have to go back to work about a week after surgery but at least I get to pick my hours and much of my work is paperwork on the computer.

I had my sis who was here after our NYC trip try on my after surgery bra stash and it was good to see how things would fit someone bigger but still similar stats to me (she is 1/2 in. Taller and more muscular). I got 6 more bandini/stretchy postoperative bras from Tj Maxx for $15 on clearance. Hope Mediums will work.

Job blues

So not much longer (26 days) until boob day! Excited as I am about it I'm under a lot of job stress and as a mobile therapist (counselor) the pay sucks & I always have tons of paperwork that I don't get compensated for. So pray for me. Hubby is pissed that I want to quit but I feel like I never get to see the kids and we are breaking even on Childcare costs. :( This is stealing all my joy.

Less than 3 weeks!

Only 12 days till I fly to Miami, & 17 days till surgery! Excited my family will be in Miami for the first part so I don't have to be away from them so long.

Had my cardiologist office fax my surgery clearance Friday. :) Just need to get my blood work & pregnancy test done & faxed too-on my calendar for this Friday.

I'm a little nervous about only seeing my surgeon right before surgery to discuss size more & profile. I'd do another phone conference but feel it will only be guess-timates until he sees me in person. This is a down side of having a BA out of town. Oh well-off to do paperwork.

2 weeks tomorrow!!!

I feel so unprepared even though I've read as much as I can over the last 4 months since deciding to have surgery. So many things to get and do but have to wait till I'm in Florida. Preop with the nurses is 3 days prior when I'll get my Rx and they take before pics, etc. Hoping I get a good appointment time and I'm not left waiting for hours (I've read that was a complaint in the past) since my kids will still be in town and I'll want to spend time with them. Praying for no complications like my sis-she's had hers for 10 years & no issues. Starting to realize only 2 more weeks of baby-wearing (love my Ergo Sport carrier) and carrying around my 2 year old for a while. :( I love my snugly lil guy. Glad my kids don't have to see me in pain or try to understand why mommy doesn't feel good. I'm nervous that I only truly have a week to week and a half off from work. Hoping typing won't be too painful. Hoping that this is right decision for me. I have the tiniest minute fear that I'd end up with ugly fake boobs and miss my old ones. Not really dwelling on it though. I read some good posts from another RS lady who seems more natural minded like me...great suggestions-if only I could remember her name. She lives on a ranch 1 hr from town, short hair.... :) thanks whoever you are!

Paid in full!!!

Today I paid my remaining balance in full-exciting and scary that they have all my $. I also got a call back from my PS to answer some questions but I missed the call. :/ Thankfully I got to talk to my surgery consultant, Yadira and she gave me his answers:

1. Technique: subfascial, dual plane, vs complete unders, etc....depends on preop exam by PS but he mentioned my case "being a simple case." He said a risk of subfascial is higher risk for bleeding.
2. Implant fill: based on my wish pics-will not overall fill.
3. Snow skiing-no for 3 months post-op. :(
4. Baby wearing-yes, as long as it doesn't put pressure on implants.
5. Detox tea: no-may cause bleeding.
6. No chest stretches, etc.
7. Email updates every week with photos to my surgeon.

Tomorrow will be 1 week till I fly to Miami!!!

Tired. Ready for the week to be over!

I'm ready for next be on a plane to Boobyville...Miami! Pray for me this week-I'm scheduled to the max to make up for being gone for surgery and I'm not sure there will be enough hours in the day to get it done. Back to work.... :/

Not feeling the love

Super stoked about my upcoming BA. Excited to see my family that will be down there too. :)

I dunno though. I guess I need to update more. I'm so busy though that it is hard. Will definitely do so a lot after pre-op and surgery. Just not feeling the BA community love like I did before. Those that check in me-Thanks. :)

Back to working on my paperwork. Oh and I totally stuffed my sports bar when I went by work for a minute today. Didn't want everyone to see how flat I am. Almost wore ricers but they were pretty obviously not mine and a little lumpy too. ;)

<3 Eek!!! 1 week!!!

1 week ladies!!! Can't wait! I can't believe it is almost here. Saturday I fly to Miami, spend several days with my family, then hubby & kids leave the AM I have surgery.

Thank you all for the love!!! Made my day!!! I'll be sure to keep you updated from my iPhone. :)

Miami f(or) bust!

