Married 33 Years Old 5.7" 125 Pounds 34B . 2 Children- BA Silicone

Hi everyone. I'm very excited because next year...

Hi everyone. I'm very excited because next year probably around March I will be getting my new girls ;) . I want silicone and under the muscle . Not really of the size yet but I really don't want them really big for my body , probably between 350cc -400cc . I plan going to Spectrum Aesthetics for my BA with Dr. Ghurani . I really don't see a lot of recents reviews from him , only from Dr. Ortega . December 1st will be my first consultation yayyyy ! Can't wait for that day to finally come .

Wish pictures

I just love the natural look and the roundness .

Jenny Eden's Recovery Kit

So , I've heard that a lot of girls when they have their BA they buy this kit . How good is it ? Is quite expensive but , if is worth it I'll buy it . Any reviews on it ?

Wish pictures

Consultation update

So , yesterday I have my consultation with Dr. Ghurani at Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami . I was impressed with the staff , they were very nice and the place was clean and organized. Parking space can be hectic though:( . Waiting time until they transferred me into a room was about 30 mins which is not bad and waiting time until the Dr. arrived was about 40 mins . Dr. Ghurani was very nice and polite . He measured me and told me He can place Natrelle silicone 300cc in my left breast and possibly 350cc on my right breast because of the asymmetry of them ( one breast bigger than the other one ) I was actually relieved because that was the size I was hoping for more or less but , he the only downfall of this consultation was the fact that he only place the implants ABOVE the muscle which that was a big no no ! For me because of the consequences of higher risk of capsular contracture, etc and I don't want my boobs to look like two pair of coconuts in socks :( So , my option #2 is going with Dr. Mel Ortega in the same building because he does place the implants under the muscle . Talked to my coordinator today . Pics sent for a second opinion. Fingers crossed!!

Surgery appointment

So I finally paid in full my breast augmentation surgery which was $3,300 and the appointment is going to be with Dr. Mel Ortega at Spectrum Aesthetics on July 10th . I'm feeling soooo nervous even though I know is like 4 months away . I can't stop thinking there's no turning back till this point .. I mean this is what I wanted for years and is really happening. I can't really talk to my parents about it because they old fashioned and they wouldn't understand. Is only me and my husband but sometimes I just need to someone who went through this or is going through this process. Anyways I just pray for all of this process to go as smooth as possible with no complications. Please share your story and thoughts !!!
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