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I had a breast augmentation. I wanted a very...

I had a breast augmentation. I wanted a very natural look to match my frame (not big but not small) he new exactly what size would match my figure. When I went in for my consultation he explained the whole process in detail. He explained that completely under the muscle would be best for me because I wanted a very natural look and did not have very much tissue to cover up the implant, and I had small areoles so he wanted to do the incision in my crease, I agreed. He chose sizers he thought would fit my frame, I went with the first sizers chosen which were 300cc implants. He let me know that in my case it would not change the look if I chose saline or silicone that only the feel would be affected. I chose the silicone based on the feel (in my opinion with the pictures I saw I felt silicone gave a softer appearance).i scheduled my surgery with Valerie who was also in the room during my consultation. She made me feel very comfortable. I went in for my surgery, where I briefly saw the doctor before my surgery just to review what was happening. I felt the actual day of surgery was very rushed, but still polite and courteous. I did have a scare after surgery that was after hours, when I had my stitches removed dark brown blood leaked out. The office was closed but I got in touch with Valerie, she calmed my nerves and let me know that I wasn't dying, it was okay as long as it stopped the next day, which it did. I felt she was there for me day or night not because she had to be but because she wanted to be. My breast dropped and softened up after about 2 months, and I am in love with them! I have very long nipples and have always felt very embarrassed about the but the extra volume in my breast really helped them match more, even though they still are long of course. They have made my confidence boost! I was a 32a/aa I had no breast tissue! 300cc took me to a 32d, I know it sounds big but it's not, it is equivalent to a 34c. I would highly recommended this facility, not to mention the great price!

As requested my before pictures.

Stuff I forgot to mention.

I am 5'1 117 lb, with a pear figure. I have had 1 child and breast fed for 7 months, my breast did not loose volume after breast feeding, I just never had any breast tissue. My implants were 300 cc silicone moderate plus, complete-sub muscular placement, and an inframammary incision. I chose Dr. Robinson at Premiere Cosmetic Center in Miami. I traveled four hours to get there, I am very happy with the choices I have made concerning my breast augmentation.

My rant of today.

I get soooo annoyed, and I mean annoyed, when people comment on my BA and say, "Your boobs aren't even big." ( in a condescending way.) Who said I wanted big boobs? I chose the size I wanted, and I got exactly what I wanted! I wanted what looked "pretty" on my body, and I wanted to be proportioned with my hips. Just because I chose to get a BA does not mean I wanted balloons. I got what made me happy, as what everybody should do...... Rant over

Picture of dress. Feeling proportioned.

I bottomed out :-/

I don't even know how I feel right now. I have a bunch of mixed feelings. I can just curl up into a ball and cry, and eat ice cream all day today. )-; On Sunday I realized that one of my breast were sitting lower then the other. At first I thought they were dropping more which I thought was strange since I haven't dropped anymore in over a month. I went to the mirror and I realized that when I lift my arms up my right breast is not centered and much lower. I called Valerie and scheduled a doctor appointment, I went in today and they did verify my fear. I had to see a different Doctor because mine was stuck in surgery. The new doctor who was very nice told me that I had dropped but it was not anything terrible that most women do have one breast that is higher then another. He said even though my breast had bottomed out slightly that it wasn't extremely noticeable, and was not noticeable in a bra to him. He said that he wanted me to make another appointment in 3 months to see if the other one will also get a little lower, all though he doubted it. if I am not comfortable or happy after 3 months they would be able to do a revision at that time. I have no idea what to do! I guess from here it is just a waiting game... If I do choose to get the revision I will only have to pay the OR and anesthesia cost which will run me around 600 dollars. I know that I understood the risk when I chose to get an augmentation, I just didn't actually expect it to happen to me.

Keeping it positive

I always try to stay positive so I just wanted to mention, even though I am going through complications, it is still better then what I previously had!

I still love them.

It took me a while to come to the conclusion that just because something doesn't turn out 100% the way you planned doesn't mean that it went completely wrong! I have decided that the revision is not worth my while. My breast aren't perfect but they are 150% better then what they were. Now that my breast are settled, I believe to where they are going to stay my right is still below the crease and sets lower then the left, but you can't tell unless if my arms are raised. Since I don't walk around naked with my arms in the air very often I'm not going to concern myself with it. ????


I think that I kinda freaked out when I went for my follow up and the doctor had said I slightly bottomed out, because my implant had gone lower then it was suppose to. I thought I was going to look like the terrible plastic surgery gone wrong pictures! When this happened It was November and I thought the worse. Now that I look back on it I think my results were too early to judge because my BA was in August. Now I wonder if what the doctor said was incorrect?? Anyways it doesn't matter, as long as I feel good in my skin! I have been through so many profiles on realself and it seems more often then not implants are slightly uneven, but they still look great.

What a comparison!

I was cleaning out my closet and found one of my old bras! Lol I decided to play around. What a difference!

When you have a consultation with Dr. Robinson you can tell how experienced he is. The first size he picked out for me was perfect.

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