Enjoying myself flying/traveling alone with no kids! My husband gets to experience traveling as Mr. Mom. ;)

The only hiccup is I forgot my work thumb drive and so the dog sitter had to overnight it for $40. :/ Found out Wednesday I have a big project due a day or 2 after I return....gotta try to work on it while I'm gone.

Last night I found an old nursing bra with no padding and I stuffed it with my ricers for fun. Hubby liked either size...I'm not sure so I'll likely let the surgeon decide. Happy weekend everyone! I've got to get back to finishing my paperwork on my 4 hour layover in ATL.


So the sizing on that last post was wrong; it is opposite. I took the pics using the mirror a different way. Basically the bigger size is a little more noticeable.

Pre-op appt.

So I had my pre-op appt. today at 11am. I was supposed to get a confirmation call on what time to be there but I did not. I called this AM and was told my surgery coordinator would be there at 11am and to come then. We got there just before 11 and waited 15 minutes before being called back. I met Yadira my surgery coordinator after 5 long months of planning. She was friendly and accommodating. I then was taken to a room to fill out pre-surgery paperwork, take pre-op pictures, and one last pregnancy blood work because I only had the urine test done prior. Yadira came in and out while I was in the pre-op room to check on things. She mentioned 350cc size which sounds good. Just a little bit smaller than my sis. I have been thinking about if I want that or 325cc though I liked the look of the 350cc ricer I made. While in the pre-op room several other women came and went having pre-op pictures taken behind the curtain. At the end I saw Yadira to sign my payment receipts, get my own copy, and viewed some sizers though it wasn't in the closed room like it would be. I wasn't wearing the right bra so I didn't get an accurate idea of how it would look. The office was as I expected, nice but full by the time I left. Most of the staff are Hispanic and some of the nurses have a thick accent but are still understandable. I'm getting BA surgery at a competitive price and so I have to give allowances for things being a little less structured and individual. I don't get my scripts till the day of surgery because my PS isn't working there till that day. I also get called the day before with my surgery time. Hoping it isn't too late in the day since I have to fast prior.

Surgery time

So I called my surgery coordinator around 10am and they didn't know when my surgery would be due to still working out clients today. They called me right as we got on the boat to tour the Everglades so I couldn't answer the phone. Finally I called back & had to leave a message. After playing phone tag Yadira called me with my surgery time. 11:00a, but have to arrive at 9:00a to meet with Dr. Freiman. During the 2 hrs in between my dad will have to go to a nearby pharmacy to fill my prescriptions since the Doc will have to sign them that day. My sis will likely pick me up around 2pm. Having to fast till after 2pm stinks but it is all in the name of beauty. ;)

I am excited that I'll be able to see my family off at the airport and not be concerned about making my surgery time as well. I will miss them. 6 days is the longest I've ever been from my 2 year old son.

Appreciate the comments and I'll post as soon as I can either that day or the next.

Goodbye to my DH, kids...waiting is hard

Well, I didn't sleep great last night due to being a tiny but nervous but more being bummed about missing my family after they left. We got up at 5:00a and took them to the airport. My 2 yo son (DS) got really upset when I let him go at the drop off. Apparently he was still so upset they let my DH and kids go to the front of security. Thankfully DH sent me a pic of 2 smiling kids on the plane 30 min. later. I will miss them but know my first 5 days of recovery will be easier.

No water, food, coffee before 2pm sucks. I have a frog in my throat and all I want is some water. Hoping the 2 hour wait at CGCC in the waiting room goes fast. Still slightly nervous about sizing. Keep going back & forth between 325 & 350 but I'm sure after seeing Dr. Freiman he will either make it or give his professional opinion. Hoping I got the right size post-op bra. Will update later. Trying to finish a work project as much as I can before surgery.

At CGCC-waiting

So I'm waiting to see the PS Andy dad is off to the pharmacy with my scripts. A little nervous but excited. Just read another review on someone bottoming out :(. That is my biggest complication fear. But I have people praying for great results and I'm confident in my surgeon. My family has already made it safely to Baltimore and have a 1.5 hr drive to PA. I'll keep you guys posted.

400cc HP

So just met with the surgeon. He was so nice, easy to talk to, etc. he measured me at recommended 400cc HP even though I had told him moderate profile but he said that my chest wouldn't fit as big of a size and I might only end up a B cup. So I'm nervous but trusting my PS. He knows I want a more conservative look, that I don't want the Miami big boobs most people have around here. Any minute and they call me back. I ran into Sadboobies after her post-op-she looked great but the girls were covered up. :)

I finally have big boobies!!!

CGCC was running a little behind but soon they took me to a back room/surgery area. I did a pee pregnancy test, came back negative of course and then was taken to a pre-surgery room. I got on a gown, slippers and waited what seemed like forever but was only 15 minutes for the nurse to come back and insert my IV. Dr. Freiman came in 5-10 minutes later and marked me up. I expressed my concern again about going too big and he said he could fit 425ccc but thought 400cc would look great and full fill my expectations. It was great to have a confident surgeon. He took some pre surgery pictures and told me the anesthesiologist (Dr. Conte) would be by soon. Dr. Conte was warm and friendly as he went over my medical information with me. He helped me to the OR, up on the table, gave me "3 margarita cocktail" and I was out in about a minute. I woke up later in recovery feeling tired, groggy, and a heavy chest. The recovery nurses helped dress me and get me in a wheel chair. They willed me down to my dad's car and helped me in. The ride back to my sister's was long and bumpy. Thankfully I had put my travel pillow in the car which made the ride better. I got back to my sister's home and was in a 6-7 out of 10 pain scale. I ate some of my dad's club sand which and took a Percocet/Tylenol combo med. I slept for a couple of hours in the couch. I felt much better when I awoke though I still have lots of pressure. I can't really adjust my position without pain so I'm staying put for now.

They brought me a smoothie and salad for supper to take with my antibiotics. Dr. Freiman happened to have a bromelin (sp?) supplement with arnica in it in his coat pocket and gave it to me. He said he used to sell supplements.

My sis/BIL are at Crossfit and my dad went to supper. I got to FaceTime with hubby and the kids which was great. I even watched 1 episode of The Walking Dead on Netflix to catch up.

Overall I'm happy with my experience. I knew mostly what to expect at CGCC and it fit the bill. I got a great surgeon with awesome skills at a competitive price. I would definitely recommend him. As far as CGCC is concerned they were great-delivered what I paid for. If you are looking for everything to be prompt, glam, and "hold your hand" kind of place it might be for you. I'm happy thus far. :)

The girls in full view day if surgery

So about to head to bed. My sis helped me take these pics just now. I took a pain pill 2 hours ago and will try to hold out at longer but not sure I can. I was hurting/uncomfortable after 4 hours of taking the first one. My problem boob so far is my left one (400cc). When the meds wore off it was extra achy and the nipple was very sensitive. I'm not left-handed but I do carry my son with that arm. Icing wasn't helpful for it, just made it more achy. I haven't noticed bloating thank goodness and drank some smooth move tea tonight and some probiotics to combat all my good gut bacteria being wiped away. Goodnight! First post-op us at 9:30a, which means we have to leave at 8:30 due to traffic. Thanks for the love!

Pics didn't load

1 day post op appt.

9:30a post-op appt. they were running about 30 minutes behind but I was getting a little sleepy from meds so I just relaxed in my chair. I saw Dr. Mel Ortega as Dr. Freiman was in surgery. He told me results were looking great and that I didn't need a strap as they weren't riding abnormally high. He was friendly and answered all my questions. I will go back on Tuesday at 10:00 to get my stitches out and learn how to do the massages. He wants me to try to return in 2-3 mos. for a follow-up appt. I will try to do that. Changed into a loose green sports bra from Target do I could wash my other bra.

Still really hard and sore but otherwise I feel ok for just having had surgery.

Dad treated me to coffee after my appointment. :)

Hubby so far likes what he sees from the pictures in sending.

Email follow ups

Dr. Freiman emailed me today to see how I was doing since he was in surgery during my follow-up. I emailed him pictures and he said my progress was great and as expected. He said I didn't need a strap. He has been super quick to respond to my emails and will see me at my next follow up Tuesday.

Trying 2, 500 mg Tylenol instead of the prescribed pain meds. My dad is over concerned about me being over reliant of them. I don't have an addictive personality but will try the Tylenol.

Can't wait for this tight/hard feeling to go away. Dr. says since I had so little to begin with it is no wonder my skin has to stretch and grow.

My BFF from VA sent me a care package! So sweet of her. :)

Day 3-trying to get off meds

So, day 3 I've gone to lunch, Kmart (for another bigger front close bra) coffee, and to get supper from whole foods. I've had lots of sore moments and I've been gently rubbing my breasts which makes them feel better-but waiting to be taught massages on Tuesday. Icing has made them feel better. I wonder if I've been doing too much because I go through times where I feel rundown and the girls get extra hard. Trying to take it easy and my dad is helping me quite a bit. I spent the first 2 nights on the couch but I'm going to try to sleep in the guest bed tonight. I bought a 38 size front hook bra from Kmart because Target doesn't carry them and Walmart down here isn't in a great area.
I know I need to be patient and I'm trying...this waiting game is hard. I wish the girls would calm down-literally! Hubby likes all the pics and thinks I look good. I've enjoyed Facetiming with my family. Can't wait to see them Wednesday.

Oh and been only taking Tylenol today when has been great in the bathroom dept-I finally went today-yay! Sorry TMI. My dad is so concerned I'll get addicted. I don't have an addictive personality so I'm not however I don't like being stopped up. The Percocet/Tylenol combo definitely works better than just Tylenol but it still only works well about 4 hours before I feel achy again.

Am I doing too much ?

Just wondering if I'm riding high because I'm pushing myself too much these first few days....

Ice Ice Baby

Post Op day 4: Ice has been my friend. I've been able for now to stop taking all pain meds. I still get sore at times and feel uncomfortable throughout the day but not as painful as the first couple of days.
Tomorrow I have my 5 day post op and will hopefully get to see Dr. Freiman between his surgery cases. I go home Wednesday AM-I miss my kids but have enjoyed a little freedom and being able to heal without them all over me. Feeling extra bloated today. :/ I didn't really have that till this AM-doesn't have to do with constipation but maybe just not being able to exercise and I drank more tea than water yesterday.

Dropped slightly

Waiting to see Dr. Freiman for my last post-op before I fly home tomorrow. They are still hard feeling but look a little less high-hallelujah. I can't wait to show my hubby them in real life. :) The girls aren't where I want them to be but I have to remind myself that it can take 2-3 months for full fluffing and dropping. I like feeling more in proportion with my bottom half and like them so far.

To the negative poster below-your comment isn't going to get me down. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. In a few months they will look fantastic-just you all wait!

Stitches out-home tomorrow

Dr. Freiman was great and came to see when he got done with surgery. I only had to wait 20 extra minutes to see him vs. another PS. He said I was doing even better than anticipated and thought it was due maybe to the arnica/bromelian supplements he gave me. Stitches came out and just have to keep tape in them for a couple more days. I found out I don't have to wear a bra-whatever is most comfortable. Main thing he mentioned was not wearing a push-up bra for a couple of months or they might keep the girls up higher and not allow them to drop. I can get Fitted for a bra when they settle-around 2 months. He said to wait another 5 days for massages as they might be painful if I start now. He told /showed me to massage in a circular motion and that the squeezing/squishing type aren't necessary. Dr. Freiman said I can start using the scar cream/silicone strips in 1-2 weeks. No regular intense exercise for about 4 weeks and no chest exercises/push-ups for at least 2 months. I told him about not using any pain meds and he said it seemed early to him and to take them if needed-that is what they are thee for.

He would like to see me at 1 month, 6 months, and a year. Not sure I can make all 3 of those but likely 6 months and 1 year. Dr. Freiman told me to call or email if if I have more questions and to email weekly updates and pictures. I'm beyond happy and finally feel sexy. I'm a little shy to admit that last part. Appreciate all the recent love. :) Tomorrow I fly home to see my babies!!! I'm so excited to see them and hubby.

8 days-back to work

So I'm past 1 week and feeling really well minus a few things. Hubby LOVES the boobs. ;) Travel home was fine though I did have to ask for help from strangers to put my bag up on the security table and plane overhead. I took advantage of the moving side walks in Baltimore airport-my bags were a little heavier than I should have been rolling I think. It was wonderful to see my kids-oh how I missed!!! My hubby has been wonderful helping with the kids-sad he has to go back to work on Monday and I'll be on my own during the day.

Last night my son wouldn't go to sleep so I put him in bed with me. I cuddled him around my left arm and when my arm got numb I needed to adjust. When I did move him off I felt a tearing feeling that hurt-ouch! I used my heating pad and it took the pain away. I woke up feeling fine but it scared me. Today I drove for the first time since the surgery. It wasn't except the wide turns & trying to reverse. I almost ended up in the ditch at a client's house because I thought I could back out of their driveway only looking partially because it was uncomfortable. Oops!

All in all the girls feel pretty good minus morning boob and some general soreness at times. I wish the delayed bloating that I have would go away though. I still love them and am excited to see them blossom. Will post pics later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the

More pics

Great day shopping and running errands with my family. Feel like maybe I did more than I should-my nipples are killing me so I'm icing them for relief.

I finally feel really sexy. :) My new boobs are the gift that keeps on giving.

Hope all are well in Boobland-have a great weekend!

More pics

I've noticed that my M bandinis can be tight in the middle and my sternum area hurts after awhile? Anyone else have that happen?
Still sleeping propped up on my back-cant wait to sleep on my side. I forgot not to lift something heavy-a 20 lb turkey as I shifted it from front to backseat in my car. Kinda hurt. Ok now though.

2 weeks old!

Can't believe my boobs are 2 weeks old! It feels like I've had them forever. Hubby says they are softening but it is hard for me to tell at times. I got a pink version of the lime sports bra on clearance at Target-too bad they didn't have more in my size than that one. I'm going to see my VA Beach area BFF this weekend and am a little unsure about how she will react to seeing me with augmented breasts. She has been supportive (sent me the awesome care package) but still doesn't fully embrace why I did it. I guess I can't expect more out if her than what she has given me.

I'm riding in the care back home from my in-laws so I'll have to post pics later. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm thankful for family, friends, job, health, and my new sweater kittens!!! ;)

Waiting for the final result

Below are some pics I took the other day. Overall I'm still happy but at times I'm bummed that they don't look better. I'm pretty sure my PMS a few days back was getting to the better part of me. Logically I know that there is still a good bit of time before I see how they will really be. Just trying to be patient for the "final result" as my PS put it that won't likely come till 2-3 months post. I did get a pretty formal dress for my hubby's Navy Supply Ball. It was great to try on formal dresses and be able to fill the top out or not thinking of what padded bra will I have to wear. I'll have to try the dress on and take pics. The girls look good in it though hubby didn't like it as well as another one which to me wasn't as flattering and it was technically a petite and I'm not short.

Lefty hurts

So I think I lifted my son too much today. PS said I could gently pick him up after 2 weeks if I wasn't sore. Today though lefty hurts a little. I hold with my left arm so I'm thinking that is why I have a dull pain. I'm going to take a pain pill and massage gently in a bit then to bed. Other news, long story short I lost/misplaced my license and the road to getting a new one has been hell. I'm a military dependent and resident of a different state 13 hrs from where I live. I accidentally let my military ID expire & the passport expired a few years back. In order to get my application for new license processed it must be notarized-but you need a valid ID for a notary public to hoping another officer at hubby's command can suffice or I'm driving 26 hours round trip soon. :(

Strap :( 3 weeks postoperative

Emailed PS with pics for 3 week update. I didn't email at 2 weeks due to Thanksgiving. He told me to start wearing a strap all the time and massage more aggressively all the time due to them still being so high up. I ordered a strap and am wearing an ace bandage for now. DH put it on too tight initially and it ached so bad. About 45 min later I had to get him to adjust it. It feels better and I iced to help. Bummed about the strap but hoping this will help. I'm cleared for exercise as long as it doesn't engage my pec muscles.

Strap pic & implant moved

So hubby helps me massage the girls at times. Today he actually got the implant to move inside the pocket on my left side. It felt and sounded kind of squishy. It was neat and weird at the same time. Wearing the ace bandage though I got the email that my strap is already shipped-yay! After a while my boobs ache, it isn't as tight as yesterday but definitely not that comfy. Is it supposed to be like that?

The fun thing is I get to dress up to go to a command dinner party tonight. :)

First postoperative workout

So I'm cleared to workout just not to engage my pec muscles (push-ups, chin-ups, weights, etc). I went to a kickboxing class I used to attend before BA. It was great to sweat and workout but I could still tell my muscles weren't so sure of it since I did a lot of punching and arm movements. I'm a little sore and took 1/3 of a muscle relaxer-last time I did it madero really sleepy and I have a little paperwork left to do. Girls felt very secure though in my high impact target sports bra and my new band/strap that came in today. It is a little bit comfy-ier (is that even a word?!) than the ace bandage and much easier to put on. I think the band wearing is helping since the girls don't look as high when I take it off to shower. We will see what Dr. Freiman says on Thursday at 4 weeks.

4 wks!!!

I emailed my PS the pics & asked if I'm wearing the strap right. Don't really see much change but they feel way softer/squishier than before. Can't wait for them to D&F. I like then now clothes but not as much naked in pictures to be honest.

Email from Doc

Dr. Freiman's response to my 4 week pictures: "It looks great. Comparing to your previous photos they are settling beautifully."

:) love my PS!!!

Fun editing

I'll post 5 weeks pictures tomorrow after I email them to Dr. Freiman. I finally got on my PC (usually post from my iphone) to do some editing and comparison photos for you guys. I didn't finish but I'll post this heat pic for fun. Gotta get to bed. :-)

5 weeks postop

Yesterday I was 5 weeks postoperative-hard to believe it has been that long. If it weren't for the strap I wouldn't really notice them not being a natural part of me. They are very soft and squishy now which is nice.

PS emailed me back after I sent him pics and told me they looked great, to continue aggressive massage/wearing strap. He also mentioned that if possible to go bra-less to achieve results faster. I'm going to try to order some Nippies because after nursing my nipples just now always are at attention. Anyone else use a nipple cover you would recommend?

Merry Christmas-Happy Birthday Jesus!

Angled pic didn't load

6 wks & feeling so pleased!!!

Merry belated Christmas!!! Just wanted to say that I'm truly starting to see them reveal themselves. No more riding high girls. I'm still wearing the strap but feel they have progressed a lot over the last week.

3-6 week collage

Day 1-6 weeks progression

The change is amazing!

Sized: 32DD/E

Dr. Freiman cleared me to get sized so I went to a local bra store in Camp Hill and got sized as a 32E, which is basically a 32DD-wow!!! I don't feel they look that big at all though. Crazy how 400cc got me do far with so little to start with. I went to VS later to see what size I was there. She was going to size me at 33C from measuring super quickly (I was not impressed). I told her about the other sizing and she got me a 34D & 32DD. The 32DD fit best. I bought a bra at the first store-nude for about $ that normal? I haven't bought one in years. I'm going to try to get a couple at the semi-annual sale at VS 1/2. Thanks for all the love!

First bra purchased postop-32E

I love my new collage app (sorry i keep updating) I can't help myself. Just wanted to show off my new bra! :)

Regression? 7 wks

So since last week the Gil's have looked great and I didn't wear my strap very much and I've with my underwire bra 3x. I'm looking at comparison between 6 & 7 wks and think they are higher again slightly. They are shiny because I just put coconut oil on them. I think the CO has contributed to the small breakout I have on my chest the past month-might need to take a break from it. I'm a little disappointed in this week. I'm going back to braless with the nipple covers and will start wearing strap tonight. I washed it last night and it wasn't dry this AM. Thinking I need to order a new one because the other day it kept coming off which rarely has happened. I think the elastic is getting slack.

Otherwise the girls are great-will email PS and see what he says.

Hope you had a great new year! We went out to eat last minute and my shirt was definitely too small-going to have to give that XS button up away-wearing a tank underneath without it buttoned still didn't work. Thank goodness the restaurant was dim. ;)

6 & 7 wks (1/2/14) compared

Regression is my fault :(

So got emails back from PS and he said "no underwires!!!" Oops. I guess I got too excited at sizing and forgot. So the bra goes the drawer for a while. He never said when I could wear but said to look at my original post surgery instructions-so Nomoresadboobies was right. I'm bummed I did this to myself. Last week the looked so good and this week I feel like I'm back to week 5 look even though I'm at week 7. Just waiting on clarification if I need to order a new strap or if just going braless is ok. I have been working out more so maybe that has to do with it too and usually I wear my strap but I didn't on Monday.

Feeling super bummed.

Wearing band again after 4 days without

PS said it would be great to wear my strap again. The break was nix while it lasted. Back to reduced wardrobe again. :/

8 wks!!! Love them!

I've been feeling better about the girls and definitely more comfy in bralettes than the underwire bra. I felt too big in the underwire bra but just right in the bralettes-I only have 3-need more! They are softer and squishier too. I only don't think about then except sometimes I notice the strap-cant wait to get rid of it. I've noticed this week my nipples are a little wider and less headlights pointing-good. I also tried to squish them for a cleavage pic and saw my muscle move the implant a tiny bit-could feel it too. Not my fave thing but not a big deal either. We will see what happens when I'm cleared for workouts with push-ups, etc. thanks for all the love! I'm stoked to Va Beach next week to see my old friends and church while hubby has work training. Only 2 people there know I had surgery so I wonder if others will notice? ;)

New bikini-vacation to VA Beach to see old friends

So bought a bikini on clearance at the beach Sunday. Wishes they has a size M but I liked it so much that I'm going to rock the S anyways. There is no under boob just less coverage up top. Have a great week!

12 wks 2-6-14

8 vs 12 wk comparison

12 wks+ 2/6/14

I love the girls just as before-even more! I've stopped with the strap and massages are less each day because I forget. Still not wearing underwire but emailed PS about it. Using my pecs at the gym feels weird still so I haven't really been doing much of it, just full steam on other areas. I love that I have more of the slope I wanted finally. I'm not upper pole heavy like before. I feel sexy but not unlike myself which I was afraid of. I went to the Supply Navy Ball this weekend and I loved filling out my dress with no padding! Good luck to all the future Freiman girls and everyone else considering BA! I'm not on RS as much as before but feel free to send me a private message if you need a quick response.

Almost 5 months post op follow up

So I'm a little frustrated. I'm in town visiting my Sis so I made a follow up at CGCC with Dr. Freiman. I was 7 minutes early and I've been waiting an hour to see him!!! I heard that he went into surgery recently-grrr. My F/U was specifically with him at 2:30p. Now it is 3:30p. I was here before he went into surgery-why couldn't I have seen him quickly?! I'm not mad at him but frustrated at waiting-though I knew I would, just not so long. I'm in a patient room now-so hopefully it won't be long. Will add pics next post later today.

5 months

So once I finally got to see Dr. Freiman he said they looked great and asked if I was satisfied-which I am! He said they likely wouldn't drop any more or if did very little. He said I can exercise any way I want and if it is uncomfortable then don't or slowly progress to more chest exercise. I just finished the Spartan Super Race, 8.5 mi yesterday & it was great! I'm doing great and am still happy with my decision.

Bra shopping

So I went bra shopping for a good cleavage push-up at VS and while for intimacy the girls looked great but normal dressing they looked too top heavy. Here are the bras anyways in the next pics. I bought a lace bralette and new undies instead. :)

7 mos. bra shopping still isn't fun

7 months postop ladies! Love the boobs still but bra shopping isn't as fun as I thought. Bras are expensive, uncomfortable, and hard to find in my size (32DD). The bras pictured I didn't buy because the fit wasn't perfect. My nips aren't perfectly at the same height and it is definitely more pronounced as seen in the mesh bra pic.

Bad dream (11 mos. postop)

Hi Gals/Real Selfers! Everything is going well and not much to update on how they look or feel. They are great and I'm still happy I went through surgery. I will update next month at 1 year post with pictures.

I did have a strange dream this week about my boobs that was crazy and upsetting; I'm so glad it was a dream and not real. I dreamt that my milk came in in my left breast and was shooting out in a crazy spray in the shower. After it finished my boob was left deformed and the saline then drained from my right breast. I cried in my dream because my awesome breasts were gone. I was so happy to wake up later and realize it was only a dream.

Not sure why I had the dream except that things have been stressful with a recent vacation to Sweden (it was awesome), buying a home, moving, kids in school, etc.

1 year Anniversary!!!

So today marks one year since I've had my breast augmentation surgery. I will give pictures and indepth info in the next few days as today is my daughter's 6th birthday and her party is tomorrow....we are busy with that and remodeling our (new to us) home we just bought. I still love the implants and would do it over again is all I will say for now. Thanks for the love folks!

1 year anniversary pictures

Attached are post 1 year pictures. I took them on my iPhone so not the best, but you get the idea that they look great and are serving their purpose.

Found a bra I like!

Found this beige bra at Ross today, size 32DD for $6.99!!! Feels good and no unnecessary padding! :)

Crease/breast pain?

Today and a few times over the last few months I've noticed a slight pain at my right crease and breast. Usually associated with sleeping but not always like today. Massaging usually helps. It has gotten me a little paranoid. I don't think anything is seriously going wrong (doesn't look like bottoming out does it?) but I am posting a pic I took today to compare with earlier results. I should probably email my PS but haven't gotten around to it. Wearing a bandini to bed when I usually just wear a tee. ????

Working out

Working out on weights today....tried again to do pec work but chin ups (even assisted) feel so funny when my implant is squeezed. Hate that because I used to love them. :/

Crease pain update

So I never emailed Dr. Freiman about the crease pain I was having. I just started wearing bandinis at night and more supportive bras during the day and I haven't felt pain or discomfort since. Just wanted to update. I went to the Supply Ball for the Navy again and I loved filling my dress out. Another lady had chick lets that kept showing in her dress and I was glad for no wardrobe malfunctions!


Pregnant! We decided we weren't done having kids and then bam! We got pregnant quick. I'm about 14 weeks. My breasts are definitely bigger but otherwise feel fine. Still wanting to breastfeed so we will see how the girls hold up.

Pregnancy boob pic

One looks bigger than the other but it isn't.

Comparison pic

21 weeks pregnant

Love the girls-though they are definitely bigger. Areolas are a little bigger too. Feeling well though I have varicose veins in my unmentionable areas which are uncomfortable. My midwife gave me the names of some herbs to try to stop anymore swelling down there. I ordered them from Amazon with 2 day prime shipping. Hope all is well out there in Boob Land!

28 weeks

Just an update on the boobs-doing well but I feel like they are huge! At least a cup size bigger. Not wearing underwire anymore as it is too uncomfortable. It has been awhile but any good non-underwire nursing bra recommendations?

Ideal implant

Anyone heard of this new saline implant called Ideal Implant? Supposed to behave like silicone. I'm Hapoy with mine for now but maybe in the future when I need an upgrade after nursing/time/etc. Hope these turn out to be what they are hyped up to be.

I'm doing well-30 weeks today!

Last pre-baby update; 40 weeks & 2 days

Still here, no baby yet but hoping he/she comes soon! Just wanted to post update on the breasts-they are huge by the way!!! I miss my smaller post BA boobs or even my nothing pre-BA boobs. I'm guessing cup size H boobs are no joke. Wish me look on a safe and easy delivery! Will update at some point after baby is born.

3.5 months post partum

I know it has been forever since I updated-sorry new mom to 3 here! We had a son at 12/18/15-according to the EDD, at 41 weeks and 3 days. It was an amazing homebirth and experience though I will say it was the most painful and hardest thing I've done ever. My breasts grew quite a bit over pregnancy and when my milk came in I measured my self to be a 30/32H cup!!!! Ouch! It was so uncomfortable at first for weeks. I would never want breasts that large and can empathesize with those that want a reduction. My breasts have gone down now a few sizes but they are still much bigger than I would ever want them. I'm going to have to buy a bigger swimsuit top for this summer. I'm still nursing and plan to fit the next 18 months-2 years so my breast tissue and size will likely chNge quite a bit still. My breasts are definitely a little saggy now whereas they were not post BA even though they were much bigger than pre BA. At this stage I have plenty of milk for my baby (yay!) since they can hold so much (no issues breastfeeding related to having a BA), but I would have held off with the BA until I was for sure done having kids. Do I regret getting the breast augmentation? Yes and no. No, because I loved feeling feminine and having a nice chest/breast shape. Yes, because if I had waited they wouldn't be huge and stretched out at this point. I do have thoughts in the back of my head on what it will all look like in 10-15 years...hoping it isn't too terrible. I'm not miserable but I miss having a small chest and feel these large breasts make me look very matronly. Will update later this year.

Post partum 8 mos

Hi Folks! Sorry I've been busy with summer and back to school. Just posting a pic to show you how my breasts are post partum 8 months. Nursing is going great! In fact my baby is super chunky, people say have super milk!???? My only complaint is they are still bigger than I want them to be and my left is definitely larger than my right. If I had to do it (BA) over again now I'm not sure I would.

13 months almost post pregnancy & 3 years post BA

So long time since I've updated. My baby is almost 13 months-such a sweet lil guy. We are still breastfeeding and probably will for another year. My right breast looks fine but lefty is larger and droopy like it needs a left. :( I don't ever regret nursing my kids but I'm not sure I would have surgery again. There were no reviews like this when I was looking prior to surgery.

Dr. Freiman was friendly, confident, and straight-forward. I got a skilled surgeon and am very pleased so far! The wait time is for CGCC and not Dr. Friedman. He has always seen me quickly between surgeries or appointments.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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